Is a SCAM? You’ll Be SHOCKED! [Review]

Is a SCAM? You’ll Be SHOCKED! [Review]

A few weeks ago somebody told you that was a great opportunity to earn money online… Or maybe, you saw something of a similar nature on your social media or YouTube…

You joined ZnuMoney to see for yourself what all this fuss was about.

The problem is that you can’t seem to be able to get your hands on your earnings and you have started wondering if is actually legit or a big fat scam that wasted your time for nothing.

Unfortunately, for you, is indeed a scam and in this review, I am going to expose all of its dirty little secrets so you can understand why it’s of your best interest to stay as far away from this god-awful platform as possible.

Furthermore, I am going to point you in the right direction by revealing to you a couple of alternative much more legit and promising opportunities for earning money online.

Right, so, let’s get to it then! Overview

Name: ZnuMoney

Owners: Unknown

Price: Free to join

Official Website:

Suggested? NOPE!


What is About?
Is ZnuMoney Legit? presents itself as a legit GPT (Get Paid To) platform.

GPT platforms are basically websites that pay people for completing simple tasks, such as

  • filling in surveys
  • viewing ads
  • making referrals
  • etc falls under the “viewing ads” category.

Funnily enough, the platform actually claims to be “The most profitable offer on the market for paid advertising at the time!”.

As we’ll see later on, this couldn’t be further from reality…

Anyway, is supposed to pay you $0.10 for each ad unit you view.

An ad unit is a cluster of 6 ads just like the one you see in the image below.

Ad Unit

All you have to do to “view” an ad unit is fill in a 3-number captcha field that is above the ad unit and hit the Enter button (image below). Captcha Field

Once you fill in the numbers and hit Enter the 6 ads in the ad unit change and ZnuMoney adds $0.10 to your account.

To give you a frame of reference, if you are able to type relatively fast, you could generate $100 – $150 per hour doing this…

In addition, ZnuMoney claims that it’ll pay you 50% of the money your referrals earn by viewing ZnuMoney’s ad units. For instance, when a person you referred to ZnuMoney views an ad unit and earns $0.10, you pocket $0.05.

The real question here is “Is ZnuMoney actually going to pay you that money?”

Unfortunately, no!

As mentioned earlier, ZnuMoney is a scam… The platform hasn’t paid out a single dime to any of its members.

In fact, as we’ll see later on, ZnuMoney is part of a huge network of identical scams that have scammed thousands of people over the years using the exact same scamming techniques.

Don’t get me wrong though…

Not all GPT platforms are scams like ZnuMoney…

There are tons of legit GPT platforms out there that contrary to, actually pay their members for their efforts, such as

Now that you know, let me explain further exactly how ZnuMoney scams people.

Here's How ZnuMoney Scams People

First of all, ZnuMoney baits you in by promising to pay you a lot of money fast for viewing ads, which is basically like doing almost nothing…

Let’s not kid ourselves here… Who wouldn’t want to earn a lot of money with so little effort, right?

You take the bait and join

You view a few of its ads, and you request a payment of the earnings you’ve generated.

However, ZnuMoney tells you that as a newly registered “employee”, you’ll need to generate a minimum of $150 by viewing ads in order to get paid (see image below).

First Cashout Requirement

According to ZnuMoney, this is the case because they need to know if your intentions about working with them are serious.

Apparently, viewing ads requires quite the commitment and maybe even taking a vow of celibacy (LOL xD)…

Anyway, at that point, you start devoting time and energy to reach that $150 requirement.

After 1-2 hours of some serious typing (and boredom), you manage to generate that $150 and once again, you request a payment.

This is where ZnuMoney starts feeling kinda fishy.

Once you request payment after having reached the $150 threshold, ZnuMoney throws at your face a second cashout requirement out of nowhere, telling you that you need to refer at least 40 people to the platform to actually get paid (see image below).

