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FM World MLM Review: Pyramid Scheme or Legit Opportunity?

FM World MLM Review Pyramid Scheme or Legit Opportunity

If someone approached you regarding FM World’s MLM business opportunity and you’re looking for more information before you invest in it, you couldn’t have landed in a better place.

In this FM World Review, I’m going to share with you every piece of information you might possibly need to make a 100% informed decision about whether FM World is worth your time, money, and attention or not, such as:

  • What Is FM World About?
  • How to Join FM World?
  • How Much Does it Cost to Join FM World?
  • FM World Pros & Cons
  • FM World’s Compensation Plan
  • Is FM World a Pyramid Scheme or a Legit MLM Company?

Let’s get cracking!

Table of Contents

FM World MLM Overview

Company Name:

  • FM World
  • or FM Group
  • or FM Cosmetics UK Ltd
  • or FM Group World
  • etc


Artur Trawiński

Price to join:


Official Website:


Suggested? Nope.

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What is FM World About?

As you’ve seen in the video right above, FM World (also known as FM Cosmetics UK and FM Group) claims to be “The Best MLM Company in the World”.

Truthfully, FM World is a pretty regular MLM company that operates in a vast array of industries, including

  • Fragrance
  • Cosmetics
  • Bodycare
  • etc

The company was launched under the name “FM Group” in 2004 by Artur Trawiński as a way to distribute his father’s perfumes using network marketing.

FM World Founder Artur Trawiński
Artur Trawiński

3 years later, in 2007, FM Group started expanding internationally and got rebranded to “FM World”.

Since then, the company has grown to include offices in 50+ countries.

According to Forbes, in 2010 FM World made $61 million in revenue with a net profit of $9.5 million.

In 2013, Artur and his father possessed the 74th place on the List of the 100 Richest Poles with a fortune of PLN 330 million ($85 million).

According to, during the last couple of years, FM World has grown to generate $100+ million in yearly revenue.

FM World’s mission is to create products that everybody can share with others while building a lifestyle that provides financial freedom.

Its vision is to be the global leader of Multi-Level Marketing, the #1 company for fragrance sales worldwide, as well as to collaborate with people driven by success.

FM world operates based on the 5 following values:

  • Trust
  • Excitement
  • Independence
  • Caring
  • Boldness

You can find a lot more about FM World, its founder, mission, vision, policies, compensation plan, etc on the company’s official website.

FM World UK Products And Prices

FM World distributes a vast range of products that fall under several categories, such as

  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Bodycare
  • Makeup
  • Oralcare
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Supplements
  • and household products

All of the products of FM World are being manufactured by the following 3rd party brand manufacturers:

  • Utique (Fragrance & Bodycare)
  • Fontainavie (Facecare)
  • Federico Mahora (Fragrance & Skincare & Makeup & Oralcare)
  • HairLab (Haircare)
  • Nutricode (Food Supplements)
  • Aurile (Coffee & Tea & Sweets)
  • Pure Home (Household)

FM World’s products are hundreds so, for obvious reasons, I won’t be listing every single one of them here.

You can find more information about FM World’s products and their respective prices on the company’s shop.

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…until you’ve taken a good look at these shocking MLM statistics.

FM World Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so overly complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

Truthfully, FM World’s compensation plan is no different whatsoever.

Nonetheless, I’ll try my best to get you up to speed.

So, FM World compensates its Business Partners in 6 different ways.

  1. Retail Commissions
  2. Marketing Plan 1 – The Magnolia Club
  3. Effectiveness Bonuses
  4. Marketing Plan 2 – The Orchid Club
  5. Marketing Plan 3 – The Star Club
  6. Incentives

1 • Retail Commissions

FM World’s Business Partners are able to purchase all the company’s products at wholesale prices and then resell them in retail.

The difference between retail and wholesale pricing goes into the Business Partner’s pocket and is usually up to 30%.

2 • Marketing Plan 1

The number of accumulated Group Points you generate every month qualifies you to a certain Effectiveness Level ranging from 0% to 21% (see table below).

FM World-FM Cosmetics Effectiveness Levels and Qualifications

Marketing Plan 1 pays you commissions based on the Personal and Group Points you have generated and the difference between your Effectiveness Level and the Effectiveness Level of the people you have personally recruited (1st Level).

