Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Review: Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Review Featured Image

Tori Belle Cosmetics is a new MLM on the block.

Someone told you about the “amazing business opportunity” Tori Belle offers and how you can earn your living from home by selling the company’s products as an “entrepreneur” or “Beauty Influencer” while at the same time making a huge difference in the world…

Now, all that sounds exactly what a woman would want to hear right?

Earning her living as a strong and independent woman by selling makeup products to thousands of her followers just like all those famous Instagrammers and YouTubers she follows already do.

Everything about ToriBelle Cosmetics sounds amazing but you’ve probably heard tons of MLM horror stories…

People who lost money and drifted apart from friends and family after joining pyramid schemes posing as legit MLM companies that turned them into disgusting salespeople pitching crappy products/services even to their neighbor’s dog.

So, you’ve got to be careful to not end up like that!

Well, this is your lucky day because, in this review, I am going to reveal everything about Tori Belle Cosmetics, such as

  • What is Tori Belle Cosmetics about?
  • Is Tori Belle Cosmetics a pyramid scheme or a legit MLM company?
  • How to join Tori Belle Cosmetics as an Affiliate?
  • Is Tori Belle Cosmetics worth the trouble?
  • How much does it cost to join Tori Belle Cosmetics?
  • Pros and cons
  • Tori Belle Cosmetics compensation plan
  • Are Tori Belle’s products high-quality?
  • and most importantly, if you can really make money with Tori Belle Cosmetics

In addition, I am going to let you know about a couple of alternative money-making opportunities.

This way, you’ll have everything piece of information you might possibly need to make an informed decision about whether Tori Belle Cosmetics is worth your time and attention or if you’d better invest in something more legit and promising.

Let’s get cracking!

Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Overview

Name: Tori Belle Cosmetics LLC

Owners: Laura Hunter

Price to join:

  • $129(one-time fee)
  • $9 per month for replicated website (cancel anytime)

Official Website:

Suggested? Not so much…

Wanna Succeed in MLM?

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  • Replicated Website
  • Kinda of Affordable to Join
  • Free Shipping
  • Unique Flagship Product

Jump to the Pros Section

  • MLM Business Model
  • Just Launched
  • Already Has Complaints
  • Complicated Compensation Plan
  • Expensive Products

Jump to the Cons Section

Before I move on to the actual Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM review, I want to reveal to you some general MLM statistics that will probably SHOCK you to your very core.

The Network Marketing Game
DON'T bother joining an MLM...

…until you’ve taken a good look at these shocking MLM statistics.

What is Tori Belle Cosmetics About?

Tori Belle Cosmetics is an MLM company that manufactures and distributes makeup products and accessories.

The company was founded in April 2019 by Laura Hunter and is actually named after Laura’s two daughters, Victoria and Isabelle.

Laura has been a photographer and makeup artist for the past 25 years.

According to her, she never uses low-quality cosmetics and when she can’t find something she’d love to use, she usually ends up making it herself.

This is actually how she ended up inventing Tori Belle’s flagship product “Magnetic Eyeliner”.

At the time being, Laura is also the CEO of another company called “Lashliner” and the owner of yet another company that has been running for more than 4 years called “Ms. World Pageant”.

Lastly, she also used to own and run a photography/digital arts/graphic design business for more than 24 years, from 1994 to 2018.

Tori Belle’s mission is to always strive to BE HIP (Hopeful, Independent & Prosperous) while working together to create a truly wonderful culture and business opportunities that are truly unique and increase the odds of success.

You can find a lot more about Tori Belle Cosmetics, its founder, mission, products, policies, compensation plan, etc on the company’s official website.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Products & Prices

Tori Belle Cosmetics Products and Prices

According to Tori Belle’s website, all Tori Belle Cosmetics are easy to apply, long-wearing and travel-ready.

They are designed to make everyone feel capable and beautiful with an eye toward innovation, ease of use and versatility.

All Tori Belle Cosmetics are designed with high-quality ingredients that are hypoallergenic, sustainable, beautiful, and luxurious.

As mentioned earlier, the company’s flagship product is the “Magnetic Eyeliner” which is a product that Laura invented.

This Magnetic Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, latex-free, and magnetic! It glides on smooth, stays on all day and doesn’t move unless you take it off! It will not run, fade or flake! 

The products Tori Belle Cosmetics manufactures and distributes are dozens so I won’t be listing every single one of them right here for obvious reasons.