Second Cashout Requirement

ZnuMoney promises that after getting those 40 referrals you’ll get paid within 5 minutes as well as earn +25% of the money you’ve generated as a bonus and goes on to offer you the option to buy those referrals out (image below).

Purchase Referrals Option

At that point, you either start referring people to ZnuMoney or if this seems like way too much trouble for you to go through, you buy them out… After all, they cost only $10 – $20.

However, once you get your 40 referrals (either by paying them or not), ZnuMoney will throw yet another barrier in front of you, telling you that you’ll need to wait 30-60 days for your account to be approved (image below).

Third Cashout Requirement Account Not Approved

However, ZnuMoney also offers a “quick verification” whereas you can get your account approved instantly by depositing $10 in a Bitcoin account (image below).

How kind of them…

Quick Verification Process

ZnuMoney promises that if you pay for that quick verification your money will be transferred to your account within 5-10 minutes.

But wait…

ZnuMoney promised that it would pay you 5 minutes after getting your 40 referrals and not only didn’t pay you, but those 5 minutes magically turned to 30-60 days or paying an additional $10.

Hmmm, apparently, ZnuMoney isn’t that good in keeping its promises.

So, is it going to keep it this time?

Is ZnuMoney going to let you get your hands on your money once those 30-60 days pass or after you pay for a quick verification?


Truth is, ZnuMoney will never actually pay you no matter what you do.

Basically, ZnuMoney makes you believe that it’ll pay you a lot of money for doing practically nothing for the 3 following reasons

  • to make you pay $10 – $20 for the 40 referrals
  • to make you pay $10 for the quick account verification
  • or to make you refer other people to it who will pay for their 40 referrals and their quick account verification

and all that, without ZnuMoney actually paying anyone a single dime.

If you’ve already signed up and used the platform, then I am sorry but you have completely wasted your time… If not, run as far away from as possible and save your time and money.

Here’s a quick overview of how the ZnuMoney scam works:

  • ZnuMoney lures you in by promising to pay you fast & easy money for viewing ads
  • Then it tells you that in order to cash out for the first time you need to generate $150 in earnings
  • Once you meet the $150 threshold, it tells you that in order to cash out you’ll need to make 40 referrals
  • It also tells you that you can purchase those 40 referrals for $10 – $20
  • If you purchase those 40 referrals, ZnuMoney’s owners earn money
  • If you start referring real people to ZnuMoney, then chances are some of them will purchase their 40 referrals and ZnuMoney’s owners will earn money
  • Once you get those 40 referrals, ZnuMoney tells you that in order to receive your money your account has to be approved 
  • To approve your account you’ll either have to wait for 30-60 days or pay $10 to a Bitcoin account
  • If you pay $10, ZnuMoney’s owners will earn money and you’ll receive $0
  • Same goes if you wait for 30-60 days with the exception that you won’t have wasted $10 to “speed your approval up”

Well, this is it… This is how the scam works.

Get this very well in your head, will NEVER pay you a single dime!

You will NEVER earn any money with it!

Trying to make money with ZnuMoney is just a huge waste of time, energy, and money.

Stay AWAY or you’ll get scammed.

Who is for?

ZnuMoney is for no one…

The platform is even more useless than a glass hammer.

Seriously, the chances of earning money with ZnuMoney are way less than the chances of a million dollars landing on your lap while sitting on your couch staring at a pink unicorn boxing with Mike Tyson dressed as a pumpkin.

In fact, I am so confident that you won’t be able to earn even a single penny with ZnuMoney that if you do, you can contact me with proof and I will deposit $100 more right in your account just for being wrong…

Sad You Got Scammed?

Let me tell you about the platform that helped ME build a
Sizeable, Passive Income Online!

How Much Does Cost? is free to join.

The only expenses associated with this platform are

  • $10 – $20 for buying out your 40 referrals (optional)
  • $10 for going through quick account verification (optional)

WARNING do NOT spend any money on ZnuMoney…

The platform won’t pay you even if you meet all its cashout qualifications so paying for the 40 referrals or the quick account verification is just pointless… Pros

1 • Free to Join

If I had a gun on my head and had to come up with something that I like about, I would say that I like that the platform is free to join.