This is the exact formula:

Commissions = Personal Points + Group Points * (Your Effectiveness Level – Downline Business Partner’s Effectiveness Level) * Exchange Rate

Let’s assume that you have:

  • 50 Personal Points
  • 1500 Group Points
  • 9% Effectiveness Level
  • A downline Business Partner with 6% Effectiveness Level
  • 0.175 Exchange Rate

Your commissions will be calculated as:

50 + 1500 * (9% – 6%) * 0.175 = 1550 * 3% * 0.175 = £8.13

Personal Points = Points generated when you personally purchase FM World’s products

Group Points = Points generated through the personal purchases of Business Partners in your downline

Exchange Rate = A fixed-rate that varies per country

3 • Effectiveness Bonuses

When you reach the 9% Effectiveness Level for the first time, you become entitled to operate an additional business spot which you can strategically place anywhere within your downline, such as

  • on your 1st Level in order to build a brand new leg
  • under an already existing leg in order to strengthen it

Whatever the case, this additional business spot is an opportunity to generate additional commissions.

Please note that you’re entitled to additional business spots once you reach the 15% and 21% Effectiveness Levels respectively.

4 • Marketing Plan 2

Business Partners who have reached the Effectiveness Level of “Orchid” qualify to start participating in Marketing Plan 2.

Marketing Plan 2 calculates team commissions in a very different way than Marketing Plan 1.

The formula is so complicated and dependent on such a huge range of factors, that it’s 100% impossible for me to put it into words here.

Nonetheless, everything is fully laid out in FM World’s official compensation plan which I’m going to share with you later on.

Business Partners who have reached the Orchid Level share 8.5% of the FM World’s worldwide Point turnover.

FM World-FM Cosmetics Orchid Worldwide Points Turnover Share Qualifications

The qualifications to reach the Orchid Level are as follows:

Pearl Orchid:

  • have at least 1 leg with a 21% Effectiveness Level Business Partner
  • have at least 20.000 Points (Group &Personal combined)

Amaranth Orchid:

  • have at least 3 legs with at least one 21% Effectiveness Level Business Partner each

Golden Orchid:

  • have at least 3 legs with at least one Orchid Level Business Partner each

Diamond Orchid:

  • have at least 5 legs with at least one Orchid Level Business Partner each

5 • Marketing Plan 3

Those who have reached the “Star” Effectiveness Level qualify to participate in Marketing Plan 3.

The formula for calculating commissions in Marketing Plan 3 is even more complicated than Marketing Plan 2 as it literally takes into account more than 15 different factors.

Thus, I’m not going to even attempt to analyze it either.

What I can tell you here is that through Marketing Plan 3, FM World dedicates 3.5% of its worldwide Point turnover to be shared among all its Star-ranked Business Partners.

FM World-FM Cosmetics Star Worldwide Points Turnover Share Qualifications

The qualifications to reach the Star Level are as follows:

Jasper Star:

  • Have 7 Legs with 1 Orchid Level Business Partner in each Leg
  • Have 1 Amaranth Orchid Business Partner in 3 of the 7 Legs
  • Have 1 Pearl Orchid Business Partner in 4 of the 7 Legs
  • 2 of the 7 Legs must qualify as New Legs
  • Reach 21% Effectiveness with 1 of your additional business spots

Amethyst Star:

  • Have 9 Legs with 1 Orchid Level Business Partner in each Leg
  • Have 1 Golden Orchid Business Partner in 2 of the 9 Legs
  • Have 1 Amaranth Orchid Business Partner in 5 of the 9 Legs
  • Have 1 Pearl Orchid Business Partner in 2 of the 9 Legs
  • 3 of the 9 Legs must qualify as New Legs
  • Reach Pearl Orchid with 1 of your additional business spots

Malachite Star:

  • Have 11 Legs with 1 Orchid  Level Business Partner in each Leg
  • Have 1 Golden Orchid Business Partner in 7 of the 11 Legs
  • Have 1 Amaranth Orchid Business Partner in 2 of the 11 Legs
  • Have 1 Pearl Orchid Business Partner in 2 of the 11 Legs
  • 4 of the 11 Legs must qualify as New Legs
  • Reach Amaranth Orchid with 1 of your additional business spots

Nephrite Star:

  • Have 13 Legs with 1 Orchid Level Business Partner in each Leg
  • Have 1 Diamond Orchid Business Partner in 2 of the 13 Legs
  • Have 1 Golden Orchid Business Partner in 5 of the 13 Legs
  • Have 1 Amaranth Orchid Business Partner in 4 of the 13 Legs
  • Have 1 Pearl Orchid Business Partner in 2 of the 13 Legs
  • 5 of the 13 Legs must qualify as New Legs
  • Reach Golden Orchid with 1 of your additional business spots

Onyx Star:

  • Have 15 Legs with 1 Orchid Level Business Partner in each Leg
  • Have 1 Diamond Orchid Business Partner in 3 of the 15 Legs
  • Have 1 Golden Orchid Business Partner in 5 of the 15 Legs
  • Have 1 Amaranth Orchid Business Partner in 7 of the 15 Legs
  • 6 of the 15 Legs must qualify as New Legs
  • Reach Diamond Orchid with 1 of your additional business spots

Commissions earned through Marketing Plans 1, 2, and 3 add up.