Some other of the company’s main products are

  • Magnetic Lashes
  • Magnetic Mascara
  • Lip Gloss
  • Shadow Palettes
  • Body Glitter
  • etc

The prices of the products range between $20 and $100 each. 

You can find more about Tori Belle’s products and their respective prices on their online catalog right here.

Tori Belle Cosmetics
Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so overly complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

Tori Belle’s compensation plan might not be as complicated as those of other MLM companies but its overall layout makes it really hard to grasp, especially to absolute beginners.

Nonetheless, I’ll try my best to get you up to speed.

Tori Belle Cosmetics compensates its Affiliates in 6 different ways.

  1. Personal Sales Commission
  2. Quick Start Bonuses
  3. Product Credits & Travel Points
  4. Advancement Bonuses
  5. Team Commissions
  6. Generation Bonuses

1 • Personal Sales Commission

Earn up to 40% commissions on all your retail sales (both offline and through your replicated website).

The percentage of your commissions is determined based on your total Personal Sales Volume for any given month.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Personal Sales Commission

2 • Quick Start Bonuses

If you reach $500 in personal sales during your first 2 months as an Affiliate, you earn 50 Product Credits as a Quick Start Bonus.

When you reach $1000 in personal sales during your first 2 months as an Affiliate, you earn $100 Cash Bonus.

If an Affiliate you have personally recruited reaches $500 in personal sales during their first 2 months, you earn 500 Travel Points.

When an Affiliate you have personally recruited reaches $1000 in personal sales during their first 2 months, you earn $100 Cash Bonus.

Product Credits are credits that can be spent towards purchasing Tori Belle’s products yourself.

Travel Points are points that will be probably required to qualify for a yet to be released incentive called “Travel With Tori Belle!”.

3 • Product Credits & Travel Points

Earn Product Credits and Travel Points based on your monthly Personal Sales Volume.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Product Credits And Travel Points

4 • Advancement Bonuses

Earn bonuses for reaching specific ranks during your first 6 months as a Tori Belle Affiliate or when your personally sponsored Affiliates reach specific ranks during their first 6 months as Affiliates.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Advancement Bonuses

For instance, if you become a Nano Influencer withing your first 4 months, you earn $100 Cash Bonus.

If one of your personally recruited Affiliates reaches the rank of Influencer during their first 6 months, you earn $150 Cash Bonus.

5 • Team Commissions

Earn commissions from your team’s Personal Retail Sales Volume up to 5 Levels of Affiliates deep through a uni-level structure.

  • 1st Level = the Affiliates you have personally recruited
  • 2nd Level = the Affiliates that your personally recruited Affiliates have recruited
  • 3rd Level = the Affiliates your 2nd Level Affiliates have recruited
  • and so on

The higher your rank, the more Levels you earn commissions through.

For instance, a Leading Affiliate earns 4% of the sales volume of their 1st Level while an Influencer earns 8% of the sales volume of their 1st Level, 5% on their 2nd Level, 3% on their 3rd level, and 1% on their 4th Level.

6 • Generation Bonuses

When you reach the rank of Leading Influencer or higher and someone in your downline also becomes a Leading Influencer or higher as well, you start qualifying for this Generation Bonus.

The Leading Influencer in your downline along with his entire downline is considered your 1st Generation.

  • 2nd Generation = the downline of a Leading Influencer within your 1st Generation
  • 3rd Generation = the downline of a Leading Influencer within your 2nd Generation
  • and so on

This Generation Bonus pays you up to 2% of the Sales Volume of each entire Generation and up to 5 Generations deep.

The higher your rank, the more Generations you earn this bonus through…

You can study Tori Belle’s full compensation plan right here.

The video below also sums up the company’s compensation plan pretty neatly so you might want to watch it before moving any further.

Please note that Tori Belle’s compensation plan might undergo changes from time to time so by the time you read this review, some of the info, the commission rates, the rank qualifications, etc that are displayed in the video and PDF file I shared with you right above might not be that accurate.

If you still have questions about Tori Belle’s compensation plan, you can contact their support team through email at or call them at the telephone number 360-667-3164.

