Project 24 Review: 60 Steps To Full-Time Blogging [In Just 24 Months]

Project 24 Review: 60 Steps To Full-Time Blogging [In Just 24 Months]

Project 24 is an online course/community which teaches you how to build a full-time income as a blogger within 24 months (hence the name Project 24), through following a tried and tested, proven to work 60-step training approach.

In addition to this main 60-step training, as a Project 24 member, you get your hands on tons of other valuable features which are going to make your journey to earning your living online much smoother and easier such as

  • dozens of courses
  • time-saving tools
  • numerous seasons of podcasts
  • vlogs
  • an extremely active and supportive community which is growing day in and day out
  • and much more

In this Project 24 review, I’ll cover every little detail about Project 24 in order for you to be able to fully understand if purchasing it is the right course of action for you or not.

Before I move on to the actual Project 24 review, I want to point out that for me, for many reasons that I am going to let you know in here, Project 24 is the second best MMO (Make Money Online) course I’ve come across during my 3 years as an online marketer after Wealthy Affiliate.

So, let’s dig in, shall we?

Project 24 Overview

Name of Product:
Project 24

Jim Harmer & Ricky Kessler

$449 for the first year.
$199 for each successive year
that you decide to remain a member

Official Website:

Absolutely, 100%!

Alternate Suggestion:
Wealthy Affiliate

Earnings Potential


Value for Money


Success Stories


Very high potential to earn a full-time income online (or even more), by following Project’s 24 training.


60-step training. Dozens of additional courses on various subjects such as SEO and email marketing. Podcast, vlog, spreadsheet with 300+ niche site ideas, templates, premium WordPress theme, and much more. Fresh content is being added 24/7.


You definitely get more than what you pay for! Kind of pricey for my taste. No free trial. No refunds. Definitely better value for money than 99% of MMO courses.


Unlimited access to a very active private community. Get all the support and motivation you need from other members of the course as well as the founders of the course, Jim and Ricky themselves.


People seem to succeed with Project 24 faster than expected. New success stories of Project 24 members are currently on the rise.

Overall Rating

  • High-quality, 60-step approach to building profitable niche websites, tried and tested for many years by Jim and Ricky
  • Very active and supportive community
  • Brand new content is constantly being added
  • Extremely friendly for beginners
  • Regular tweaks and improvements to the 60-steps to keep us up to date with the latest internet trends
  • Success stories of Project 24 members are on the rise. It seems that people succeed faster than expected
  • Jim and Ricky are pros. They are also actively helping members within the community as much as they can
  • Valuable YouTube channel (could use it as a Project 24 free trial)
  • Kind of pricey for my taste
  • Relatively new in the affiliate marketing training industry
  • Somewhat unrealistic claims about content creation
  • No free trial
  • No monthly membership option (just yearly)
  • No refund possibility


Absolutely, 100%!

What is Project 24
by Income School?

Project 24 is a wholesome online marketing training program, created by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kessler, founders of Income School.

Jim and Ricky used to be two normal guys just like you and me, working normal jobs and leading normal lives. At some point, they started experimenting with creating small blogs on a variety of subjects and after a while, they realized that they started earning some money off of them.

After a lot of experimentation and trial and error, they managed to grow their small blogs to a point where they were earning a full-time income from them. At that point, both Jim and Ricky decided to quit their normal 9-5 jobs and work for themselves online, creating successful niche websites as well as teaching other people how to create successful niche websites just like them.

Take a look at the 2 motivating stories of how Jim and Ricky went from employees to full-time bloggers right below!

The objective of Project 24 is to show you the exact 60 steps that Jim and Ricky constantly take in order to grow a brand new website in any given niche from zero to generating a full-time, passive income for them in the span of 24 months.

Based on my own estimations, when Jim and Risky talk about earning a full-time income, they mean earning somewhere between $8000 – $10.000 a month.

So, to be more exact, Project 24 will show you the exact 60 steps to building a niche website and grow it from $0 to at least $8000 a month within the next 2 years.

Project 24 was released in February 2018 and is the extremely improved version of an older course Jim and Ricky had created called Niche Site School which had helped hundreds of people to start successful online passive income websites.

At the time that I am updating this review, Project 24 is almost one and a half years old… Based on Project’s 24 statistics more than 400 of its members are currently earning money through the websites made following that Project 24 60-step formula. Out of those 400 people, 50 of them are now earning at least $500 per month (12,5% success rate) and 5 of them have already managed to become full-time bloggers (1,25% success rate). And remember, that 24 months haven’t even passed yet since Project 24 was first released so as it seems people are finding success with the course way faster than initially expected.

For a more in-depth look at Project 24, sit back and watch the full Project 24 webinar right below.

Before moving on, I want to make clear that Project 24 is not a magic bullet to success… It won’t make money land on your lap out of nowhere during the next 24 months without you actually devoting the required amount of time and effort to build and scale your online business…

Project 24 just provides you with information and guidance on how to go from zero to full-time online but YOU are the one who has to put all this information to practice…

YOU have to apply what you learn!

YOU have to work for it!

YOU have to make it happen!

If you purchase the program and sit on your ass watching TV during your free time, well, you’re never going to actually make it. If you work on your business for one hour a week, you’ll have to accept that it will probably take longer than 24 months to earn a full-time living through your blog. If you work for 5 hours a day, it might take a lot less.

While through Project 24, Jim and Ricky do their best to provide you with the best training, resources, and tools to make your living online in 24 months, be aware that no program can guarantee success, especially not in any particular timeframe.

The level and speed of your success online are mainly going to depend on your own work ethic, tolerance, level of commitment, ability to adapt, perseverance, and ability to follow instructions among many other things.

Who is Project 24 for?

In a nutshell, Project 24 is for anyone who would love to earn their living online. 

Those can be people who

  • Want to quit all jobs forever and become their own bosses
  • Work a part-time job and are in need of a stable supplementary income (this is actually why I started my very first online business)
  • Are stay-at-home parents
  • Always wanted to become entrepreneurs/business owners
  • Want to be time and location independent
  • Are still students
  • Have retired or are unemployed
  • Would just love the idea of earning their living by blogging about their hobbies and passions
  • Need to build a stable income online in order to travel the world
  • Have tried different MMO courses and systems but failed
  • etc

Right now, many of you might be thinking “But I don’t have the slightest clue” or “I don’t have the skillset” or “Yeah right… Like I can end up owning a successful online business”.

Let me tell you that such thoughts are absolutely natural.

In fact, those are the exact same thoughts that I had almost 3 years ago when I was about to start my very own online business…

Nevertheless, Project’s 24 60-step training is mainly geared towards absolute beginners, as it takes you by the hand and walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know not just to get your online business up and running but to scale it until it brings in a full-time income to you, such as

  • Purchasing a domain name
  • Finding good hosting
  • Setting up a beautiful WordPress website
  • SEO
  • Writing high-quality articles
  • Making Youtube videos
  • and much more

So, if you are doubting yourself, well, don’t.

As long as you are able to read, watch some videos, and follow the instructions within them, you’re gold!

In addition, a lot of those who join Project 24 lately are people who have been struggling with making a success out of their online business for a while now and have yet to see any substantial results.

If you are one of those people then Project 24 could really turn the tables for you.

First, you can go through the 60-step training, pretending your website is brand new and start applying any points that you’ve missed right away.

Then, you could start asking people in Project’s 24 private forum for feedback and advice while implementing tips and strategies from the courses, podcast, and vlog.

When I purchased Project 24 I had already an online business in place for a few months which received no traffic whatsoever… After following Project’s 24 training for just a month, I got my very first sale!

Lastly, Project 24 could also be of great benefit to advanced internet marketers who are after taking their online business to the next level.

For instance, in season 1 of their Project 24 podcast, Jim and Ricky revealed how they took one of their websites from $2k to $8k per month in a couple of months with just a few tweaks here and there.

Season 2 of the podcast is mostly talking about scaling up your operation with freelance writers, how to find cheap ones, how to train them, etc.

As you can see there’s just so much potential here.

The best news is that to ensure that you never fall behind your competition, Jim and Ricky are constantly updating their 60-step recipe according to the latest internet techniques, practices, and trends, and brand new content such as courses, vlogs, and podcasts is being added ALL THE TIME.

Who is Project 24 NOT for?