Believe it or not, I have come across online scams that require you to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get in only to realize in the hindsight that you got scammed.

ZnuMoney doesn’t have any admission fees so if you don’t pay for the 40 referrals or the quick account verification you won’t waste any of your money.

That’s something, I guess… Cons

1 • Fake Support Section

If you’ve already joined then I am sure that you’ve seen its “Support” section… If not, then you definitely need to hear this.

So, under ZnuMoney’s Support section, there is a number of comments supposedly left there from other members of the platform.

Those comments are masked as legit support requests when in reality their true purpose is to make potential victims think that ZnuMoney is indeed paying out big bucks to its members.

For instance, take a look at the comment below. Fake Comment 1

KenTucky “complains” about getting $3980 instead of $4000 but it’s so obvious that in reality that comment has been planted there to make other people think “Wow, this platform is legit… Look how much money KenTucky made!”

The exact same thing applies to the 2 comments right below. Fake Comment 2 Fake Comment 3

Rebirth “worries” about having to pay taxes for the $2000 – $3000 he supposedly earned and Lizzie_Crowley wants to know how long it will take to receive her $2500 through bank transfer.

Yeah right… you almost convinced me that you are legit there ZnuMoney.

However, my favorite comment of all, the one which actually exposes ZnuMoney’s scam, is the last one, right below. Fake Comment 4

This comment includes a link to an image that depicts the receipt of payment that this member Jemma Ricker has supposedly received by ZnuMoney (see image below). Fake Payment Proof

As you saw in the image above, the payment seems to have been made in June 2017.

However, as you can see in the image right below, the domain name was first registered on the 8th of August 2019. Domain Name Registration Date

This means that ZnuMoney didn’t even exist before that date and yet according to Jemma Ricker’s payment receipt, ZnuMoney paid her more than 2 years earlier.

This could mean two things…

Either was paying people before it even existed (yeah right) or that this payment receipt is fake.

I’d bet on the latter.

In addition, I can’t see anywhere on this receipt that the actual payer is ZnuMoney.

2 • No Contact Information

Setting aside the fake Support section, provides no other contact information whatsoever.

No email address, no telephone number, no social media pages or accounts, no Skype, no physical address, nothing…

The platform has no digital presence whatsoever besides its main website.

This lack of contact information is one of the most obvious signs that ZnuMoney is a scam.

Scammers don’t want to have people contacting them so they provide either fake or no contact information at all.

3 • Unknown Owners

Another tattletale sign that is a scam​ is that it provides no information about its owners.

All scammers tend to keep their identity hidden in order to avoid being tied to their fraudulent activities and getting caught.

A legit website/company ALWAYS provides information about its owners.

4 • Part of Network of Scams is part of a huge network of identical platforms that have been scamming people for years, such as

just to name a few.

Take a look at the images below to see for yourself how all these scams are basically clones of one another. Identical Scam Scam Scam

5 • Lies, Lies, Lies...

Basically everything that you’ll come across while on ZnuMoney’s website is a lie.

On its Main Page, ZnuMoney has published a leaderboard that supposedly displays the 50 people who earned the most money with the platform during the day. Leaderboard

The problem with that leaderboard is that all of ZnuMoney’s sister scams are using the exact same leaderboard with the exact same names and the exact same earnings.

Leaderboard = Fake

In addition, again on ZnuMoney’s Main Page, you’ll find a “News” section.

Fake News Section

First of all, take a look at the dates of each one of those news listings…

As we saw earlier on, ZnuMoney started operating on the 8th of August 2019 and yet all these “news updates” seem to have taken place before that date.

Apparently, ZnuMoney is such a magical platform that got updated months before it even existed.

Furthermore, again all of ZnuMoney’s sister scams are also using the exact same “News” section with the exact same updates and the exact same dates.

