Simple WiFi Profits Review: What 33 Hours of Research Reveal

Simple WiFi Profits Review What 33 Hours of Research Reveal

If you’re in search of more information about Simple WiFi Profits, you need to look no further!

This Simple WiFi Profits Review is the result of 33+ hours of research and contains all the information you might possibly need to make an informed decision about whether you should invest your money, time, and attention in this course or not.

In a nutshell, Simple WiFi Profits is a 4-step affiliate marketing system created by millionaires Andrew Wright and Chris Eom, which will teach you how to generate $10,000+ per day by promoting high-end ClickBank offers in the weight loss niche using Facebook paid ads.

Some of the other subjects that I’m going to be covering in this review include:

  • Who is Andrew Wright and Chris Eom?
  • Who Is Simple WiFi Profits For?
  • What’s Inside Simple WiFi Profits?
  • How Much Does Simple WiFi Profits Cost?
  • Simple WiFi Profits’ Pros and Cons
  • & much more

In addition, I’ll let you know about the affiliate course that helped ME go from zero to earning a full-time income online so if you are interested in checking that out, make sure to stick around till the end…

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

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Best Affiliate Courses



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Simple WiFi Profits Overview

Name of Product:
Simple WiFi Profits

Andrew Wright & Chris Eom

$1497 (one-time fee)
3x$577 (billed 30 days apart)

Official Website:


What is Simple WiFi Profits About?

Simple WiFi Profits is a 4-step affiliate marketing system created by millionaires Andrew Wright and Chris Eom, which will teach you how to generate $10,000+ per day by promoting high-end ClickBank offers in the weight loss niche using Facebook paid ads.

Who is Chris Eom & Andrew Wright?

Chris Eom & Andrew Wright - Owners of Simple WiFi Profits
Chris Eom & Andrew Wright

Andrew used to be the black sheep in a family filled with successful doctors, accountants, and lawyers…

He had a 2.7 GPA, dropped out of college, couldn’t find a job, and was living with his parents.

All his friends and family considered him an underachiever and believed that he would never amount to anything in life…

After his dad got fired from his job, Andrew decided to step up and help his family which was in dire need of money by starting an online drop shipping store which to no one’s surprise failed miserably pretty fast.

At that point, Andrew started experimenting with promoting ClickBank products using Facebook paid ads.

After hundreds of hours of trial and error, Andrew started generating a few dollars per day.

Those few dollars slowly grew to tens, then hundreds and then thousands.

By 2019, Andrew was generating up to $40,000 day in, day out!

Right now, Andrew is a millionaire, he owns his dream car, paid off his family’s mortgage, and even hired his mom and sister to work for him!

Chris used to work an 80-hour corporate job which made him miserable…

One day, while eating lunch, he met Andrew.

The two of them got to talking and Chris started telling Andrew how much he hated his job.

Andrew then showed Chris how he was generating thousands of dollars per day online all by himself – no job, no boss, no commute, no waking up before sunrise.

Chris became very intrigued but didn’t have a single clue how to get started…

So, he asked for Andrew’s help.

Andrew accepted and a few days later, Chris quit his job and started focusing all his energy and attention on growing his online income.

Just a few weeks down the road, Chris was generating $8000 of daily profit!

At that point, Andrew and Chris started partnering up, something that resulted in them generating over $5 million of revenue during 2019 (image below).

Simple Wifi Profits Andrew & Chris Earnings 2019

After having achieved so much success online, they decided to combine all their knowledge into a system that would teach other people how to achieve similar results.

And this is how Simple Wifi Profits was born.

If you’d like to find out all about Simple WiFi Profits, I suggest that you watch this Free Webinar whereas Chris and Andrew go through everything their course offers with much more detail.

Or just keep reading!

Who Is Simple WiFi Profits For?

Simple WiFi Profits is mainly addressed to those who:

Who is Simple WiFi Profits NOT For?

Simple WiFi Profits is NOT for those who:

If one or more of the instances mentioned right above apply to you, chances are that Simple WiFi Profits is NOT the right course for you, so you might want to check out The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses to Make Money Online in 2020.

Who knows, you might find an affiliate course that suits you better in there.

What's Inside Simple WiFi Profits?