Project 24 might NOT be for those who 

  • Aren’t fond of the idea of owning a successful, passive income, online business (obviously)
  • Are looking for a way to make money fast and easy (Project 24 is definitely NOT a shortcut to riches. If you are looking for a way to make a few additional bucks per month instantly, maybe you should try taking surveys or user testing)
  • Aren’t willing to invest the time and energy required to build and grow their online business (no substantial goal can be reached without investing your time and energy in it)
  • Have no money to invest in Project 24 or aren’t willing to do so (if this is you, go ahead and check out Wealthy Affiliate as it’s much cheaper and FREE to join and test drive)
  • Absolutely know that they will hate writing (your main job as an affiliate marketer will be writing articles, just like this one, for your website)
  • Enjoy being employees, working for other people (if I enjoyed the idea of being an employee for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t have bothered starting an online business in the first place)
  • Don’t want to eventually become financially free (working for yourself is the ONLY way to REAL financial freedom)
  • Wouldn’t like working from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace, being the masters of their own schedule
  • Will pay for the program, keep watching TV for 4 hours when they come home from work (and then complain that they don’t have enough time to act on it)
  • Usually give up at the first setback (you’ll probably feel like a failure a lot of times before you get the hang of the whole process and start earning any money)
As you saw, Project 24 is really not for everyone.

Nonetheless, this has nothing to do with the legitimacy or the quality of the program itself but rather with the needs, wants, goals, willingness, and character of each individual.

As I’ve said earlier, for me, Project 24 is the second best affiliate marketing training course I’ve managed to come across after Wealthy Affiliate.

And believe me, in my almost 3 years as an affiliate marketer, I’ve done my fair share of research and tried A LOT of them.

So, if you are serious about building a full-time, passive income online, instead of wasting your time and energy looking around at other courses which will probably never take you near to your financial goals, it would be a smart move to give either Project 24 or Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

What's Inside Project 24

So, let’s assume that you just purchased Project 24 and you are good and ready to start your online adventure.

Here’s what you’ll have access to once you are in:

  1. The famous 60-step training approach to creating successful niche websites
  2. Dozens of courses
  3. Active and supportive member-only community
  4. Premium Podcast
  5. Premium vlog
  6. Download center

Let’s find out more about each one of those features, shall we?

Project 24, 60-Step
Training Approach

Project 24 60 Steps Training UpdateIf you are a beginner to this whole online marketing thingy, having no clue about building websites or scaling an online business, this is exactly where you start!

This training consists of 60 actionable steps which walk you through the process of building a successful online business from scratch while at the same time helping you avoid hundreds of easily-made mistakes and failures that could completely slow down or even ruin your website’s success.

A fraction of the things that you are going to master by following those 60 steps include

  • Setting up a WordPress website
  • Installing the right plugins
  • Choosing your niche
  • Producing the right content for your blog 
  • Promoting your website on Pinterest
  • Recording Youtube videos
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Building resource pages
  • Designing and structuring your website
  • The latest SEO strategies and practices
  • and much more

Those 60 steps have been tried and tested infinite times by Jim and Ricky on their own websites as well as the websites of their students and if followed correctly, they are proven to turn every single new niche website into a full-time income producing machine.

Their secret sauce to optimizing results and increasing the chances of your website’s success is something that no other internet marketer is talking about. They call it “The Content Mix”.

Content Mix means writing specific types of posts during specific stages of your website.

Those types of posts are:

  • Response posts (1000-1500 word articles answering a very specific question)
  • Staple posts (1500-2500 word shareable articles such as top lists, best tips, etc)
  • Pillar posts (3000+ word fully informative articles targeting more competitive keywords)

If you can’t understand half of it, don’t worry… Jim and Ricky explain everything in great detail within the course.

Let’s take a look at the actual 60 steps, shall we?

The Actual 60 Steps
to Full-Time Blogging

1 • Choosing a topic
2 • Pick your domain name
3 • Sign up for hosting and install WordPress
4 • Get a logo to brand your site
5 • Themes and plugins
6 • WordPress settings
7 • No Nonsense SEO
8 • The Article hit list
9 • Formatting posts
10 • Write your first response post
11-19 • Write a response post
20 • Add legal content to your website
21 • Add images to your posts
22 • How to make a resource page
23 • Build the framework for your resource page
24 • Build out your first resource category page
25 • Build another resource category page
26 • Build one more resource category page
27 • Site design and structure
28 • Staple posts
29-37 • Write staple posts
38 • Learn how to promote your website


39 • Record your first YouTube video
40 • YouTube video with screen sharing
41 • Record a how to video
42 • Make a fascinating video with a contrary opinion
43 • Record another YouTube video (plus audio quality examples)
44 • How to create a pillar post
45-53 • Writing and publishing more pillar posts
54 • Promote your site on Pinterest
55 • Record a staple video (with competitive analysis)
56 • Record a pillar Youtube video
57 • Create another pillar YouTube video (based on your recommended gear pages)
58 • Record a second video based on your recommended gear pages
59 • Record your 10th video!
60 • Set up Amazon Associates on your website

Based on Project’s 24 timeline, those 60 steps will take you 3-4 months to complete.

Once you’ve completed all of them, you’ll have in place a beautiful website with 30 helpful posts, 3 recommended tools pages, and a YouTube channel with 10 videos.

And that’s just the start!

Dozens of Courses

Besides the main 60-step training, as a Project 24 member, you also gain access to numerous courses on various subjects such as

  • Picking a profitable niche
  • SEO
  • Increase traffic
  • Email marketing
  • Myth Busting
  • Improve the speed and effectiveness of your writing
  • Success Mindset
  • etc

Each course contains at least one video ranging from 20-60 minutes each. New courses are being added regularly, and as a Project 24 member, you have access to all of them, both the older and the new ones.

Each one of those courses is extremely valuable saving a lot of trial and error.

Just imagine how much time and energy you’d have to spend guessing, employing fruitless practices which could even hurt your business, and then having to undo everything you did wrong and start all over again. 

For instance, if you go for a very wide niche you’ll probably end up competing with a lot of highly-authoritative websites which you might never outrank. On the other hand, if you narrow your niche way too much you might end up having no audience to monetize.

The course on picking a profitable niche teaches you how to find the right balance and refine your niche just enough in order to expedite and maximize results by decreasing your competition while at the same time maintaining a healthy amount of audience to monetize.

Furthermore, within the course on SEO, Rick and Jim talk about tips and practices that could help your articles rank over your competition in the search engines such as

  • Finding keywords with little competition
  • Writing the right content
  • Analyzing your competition
  • Determining if a keyword is worth targeting within a post
  • Composing awesome headlines
  • Understanding how search engines work
  • Response, staple, and pillar posts and in which order to write them to maximize traffic
  • etc

Until now, of all the Project 24 courses, the one on SEO is the most important one.

Not knowing how to SEO your website and articles the right way is most likely going to hinder your website’s success and hold you back many, many months. So make sure that you pay extra attention to it.

Project 24 No Nonsense SEO Approach

Below you can watch a complete guide to SEO I managed to locate within Income School’s YouTube channel which is pretty similar to the aforementioned SEO course within Project 24.

Enjoy 🙂

Active and Supportive
Private Community

Once you purchase Project 24, you gain infinite access to an exclusive, members-only community.

Project’s 24 community is basically a forum-like platform where people can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, share knowledge and insights, their failures and successes, and most importantly support and motivate each other (see image below).

Project 24 Community 1

Do you want feedback on your website? – Go to the forum!

Maybe you are facing technical difficulties with a plugin or an affiliate program… – Go to the forum!

Or maybe, you are tired and frustrated because you have been publishing content for 3 months and nobody seems to read it and you need some support and motivation. – To the forum!

The forum is extremely active all around the clock so if you have any questions about your progress, the training, technical issues, or literally anything else related to your website, odds are that other members of the community will be there to support you within minutes.

In addition, at the top right corner of the community, there’s a search bar which you can use to get instant solutions to your problems through threads which have been published by other members within the forum in the past.

For instance, if you are facing a problem with your hosting, you just type in the search bar the word “hosting” and a bunch of older threads about hosting will show up (see image below).

Project 24 Community Search Bar

Choose the topic which matches your current problem and chances are that its solution will be in there.

If not, you can go ahead and open a new thread yourself but you’ll have to wait for a few minutes before those answers start pouring in.

Ricky and Jim are also trying their best to stay active and support as many people as they possibly can within the community as you can see in the screenshot below.

Project 24 Community - Forum

This is exactly the kind of support you’ll be getting if you become a Project 24 member yourself.

A community like this could truly make the difference between your online business succeeding and failing.

According to Wikipedia, being part of a community of people who are after achieving similar goals as you, will make your entire journey a lot smoother and fun and a lot less painful and frustrating.