News section = Fake

Everything on ZnuMoney’s website is a big fat lie.

6 • You'll Never Get Paid

As mentioned dozens of times throughout this review, ZnuMoney will never pay anyone a single dime.

This beats the whole purpose of joining and using the platform in the first place. Review Summary



You’ll never earn a single dime with



Dashboard, referral link, FAQ center.

Value for

0.5/5 might be free to join but it provides ZERO value.



Fake Support section. No contact information. Provides ZERO support.



Fake success stories & fake payment proof.

Overall Rating


Is Suggested?

If you are looking for a way to waste your time, energy, and money, then is exactly what you are looking for.

If you’d rather earn some actual money online, consider checking out

Or, click here to discover exactly how I’m earning a Full-Time, Passive Income Online!

Also, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends & family in order to inform and save them from this awful scam…

Have any questions?

Please leave a comment right below or contact me at

I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Best wishes,


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  1. Cristina


    Good afternoon. Tell me a legitimate site I can use in Brazil. Thanks for the information.

    1. Xaric

      Hey Cristina, if you’re looking for a site similar to ZnuMoney that actually works, then I suggest that you take a look at Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, and SuperPay.

      All of those websites are available for people from most countries around the globe.

      Best regards,


  2. Mr

    Hi man, thanks a lot for all the amazing information.

    Do you know any GPT or survey sites that work for Iran?

    1. Xaric

      Hey Mr.

      I don’t know any GPT or survey websites specifically targeting Iran but you could try Swagbucks which is supposed to work worldwide.

      I hope this helps,


  3. Sumyea

    Thank you brother, this is very very helpful, I already started believing that maybe I will get paid, but now I understand. No more work for, big scam…..

    1. Xaric

      You’re very welcome, Sumyea.

      I’m so glad that I helped you dodge that bullet mate 🙂

      Best wishes,


  4. Alan David

    Hello Xaric. Thank you for the elaboration.

    May I ask if you know any legit sites for the Philippines? Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars just don’t work for my country. Thanks!

    1. Xaric

      Hi Alan!

      You can find a handful of survey and GPT websites that work worldwide in -> this article.

      Best wishes,


  5. Iyorkegh Charles

    Thanks man, I really appreciate what you’ve done here. Are they any such legit sites available in Africa?

    1. Xaric

      Hi Iyorkegh, I’m so glad that you found this of value!

      Since you are from Africa, I suggest that you check out


  6. mahsa asghari

    Thank you for the information.

    Do you know some pages like this for earning money from home, but safer?

    1. Xaric

      Hi Masha!

      I’m glad that I could be of help!

      I’ve made several suggestions regarding more legit and promising money-making opportunities within this review.

      Make sure to check them out!

      Best wishes,


  7. stingray

    Hi, firstly I’d like to thank you for the advance warning.

    I came across this website, now having read their intro I was kinda enticed but all the while thinking this seems a bit too good to be true so immediately I ran a quick search in Google which is how I came across your article.

    Phewww what a relief my situation is I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness which means I had to give up my day job. This condition entails being prescribed some really heavy medication so unfortunately, I am very restricted as to what physical tasks if any I am able to conduct.

    I now find myself mostly housebound even though body-wise I am restricted my mind remains very active and with no real company as I live on my own. Other than social media, forums, chat, FB I am feeling a sensation of complete idleness to the point of climbing the walls, so imagine my sense of elation backed up with a photo of yourself which always commands that extra security reassurance of genuineness.

    I once again am feeling like there is light and the end of the tunnel to discover you have a proposal which would really suit my current situation in using an online platform to occupy my time whilst remaining at home with the added benefit of potentially earning an income so I am happy to announce I will give Wealthy Affiliate a try…

    Many thanks again keep up the good work an most importantly for being an honest person and warning other folks like me who may not be in the best place health-wise in their lives from peril and wasting precious time and resources.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Stingray.