Or you could contact me at and I will do my best to help you out.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Affiliate
Ranks & Qualifications


  • $200 Personal Sales Volume per month

Advanced Affiliate:

  • $200 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $600 Team Sales Volume per month

Leading Affiliate:

  • $300 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $1000 Team Sales Volume per month

Senior Affiliate:

  • $400 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $1500 Team Sales Volume per month

Nano Influencer:

  • $500 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $2500 Team Sales Volume per month
  • 1 leg with $1000+ TSV per month

Micro Influencer:

  • $600 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $4000 Team Sales Volume per month
  • 2 legs with $1000+ TSV each per month


  • $600 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $7000 Team Sales Volume per month
  • 3 legs with $1000+ TSV each per month

Leading Influencer:

  • $600 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $12.500  Team Sales Volume per month
  • 2 legs with $1000+ TSV each per month
  • 1 Influencer leg

Senior Influencer:

  • $600 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $25.000  Team Sales Volume per month
  • 1 leg with $1000+ TSV
  • 2 Influencer legs

Director of Influence:

  • $600 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $50.000 Team Sales Volume per month
  • 3 legs with $1000+ TSV each per month
  • 3 Influencer legs

Executive Director of Influence:

  • $200 Personal Sales Volume per month
  • $120.000  Team Sales Volume per month
  • 3 Leading Influencer Legs
  • A new 1st Generation Influencer during a rolling 12-month period

Senior Executive Director of Influence:

  • $250.000 Team Sales Volume per month
  • 3 Senior Influencer Legs
  • A new 1st Generation Influencer during a rolling 12-month period

How to Join Tori Belle Cosmetics
as an Affiliate?

Joining Tori Belle Cosmetics as an Affiliate is pretty straightforward…

All you have to do is head over right here and click the “Join Now” button.

Then, choose one of the two Starter Kits, fill in the application with your personal, mailing, and payment information and you are done!

How Much Does It Cost to Join
Tori Belle Cosmetics as an Affiliate?

In order to join Tori Belle Cosmetics as an Affiliate, all you have to pay for is one of the two following Starter Kits:

  • 9 to 5 Affiliate Starter Kit – $129 (one-time payment)
  • Ladies Night Affiliate Starter Kit – $129 (one-time payment)

Each one of those two Starter Kits includes

  • Petite Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner (3mL)
  • Magnetic Lashes
  • P3 Pore Perfecting Primer
  • The Works Brow and Liner Kit (select one of 4 shades)
  • 3 months of free hosting for your replicated website
  • Quick Start Bonus Program
  • Social Sales Training

Please note that after your first 3 months as an Affiliate, you’ll have to pay $9 per month to keep your website up and running. 

You may cancel your website subscription at any time by contacting the company’s support department at (not recommended)

Is Tori Belle Cosmetics a Pyramid Scheme?

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

The video below will help you understand how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme is that MLMs give you the opportunity to earn commissions by selling actual products or services to other people in retail without having to recruit them while with a pyramid scheme the only way to earn money is by recruiting other people into the scheme.

Not all MLMs are legitimate. If the money you make through an MLM is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate one. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not legit. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of their participants lose money. – Federal Trade Commission

Since Tori Belle Cosmetics offers you the option to earn commissions by selling its makeup products and accessories in retail, the Tori Belle Cosmetics cannot be considered a pyramid scheme.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Pros

  • Replicated Website
  • Kinda of Affordable to Join
  • Free Shipping
  • Unique Flagship Product

1 • Replicated Website

Once you join Tori Belle Cosmetics as an Affiliate, the company provides you with a replicated website.

Up to 40% of what people pay for Tori Belle Cosmetics through your replicated website land right into your pocket.

In addition, if someone signs up as a Tori Belle Cosmetics Affiliate through your website you automatically become their sponsor, and they become part of your downline.

If marketed the right way, this website could help you maximize your customers and your recruits, and thus your income.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business – Bill Gates

The replicated website is hosted for free for your first 3 months as an Affiliate but after those 3 months pass, you’ll have to pay $9 per month if you want to keep it operational.

Now, paying $9 per month for your own website seems like a very reasonable amount but in my eyes, it’s pretty expensive.

Wealthy Affiliate lets me host up to 50 different websites with less than $25 per month while providing me all the tools, training, and support I need to make those websites profitable without any additional charges.

2 • Kinda of Affordable to Join

Joining Tori Belle Cosmetics as an Affiliate is not cheap per se but it’s definitely cheaper compared to the enrollment fees of the majority of MLM companies out there

A one-time fee of just $129 is a relatively small price to pay for a business opportunity that might as well result in you earning 10 times as much or maybe even more per month.