Simple WiFi Profits Core Training

Simple WiFi Profits’ Core Training consists of 8 main chapters…

Every chapter is broken down to 4-10 sections that contain up to 5 videos each…

Each video ranges from 10-30 minutes and walks you through every phase of building a sizeable income online by using Facebook ads to promote ClickBank products, such as:

  • Locating affiliate offers
  • Creating your sales funnel
  • Getting your affiliate links
  • Setting up a landing page
  • Split testing
  • Facebook Pixel
  • & much more

All the techniques, strategies, and practices that are taught within Simple WiFi Profits’ Core Training are basically the exact same techniques, strategies, and practices that made Andrew and Chris millionaires as well as two of the most successful affiliates in the world. 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside Simple WiFi Profits’ Core Training.

Note: Click on each chapter to expand.


  • Intro – Resources
  • Welcome!
  • About the WiFi Bosses
  • Private Facebook Group


  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How ClickBank Works
  • Know Your ClickBank Numbers
  • How to Get Paid
  • Top 3 Evergreen Niches
  • Identifying the Best Offers
  • Digital vs Supplements


  • Resources
  • Introduction
  • Simple 3-Step Funnel
  • What Makes a Good VSL
  • What Makes a Good Facebook Ad
  • What Makes a Good Lander
  • Quiz


  • Resources
  • Introduction
  • Choosing the Right Hosting Service
  • Landing Page Set-Up
  • How to Add Hoplink
  • Editing Landing Page
  • Facebook Compliant Hoplink
  • ODAAT Mentality


  • Resources
  • Facebook Business Overview
  • Facebook Business Manager Set-Up
  • Facebook Page Set-Up
  • Pixel Set-Up
  • Advertisement Guidelines
  • Market Research & Detailed Targeting
  • Million Dollar Ad Swipes
  • Change Your Habits – Change Your Life
  • Let Us Pay for Your 1st Ad


  • Resources
  • Launching Your First Ad
  • Customizing Columns
  • Bullseye Targets – Scale or Kill…?
  • Breakdown Report
  • Split Testing
  • Ad Account Immunity
  • Become an Ad Account Digger
  • The Two Human Stories


  • Resources
  • Scaling Myths and Facts
  • Double Down Principle Method
  • The Clone Method
  • The Lookalike Method
  • Zero-Targeting Method
  • $400 Ad Trick
  • Re-targeting Ad for Extra Profits


  • Resources
  • The 1:1 Alpha Ad
  • Luna Pic Color Variation
  • DFY – Hiring a VA
  • Travel the World for Free
  • How to Create Your Own Image
  • Blocking Out the Negativity

DFY Best Products

Within this training module, Chris and Andrew reveal to you the best weight loss products that have generated millions of dollars for them over the years, as well as the ones they are currently promoting.

Chris and Andrew claim that some of those products are not available to the public and can be accessed only from members of SWP…

Simple Wifi Profits DFY Best Products

DFY Ad Swipe File

A swipe file that contains the ad copy and images of some of Chris and Andrew’s best-performing ads which you can basically implement into your very own ad campaigns in order to maximize your views, clicks, interaction, and conversions.

Simple Wifi Profits DFY Ad Swipe File

Intelligent Ad Targeting

There exist several Artificial Intelligence tools that can optimize the performance of your ads by continuously collecting and processing their data, such as:

  • views
  • clicks
  • conversions
  • device type
  • browser
  • personal interests
  • etc

Based on that data, those AI tools will then serve your ads only to people who are the most likely to purchase your offers.

In this training module, Chris and Andrew show you exactly how to set up Intelligent Ad Targeting step-by-step so that you can maximize your revenue while minimizing your ad spend…

Simple Wifi Profits Intelligent Ad Targeting

24/7 Dedicated Support

Simple WiFi Profits offers 24/7 dedicated support to all its members.

If you

  • get stuck and need help to get back on track
  • come across technical difficulties or other issues
  • have any questions regarding the training
  • or whatever else

you can contact Chris, Andrew, and their team of expert coaches through email and they’ll get back to you ASAP, usually in less than 24 hours.

For most people, having a dedicated support team on their side could make the difference between success and failure.

Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls

Chris and Andrew hold monthly live group coaching sessions for all their Simple WiFi Profits students.

