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Hello, Harry Niotis here, entrepreneur and founder of Dear Boss I Quit.

A few years ago, I was slaving away in a minimum wage dead-end job I hated.

I was broke, living with my parents, and frustrated AF…

I needed to make some drastic changes that would improve my terrible financial situation and unfulfilling professional life ASAP.

However, I didn’t even know where to begin.

One day, I heard a voice inside my head…

“Why don’t you figure out a way to make money online?”

Over the next few weeks, I experimented with almost every MMO (Make Money Online) opportunity under the sun, from surveys and user testing to micro jobs and data entry.

But to no avail…

The vast majority of them were outright scams. The few that weren’t, didn’t have the potential to help me reach my financial goals. I was disappointed…

Right when I was about to give up, I stumbled upon an online business model called affiliate marketing.

Fast forward to right now, I’ve ditched the 9-5 grind and I’m earning my living while working from home (or anywhere else I want) as a full-time affiliate marketer.

Dear Boss I Quit is dedicated to sharing with you everything I’ve learned throughout my journey of going from broke corporate slave to living the laptop lifestyle such as tips, advice, insights, and resources that could help you deal with that job you hate, escape the 9-5 rat race, pinpoint and pursue a more fulfilling career that’s in line with your values and passions, identify legit money-making opportunities, as well as spot and avoid scams.

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Harry Niotis
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