Just to give you a frame of reference, NewYou (a CBD MLM) requires you to pay at least $70 per month to keep yourself active and qualified for commissions.

In addition, I have come across a lot of MLMs whose enrollment fees rise up to hundreds and in some cases even thousands of dollars.

Compared to them, Tori Belle Cosmetics is pretty affordable.

3 • Free Shipping

Tori Belle Cosmetics offers free shipping on all its orders no matter how small they are…

This is something that definitely sets Tori Belle apart from all the other MLM companies in its industry.

4 • Unique Flagship Product

It’s undeniable that Tori Belle’s flagship product, this Magnetic Eyeliner that Laura invented, can’t be found anywhere else.

Most women are willing to experiment with innovative makeup products that seem to deliver better results than those they are already using so chances are that the uniqueness and unavailability of this Magnetic Eyeliner can be leveraged as a pretty good selling point.

Tori Belle Cosmetics Cons

  • MLM Business Model
  • Just Launched
  • Already Has Complaints
  • Complicated Compensation Plan
  • Expensive Products

1 • MLM Business Model

As mentioned earlier, I am not fond of the MLM business model in general for many reasons…

First of all, the percentage of MLM participants who actually make a profit is awfully low (74% – 99%)

Secondly, I hate selling…

And thirdly, I’ve heard so many stories of people losing all their friends, family, and money due to the pushy and sleazy practices they were being taught by their “mentors” that I have become repulsed by the MLM business model in general.

Being involved in an MLM is just not worth the trouble in my mind.

Especially when there exist other much more legit ways of earning a lot more money without having to go through all that struggle of becoming a sleazy salesperson and jeopardizing your relationships with those around you because you are perceiving them as walking bags of cash.

2 • Just Launched

At the time of this review, Tori Belle Cosmetics has been up and running for about 7 months.

According to studies and surveys, the average MLM company fails within 5 years after its initial launch.

It’s way too soon to know if Tori Belle will truly last but if I was looking for a way to build a long-term, sustainable income, I wouldn’t invest my time and money in a brand new MLM.

On the other hand, it is said that those who join an MLM at its very early stages have a lot more chances of advancing through a company’s ranks and make good money with mostly because the company is probably still perceived as a fresh business opportunity and people are easier to be recruited.

3 • Already Has Complaints

While I was doing my research about Tori Belle Cosmetics, I came across a few complaints about the company on BBB and Reddit (see images below).

Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM BBB Complaint 1
Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Reddit Complaint 1

A company that young to be already receiving complaints about its poor customer service and the low-quality of its products is a very bad sign.

If those issues don’t get fixed ASAP, the company will probably not be around for long…

4 • Complicated Compensation Plan

Quick Start Bonuses, Product Credits, Travel Points, generations and levels, various percentages, dozens of different ranks and qualifications, Cash Bonuses, blah blah blah…

A person who is relatively new to MLMs will probably have trouble understanding how Tori Belle’s compensation plan really works.

But did you know that most MLMs make their compensation plans so complicated on purpose?

It’s called “Complexity Bias” and it’s the tendency of people to trust complex concepts more than simple ones.

Marketers use complexity bias all the time to boost the sales of a product/service by incorporating confusing language or insignificant details into its packaging or sales copy.

MLM companies do the exact same thing with their compensation plans to get more people to join them.

You can read more about complexity bias right here.

5 • Expensive Products

Tori Belle’s products are way too expensive…

It’s Magnetic Eyeliner costs a whopping $40.

To give you a frame of reference, the eyeliner of another makeup MLM company called Farmasi costs just $7.90

And I am pretty positive that Farmasi’s quality of products is light years ahead of the quality of Tori Belle’s products as the company has been manufacturing cosmetics for more than 69 years.

Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Review Summary



No Income Disclosure Statement Available. 74% – 99% of MLM reps fail to make a profit.



Samples, replicated website, social sales training, personalized back office.



One-time payment of $129 to join. $9 per month for your replicated website.



Tori Belle Cosmetics is NOT a pyramid scheme. It has some negative reviews on Reddit and BBB.

Overall Rating


Is Tori Belle Cosmetics Suggested?

Not so much…

The main reason is that at the time of this review, Tori Belle Cosmetics has been operating for just 7 months… 

An average MLM company fails within its first 5 years and there’s no indication that Tori Belle Cosmetics is any different in a better kind of way to last longer.  