In addition, according to Psychology Today, a sense of belonging to a greater community is very important as it improves your motivation, happiness, and helps you cope with negative and painful emotions.

During my years as an affiliate marketer, I have spoken with many successful affiliate marketers that attribute their success to some kind of community which supported them along their journey and most of them even claim that without that community they’d have most likely failed.

After all, it’s not out of nowhere that they say that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

It’s only natural that if you connect and interact daily with people who are striving for success, your own chances of succeeding increase as well.

So, even if you decide not to go for Project 24 after all, I’d definitely suggest that you go for a course which offers access to an active and supportive community just like Project’s 24 and Wealthy Affiliate’s.

Project 24 Premium Podcast

Another very valuable asset of Project 24 is its podcast.

Project 24 Podcast

The podcast gets released in seasons.

Each season is built around a different subject and contains a few episodes each.

For example, in the first season of the podcast, Jim and Ricky revealed how they increased the revenue of one of their websites by almost 300% in just a few months just by changing its monetization technique. (8 Episodes)

Season 2 is focused on project Rexburg which is a project whereas Jim and Ricky have hired a number of students from a University nearby to produce 200+ articles per month, on several new niche websites. (13 Episodes)

Results, insights, improvements, failures, earnings, etc are all shared within this podcast.

At the time I first put together this review, the podcast consisted of just those 2 seasons totaling in 21 episodes.

Now that I am updating this review, a few months later (07/2019), Jim and Ricky have already released season 3 (4 episodes), season 4 (5 episodes) and season 5 (4 episodes so far).

As you can see, new content is indeed being added all the time within Project 24.

Project 24 Premium Vlog

Jim and Ricky are also running a vlog within Project 24.

The vlog is still in its infancy and it contains just a couple of small videos offering some general advice and insights.

Over time I imagine that Jim and Ricky are going to be adding more videos.

07/2019 Update: Jim and Ricky are not publishing new videos that regularly within their vlog.

Project 24
Download Center

In addition to everything else, Project 24 has a download center where you can download valuable tools and resources such as

  • Excel spreadsheet with expected earnings based on Project’s 24 timeline (very accurate only if you follow the training and invest the required amount of time and energy)
  • Another excel spreadsheet with 300+ profitable niche ideas to choose from for your websites (this is being updated all the time)
  • Income School monetization WordPress plugin to help you create and manage your affiliate links
  • The blog post recipe template infographic (response, staple, pillar posts & how to write them)
  • A WordPress premium, unique, fast-loading theme

Brand new useful tools and resources are being constantly added in this section as well.

How Much Does Project 24 Cost?

Project 24 costs $449 for your first year as a member. Once the first year of your membership ends you can keep renewing it for only $199 per year.

Remaining a member for more than one year is optional and not necessary.

If you didn’t like Project 24 for some reason or if you finished your training, went through all the courses and you don’t care about having access to the private forum, all the tweaks and updates on the 60-step recipe, as well as the new content (courses, vlogs, podcasts, tools, resources, etc), that is being added all the time, then you can cancel your subscription plan and once the last yearly membership you paid for expires you’ll no longer be a member of Project 24.

Your call…

Project 24 has no monthly payment plan. To gain access to everything Project 24 has to offer, you have to pay upfront for a whole year.

In addition, Project 24 does NOT offer an “official” free trial.

However, you can get an idea of what Project 24 is about by browsing through Income School’s YouTube channel.

Tip: Before spending your money on Project 24, I suggest that you head over to Income School’s YouTube channel and watch all their videos. Since those videos are free and since Project’s 24 training incorporates a lot of what Jim and Ricky talk about in them, you can consider them as your Project 24 free trial. If you seem to enjoy Jim and Ricky’s free YouTube content, then you are going to LOVE Project 24. If not, then purchasing Project 24 might not be the right choice for you.

Lastly, before you purchase Project 24, Jim and Ricky make very clear that they can’t offer any refunds for it. 

Note: The first-year membership of Project 24 used to cost $349 until 31/12/2018. 

As of the 1st of January 2019, Jim and Ricky increased Project’s 24 first-year membership price to $449.

Jim and Ricky have stated that since Project 24 is constantly being improved upon with new content being added and old content being updated all the time, Project 24 becomes more and more valuable, so its first-year fee will most probably keep rising year after year. 

However, those who have already purchased Project 24, won’t be affected by any changes that take place in the price of the program. If you pay $449 for your first year right now, you’ll be able to keep renewing your membership for $199 per year even if the initial fee of Project 24 rises up to $1000.

So, make sure that you go for Project 24 before it becomes way too expensive.

Do People Actually Succeed Within Project 24?

As it seems, more and more success stories of Project 24 members are surfacing day after day.

This is proof that Project 24 is actually working for some people much faster than expected by Jim and Ricky. And since it has worked for some people, chances are that it’ll work for you as well.

If you join Project 24, follow its training, put in the required amount of time and effort, and have patience you will most probably eventually become one of those Project 24 success stories yourself.

That being said, go ahead and take a look at some Project 24 success stories below to find out for yourself where Project 24 could take you.

And always remember that if someone has done it, you can do it better!

Below you can find some more success stories I captured from within Project’s 24 forum.

Sit back, take your time and read carefully through every single one them because if you go for Project 24, chances are that you’ll be publishing your own success story in a few months from now.

Project 24 Success Story 8
Project 24 Success Story 6
Project 24 Success Story 5
Project 24 Success Story 4
Project 24 Success Story 3
Project 24 Success Story 2
Project 24 Success Story 1

And just so you know, I came across dozens of more Project 24 success stories but for the sake of not making this article way too large and tiring for you, I decided not to include every single one of them…

If you enjoyed reading through those motivating success stories, then I’d suggest taking a look at some Wealthy Affiliate success stories as well as my very own mini-success story.

My Personal Experience
with Project 24

It was a few months ago…

I was on YouTube watching some internet marketing videos when I randomly came across one of Income School’s videos for the first time.

Within that video, Jim and Ricky were talking about the #1 Reason that Most Internet Marketers Fail (watch the video below it’s actually extremely useful and motivating).

At that time, I was unmotivated and struggling with some aspects of my business and that video helped me pick myself up, dust myself off and redirect my focus on improving my online business once more. After this video ended, I went ahead and watched another video of Jim and Ricky talking about keyword research. And then another one on creating content… And then, suddenly, before I knew it, I realized that I had spent 6 hours hooked on Income School’s videos just like a drug addict.

I hadn’t spent so much time in one sitting on just one YouTube channel since I first discovered FailArmy’s channel, 10 years ago…

For me, this was a sign that Jim and Ricky definitely knew what they were talking about.

On one of their videos, they mentioned a paid online marketing training program they had created called “Project 24”.

I immediately went on a quest to find out as much information about Project 24 as I possibly could but there were only a couple of very short reviews of the program back then. So, before purchasing it without knowing anything about it, I decided to go through Income School’s blog and YouTube channel once more and start applying some of their free tips and practices to see for myself if they could actually improve my online business.

To my surprise, a couple of months later, I started seeing some changes taking place in my online business… My articles started ranking on higher positions of the SERPs, traffic increased and sales started pouring in. And this happened just by following Jim and Ricky’s free advice. I hadn’t even joined Project 24 yet!

So, since I had already gotten so much value out of their free content, I was 100% sure that their premium content will have to be exquisite right?

And I was 100% right…

After purchasing and trying Project 24 for a while, I concluded that it’s the second best online marketing training program that I’ve come across in my 3 years as an online marketer, after Wealthy Affiliate.

The strategies and practices I’ve learned through Project’s 24 training are still benefiting my online business to this very day.

Those $449 I spent on Project 24 was one of the best monetary investments I’ve ever made and if you are serious about building a full-time income online, this will probably be the case for you as well.

How to Use Project 24
the Right Way!

In order to ensure that Project 24 members will reach an online full-time income within 24 months, Jim and Ricky have created a 4-phase timeline.

Each phase lasts for a specific period of time and during each one of those phases, you will have to complete specific tasks (see images below).

Project 24 Timeline

Important Disclaimer: Everyone’s Project 24 will be a little different. Nobody could possibly promise you that by following Project’s 24 training you’ll be able to earn a full-time income online in 24 months… As we’ve already seen though, it seems that a lot of Project 24 members are experiencing success with the course faster than expected. On the other hand, others might never reach their goals. Results are not standard for everyone. Your online business will only succeed based on the time and effort you invest in it. No business is (ever) guaranteed to succeed and definitely not in any particular timeframe. To come up with a realistic timeline, Jim and Ricky have used their experience with their own websites as well as the websites of their students. If you stick to the timeline and complete each phase on time, chances are good that you’ll be able to reach a full-time income online within 24 months.

