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Do you know what John, Sarah, Deborah, and Juan who are currently earning thousands of dollars per month online have in common? 

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They all learned in the same place –> Wealthy Affiliate!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 platform that teaches people how to create a sustainable, long-term, full-time income (or even more) online by building and running one or multiple successful online affiliate marketing businesses of their own.

During the last 3 years, I’ve joined and test-driven dozens of Wealthy Affiliate’s competitors.

The majority of them were just awful… Yes, crappy MMO (Make Money Online) platforms are the norm nowadays. Chances are that you’ve come across a number of them yourself until now.

Others were just alright, and just a very small fraction of them were pretty good.

But even the best of them couldn’t compete with Wealthy Affiliate’s overall high-quality and value.

I’m also experimenting with hundreds of other ways of making money online, from GPT (Get Pait To) websites to survey platforms and user-testing applications.

Yes, I am earning some money with them, mostly with user-testing, but never more than $100 a month. There’s just no potential there…

On the contrary, Wealthy Affiliate’s income potential is enormous. 

People are building 4, 5, and 6-figure online businesses by taking advantage of the training, the tools, and everything else Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Success stories like those you witnessed above and like those you’ll witness later aren’t rare at all inside Wealthy Affiliate… In fact, they happen ALL THE TIME! Dozens of new ones are being published day after day.

The good news is that 99.9% of all those people who have achieved success with Wealthy Affiliate, were absolutely clueless about how the whole process of earning money online works just like you are now.

They didn’t know how to create and manage websites, run an online business, write content, use keywords, attract customers, locate affiliate programs, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate taught them all the skills, tricks, strategies, and practices that they needed to be taught to end up running successful online businesses which bring in thousands of dollars of profit per month.

And guess what…

If Wealthy Affiliate took all those people to success, it can take YOU there as well!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable, simplest, most convenient, and beginner-friendly online monetization models.

With affiliate marketing, you earn money by referring people to other online stores like Amazon, eBay, Apple, etc and earning commissions every time those you referred purchase something from that store.

This means that affiliate marketing enables you to start earning money online without even having a product of your own which translates to

  • Very low startup costs
  • No keeping stock
  • No shipping
  • No handling returns
  • No dealing with customer service and complaints
  • No maintaining and upgrading products 
  • No need for employees 
  • Very flexible
  • No experience needed
  • Unlimited potential 
  • Low operation costs 
  • Limited risk 

More & More People Succeed in Wealthy Affiliate!

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Why is Wealthy Affiliate so Unique?

First and foremost, Wealthy Affiliate is free to join!

The MMO platforms that let you start your own online business without paying a single penny can be counted on the fingers of one hand and Wealthy Affiliate is one of them.

You won’t even need to submit your credit card info to create your free account. You just choose a username, fill in your email, set a password, and you are ready to go!

The majority of other MMO platforms that offer “free” trials will ask you to fill in your credit card info before they let you try them for “free” in order to start charging you after the free-trial period is over.

Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t do that…

In fact, you can stay as a Wealthy Affiliate free member for as long as you want, no strings attached whatsoever.

Furthermore, Wealthy Affiliate equips you with the 3 main ingredients that you need to become successful online.

Those 3 main ingredients are

  1. Training
  2. Tools 
  3. Support

The majority of other MMO platforms provide you with no more than 2 of those main ingredients. Some of them provide you training and tools but no support. Others provide you with training and support but no tools. Most of them provide you with just training and neither tools nor support.

To maximize your chances of success, YOU NEED ALL THREE!

Think about it this way:

You might have all the training and all the tools you need to build a house but if you don’t have other people to help you out, the whole process is going to be a lot harder and it’ll take much more time until the house is fully built.

The same goes if you have the training and the support but not the tools.

Now replace the word “house” with the word “online business” and you’ll get what I am trying to say 😉

Wealthy Affiliate's Training

Wealthy Affiliate’s training is basically newbie-proof.

It takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process of building a profitable online business from A to Z.

If you follow the instructions to the letter and stick with it for long enough, it’s literally impossible not to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training consists of hundreds of hours of video and thousands of pages of text, created by the platform’s founders, Kyle and Carson, as well as by other advanced members of the platform who have already achieved their fair share of success.

Weekly 1-hour long live webinars with live Q&A sessions held at the end of them are also conducted every single Friday by Wealthy Affiliate’s Chief Training Officer, Jay!

Wealthy Affiliate's Tools

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have access to an invaluable toolbox that contains a set of very unique and time-saving tools that are going to help you reach your financial goals a lot faster.

For instance, getting a website up and running is the very first step towards cultivating your online income. It’s undeniable that a lot of people, probably including you, don’t have a single clue about creating and setting up a website right?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate alleviates that with their built-in WordPress website builder which helps you create professional-looking websites (like this one), with just 4 clicks and in under 30 seconds.

In fact, go ahead and watch the short video right below to see how easy creating a website with Wealthy Affiliate really is.

In addition to its website builder, Wealthy Affiliate offers a range of other valuable tools including

  • Website Manager
  • Site Content (in-built writing platform)
  • Comments & Feedback Exchange Platforms
  • Live Chat
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Competition Analysis Tool
  • Affiliate Program Search Tool
  • and much more

Wealthy Affiliate's Support

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to get all the support you need in numerous ways.

First of all, Wealthy Affiliate has a dedicated tech support team that runs all around the clock. Whenever you come across a technical difficulty with your website, you just submit a support ticket and your issue will be resolved in mere minutes.