During these coaching sessions, you can

  • ask Chris and Andrew questions
  • watch over their shoulders as they set up ad campaigns, landing pages, and funnels
  • find out about the best practices and scaling strategies
  • interact with some of the top-earners of the course
  • let Chris and Andrew remotely connect to your screen and set everything up for you
  • & more

Simple Wifi Profits Monthly Live Group Coaching Sessions

Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Calls

In addition to the monthly live group coaching calls, Chris and/or Andrew will be calling you for a private 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 coaching session every other Wednesday.

During those private sessions, Chris and Andrew will be giving you their undivided attention so that you can discuss business with them without any interruptions.

In addition, Chris and Andrew will be sharing with you new business formulas, up to date techniques, action items & tasks, and much more.

Simple Wifi Profits Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

Private Facebook Group

In addition to the 24/7 dedicated support team, monthly group coaching calls, and bi-weekly private coaching sessions, Simple WiFi Profits offers access to a private, members-only Facebook group which you can leverage to:

  • interact with other members of the course
  • get answers to your questions fast
  • share your wins & failures
  • receive support & motivation
  • gain feedback & inspiration
  • etc

According to Wikipedia and Psychology Today, being part of a community of like-minded people

  • improves your motivation
  • decreases frustration
  • boosts happiness
  • and increases the chances and speed of reaching your goals

Simple WiFi Profits Bonuses

On top of everything I’ve mentioned right above, once you sign up for Simple WiFi Profits, you’ll also receive the following 5 Bonuses:

BONUS #1: DFY $1,220,680 Ad Campaign

Simple WiFi Profits’ first bonus includes all the images, copy, product, sales pages, and targeting of an entire ad campaign that has generated over $1 million for Chris and Andrew…

You can basically copy the entire campaign and run it as your own in no time.

BONUS #2: DFY VA Training

Premade proprietary training system that will automatically train your Virtual Assistants/Employees (if and when you hire any) to run several aspects of your business so that you don’t have to train them yourself.

BONUS #3: VIP Commissions Club

Grants you access to the VIP Commissions Club…

All VIP Commissions Club members receive a 15% increase in commissions.

BONUS #4: High-Ticket Commissions

Most ClickBank products pay $50-$100 commission per sale…

In this bonus, Chris and Andrew will show you how to boost your commissions up to 20 times so that you pocket $1000 per single sale.

BONUS #5: Get Your First Ads Paid

Last but not least, Chris and Andrew will pay for your first few ads so that you get started without having to spend any money out of your pocket.

Please note that this bonus will be available only to the next 15 people who join Simple WiFi Profits.

How Much Does Simple WiFi Profits Cost?

Simple WiFi Profits offers 2 payment plans…

You can get it for

  • either a one-time payment of $1497
  • or three payments of $577 billed 30 days apart

Simple WiFi Profits Pros

1 • Successful Owners

Despite their very young age, Chris Eom and Andrew Wright seem to be very successful in what they do…

Both of them became millionaires before reaching 25 and they are now considered among the top ClickBank affiliates in the world.

In fact, as you can see in the image right below, they made almost $1 million in May 2019 alone.

Simple Wifi Profits Andrew & Chris Earnings May 2019

Not only that, but they are apparently pretty good at imparting their knowledge to other people…

As you’ll discover right below, many of their students have reported some amazing results after applying the techniques and strategies laid down within Simple WiFi Profits…

2 • Simple WiFi Profits Success Stories

Here are some of the results that people who have been following Simple WiFi Profits’ training for a while have achieved.

Simple Wifi Profits Success Story 1

Simple Wifi Profits Success Story 2

Simple Wifi Profits Success Story 3

Simple Wifi Profits Success Story 4

Simple Wifi Profits Success Story 5

It is said that Simple WiFi Profits helped James Yun (the guy in the image right above) become the world’s #2 ClickBank Affiliate (although there’s no evidence to actually back that claim).

Nonetheless, in the last 2 minutes of the video right below James actually logs into his ClickBank account and shows us that he has indeed generated more than $2 million in just 4 months.

Dozens of more Simple WiFi Profits success stories are being published weekly within the course’s private Facebook group.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to share any of them here…

Important Note: Simple WiFi Profits’ testimonials, case studies, and success examples may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Truth is that most people will never act on the systems they buy, so most of the time their typical results are zero. The biggest factor to succeeding not just with Simple WiFi Profits but with any other given high-quality system is your very own ability to follow through. There is no such thing as a magic bullet or shortcuts to earning money fast neither online nor offline. Your effort is the only factor that will determine your results.

