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Before submitting your guest pitch, please read through the guidelines below to ensure that your ideas align with my expectations, target audience, and current content strategy.

A few words about DBIQ

The primary focus of Dear Boss I Quit is creating and publishing content that delivers value to those who consume it.

Since content is DBIQ’s only source of leads, sales, and revenue, I steer clear of inferior pieces that could damage its credibility and performance.

On top of that, I respect my readers way too much to waste their precious time serving them worthless content.

That’s precisely why every single post, guest or otherwise, to be distributed on the Dear Boss I Quit blog must meet the following criteria:

  • relevant
  • well-written
  • explanatory
  • helpful
  • original
  • user-centered
  • & valuable 

Here are a few posts reflecting the overall tone, structure, and quality of DBIQ’s content:

If your guest post can measure up to them, I’d be more than happy to publish it on my blog.

The process

You hate having your guest pitches rejected, right?

Well, so do I!

Investing time, effort, and maybe even money in writing a guest article that gets declined undoubtedly sucks.

That’s why I designed a 4-step guest posting system that would minimize rejections while at the same time preserving the quality of DBIQ’s content at optimal levels.

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Create a brief outline
  3. Start writing
  4. Editing & publishing

1. Pick a topic

Check out the list of keywords below and select the one you’d like to cover:

  • how to promote affiliate links on social media
  • how to promote affiliate links on youtube
  • best affiliate marketing communities
  • affiliate marketing vs influencer marketing
  • affiliate marketing vs network marketing
  • affiliate marketing on quora
  • how to promote ClickBank products without a website
  • best affiliate marketing blogs
  • affiliate marketing scams
  • affiliate marketing vs dropshipping
  • affiliate marketing vs CPA marketing

All the keywords outlined above perfectly fit my current target audience and topical relevance strategy, giving your guest post higher chances of acquiring better SEO rankings and receiving more organic traffic from the SERPs.

If you’d like to target a niche-relevant headline not included in the list above, drop me an email to discuss specifics.

2. Create a brief outline

Once you’ve picked a keyword, create a brief outline of all the main points you’ll cover in your guest post so that we’re both on the same page regarding the overall structure and flow of your content.

The outline should consist of:

  • The main title and all the subheadings of your article
  • A couple of sentences about what each subheading will be discussing
  • No more than 300 words

Upon finishing the outline, send it to me at and I’ll let you know whether or not you should proceed with writing the full article within 48 hours. 

3. Start writing

If your brief outline gets approved, you can start writing the guest post at once all the while abiding by the following guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Write in US English
  • Ensure NO grammatical errors and 0% plagiarism
  • The guest post must be original, valuable, and published nowhere else
  • The length of your content should be at least 2000 words
  • Do NOT stuff your content with fluff and redundant info to meet the word count
  • Steer clear of salesy language. Focus on informing and helping
  • Avoid made-up opinions. Fact-check and cite credible sources to back up your claims
  • ALWAYS explain why. Unfounded statements are practically worthless
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and concise
  • The content under each subheading should range between 150 and 300 words
  • Don’t bother including images but feel free to incorporate screenshots if appropriate
  • Waste no time trying to build internal links to other content on DBIQ
  • Send me your submission in a Word (.doc) file at

Outbound Linking Guidelines

  • No more than two (2) links to your domain placed 1000 words apart
  • Up to six (6) links to credible third-party domains
  • Links must blend perfectly with their surrounding text, not appear forced and out of place
  • I have the right to remove any inappropriate, irrelevant, and misplaced links
  • All links are set to do-follow

Author Bio Guidelines

If you’d like to appear as the author of the guest post, make sure that your submission incorporates the following:

  • Up to 300 characters about yourself & your business
  • A square, clear picture of yourself (preferably a 500×500 headshot)
  • Up to one (1) link to your domain
  • Your social media handles

If not, I can publish your guest content under my name.

4. Editing & Publishing

Upon submitting your guest post, I’ll proceed with editing it for clarity, readability, layout, and matching my brand’s overall tone and marketing message.

Furthermore, I’ll optimize it for the search engines based on SEO practices I’ve been successfully implementing for years.

This editorial process could last 10-40 days, depending on the quality of your content and my workload.

Lastly, once your guest post is live, I expect you to promote it throughout your social media channels and email subscribers.

If you fail to do so, you’ll be forfeiting your opportunity to have more of your content published on DBIQ in the future.

Please note that I reserve the right to reject any post that offers no value to my readers created SOLELY for acquiring a backlink.

I look forward to cooperating with you!

All the best, and stay safe,

Harry, Founder & Creative Director at

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