Project 24 Phase One

Once you join Project 24, you immediately start with the 60-step training. During this training, your main focus will be to choose your niche, get your website up and running, find keywords for your articles, create titles for your articles based on those keywords and then start creating articles for each keyword. You’ll also learn how to use YouTube and Pinterest to start driving more traffic to your website.

The average time that it takes for most people to complete those 60 steps for the first time is 3-4 months. But again, this depends on the amount of time you devote to your business daily, how fast you learn, how well you apply what you learn, and most importantly, how fast you are able to produce helpful articles. I’ve seen people struggling for weeks to write a 500-word mediocre article (this used to be me), and I’ve seen people completing 3000-word high-quality articles in just a few hours.

If you are a beginner in writing content, don’t worry… Within Project 24, Jim and Ricky will offer you a lot of tips and tricks on how to significantly speed up your writing. You can also watch this video below where they talk about putting together a blog post in under 1 hour… My #1 advice on speeding up your writing is to stop trying to make your blog posts perfect… Just make them as helpful as you can.

Anyway, once you’ve completed phase one, you’ll have in place 

  • a beautiful website, well-optimized for the search engines
  • 30 posts published on your website
  • 3 pages with recommended tools
  • a YouTube channel with 10 videos
  • a Pinterest account with some pins in it

Project 24 Phase Two

During phase two you’ll be going through the 60-step training once more from the top creating a second niche website. Since you’ve already gained some experience in creating content, chances are that you’ll manage to complete phase two much faster than phase one.

Once you are done with phase two, you’ll need to go back and start scaling your first website which has probably already started gaining some traction. Chances are that it has also started bringing in some money as well.

Project 24 Phase Three

Project 24 phase three consists of publishing as much high-quality content for your first website as you possibly can.

At the same time, it would be extremely beneficial to you and your business to start going through all the other Project 24 courses, the podcast, the vlogs, as well as start interacting within the Project 24 community for at least 30 minutes a day.

In addition, you should go through all the videos within Income School’s YouTube channel for further tips, practices, and insights towards growing your business if you haven’t already.

Project 24 Phase Four

Congratulations, you’ve reached phase four!

By the time you reach that phase, your first website should have started reaching its peak and your second website bringing in a few hundred bucks per month in passive income.

At that point, all you have to keep doing is keep publishing high-quality content for both your websites.

Jim and Ricky also talk about creating and launching a digital product of yours in order to maximize earnings.

That’s basically it!

Everything you’ll have to do is laid down in great detail within Project’s 24 training.

If you follow Jim and Ricky’s instructions the right way as well as stick to the timeline, the chances of not reaching a full-time income in 24 months are very little.

Just so you know, your main focus during those 24 months should be in creating high-quality, helpful content for your website. This is the only way to cultivating a healthy and steady amount of visitors per month. This is the hardest part. Once you’ve got those visitors, everything else is going to unfold relatively easily from there.

What I Like About Project 24

1 • The Founders, Jim and Ricky

The very first thing that I like about Project 24 is its creators, Jim and Ricky.

First of all, they talk about blogging with such a great passion that anybody who listens to them for just a few seconds can immediately understand they really love what they do.

And you know what they say right?

The ones who love what they do, always do it best…

In addition, they are down to Earth, clear, concise, and get to the point quickly and accurately without tiring us which makes them great teachers.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough… – Albert Einstein

All of their content, free or paid, video or article or podcast, is extremely helpful and informative. They never publish anything just for the sake of publishing something. Everything they publish is meant to help their audience (you and me) solve problems that we will probably face during our journey.

Moreover, they are truly honest and transparent about what they do and the results they get.

They share with us their income, their niche sites, the keywords they use, the strategies they employ, and basically every single little thing they have learned during all their years as online marketers. When they put a new practice or technique to test, they let us know exactly how it worked for them, what they could have done better, and how we can incorporate it on our website.

Lastly, their whole approach focuses more on helping people find products which could help them solve a problem they are facing rather than using sleazy sales techniques to trick them into buying crappy stuff that they don’t even need. 

For me, this is a huge reason that I am so fond of Project 24… I am an awful salesman and I hate selling and being sold to.

The video below basically proves every single point I’ve made about Jim and Ricky up to this point.

2 • Little to No Extra Expenses

Most MMO courses lure you in with low initial prices but once you purchase them they start throwing at your face dozens of upsells and other products or services that you should purchase in order to be able to follow through such as

  • keyword research tools
  • autoresponders
  • premium themes and plugins
  • funnel software
  • etc

All those tools can add up to hundreds of dollars per month…

With Project 24, the only expense besides your yearly membership fee is buying a domain name and a hosting plan for your website which cost no more than $100 per year combined.

Jim and Ricky have included no upsells for Project 24 and will show you how to build and scale your online business using mostly free tools and resources.

For example, they will teach you how to conduct your keyword research simply by using Google instead of encouraging you to purchase $100 per-month keyword research tools (which aren’t even accurate, to begin with).

3 • Constant Updates + New Content

Jim and Ricky are constantly making improvements on every single aspect of Project 24.

It seems that they spend most of their time creating more courses, podcasts, and vlogs, as well as adjusting and improving Project’s 24 60-step training approach with the most up-to-date techniques. During their free time, you can find them within Project’s 24 community helping people.

Most online marketing training programs are not like that. They are static and once you make the purchase you get ditched and nobody cares about you.

However, Jim and Ricky care about providing us with the best training and resources to succeed in earning our living online because they understand that our success is really their success.

4 • Use of Videos & Audio

The majority of Project’s 24 training consists of videos which range roughly from 20 to 60 minutes each. And then we’ve got the podcast.

Video and audio content is much more engaging and easy-to-digest which makes it great for teaching. Plus, it is definitely less tiring and much easier to follow and process than having to read huge chunks of boring text.

Studies have shown that learning through watching videos actually boosts achievement and results.

Personally, I am a visual learner so I’d go for a course consisted of videos any day of the week.

5 • Amazing Community

One of the things you are going to want to have access to during your journey to making your living online is a community of people who are on the same path as you…

Every single one of those people could be your teacher. Those who are ahead of you can show you the way while those who are at your level can share with you what went wrong for them in order for you avoid it and what went right for them in order to apply it.

And don’t forget that everyone can motivate you and support you when you feel like giving up which is something you’ll most probably keep feeling until you start experiencing some kind of success yourself.

Having access to a community of like-minded individuals who are after earning their living online just like you, could dramatically increase your chances of reaching success yourself.

Within Project’s 24 community, you can get quick and accurate answers to your questions, share your results, frustration, and concerns, help other people, as well as keep yourself motivated throughout the long and hard process of making money online.

For most people, a community can make the difference between success and failure.

For its size, Project’s 24 community is very active and helpful and it’s only going to keep getting bigger and better as time passes.

6 • High-Quality Training

No matter how hard you keep looking, chances are that you’ll have a very hard time coming across another course which could compete with the high-quality of Project’s 24 training.

It’s undeniable that Project’s 24 60-step approach works extremely well as we’ve already seen that people have started experiencing great success with it much sooner than actually expected.

Of course, those 60 steps have been refined after years and years of Jim and Ricky going through trial and error and include only the practices, strategies, and techniques that have been continuously bringing the best and fastest results for them and their students.

Those 60 steps are so structured and easy-to-follow that anyone, even your grandma’s dog, could build a successful niche website by following them.

Even without the dozens of hours of additional video courses, the dozens of hours of podcast episodes, and the dozens of other tools and resources included within Project 24, those 60 steps could absolutely take you to success by themselves.

7 • I Love Their Youtube Channel

It is unquestionable that Jim and Ricky have poured their hearts and souls into their Youtube channel.

Income School Youtube Channel

In fact, all of the videos within their channel are so valuable and informative that could absolutely take your business to another level by themselves. Plus, they are completely free to watch.

As I told you earlier, this is exactly what happened to me…

My online business had started improving long before joining Project 24 just by employing tips and practices which Jim and Ricky talked about within their YouTube channel.

And since their free content brought me such amazing results, I just HAD to get my hands on their premium content as well.

Here’s one of my favorite Jim and Ricky’s videos on how to become a full-time blogger in JUST one year!

8 • Organic, Search-Engine Traffic

The aspect of Project 24 that I like the most is that its approach of attracting visitors to your website is different than what is being taught by the majority of other MMO courses.