3 • Evergreen

The internet landscape, in general, is constantly evolving.

New rules and practices rise daily to replace old ones…

What worked yesterday might not work today and what works today might not work tomorrow…

Chris and Andrew do their best to keep Simple WiFi Profits up to date based on the latest internet trends by regularly adding new content as well as updating, adjusting, and/or removing content that’s become obsolete.

As a Simple WiFi Profits member, you’ll get your hands on all of the course’s future updates & new pieces of content completely for free.

4 • Top-Selling Course

Simple WiFi Profits is currently among the 10 top-selling online marketing & e-business courses on ClickBank…

That’s definitely a very promising sign that the course actually delivers results.

5 • Populated & Active Community

Simple WiFi Profits’ private Facebook group is pretty populated and active, currently consisting of almost 1000 members from all around the world (image below).

Simple Wifi Profits Facebook Group

This means that no matter what day or time it is, chances are that you’re always going to find someone in there to answer your questions, offer solutions to your problems, and get you unstuck promptly so you can continue working on your business without major interruptions.

Truthfully, being part of such a community could dramatically increase the chances and speed of your success.

Important Note: Always avoid courses that offer no community access or those with inactive & deserted communities… High-quality courses always come with populated & active communities.

6 • Money-Back Guarantee

Simple WiFi Profits comes with a 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like the course for any reason or if you don’t see the results you expect, you can get your money back as long as you request a refund within 45 days of your initial purchase.

7 • No Additional Tools Needed

In order to be able to fully utilize the vast majority of affiliate courses, you’ll have to purchase a buttload of additional tools and resources that could set you back hundreds of dollars per month, such as

  • keyword research tools
  • autoresponders
  • competition analysis systems
  • etc

Thankfully, that’s not the case with Simple WiFi Profits.

The only things you’ll need to purchase after joining the course are:

  • hosting for your pages & funnels (~$10 per month)
  • and your Facebook ads

Simple WiFi Profits Cons

1 • Very Pricey Enrollment

The main downside of Simple WiFi Profits is that it costs a whopping $1497 to join, something that makes the course inaccessible to many people as well as one of the most expensive affiliate courses I’ve reviewed.

The even worse news is that SWP’s pricey admission is just the tip of the iceberg cost-wise, which brings us to…

2 • Additional Expenses on Ads

As you already know, in order to make any kind of money with Simple WiFi Profits, you’ll first have to invest money in running Facebook ads…

Now, you won’t have to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of ads since day one…

According to Chris and Andrew, you can get started with just $5 and scale upwards as you make sales…

Simple Wifi Profits Money Invested In Ads

I know that the whole concept sounds pretty simple and straightforward.

You invest $5 dollars, you make a sale which pays you a $40 commission and then you invest that $40 to make even more commissions, and so on and so forth.

However, you have to understand that no one can ever guarantee that your first, or second, or third, or 50th ad will actually drive any sales.

Truth is that all kinds of ads have always been carrying an innate risk of failing to generate a profit for their investor.

What I’m trying to point out here is that while everything Chris and Andrew claim sounds quite plausible, you might actually end up “losing” hundreds of dollars until you make your very first commission.

That’s just the way things are…

3 • Only Weight Loss

Another aspect of Simple WiFi Profits that I really don’t like is that you’ll only get to promote products that fall under the weight loss niche…

Now, weight loss is actually one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world, with Americans spending more than $60 billion per year on all kinds of weight loss products and services.

So yeah, there’s definitely a lot of money to be made there!

However, the thing is that I’m personally not interested in weight loss at all…

And I would never create an online business in a niche that couldn’t interest me less for the simple reason that I’d get bored, lose interest, and eventually quit.

If you’re not interested in weight loss either, I strongly suggest that you consider going for an affiliate course that allows you to have a choice over the niche that your online business revolves around.

4 • Unrealistic Claims

During the last couple of years, I’ve reviewed hundreds of affiliate marketing courses and other MMO opportunities and one thing I’ve mastered is to sense bullshit coming miles away…

Unfortunately, Simple WiFi Profits’ sales video is full of it.

Bullshit #1: “Simple WiFi Profits teaches about a brand new 4-step system of making big money fast”

Besides the obvious setback that there are NO ways, or systems, or blueprints of earning big money fast, there’s truly nothing new or revolutionary about SWP.