For instance, an Amethyst Star can qualify for commissions through Marketing Plan 1, Marketing Plan 2, and Marketing Plan 3 at the same time.

6 • Incentives

In addition to the Retail Commission and Marketing Plans, FM World offers its Business Partners several inventives, such as:

  • Fast & Smart Start Bonuses
  • Product Vouchers
  • Car Payments
  • Extra Commissions
  • Paid Vacations
  • etc

All the currently available incentives are listed within your FM World Business Partner’s personal dashboard.

You can study FM World’s full compensation plan right here.

The videos below kinda sum up FM World’s compensation plan so you might want to give them a watch if you still have any gaps.

Please note that FM World’s compensation plan might undergo changes from time to time so by the time you read this review, some of the info, the commission rates, the rank qualifications, etc that are displayed in the video and PDF file I shared with you right above might not be that accurate.

If you have any questions about FM World’s compensation plan, you can contact their support team through the contact information you’ll find on the company’s website.

Or you could contact me at and I’ll do my best to help you out.

How Much Does It Cost to Join FM World?

Joining FM World as a Business Partner is completely free.

However, be aware that in order to remain active and qualified for commissions during any given month, you need to personally purchase 50-points (£10 to £20) worth of FM World’s products.

FM World 50 Points to Remain Active

In addition, you should be prepared to spend AT LEAST an extra £100/month to actually run your FM World business (purchasing sales aids, packaging, promotional materials, products for sampling, etc).

How to Join FM World?

Joining FM World as a Business Partner is pretty simple and straightforward…

All you have to do is follow the few steps below:

  • First, head over to (or to if you live outside the UK)
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Become a Business Partner”
  • Go to Step 2 and click on “register on-line” (only for UK users)
  • Fill in the requested information
  • If you don’t have a sponsor, choose “Select random sponsor” or “I don’t have a sponsor”
  • Once ready click “Send the Form”
  • After submitting the application, FM World will send you an email with a confirmation link
  • Click on the confirmation link to conclude your agreement of participation in FM World as a Business Partner
  • Now, FM World will forward you one last email that’ll contain your Business Partner login credentials
  • Lastly, head over to, use your credentials to log in and set your own password as prompted

Congrats, you’re now a Business Partner for FM World!

Is FM World a Pyramid Scheme?

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

The video below will help you understand how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme is that your income potential with a legit MLM is mostly based on selling the company’s actual products or services to retail customers while your income potential with a pyramid scheme is mostly or solely based on recruiting other people into the scheme.

Not all MLMs are legitimate. If the money you make through an MLM is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate one. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not legit. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of their participants lose money. – Federal Trade Commission

Since FM World pays its Business Partners commissions for selling its products to retail customers, technically, the company cannot be considered a pyramid scheme.

The problem here is that building a full-time income with FM World without actually having a downline would be nearly impossible.

If your goal here is to earn more than a couple of hundreds of dollars per month, your main focus as an FM World Business Partner will just have to be to recruit other Business Partners.

In addition, as we saw right above, in order for an FM World Business Partner to remain qualified for commissions, they’ll have to personally purchase 50-points worth of products during any given month.

This is called “pay-to-play” and according to the FTC, it’s one of the 5 Red Flags of Product-Based Pyramid Schemes, or Recruiting MLM’s.

Incentivized (or “pay to play”) purchases is the practice of tying purchases of products from an MLM company as a requirement to enter the “business opportunity” or advance in the hierarchy of “distributors” who are in effect merely participants making pyramid scheme investments disguised (or laundered) as purchases.

Now, I’m not claiming that FM World is a pyramid scheme but it definitely displays a number of characteristics one, so if I were you, I’d proceed with extreme caution.

FM World Pros

1 • Free to Join

Most MLM companies have admission fees that rise up to hundreds or in some cases even thousands of dollars.

That’s not the case here…

FM World is actually among the very few MLM companies that allow you to take part in their business opportunity without paying a single dime.

Another pretty legit MLM company that’s free to join is CBD BioCare.

2 • Established Company

FM World has been in business for more than 15 years now.

This is pretty exceptional considering that most MLM companies fail before they even hit the 5-year mark.

In addition, FM World claims to have more than 2 million international Business Partners already working with them.

Not bad at all…

FM World Cons

1 • MLM Business Model

Personally, I’m not that fond of the MLM business model for the following reasons:

  • The chances of making a profit as an MLM rep are minimal
  • MLM companies are extremely volatile and unstable
  • I hate selling and recruiting

Being involved in an MLM is just not worth the trouble in my mind.

Especially when there exist other much more promising ways of building a full-time income without becoming a sleazy salesperson and jeopardizing the relationships with the people around you for the sake of pocketing a commission.