Secondly, the minute you join Wealthy Affiliate, you get assigned with a personal coach whom you can contact in case you get stuck with your training, have questions, need feedback, advice, motivation, etc.

If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate through my personal link right here, I’ll automatically become your personal coach…

As your personal coach, I give you my word that I’ll be there for you anytime you need me as well as that I’ll do my best to help you achieve your financial goals.

Thirdly, you can interact with other members of Wealthy Affiliate’s community through the platform’s live chat. The live chat is the most used means of interaction among Wealthy Affiliate’s members because it enables you to get instant answers to your questions and instant solutions to your problems.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is comprised of more than 500.000 people from all around the world so I can assure you that there are hundreds of people active on the live chat at any given time.

Many of them have been members of Wealthy Affiliate for years and have managed to create huge success for themselves with the platform so gaining insights and advice from them is priceless by itself.

Wealthy Affiliate’s founders, Kyle and Carson, are also actively helping members on the live chat very regularly.

Being a part of such a community of successful entrepreneurs dramatically increases your chances of success and dramatically speeds up the whole process of reaching it too.

According to Psychology Today, a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people improves your motivation, health, happiness, and helps you cope with negative and painful emotions.

According to Wikipedia, being part of a community of people who are going through the same process or are trying to achieve similar goals as you will make your entire journey much smoother.

Both Psychology Today and Wikipedia couldn’t be more accurate.

I have spoken with tons of successful Wealthy Affiliate members and most of them attribute their success to the platform’s community and even claim that without that community they’d have most likely failed.

Truth is that for most people being part of a community like Wealthy Affiliate’s can make the difference between success and failure.

Yes! More Wealthy Affiliate's Success Stories!

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Wealthy Affilate's 4 Steps Towards Success

Wealthy Affiliate’s recipe of success is comprised of 4 very simple steps…

The 4 steps are

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Create a Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue
Wealthy Affiliate 4 Steps to Success

1 • Choose an Interest

Before starting your online business, you have to choose its subject or as we online marketers call it, your “niche”.

This niche could be anything in the world from travel, beekeeping, and yoga to cars, mobile phones, and dogs.

It really doesn’t matter because Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to monetize any given niche.

Most people create businesses around subjects they are interested in or passionate about in order to ensure that the whole process is going to be enjoyable for them.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate recommends as well.

2 • Build a Website

Your website is basically the storefront of your business… 

Just like when you want to buy groceries you walk into a grocery store, when people want to find information relevant to your niche, they will visit your website.

I know that many of you are probably thinking that building a website is hard and that you have no clue how to do it.

In fact, before joining Wealthy Affiliate, this is exactly what I thought as well.

However, as I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder allows you to get your websites up and running in just 4 clicks even if you have zero knowledge about building websites.

In fact, let me assure you that building your website is probably the easiest step in the whole process of earning money online.

3 • Attract Visitors

Attracting visitors to your website is the most important as well as the hardest step towards earning money online.

No visitors = No money

It’s as simple as that…

Wealthy Affiliate reveals the most up to date practices and techniques towards driving the right visitors to your website for free, mostly through SEO and blogging, without having to spend a fortune on social media and search engine ads.

4 • Earn Revenue

Wealthy Affiliate might be teaching you how to monetize your website through affiliate marketing but once you’ve got visitors rolling in, you can monetize your website in a thousand different ways…

You can try running ads, promoting your own products, renting ad space, promoting CPA offers, affiliate marketing, or a combination of everything.

The potential is just limitless.

Hundreds of People CAN'T be Wrong...

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story 5
Wealthy Affiliate Success Story 27
Wealthy Affiliate Success Story 18
Wealthy Affiliate Success Story 17

There are 16 success stories of other Wealthy Affiliate members on this page alone.

While doing my research I came across hundreds more.

It’s impossible that Wealthy Affiliate has made hundreds of people successful by accident…

The platform obviously works.

Hundreds of people can’t be wrong about it.

Important Disclaimer

Up until this point, Wealthy Affiliate sounds like heaven on Earth, right? 

Tons of success stories, awesome training, perfect tools, an amazing community, 4 simple steps to success, etc, etc…

However, I am not claiming in any way that Wealthy Affiliate is a magic bullet to earning thousands of dollars online.

What you can’t actually see behind all the success stories I’ve included in this page is the immense amounts of time, effort, frustration, and trial and error it took for those people to actually become successful.

Wealthy Affiliate will definitely NOT take you to success by itself just because you joined it just like a house is definitely NOT going to build itself just because you have bricks, tools, and a blueprint.

Your results are going to mainly depend on your own action-taking, work ethic, determination, persistence, tolerance, level of commitment, ability to learn, follow instructions and adapt, etc.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around… There are no shortcuts… There are no magic bullets… There are no miracle cures…

Money doesn’t grow on trees and it doesn’t come easy to those who don’t have it… 

I know that this sounds unfair and that you might not want to be hearing it but this is the truth.

Yes, you can make $50 – $100 per month by filling in surveys or testing websites and applications.

But if you are really after DRASTICALLY improving your financial status forever and not spending hours of your free time towards earning pennies, you have to WORK YOUR ASS OFF!


I assure you that if you keep looking for shortcuts to earning money online, you are going to keep hitting dead end after dead end, you are going to waste time, lose money, and get scammed until you eventually quit.

One thing I can promise you is that Wealthy Affiliate will show you the EXACT road that leads to becoming successful online.

Actually walking down that road until reaching your destination is totally up to YOU!

Wealthy Affiliate is 50% of the equation.

The other 50% is YOU!