      I’m so excited that I helped you dodge that bullet.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your health condition and that you had to give up your job but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel!

      If you end up joining Wealthy Affiliate, drop me a PM so that we will connect within the platform.

      I guess that I’ll see you inside 🙂

      Best wishes and be patient,


    1. Xaric

      Hi Danilo,

      Thanks a lot for letting us know about

      Best wishes,


  8. Jun

    Hello sir,

    Why is it that I get this message “We’re sorry but Survey Junkie is not available in your country at this time.” in both InboxDollars and SurveyJunkie?

    1. Xaric

      Hi Jun,

      I think that the message you’re getting is pretty clear… InboxDollars and SurveyJunkie aren’t available in all countries.

      Could you please tell me what country are you from?

      This way, I could try and locate some survey websites that might work in your region.

      Best wishes,


  9. José

    Hello Xaric! Thanks for this review.

    I registered on and I made $238, but then I found that I have to get (or buy) 40 referrals to be paid. A total SCAM!

    1. Xaric

      Hi Jose,

      I’m sorry you got scammed but thankfully, you didn’t waste any money on them.

      Better luck next time 🙂


  10. mohammed

    Hello dear,

    Thanks for letting me know that … sites are all scams. I wanna build an online business, so I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    But is their payment withdrawal system suitable for Africans?

    Is receiving money by BTC is allowed?
    Is receiving money by SWIFT possible?
    Is receiving money by Western Union possible or allowed?

    What is the best method?

    Thanks for your support!

    I also sent you an email please reply there.

    Best regards


    1. Xaric

      Hi Mohammed, I’m so glad that I helped you out.

      Just to be clear, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build an online business whereas you’ll be earning commissions by promoting the products/services of other companies.

      This means that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT the one paying you (unless of course, you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate).

      So basically, the way you’ll get paid really depends on the companies you’ll be affiliated with.

      Wealthy Affiliate pays its affiliates through PayPal.

      I hope that this helps… If you need any further help or have more questions, please let me know.

      Best wishes,


  11. Mário

    Xaric thanks very much indeed.

    I had already paid for 40 referrals when a saw your review, but now I am aware that all .XYZ sites are scams.

    Mine is

    I had reached $154 and chose PayPal to receive it.

    They dared to tell me there was a mistake with my withdrawal and gave me $150 more.

    They definitely lured me in by that.

    I spent 14$ to get referrals.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Mario!

      I’m so sorry to hear that you wasted time and money on

      Next time do your research first 😉

      And yeah, all the sites that end in “” are scams.

      Stay safe,


  12. Diana

    Hi, I’d like to know if is a scam also.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Diana!

      Yes, is a scam identical to

      Best wishes,


  13. Samwelmmbaga Simon

    Hey, bro thank you great work to save us please I need your email for further communication.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Simon!

      You’re very welcome.

      You can find my email address -> right here.

      Best wishes,


  14. Robert

    I came across this article after visiting

    I had already begun viewing those ads when something in my head told me to do a quick google search about that “company” and I stumbled on to your wonderful review. Thanks again. You have saved me a ton.

    I just wish there were more legitimate ways of making money online that you could share with us.

    I would mean a lot.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Robert!

      Thanks a lot for your kind words and I’m so glad that I was able to help you dodge that scammy bullet…

      There are several legit money-making platforms out there and I’ve actually outlined a few of them within my review.

      Make sure to check them all out and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me again!

      Best wishes,


  15. Temadri

    My friend just referred me to which has the same information and names of the people with the same type of messages in their support section .

    Thank you so much coz I was about to pay for the referrals.

    1. Xaric

      You’re very welcome Temadri.

      I’m thrilled that I saved the day 😉

      Stay safe,


  16. Chuks

    I came across this article when I was checking

    This shows that is also a scam because it is exactly what you posted here that I encountered. I just wasted my time. is another scam just like the one you posted.


    1. Xaric

      Yeap, sounds like one of ZnuMoney’s sister scams…

      I’m so sorry that you got scammed.