Jim and Ricky teach solely about techniques and strategies towards cultivating free, organic, search-engine traffic. They don’t bother with social media, building backlinks, buying ads, paying for visitors, or other traffic generation methods which only work in the short-term…

Their game might not be the “fastest” way to earning money online but it’s the most long-term and everlasting and it consists of 3 very simple steps

  1. keep publishing high-quality content which will be valuable and helpful to your readers
  2. optimize your website and content for the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) in order to be able to outrank your competition
  3. bring in more traffic by taking advantage of other search engines such as YouTube and Pinterest

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve heard about online businesses which were burnt to the ground overnight by one of Google’s algorithm updates because they had been focusing on building backlinks instead of publishing high-quality, helpful content.

By following Project’s 24 60-step formula, this will never, EVER happen to your business… 

Backlinks might still be an important search engine ranking factor but Jim and Ricky claim that by publishing helpful content on your website, other websites will eventually start linking back to your content naturally.

Content is KING baby!!!

What I Don't Like About Project 24

1 • Relatively New in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Project 24 is relatively new in the online marketing training industry.

At the time of this update, it’s not even two years old yet.

Despite Project’s 24 young age doesn’t even remotely imply that the course is low-quality or ineffective (as we’ve seen many people have already found success by following its training) it still has tons of room for improvement compared to a course like Wealthy Affiliate which has been around for almost 15 years now.

On the other hand, I have reviewed many online marketing courses, such as Passion Blog Pro and Profit Genesis 2.0 which despite being around for 5+ years cannot even compete with Project’s 24 high-quality training and overall user experience.

And since Jim and Ricky seem to be constantly improving upon Project 24, I truly believe that in 2-3 years, it will absolutely overshadow most online marketing training courses out there.

2 • No Free Trial

One of the reasons that helped me make the leap into online marketing 3 years ago is that I was given the opportunity to get my very first online business up and running completely for free.

If it weren’t for this opportunity, chances are that I would have never got started.

As a beginner, I would never spend $449 on a course without getting to try it first. 99% of online courses are pure garbage so paying for one blindly would be way too risky for me.

Unfortunately, Project 24 doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can get a solid understanding of what the course has to offer by browsing through Income School’s YouTube channel and blog.

If you are not willing to spend $449 at once and you would like to dip your toes into online marketing without spending any money, just like I did, consider going for Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, they offer an extremely high-quality online marketing training along with a very active community, a live chat, an instant website builder, infinite tech-support, and above all, it gives you the opportunity to start your very first online business completely for free (you won’t even have to purchase a domain name or hosting).

Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE right here!

3 • No Per Month Membership

Another major downside of Project 24 is that it offers no option to pay on a monthly basis for your membership.

To join Project 24 you have to pay upfront for a whole year.

This means that if you happen to decide to give up 2-3 months after purchasing Project 24, you have literally thrown $449 in the garbage.

Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee and you can’t get a refund of your money.

For me, it would be very hard and unlikely to spend almost $500 at once without a single clue on what you are getting into. I’d prefer joining the program for a month or two, take a look at the platform, the training, its features, etc, and then if for any reason I didn’t like it, have the liberty to cancel my membership without losing any more of my money.

4 • Somewhat Unrealistic

Jim and Ricky are very honest and transparent about everything they do and I am 100% positive that they would never claim something with the purpose of misleading us. 

However, they keep mentioning stuff about writing 1500-word articles within an hour or so which is something that even after 2 years of consistent writing seems rather impossible to me.

Don’t get me wrong…

I bet that Jim and Ricky can indeed compose articles that fast, but this might not be the case for the majority of people, especially those

  • whose native language isn’t English, just like me
  • who are inexperienced
  • who are writing about topics that are not extremely knowledgeable about

For instance, for me, it still takes 4-5 hours and a lot of effort to finish a 2000-word article.

I know that given more time and practice my writing skills will keep improving but I still can’t write an entire article in just one hour.

At least not a high-quality one.

The problem with that is that the entire 24-month timeline of Project 24 has been created by Jim and Ricky having in mind that putting together a high-quality article requires just a few hours of work while for some people, especially beginners, the whole process might take a lot longer.

This means that if you can’t publish content as fast as Jim and Ricky, you’ll probably won’t be able to stick to the timeline and thus it might take longer than 24 months for you to reach a full-time income through your website.

Summing up

Summing up, here are some of the most prominent reasons that someone should join Project 24

  1. High-quality, very focused, 60-step training to building profitable niche websites
  2. Very active and supportive community
  3. Brand new content is constantly being added
  4. Extremely beginner-friendly
  5. Regular tweaks to the 60-steps to keep us up to date with the latest techniques
  6. Success stories of people who have been following the training are on the rise
  7. Approachable and helpful founders who are actively helping members within the community with any given chance
  8. Time-saving tools and resources
  9. It’s going to keep getting better and better
  10. No upsells
  11. Access to 300+ niche ideas
  12. A ton of added value if used along with the free content of Income School’s YouTube channel
  13. No link-building and other black-hat practices taught
  14. Focuses on teaching you how to actually help other people which is the basis of any successful business

So, What Now?

Okay, so you read this Project 24 review in its entirety…

Now what?

As I see it, you now have 4 options.

  1. You either invest $449 in Project 24 and start building a full-time online income by following its training
  2. You take my alternate suggestion Wealthy Affiliate, which has helped thousands of people earn their living online over the span of 15 years and is free to join and test drive
  3. You take a look at the dozens of others reviews I’ve put together hoping you’ll find another course which could help you earn your living online in there (doubtful)
  4. Or you walk out of here completely empty-handed, you never start an online business and you move on living your current life for the years to come

The choice is yours…

This Post Has 58 Comments

  1. You put in some time and gave your opinion.
    Thank you.
    However, I was in Wealthy Affiliate for six months and did not get as much training as I have for FREE from Incomeschool on Youtube.

    1. Thanks for acknowledging my efforts, Phil! It means a lot!

      Well, every platform has its pros and cons. Truth is that I love IncomeSchool’s YouTube channel as well! I’ve learned about a ton of strategies through it which have truly made a difference in my online business and which are not being taught within Wealthy Affiliate such as writing staple, response, and pillar posts, Google’s ranking factors, how to increase the speed of my website, writing content faster, etc.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot more hours of training in many more aspects than what Incomeschool’s YouTube channel does. Plus, it has a live chat, a website builder, good hosting, the site comments, and site feedback platforms, the keyword research tool, dedicated tech support, and last but not least, hundreds more success stories of people who have used it.

      Don’t get me wrong though… I love both Wealthy Affiliate and Incomeschool equally. That’s why despite having been a Wealthy Affiliate member for more than 3 years now, a few months ago I also purchased Incomeschool’s Project 24 and now I am a member of both.

      Why did you leave Wealthy Affiliate?

      Also, have you purchased Project 24 or are you just using Incomeschool’s free YouTube content to scale your online business? Have you found any success with it yet or not?


  2. I really appreciated all the information you provide about Project 24.

    You have done an impressive review on it and I like that you are comparing it with Wealthy Affiliate as this will help those who want to build and grow a business online choose the right program to join.

    I am one of those people but I really can’t decide… Both of those programs seem great.

    Which one would you go for?

    1. Well, this is a very hard question to answer because I really love both Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24.

      Personally, I got started with WA. It was the best choice at that time because it allowed me to start my first online business for free. If you have never tried anything similar in the past, I’d suggest going for Wealthy Affiliate too. This way you can test-drive the whole process of building and scaling an online business for free and if it’s something that you are interested in, you can then decide if you’ll go for Wealthy Affiliate premium or Project 24.

      While test-driving WA, you should also browse through Income School’s free YouTube content at the same time. This way you’ll be able to make a more informed decision of which program to join when the time comes.

      I hope that this clears some things up.


  3. I like what Project 24 has to offer.

    Also, they do not make any unrealistic claims about making thousands in a week by pushing a button just like most courses do.

    The fact that they state that to become a full-time blogger takes about 24 months shows that they are realistic about not being able to create success overnight in the online world. 

    I am pretty sure I will benefit a lot from becoming a Project 24 member and I think I’ll go for the course.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Jay,

      I hope that you achieve all you are hoping for with Project 24.

      I’ll see you inside the community!


  4. Going full-time blogging in 24-months time is a huge opportunity.

    Some people might think that 2 years is a long time, but to grow a successful business takes time.

    Do you think it’s worth to take on the opportunity that Project 24 is giving? 