The course’s training is built upon a 4-step process that is being taught by dozens of other affiliate marketing courses such as Commission Hero and Super Affiliate system PRO for years…

  • Step 1 – Find a profitable niche
  • Step 2 – Locate high-end products in that niche
  • Step 3 – Use Facebook ads to promote those products
  • Step 4 – Start small and scale upwards as you pocket a profit

Bullshit #2: “ClickBank is super strict on the products that they allow to be sold on their platform”

This couldn’t be further away from the actual reality…

Truth is that ClickBank is among the marketplaces with the most low-quality and low-value products just because they allow anyone to become a vendor without actually monitoring and regulating the product or products they list and sell.

Now, I could go on and on, but I think that you got the point…

5 • Too Sales-y

Another huge turn-off regarding SWP’s sales video is that it’s way too sales-y…

Ray from, sums this up pretty nicely:

During the first 45 minutes of the video, the host repeatedly shows you the ClickBank income screenshots over & over again and ecstatically tells you how much money these guys have made. It seems to me as if the video was purposely created that way to psychologically wind you up.

After that, he finally starts to explain about the “4-Step Method”, but he keeps interrupting himself with income screenshots every couple of minutes and goes…

“Look! Ten thousand dollars!”

“It’s easy!”

“Wow, a hundred and twenty thousand dollars!”

“All you need is your spare time!”

I don’t know whether you might feel hypnotized by these screenshots but I felt annoyingly distracted and agitated.

6 • Fake Scarcity

Last but not least, near the end of the course’s sales video, you’ll come across a claim that enrollment in Simple WiFi Profits will be open for only 30 people.

This is a fake scarcity technique which I personally despise, used mostly by scammers or desperate salesmen in order to increases sales by inducing a sense of urgency and fear of missing out.

Simple WiFi Profits Review Summary



Simple WiFi Profits’ purpose is to teach you how to build a 5-figure monthly income online.



8 training chapters, 50+ lessons, DFY ad swipes, DFY best products, AI targeting training, etc.

Value for


Very pricey enrollment. Additional expenses for ads. No free trial. Money-back guarantee.



24/7 support. Private Facebook group. Monthly group coaching. Private 1-on-1 coaching.



Simple WiFi Profits seems to be generating some pretty solid results for many of its members.

Overall Rating


Affiliate marketing FAQs

(Click each question to expand)

Is Simple WiFi Profits a Scam or Suggested?

Simple WiFi Profits is definitely NOT a scam…

The course’s core training is pretty solid, consisting of 100+ video lessons that walk you through the entire process of building a 5-figure monthly income by promoting ClickBank products through Facebook ads, from A to Z, even if you’re a complete beginner.

In addition, SWP offers 24/7 support through email as well as through a very active & populated private Facebook group that currently consists of almost 1000 people from all around the world who are after the exact same thing as you – making a sizeable income online!

On top of that, in an attempt to maximize the chances and speed of everyone’s success, Chris and Andrew run live monthly group as well as bi-weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Most importantly, dozens of people have reported some substantial and consistent results after applying everything taught by Simple WiFi Profits’ training.

Truthfully, more and more success stories are being published within SWP’s private Facebook group almost every single day!

If what you’ve read until now sounds like something you might be interested in, you can go ahead join Simple WiFi Profits -> right here.

Basically, the biggest downside of the course is its very high admission fee…

Frankly, there exist higher-quality affiliate courses that have been around for a lot longer, teach about the exact same stuff, and cost a lot less to join (e.g. Commission Hero).

I really hope that my Simple WiFi Profits Review helped you make an informed decision about whether or not you should invest your time, money, and attention in this course.

At the beginning of this article, I promised that I would let you know about the affiliate course that helped me build a full-time income online

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and

  • it’s free to join & test drive
  • has a community of 2+ million members
  • offers 24/7 tech support
  • provides 100+ hours of core training
  • has bred hundreds of success stories
  • is a LOT cheaper than SWP
  • offers a website builder & a keyword research tool for free

You can find out more about Wealthy Affiliate -> right here.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment right below or contact me at

I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Best wishes,


Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

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  1. When it comes to making money online, you will find plenty of affiliate marketing courses available. But not all are genuine. You have to be cautious whenever you are planning to join such programs. Simple Wifi Profits is a step-by-step online training program that is specifically designed to help you in making money online from home.

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