      Better luck next time!


  17. Basir Arian

    My email is this and I will be happy that you sent a message and help me *email address ommited*

    1. Xaric

      I’ll send you over an email Basir!

      We’ll talk soon!


  18. Basir Arian

    Hello Sir,

    I hope that you are fine and healthy. I’m Arian 16 years old from Afghanistan, one of my friends sent that website and told me to start earning money but I didn’t believe it. I’ve got 150 dollars but they did not pay me. I was happy but after reading this… thank you so much

    So I ask you for help do you know some real way or website to earn money truly? Please do a favor for me please sir.

  19. EarlOfThePhilippines

    Jesus Mary Joseph! I just started using “”!

    Oh boy. Good thing for a friend of mine that she did a quick research about MY REFERRAL, and she gave me this. Oh, man. I managed to refer 4 of my known personal friends.

    How would I know if the ones you’re referring to (the Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars) are legit as well?

    1. Xaric

      Hey there!

      Well, I just saved you at least some hours of time you’d otherwise waste on so I guess that you can trust me…

      If not, then you can search online for reviews about Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars… There are literally dozens out there!

      Best wishes and stay safe,


  20. mohamad

    سلام داداش دمت گرم منم واسه چمد ساعت وقتمو داخل سایت صرف کردم مرسی از راهنماییت!

    1. Xaric

      “Hi brother, wasted my time on this website, thank you for your guidance!”

      Hey Mohamad, I’m sorry that you got scammed but I’m so glad that I helped you out 🙂

      Best wishes,


  21. DAY


    1. Xaric

      Hey to you too!

      How may I help you?


  22. Kbouy

    Thanks Xaric, you do a great job! I’m also in this scam for 3days, mine is ( and attracted 5 referrals but never spent even a single dime. I noticed it’s a scam and search for a review and read yours.

    I good luck, thanks for enlightening us.

    More power.

    1. Xaric

      Thanks a lot for your kind words 🙂

      Yeah, there are basically thousands of the “” scams out there so you’ve got yo keep your eyes open.

      Thankfully, you didn’t waste any money on it.

      Keep yourself safe,


  23. nhelmallarii

    I just got scammed. OMG! Paid $20 for those referrals, I’ve wasted my money time and effort. What a nice move! Because of coronavirus, I was planning to make some money online, and this happened. =(

    1. Xaric

      I am so sorry you got scammed…

      The good news is that next time, you’ll know better!

      Stay safe.


    2. Thatho

      Hi Xaric,

      I tried to sign up for Survey Junkie and Inbox dollar but they both said they aren’t available in my country.

      I wanted to know if you any other way to make money online (part-time). I live in South Africa.

  24. Albeiro

    Muchas gracias. La verdad es que estube trabajando una semana en mi tiempo libre, y atraje unas referencias, hasta llegue a pensar en comprar las referencias que me hacían falta, pero tenía muchas dudas ya que no se ha comprobado hasta el momento que alguien haya retirado dinero y además esos comentarios de la página siempre me dejaron con muchas dudas.

    1. Xaric

      Translate: Thank you. The truth is that I was working for a week in my free time, and I attracted some referrals. Then I even thought about buying the rest of them, but I had many doubts since I couldn’t verify if someone has withdrawn their money. Also, those comments on the support page always left me with many doubts.

      Hey Albeiro, thankfully you didn’t spend any money on this scam…

      Stay safe!


      1. Daniel

        There are so many of these “…” out there, mine is “”, thanks Xaric you’ve saved me a great deal.

        I was so committed to this scam as I was desperate to finally earn online.

        It saddens all the time and efforts were wasted.

        1. Xaric

          Hi Daniel,

          There are literally hundreds of “…” websites… Thanks a lot for letting us know that is one of them!

          I’m so sorry that you wasted your time and energy on it…

          Best wishes and stay safe,


  25. Ian zebra

    I am currently on a similar platform but this one is named as to be quite honest it is quite disappointing as I have spent some days in it and I have already acquired thousands.