    Or do you think that Wealthy Affiliate is the best bet? If people go for Wealthy Affiliate, they could start growing their business immediately online and make money in just a few months instead of waiting 24 months to become full-time bloggers with Project 24.

    I think I’ll start building my business with Wealthy Affiliate and when I make enough money with it I’ll probably invest it in Project 24.

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me!

    1. Well, nobody could possibly promise you how long it will take for you to start making money or how long it might take for you to become a full-time online marketer.

      I don’t think that by joining Wealthy Affiliate you are guaranteed to make money in a few months and consider that making a few bucks per month is light years away from earning your living online.

      Personally, I’ve been a WA member for 3 years now and I have seen only a couple of members succeed in earning their living online in less than 2 years and this probably took place because they had some kind of experience with marketing, sales, building websites, etc.

      Don’t forget that the height and speed of your success mainly depend on you. Good training is just a boost! You can have all the resources in the world but if you don’t put them together the right way yourself, you’ll still get nowhere.

      Let us know how it went with Wealthy Affiliate if you happen to visit again 🙂


  5. Dear Xaric,

    I recently subscribed to Income School YouTube channel and watched some of their videos. To be honest they provide very helpful and valuable information on their channel.

    Affiliate marketing works and there is no doubt in that. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

    Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. – Bo Bennett 

    Based on Income School’s YouTube channel it seems that Project 24 will contain some great training. However, no free trial, only yearly membership and its high price are a bit of a turnoff.


    1. I loved the Bo Bennett quote, Paul!

      As it seems, a lot of people get turned off by the fact that Project 24 doesn’t have a free trial and a per-month membership plan.

      The price of the program is not that high… It just seems that way because to become a member you have to pay $449 at once. For instance, Wealthy Affiliate’s monthly membership costs $49 per month… It seems less but if you multiply $49 per month x 12 months it’s $588 per year which is more than Project’s 24 initial, yearly fee.

      And as I mentioned in the review, you can consider Income School’s Youtube channel as a free trial for Project 24.

      Problems solved 😉

  6. Project 24 sounds like an excellent training platform. I would love to join! 

    I especially like how Jim and Ricky have broken down the timeline for success into phases, each with their own set of given tasks to complete. I have always done well with task oriented lists so I know this approach would work well for me. 

    I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and even though I know Project 24 would offer loads of value for me, I simply am unable to afford to add Project 24’s first year initial fee at this time. I will definitely check out Income School’s YouTube channel. I watched the SEO Guide video you included and I was blown away by all the new ideas I gained just from the one video!

    Thanks so much for introducing me to Project 24. I think I will more than likely always be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but it doesn’t hurt to gain all the knowledge possible to enrich my chances of building a successful online business. Project 24 is certainly something to look forward to in the near future!

    1. I am glad that you found this of value Shannon! I totally understand about not being able to afford Project 24.

      Check out their YouTube channel and blog and start applying their tips and strategies because they really work. And who knows… Maybe at some point in the future, you take the leap and join Project 24 just like I did!

      My best to you,


  7. You really covered all the bases of Project 24. 

    I’m a member at Wealthy Affiliate, but is there any additional value to using Project 24 in conjunction with WA? I’m always looking for additional courses for the future, so I was wondering if there is anything Project 24 has over WA?

    Do you use both resources together for any benefit? 

    I’ve combined different resources in the past but sometimes found it overwhelming due to information overload or conflicting pieces of advice. 

    1. Hi Kristin,

      I am indeed using both Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 at the same time… One of Project’s 24 advantages over Wealthy Affiliate is that it goes very deep in content creation and SEO while it doesn’t talk at all about social media marketing which I can safely say that I hate.

      For a previous website of mine, I spent hours and hours on social media applying practices which I learned inside WA and saw no results whatsoever.

      You are absolutely right about information overload. When I purchased Project 24 I was completely done with WA’s main training and so I just focused on applying only practices taught within Project 24. I really wouldn’t suggest for someone who is just beginning with online marketing to follow Wealthy Affiliates and Project’s 24 training simultaneously because they might end up burnt out.

      Conflicting information is all around the web so you can’t really know what will work for you and your business until you actually try it yourself.

      I hope this clears up some things.


  8. Wow! What an excellent and thorough Project 24 review. 

    The free Income School videos provide a lot of information for anybody wanting to go into affiliate marketing.

    I appreciate your candor in stating that it takes more than 1-1.5 hours to write a decent blog. Once I have done the appropriate and necessary research, it takes me much longer to write even a 1,500 word article. I can only IMAGINE how long it took you to write this article wherein you took the time to walk people through every aspect of the program and managed expectations very well.

    You also recommend Wealthy Affiliates. Have you completed both programs?  Did you find that there was benefit it taking both? I would be very interested!

    Thank you for such an amazingly comprehensive article!

    1. I have spent nearly 48 hours in total for writing this review as well as updating it 2 times until now 😛

      To answer your question, I am currently a member of both Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24. Both of these platforms offer amazing training as well as very active and helpful communities.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s training is much more abundant but at the same time overwhelming and kind of unfocused. Project’s 24 training is very focused and mainly teaches about creating the right content for your website as well as SEO.

      If someone is very serious about creating a full-time living online in less than 2 years, then there’s no better way to achieve it than going for both Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24.

      I hope this helps you make your decision!

  9. Project 24 is clearly not a get rich quick scheme compared to other courses I’ve tried that claim that you can wake up tomorrow as a millionaire if you buy them.

    I am sure that those who invest 24 months of their time in building their online business will probably succeed.

    I also like that Project 24 has its owner’s faces available. The testimonials and success stories are also encouraging and motivating. 

    I think I’ll give this program a try and see where it takes me.

    1. I am glad to hear that!

      If you happen to come by again, please let us know how you liked Project 24 🙂

      I’ll see you inside the private forum as well.


  10. Thanks, Xaric.

    Project 24 sounds very inviting, I love the review you have written on them. Seems like they have excellent training and follow up. I will go ahead and check their YouTube videos. But £499 to be coughed out with no trial? Now that sounds like a red flag. Their promises look a little exaggerated as well.

    1. As I mentioned within my review, you could use Income School’s YouTube channel as a Project 24 free trial. If you check out their videos you’ll understand what I am talking about. The fact that Project 24 offers no free trial cannot be considered as a red flag in any way.

      Most MMO courses, both good and bad, don’t offer free trials, to begin with.

      And besides the fact that they talk about creating high-quality articles in an hour, (which is something that anyone could achieve with a lot of practice), there aren’t really any other unrealistic claims about the course and the results it could bring.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  11. Sorry, but I got a little lost here…

    If you rate Wealthy Affiliate as your first choice, why do a review on Project 24 which is your second choice?

    Also, why Project 24 doesn’t offer a refund? Maybe to stop people from leaving if they do not like Project 24 after trying it out?

    Also, why doesn’t it have a monthly plan? The price for a year is pretty steep to pay at once…

    1. Those are some great questions, Stuart!

      I’ve reviewed Project 24 despite being my second choice because a portion of my audience might find it more valuable and appealing than Wealthy Affiliate and so I wanted to let them know exactly what will be getting into if they buy it.

      Also, the fact that Project 24 is my second choice doesn’t mean that it’s not a high-quality platform. In fact, I consider it as high-quality as Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s my “second choice” because I joined it second.

      You can read all about Project’s 24 refund policy right here. I believe that they don’t offer any refunds because people usually take advantage of them, purchase the program, download all the files, and then ask for their money back.

      Many other courses have no monthly plans either… The pricing and subscription plans for each course are on the hands of their creators. 

      If you find Project’s 24 price expensive, then you might want to check out Wealthy Affiliate which offers a free trial and a monthly subscription plan.

  12. Hello Xaric,

    I’m glad to read an article from you again.

    This is a very informative and resourceful Project 24 review.

    I’m going to check out every single video inside Project’s 24 Youtube channel to see what those guys are about as you suggested, although as I have said before I’m just getting started at Wealthy Affiliate.

    What matters the most to me is that both of them have active and friendly communities that offer you help anytime you need it. 



    1. The YouTube channel is actually Income School’s… Project24 doesn’t have a separate YouTube channel…

      But you do that… Their videos contain very valuable information which could have a very positive impact on your blog’s progress combined with Wealthy Affiliate’s training.

      Let me know how it goes!


  13. Despite the fact that I love all the things Jim and Ricky bring to the table, I would still recommend Wealthy Affiliate over Project 24 any day.

    Wealthy Affiliate has many advantages over Project 24, including web hosting, a bigger community with your own blog that also acts as an affiliate website, a free starter membership, a live chat, and many more.