Plus, the makeup industry that the company operates within is extremely competitive as it goes against giants like Avon, Younique, Jeunesse, Farmasi, etc.

And along with the fact that there are already complaints about Tori Belle’s products and customer service, I don’t see the company lasting for much longer.

Lastly, to tell you the truth, I am not at all fond of the MLM business model in general…

  • The success rate and profitability of MLM reps are awfully low
  • MLM companies are extremely volatile and unstable
  • You need to invest a ton of money, time, and energy until you manage to make a profit (if you ever actually make a profit)
  • Most MLM companies focus on recruiting people instead of selling valuable and beneficial products or services

Plus, in order to make money with the MLM business model, you’ll probably have to turn into a sleazy salesperson and I really hate selling as much as I hate being sold to.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

16 Responses

  1. I would be interested to read a review of this new MLM after 5 years. Any new company takes 5 years to establish a foothold in the market unless they have some over the top product that NOBODY else can replicate.

  2. Thank you Harry for the detailed review.

    l like the fact that you can promote the products as an affiliate only if you join through the sister company, Lash Liner without joining the MLM business promoted through Tori Belle.

    The commission is 20% which is fair enough. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Amos, didn’t know about LashLiner’s affiliate program. Thanks a lot for the heads up.

      I’ll definitely gather more information and update this review in a few days.

      My best regards,


  3. I’m just wondering…did you actually work for Tori Belle?

    If so, how long? I don’t know a lot but I do know that they only started July 2019 and this was written in November 2019.

    I know a lot of women who are successful in MLM and they definitely had to give it more than 4 or 5 months to get to the point they are at. I also feel that you can’t compare the products to something such as Farmasi because that’s not magnetic eyeliner.

    Obviously the price point will be different. The liner is only $40 if you buy it separately. If you buy a bundle it’s $55 for the liner and lashes so you could look at it as you are getting the liner for $15 and the lashes for 40.

    I also think that if you are going to try and sway people from one company you shouldn’t try to drag them into something that YOU endorse THAT seems kind of sleazy to me.

    It seems like a way of roping someone into something they know zero about by bashing something that they’ve at least heard about.

    You really don’t say anything negative about the company except for the fact that its new.

    My advice…if you don’t trust MLM go get a normal 9 to 5 and stop complaining about MLM because you think it’s something that you are going to be able to sit on your ass and not work for. Also, wait until sign-ups are cheap to do it if you’re that concerned about it…

    Most companies will do that at some point. Lastly, if everyone quit a new company just because it was new there would be no Mary Kay, no Avon, no It Works, etc all companies that have successful women and men.

    1. Hi Sam, I haven’t worked for Tori Belle.

      This review is based on information I managed to gather from the company’s website as well as multiple other online sources.

      Please let me address every one of your “concerns” separately…

      First of all, I personally know no one who has succeeded in MLM… Stats derived from reliable sources like the FTC show that 99% of MLM reps lose money. I’m not saying that no person could ever succeed in earning money with Tori Belle but come on, let’s not kid ourselves here…

      If you take a look at the internet, you’ll find millions of testimonials from unsatisfied MLM reps who lost tons of money while chasing empty promises of MLM companies.

      The success stories are suspiciously always displayed only the MLM’s websites and nowhere else online…

      Secondly, I only compared Tori Belle’s magnetic eyeliner with Farmasi’s normal eyeliner in terms of price while also mentioning that Farmasi has been around for 69 YEARS compared to Tori Belle that has been operating for less than a year.

      Those are facts! I didn’t say in any way that Farmasi’s products are better than Tori Belle’s and by the way, I’m not affiliated with Farmasi.

      Now, none of my words bash Tori Belle in any imaginable way. On the contrary, your words bash ME just for stating facts and sharing my 100% objective opinion about a company which as far as I can tell you are affiliated with.

      I’m not trying to sway anyone from Tori Belle. My audience is interested in creating another source of income and that’s what I’m providing to them.

      The platform I endorse (Wealthy Affiliate) has helped me and hundreds of other people build a full-time income online.

      Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching about building a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch since 2005. Affiliate marketing is being used by enormous conglomerates all around the world such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Apple, etc.

      I don’t think that there’s anything sleazy about that business model and it’s ABSOLUTELY not sleazier than the MLM business model.

      Yes, I don’t trust any MLM…

      I believe that 99% of them are being created by people who are after selling to other people crappy and potentially harmful products that cannot get approved.