    Thanks alot for the review it has saved me a great deal as I was planning to purchase referrals as I was already sure that all my investments would come back with huge profits

    Visit the below website …a lookalike and also list it beside this review please to avoid others falling in the pitfall I was almost falling into.

    1. Xaric

      Hey Ian,

      I am sorry to hear that you got scammed by

      Thanks a lot for letting me know though as I am going to create a review about it as well.

      Your comment is definitely going to result in saving hundreds of people from falling for and its likes.

      Best wishes and keep yourself safe!


  26. Hamza Qadir

    Thanks… Very detailed review… Thanks for writing a very descriptive review, that will help users like us to don’t join such websites.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Hamza,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words! I am glad that you found this helpful.

      I only hope that people will come across this before falling for this scam.

      My regards,


  27. Francis

    Oh my God! How I wish I had read this earlier. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to waste my energy, time and my battery life on a scam.

    Nevertheless, am just glad that I never spent money on this stupid scam. I made $200 in just an hour, then I dropped my back details as a means of withdrawing the money I earned.

    Now, I would like to know, is there any way ZNU Money can steal money using the bank details I left? The details I left are still appearing when I log in. Again, is there any way they can steal money from me using the bank details I sent them?

    1. Xaric

      Hi Francis, I am so sorry to hear that you got scammed by

      The good news is that you didn’t waste any money on them… Phew!

      Look, nobody can steal money off your bank account just by knowing your account number.

      Now, if the password you selected to create your ZnuMoney account matches the password you use to log in your bank account (or any other account), you should absolutely change it (the password of your bank account).

      Lastly, since I created this ZnuMoney review, I have also reviewed dozens of ZnuMoney’s sister scams and I have found out that some of them contain viruses so if I were you, I’d get an antivirus program and scan my device just to be sure. Or I would just format it.

      I hope this helps!

      Stay safe,


  28. Thaher Yousef - FROM JORDAN


    1. Xaric

      You’re welcome Thaher.

      I’m glad that I could be of help!

      My regards,


  29. Boris N

    I am grateful for this information. Till now, I had become so confused and almost still put money in the scam. I am grateful. I have worked over $965 but they keep telling me stories after I bought referrals.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Xaric

      I am glad that you found this helpful Boris.

      It’s unfortunate that you didn’t come across my article sooner as you wouldn’t have wasted your money in buying referrals from this scam.

      Better late than later though…

      My regards,


      1. viciousBae

        I almost got scammed too. With this Coronavirus and boredom from the lockdown, I thought I found something to keep me busy and distracting.

        I had already earned $150 I was ready to withdraw until I saw I need 40 referrals I wanted to take a short cut by buying referrals … that’s when I started to doubt this is too good to be true and I immediately started to Google and found this article.

        Thank you.

        Sadly I did provide my detail and I’m relieved that they can’t take my money. I was so naive and stupid there are no short cuts in earning money! And they used I guess it’s his sister scam LOL.

        1. Xaric


          I completely understand what you mean… Those times are hard and people need to keep themselves busy to avoid going crazy during the lockdown… In fact, the idea of taking advantage of all that free time you have right now to make money online is pretty smart.

          And no, you are not naive or stupid… Those scams are very well crafted and most people fall for them.

          Next time, just do your research first 😉

          Anyway, if you are still interested in earning money online make sure to check the 2 links right below:

          I hope this helps!

          Best regards and stay safe,


  30. Vitaliy

    Thanks dude, good job! But I would supplement. Firstly, for each country and browser they have different domains, there are a lot of domains, but as you noticed, they are identical.

    Second, in my opinion, they don’t make money on advertising at all, most likely it’s just generated content, and the whole point of the scheme is to force a person to buy either referrals, or when referrals are reached 40, they will suggest you speed up the approval of your account.