    1. No argument there…

      Wealthy Affiliate is also my number one suggestion for anyone who wants to build a full-time living online for all those reasons you just mentioned, plus many more including the dozens of success stories of WA members.

      However, Project 24 is absolutely my second best pick!

      Both of them combined, are propelling my online business to success better and faster than ever before…


  14. Something to consider if you are looking for an unbiased review –

    The members posting all those Income School video reviews are earning a $100 affiliate commission to recoup some of that membership fee.

    If someone gave me $100, I’d praise them to the moon, too.

    1. You are absolutely right! This is called affiliate marketing and is exactly what Project 24 teaches you to do. BTW, there is an Affiliate Disclosure in place for anyone to read.

      There are at least 10 reviews online for literally every single product on the face of the earth. From iPhones to cat poop sand. And every single one of those reviews has been created for the sole reason of bringing in commissions to someone. 99,9% of all existing blogs and websites have also been created for the sole purpose of earning money for their owners one way or another (either this way is affiliate marketing, ads, info-products, sponsored posts, etc).

      So, according to your train of thought, maybe you shouldn’t be trusting anything that you read online, not just those Project 24 reviews.

      Anyway, I created this Project 24 review according to my own taste and experience. I have been following Income School for a while now and I have gotten tremendous value out of their free content alone. Everyone is free to do the exact same thing before actually purchasing the course. I am not trying to convince anyone to do anything. I am just sharing my experience with you. I would compose this exact same review even if Project 24 didn’t have an affiliate program available simply because I believe that Project 24 could be of tremendous value to my audience.

      So, besides stating the obvious, do you have something of actual value to share with us?

      Have you used Project 24? If yes, please let me know which of my claims do you object to and I will be more than happy to research further and bring the truth to light.

      Also, are you an aspiring affiliate marketer, a failed, or a successful one?

      Looking forward to your replies and I thank you for your input!


  15. Hi there,

    I have actually checked out their YouTube video a little while back but wasn’t convinced of their claims until I read your review.  They seem, from what I have read here in your article, that they really do know their stuff.  For example, writing quality content instead of trying to build backlinks.  The only thing I have a hard time with like you already said is that they don’t have a free trial and someone has to be committed for a full year right away!  That is their weakest part if you ask my opinion. Also, someone has to get a hosting plan which is not that expensive but it all adds up.  At $449 plus hosting, we are up over $500 right away.  

    I watched a couple of videos and I have no dought that they have very valuable information and training. I just wish they had a better membership plan, with monthly payments.  Do you think they will ever move away from the yearly thing or is it there to stay?

    1. Dear Denis, I really couldn’t agree more with you!

      Their weakest part is indeed their membership.

      Jim claims that as Project 24 evolves, they will keep increasing its price so I wouldn’t believe that they are going to offer a monthly membership plan, at least, not anytime soon.

      That’s a pity :/

      Make sure to check out their Youtube channel 😉 It’s absolutely worth your time!


  16. Thanks for the great review!

    As a newbie in the Online marketing niche, I was in dilemma to choose the best online course for me. But your in-depth review about “Project 24” and “Wealthy Affiliate(WA)” has been solved my issue. 

    In my case, I would prefer WA over Project 24 because WA is providing a FREE membership plan. Also, they have a monthly plan too, so it is much affordable for me. And of course, WA also offering a great affiliate marketing course out there.    

    1. Nice choice Rajratna!

      I hope all the best to your online endeavors.


  17. Hi Xaric, I have read your whole article and I believe that you have done a great review with lot’s of information about project 24. I am going to check their you tube channel soon and I believe this is another important training resources for those who have no budget problem in the beginning. But this is also a little embarrassing that they have no monthly or trial membership plan. But I hope it will be in future soon. Thanks for sharing helpful information.

    1. Glad to be of good service 🙂


  18. I really enjoyed your article on Project 24. It was very informative for anyone wanting to know the insights of this program. I have not heard of this program before but I will now be watching their videos if they have some good information as you said.

    I would not be purchasing this program as it has a one-off payment. I much prefer the comparison website Wealthy Affiliate as they have a good membership program. A membership program to me means continued support whereas a one-off program I am weary.

    The article was very intent and informative with many points that most people would not even think of to ask. So all in all the subject was covered completely.

    1. Dear Janet,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and I am really glad that you found something of value amongst my words.

      Just FYI, Project 24 is a membership program just like Wealthy Affiliate. It just doesn’t offer an option to pay for your membership per month but rather per year.

      My regards,


  19. I am really impressed with this article on Project 24. I intend to now watch the videos. You have covered all aspects in this review which is very helpful and informative for anyone wanting insights into Project 24.
    I like that you have compared it to another program Wealthy Affiliate.
    I know I would not be willing to pay the price outright for this program. I much prefer the thought of a membership program like Wealthy Affiliate has. This way you know you can get continued help if necessary.
    Great post, keep up this great work.

    1. Dear Janet, I am glad that you found my review helpful!

      Project 24 is a membership platform as well. It’s $449 for the first year and $199 for each successive year after that.

      It has a very active community whereas both other members and its founders contribute and help each other. So, you can get all the support you need.

      All the best,


  20. Thank you for this review of Project 24, Xaric.

    Not only had I never heard of Project 24 before your review, but I was unaware of a YouTube channel dedicated to internet marketing. That’s something I’ll check out, though I don’t plan to binge watch it for 6 hours.

    Still, I don’t suppose that was something you actually planned to do, either.

    One thing I like immediately about Project 24 is that it undertakes to get you to full-time blogging (which presumably equates to full time income) in 24 months. That sounds realistic and achievable. If it had said 24 hours, I would have immediately dismissed it as a scam.

    Interesting that you say the majority of people who join Project 24 are those who have tried already and failed. A lot of us can relate to that!

    I like the sound of the 60 step recipe, particularly as it covers areas that a lot of newbies don’t tackle, like Pinterest and YouTube.

    It’s good, too, that the price remains stable once you join so you’re not affected by price increases.

    A great review, Xaric and I will be looking at Project 24 further.

    1. Hehe, Phil, this wasn’t my plan… It just happened 😛

      Their content was just too captivating, according, of course, my own taste.

      24 months for earning a full-time income through blogging is absolutely achievable. I’ve known people who have reached that point a lot faster.

      Of course, as I’ve mentioned in my review it all depends on what a full-time income means to you.

      For Jim and Ricky, a full-time income is around $8k-$10k per month so if for you a full-time income is $1k per month you might reach it in a lot less than 24 months whereas if it means earning $40k per month it might take longer than 24 months.

      Anyway, I am glad that you liked my review and that I brought a valuable internet marketing channel to your attention.

      All the best,


  21. I have recently become skeptical about watching videos on affiliate marketing because of too many dishonest people out there.  But I will definitely watch the tube videos, I experienced a lot of scams and people talking about unrealistic earnings within 24 hours that made me to be put off from most of the adverts, but having read the review on Project 24, I will check them out.   I might learn a thing or two from them.

    1. I absolutely know what you are talking about. There is just too much noise and saturation out there that you don’t know what and who to believe anymore.

      Everybody wants to sell something to you and most of them will do anything to convince you to buy. Unfortunately, this is the online world nowadays. There’s a sales pitch in every turn you take.

      However, I am a great judge of character, I have never been scammed online (except for a crappy $9.99 t-shirt I bought from e-bay 10 years ago) and those guys seem cool to me.

      If you go through their Youtube channel, you’ll understand what I am talking about 😉

      I really hope that you find what you are looking for…


  22. I’m definitely a try-before-I-buy kind of gal but, I see a lot of good stuff here that will definitely have me looking at their youtube channel more.  

    I’ve watched a few of their videos and, they are super fun and informative.  I am a huge fan of the comical aspect as well.  As Internet Marketers it’s sometimes challenging to keep the levity going in our daily tasks.  These guys make you really comfortable within minutes of watching.  

    Moreover,  they are putting out content you can actually use even though it’s free.  That’s huge on my trust scale especially since they have no monthly or, free trial plans. 

    It’s a scarce breath of fresh air when someone isn’t trying to sell you something at every turn.  I hope they keep the integrity of what they started going strong!

    1. One minute into their Youtube channel and you can understand that those guys love what they do. They seem to be having so much fun doing videos and talking about SEO, etc, especially Jim. He is just talking so passionately about building niche websites, it feels like he was born for it.