      Lastly, I don’t need a 9-5 job.

      I fact, I quit my 9-5 job a few months ago by leveraging the “sleazy” money-making opportunity I endorse and suggest to other people.

      It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t easy, but I could never have come so far with an MLM.

      If anyone wasn’t to follow in my footsteps, click here to find out more.

      So, please, let us know Sam…

      How much money have you made with Tori Belle? Have you made any?

      Or are you just one of those bitter MLM reps that have been brainwashed so hard by the company they endorse to the point where they blindly attack anyone who says the slightest bad thing about their company while at the same time earning a big, fat ZERO dollars per month?

      I’m literally holding my breath for your reply!

      Best wishes,


  4. Oh, by the way, it doesn’t take a college degree to understand that compensation plan.. Seems pretty straight forward…

    1. I didn’t mention anything about a college degree…

      I said, “you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.” and I was apparently exaggerating on purpose.

      It’s called “Being Funny”

      You should try it sometime yourself!



  5. Their products are not too expensive. It’s all safe ingredients and made with IRON OXIDE not heavy metals like other companies use! You get lots of wears out of each lash set!

    So you pay for the ingredients and the number of uses they last! You want the price cheaper? Go buy the off-brand lashes and tell me how you have no reactions to those heavy metals and chemicals!

    The shadows are super pigmented so you don’t need a lot when applying your eye shadow, so again the price is sooo worth it! Do your research! If you can’t afford $14 or less (depending on how many uses you get out of them) a week on lashes then, of course, it’s “too expensive”.

    Talk bad about a company because some people have reactions? Guess what? That’s EVERY company!! Not a single companies products in the world for everyone. Everybody has different skin and the company does their best to change the ingredients!

    1. I don’t know if you read the title of the article but I am not here to review Tori Belle’s products but rather the company’s MLM business opportunity.

      And I didn’t talk bad about the company’s products anywhere within my review…

      I just pointed out that there are people who have complained about having reactions after using some of Tori Belle’s products just like I would point out to my friend that the restaurant he is going to eat has a bad review that there are cockroaches in its kitchen.

      Also, I wouldn’t call Tori Belle’s products safe to use just because similar products manufactured by other companies could induce similar reactions just like I wouldn’t call a restaurant full of cockroaches safe to eat just because other restaurants might be full of cockroaches as well.

      It’s pretty clear to me that you are way too brainwashed to notice the small (or large) details because you are apparently way too eager to bash anyone who is “bad-mouthing” the company you “represent”.

      Nonetheless, thanks a lot for the input!


  6. Great post, great statistics. I’m one of that 99%

    I joined an MLM scheme two and a half years ago and decided to cut my losses a year ago and sever all ties with them as I was just losing money. 

    It was a horrible experience and, I’m another one of your statistics because I would never join an MLM scheme again. 

    I just wish I’d found a site like this before signing up to it but I see it as a never-to-be-repeated learning experience. Thanks very much for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

      I am sure that your comment will help lots of people see the real face of MLM companies before they decide to invest in one.


  7. Well, Tori Belle seems to have a lot of complaints considering that it’s a newly launched company. 

    I do not think that I will invest into Tori Belle Cosmetics after reading your review. 

    Most MLM companies that operate like Tori Belle don’t stay operational for long so I won’t risk it.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Well, as I mentioned in my review, there’s nothing that really makes Tori Belle different than an average MLM company and there’s really no indication that the company is in the game for the long haul.

      The complaint that troubled me the most was the one of the woman who stated that she had an allergic reaction to the Magnetic Eyeliner and Tori Belle didn’t even care.

      Truth is, there’s no mention anywhere on the company’s official website that its products are clinically tested, something that probably sets up the company up for great disaster.

      I wouldn’t join it either… I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one who sold a product to someone else that ended up hurting their health.


  8. When running an MLM business model, one thing that those companies need to be very wary of is the fact that the price of their products could have a negative impact on their distributors.

    This is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t join Tori Belle Cosmetics – its products are too expensive to sell, especially if you take into account that you can find the same or even better products for less than half the price through online retailers.

    Thanks for the information!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Henderson!

      Most MLM companies sell overpriced products that are no better than similar products you can find on local markets or online retail stores.

      To justify those high prices, they usually use as their selling point some “secret ingredient” that other similar products don’t contain. 

      In this case, this “secret ingredient” is the tiny magnets that Tori Belle’s eyeliner contains.


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