    It’s just psychology, they make you spend time to “get” $ 150, then they make you spend time (or money) to get 40 referrals, and then when you spent so much time on all this, they will suggest you speed up the approval of your account just for 10 dollars, so as not to wait 60 days.

    Guys think with your head, and remember one simple rule on the Internet, never send money to a stranger who promises you easy money, it is on this scheme that all the scams are built.

    All the best.

    1. Xaric

      Dear Vitaliy,

      I have to confess that after reading your comment I went on to investigate further and I realized that you are probably right.

      Those “Ad units” don’t seem to contain actual ads but rather normal links to other websites such as Amazon and Nike that look like ads.

      So, yes, as you stated doesn’t make any money off of people viewing ads because there are really no ads to view.

      As it seems, ZnuMoney steals people’s money in the following way:

      – It first makes you think that you’ll be able to make a lot of money by viewing ads
      – Then, it tells you that you need to generate a minimum of $150 by viewing ads in order to cashout
      – Once you generate $150 it tells you that in order to cash out, you need to refer 40 more people to ZnuMoney
      – However, in order to “speed things up”, you can buy out those 40 required referrals for like $10 – $20
      – After you attain those 40 referrals, ZnuMoney tells you that in order to cash out you should wait 60 more days which you can also buy out for $10
      – At the end of the day, even after meeting all the qualifications, ZnuMoney won’t pay you a single dime

      Thanks a lot for your precious help Vitaliy!

      I will update my review shortly!

      My regards,


      1. Vitaliy

        Thanks! You do a great job!

        1. Xaric

          Thanks a lot for your kind words mate!

          My best to you,


  31. Tony

    Thanks for this in-depth review of I thinking of joining it as a way to earn some extra cash while I was building my own online business. 

    I was extremely wary and I was also suspicious that the comments were not real just like you mentioned.

    I can’t believe how identical all those websites are! 

    Well done for bringing to people’s attention that is a scam!

    Keep up the great work.


    1. Xaric

      I am glad I helped you dodge that bullet, Tony!

      Have you joined an online course or platform that helps build and scale your online business or are you flying solo?


  32. Mugalu Mansoor

    Thanks for alerting us about because two days ago I was about to join myself.

    I want to increase my online earnings to support my family but I got skeptical as one of my friends told me NOT to join it because he had never heard of it.

    Then I read your review and now I am sure that I must stay away from this.

    1. Xaric

      Kudos to your friend for alerting you!

      He saved you a lot of time and effort that would otherwise go to waste if you had actually joined

      Since you want to increase your online earnings, make sure to check out my suggestions Wealthy Affiliate and/or Project 24 because they might be exactly what you are looking for!

      Or else, take a look at my free money-making guide.

      I hope this helps!


  33. manuel

    Even the name of the product does not sound legit at all. It looks like it was picked in haste. 

    Those that fall for this program are those who probably did not perform research before joining or those who are very naive. So many red signs and obvious proofs that ZnuMoney is a scam!

    1. Xaric

      A name that doesn’t sound legit is not proof that a platform is a scam 😛 (Despite the fact that ZnuMoney is indeed a scam).

      Unfortunately, most people haven’t yet realized that there are a lot of scammers online and don’t conduct proper research before investing their time and/or money in a product or service.

      Those are the kinds of people that scammy platforms like ZnyMoney depend on to remain operational.


  34. Benson

    It’s mandatory for someone to take the time and read reviews before attempting to join any form of online business today. 

    Scam sites are not reducing and neither are the sufferers.

    Learning that the owner(s) of ZnuMoney are unknown alone made me very suspicious. It’s not good enough for anyone to join a business whose owner is a “ghost”. 

    Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Xaric

      Hey Benson!

      I would never join a program whose owner is a ghost either as it’s a classic sign that its purpose is to scam people one way or another.

      Scam sites are not reducing because people are still falling for them big. Only a few people are aware that research is necessary before diving head-first in a program that promises to make you rich without any actual effort.

      Stay safe!


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