      You could say that their Youtube channel IS Project’s 24 free trial. Most of what Jim and Ricky talk about within their Youtube channel is being taught in Project 24, just in better order and more in-depth.

      In fact, this Project 24 review is composed following some of their free tips and it’s already become the most visited article I’ve ever written so far.

      As far as I am concerned, those guys know their shit 😉


  23. Hello Xaric,

    Thank you for this incredibly informative product review for Project 24. It definitely sounds interesting and the fact that they give free video content is a huge plus as it says that they are confident in their product. Alot of the best influencers are very eager to share what they’ve learned with others and will give certain tips away just to gain a following. This is a very powerful tactic and one that I will look to employ soon.

    Where I need the most help right now is in the video content creation. I know only the basics of how to edit a video. I’ve only done a few videos and haven’t published any except for one on my WA blog. I think that since I have braces, it hinders my ability to speak clearly and maybe that has been holding me back. I think that this platform could be very useful and I would like to see what they have to say about the subject.

    I like that you breakdown their video content and what we can gain from it. It looks like you have been able to try it out yourself and have experience with it. This goes a long way in building credibility for a product review. It is a shame that they don’t have a monthly membership as that can bring in alot of new members if done correctly. I guess they have enough to worry about with their websites. Membership sites are a whole different ballgame and most likely requires more VAs to keep up with. 

    I will definitely check out their video channel as you have intrigued me on the idea of learning more about affiliate marketing and website creation. I look forward to your future content.

    1. Dear Daniel,

      I know nothing about video creation. Also, I am an introvert and getting myself in front of a camera would not be a fun ride for me :P. 

      Plus, I’m not a native English speaker. I can write well because I’ve been practicing for the last 2 years but I rarely speak English during my day to day life.

      But all that, are just excuses.

      No one cares if your videos seem professionally made, no one cares if you speak in broken English, and no one cares if you have braces as long as your content is valuable and helpful to them.

      I know that I digressed from my Project 24 review but there no such thing as a bad time to spread some motivation.

      I am glad you landed here!


  24. I like your honest review of Project 24. It sounds interesting but I have some reservations on the cost.Not only the annual,non-refundable fee, but also the cost for domain name and hosting.$50/month for one website? I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I could build 25 websites for the monthly premium membership.Granted, I could not manage 25 websites, but I already have 3 websites .If you have several websites just the savings on hosting makes Wealthy Affiliate a no brainer. Having said that, I am intrigued by the emphasis that Project 24 places on Videos. This seems to be the growth area.Unfortunately I am not yet comfortable making videos ,so I keep an open mind for the future.Maybe I will take another look at Project 24.

    1. Dear Carlos,

      I said no more than $50 per year for both a domain name and a hosting plan. Not $50 per month… 

      If you want to have your own domain within Wealthy Affiliate you still have to pay for it, it’s not free. As for hosting, if you find the right platform, you could host dozens of websites on a single $30 – $50 hosting plan.

      If you do the math, in the long run, Project 24 is cheaper.

      Project 24 costs $449 for your first year and $199 for each successive year. This means that in 5 years as a Project 24 member you’ll have spent $1245 whereas being a WA member for 5 years comes at the cost of $1495 and that’s only if you are constantly taking the Black Friday offer which is like the cheapest Wealthy Affiliate plan.

      I am not trying to convince you to anything… I am not saying that Project 24 is better that Wealthy Affiliate. All I am talking about is the pricing and nothing more.

      I am just being realistic because other people might read this comment of yours and skip on a platform which could make them successful just on a wrong impression that it is more expensive than Wealthy Affiliate when it’s not.

      Thank you for giving me this opportunity 🙂

      For those who read this comment and have not yet purchased a program, before deciding which platform to join do your research. If you want, go ahead an take a look at some other product reviews that I’ve created… You might find something that suits you better there.

      My regards,


  25. Hello Xaric – I am responding to your review of Project 24.  First, however, I wanted to say that for a second language your english is terrific.  

    Your review of Project 24 was very informative.  I am only 2 months into my online quest for knowledge and income generation.  I am with Wealthy Affiliate and, like you, very impressed with their program.

    I would like to take a closer look at project 24 so I will source what I can that’s free.  I wish they had a monthly program available as I would delve into their offering sooner than later.  I think you’ve given an in depth review and I want to learn more about their SEO approach.

    I intend to check out both their vlog and podcasts.  Without your review I would have passed them by.

    I appreciate your informative content and will follow your posts.

    Thanks Mike 

    1. Wow, Mike, you are the second one pointing out that My English is good. I REALLY had no idea 😛

      Jim and Ricky talk a lot about SEO on their Youtube channel and on their blog. Their thoughts are a revelation.

      I am glad that you found something of value in this review.

      Wish you much success in all your endeavors. Be patient, persevere, and focus on helping your audience in the best possible way. This way success is almost guaranteed!

      You got it!


  26. Hello Xaric,

    Thanks for this THOROUGH review on Project 24 – awesome. I had to take a look at some of the YouTube videos by this team. Yes, you are on the money with the things you have written about.

    I like what Project 24 offers, however, like you have written – it is bulk to pay out and of course, no guarantee as you go along. Sure, if you divide the bulk sum by 12 ( 12 months in a year), it seems affordable. But because of the human psyche, we like to test-drive (trial periods) things before we commit. I would have preferred a trial period and some sort of refund policy in place.

    I like their enthusiasm and their teaching methods that I have seen, so this is ok.

    Yes, working online is ‘not a walk in the park’ and it will require consistent and updated efforts especially when it comes to pleasing Uncle Google…lol

    I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate and as an educational platform, I like the way they organize things. As a matter of fact, I like a lot of things about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for this evaluation and keep up the good work.


    1. Dear Michelle,

      I think you articulated some of my own points way better than me 🙂

      Thank you for that!


  27. I appreciate the extensive and extremely detailed article of yours. Decided to bookmark it for future reference. Would love to get into this one one day. But for now I’m all in at WA, so don’t want to spend too many funds elsewhere as WA has plenty to learn from for me to not be involved in another affiliate community.

    Either way, Xaric, really enjoyed the article. And your English is awesome, I wouldn’t have guessed that you’re not a native speaker. You really managed to cover it all. In fact, even more than that. You managed to captivate me way more than many of the WA reviews out there.

    Extremely well done!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    1. Dear Matiss,

      I totally understand and I wouldn’t recommend purchasing Project 24 if you are already a member of another similar platform. 

      Get as much as you possibly can out of Wealthy Affiliate and if you don’t manage to find success within it maybe give Project 24 a try.

      In the meantime, what I absolutely recommend is to start from the top and check out every single video within income school’s Youtube channel. There’s just too much valuable knowledge there and it’s for free.

      And no I am not a native English speaker so thank you for your very kind words 🙂 I still think that my English sucks 😛

      Best wishes to you and your business man!


  28. Ohhhh…Another shiny object! I was really quite intrigued with this review and I watched the youtube clip you included and when he said he built it on almost NO social media I wanted to sign up right then and there! I have to admit, I am TIRED of social media…Thanks for this review. I have booked marked your page and like you, I will be binge watching some of the youtube clips and listening to their podcast, and perhaps I may even come and purchase their course in order to ‘start fresh’ on my websites….

    1. Hey Liz, 

      I kinda hate social media marketing as well. I prefer a more organic and passive way to attract visitors to my website and that’s why income school and Project 24 caught my attention.

      It might take longer to start seeing any results with SEO but I don’t like the idea of spamming crap all over my social media 5 times a day just to get the attention of just a fraction of my followers.

      Anyway, I hope that you got some value out of my Project 24 review.

      Till the next time 🙂


  29. Dear Xaric,

    This is an interesting and helpful review. I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this review post.

    To be honest I too watched few of their videos just for few minutes and felt they are providing a lot of valuable information. So I subscribed to their Youtube channel but the sad news is I didn’t watched any of their videos and after reading your review post I am going to watch their videos for sure. Thanks a lot!

    No monthly membership and no free trial are the one which bothers me. 

    And because of the increased number of scams and programs which under-delivers your review is a greater help and will save people time and effort.

    I am a fan of your top recommendation.

    Wishing you Great Success!


    1. Thank you for your kind words Paul.

      Definitely check out their Youtube channel. Tons of awesome advice and insights there for free 😉

      The fact that they don’t offer a free trial or a monthly membership would bump me out as well especially if I was a total beginner to this whole “making money online” thing.

      But sometimes you just have to take the leap.

      From what I’ve seen and heard most of those who have joined Project 24 have no regrets whatsoever.

      My regards and thank you for stopping by!


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