2 • Complicated Compensation Plan

FM World’s compensation plan is by far the most complicated MLM compensation plan I’ve come across until now.

Seriously, it’s 48 pages of complete non-sense about points, flowers, and completely undecipherable formulas of calculating commissions.

I’ve studied dozens of MLM compensation plans but I’ve never seen anything like this.

3 • Focus on Recruiting

FM World’s compensation plan is recruit-oriented and barely covers earning commissions through retail sales.

In fact, out of an entire 48-page comp plan, only two small sentences talk about selling products to retail customers:

When you are a Business Partner you receive discounts for the purchase of FM GROUP products.

Besides, you can also generate direct profit from selling the Products (the difference between the prices for which you buy and sell FM GROUP products stays in your pocket).

Everything else within FM World’s compensation plan is about recruiting, purchasing the company’s products yourself to “try them out” and stay qualified for commissions, and earning points when Business Partners on your downline place their monthly orders in order to remain active.

As it seems, if you’re after building a sizeable monthly income with FM World, you’ll have to focus the majority of your efforts towards recruiting other Business Partners.

4 • No Income Disclosure Statement

The fact that FM World has been operating for more than 15 years now and hasn’t published a single Income Disclosure Statement is a big turn off for me.

There are usually two reasons that MLMs don’t publish an IDS.

  1. They don’t have the required statistical data to put together an accurate IDS because they are newly launched
  2. Their reps earn such a low income that if they’d publish an IDS, potential reps would get discouraged from joining the company

Now, FM World has been operating for more than 15 years so we can safely rule out reason #1.

Truth is that all Income Disclosure Statements I’ve come across until now reveal the exact same thing – that the vast majority of MLM reps never actually make any profit and those who do make a profit, would have to throw an additional couple of bucks on top of it to buy a pizza.

Chances are that if FM World published an IDS today it would probably tell the exact same story…

Is FM World Suggested?

The only thing that sets FM World apart from the majority of other MLM companies out there is that you can join its business opportunity for free.

Other than that, the company

  • has a very complicated and recruit-oriented comp plan
  • doesn’t have an IDS in place
  • is kinda hype-y & calls itself “The Best MLM Company in the World”
  • and displays pay-to-play instances which indicate that it could be a pyramid scheme

Now, if your heart is set to becoming a Business Partner for FM World, you could create your free account and give it a try.

However, I strongly advise you to consult with a trustworthy Business Partner before you invest any money in the company.

Personally, I’m not that fond of the MLM business model…

  • The chances of making a profit as an MLM rep are minimal
  • MLM companies are extremely volatile and unstable
  • I hate selling and recruiting

If you’re anything like me, make sure to check out this money-making opportunity.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

24 Responses

  1. H, well researched and very detailed review on a company that seems to be lacking details especially where finances are concerned.

    Unfortunately, this FM group is still spreading like the C*rona Vir*s in the UK, and honest, non-biased reviews like this one are usually buried beneath the reps’ propaganda in most search engines.

    Artur Trawinski also owns the European Art East Foundation. His father Andrzej Trawiński formerly (Trawińskiego) owns Perfand which is partnered with DrÖm that was acquired by Givaudan in 2019…

    Anyone familiar with FM and their bullsh*t will know the name DrÖm, they apparently make every single designer fragrance known to man (bullsh*t) but alas proof of this from either a “Yes they do” or “No they don’t” is non-existent.

    I have tried getting in contact with someone at Loreal to confirm or refute this claim but as you can imagine they’ve not replied to me. I know others who have done the same with DrÖm and have received no reply as well.

    While I hold no ill will toward the multi-millionaire father and son I do hold a great deal of disdain towards the manner and attitude of their reps who appear to have a unique level of toxicity and cult-like traits. As I see, your comment section has a few Kool-aiders too.

    Has FM World released an income disclosure yet?

    These are just some thoughts I had on this company and some things I looked at while trying to find any income disclosure statement.

    Best to you,


    1. Hey John, thanks a lot for your kind words about my review as well as for sharing so much information about FM World and its owners.

      Unfortunately, cult-like toxic reps are the norm in the MLM industry.

      After checking just now, FM World doesn’t seem to have published an income disclosure statement yet and I really don’t think that they’ll ever release one (unless maybe if it becomes mandatory for the maintenance of their operation).

      All the best to you too,


  2. Very enlightening article! A few of my Facebook friends have joined this “company” and while I knew it was probably an MLM, I was still interested to see why these people got sucked into it.

    To be honest, it’s entertaining to see them spam their timeline and groups every few hours, but it’s also kind of sad in a way. They’re part of FM Benelux, which hosts a stream every Monday night and I sadly took the time out of my day to watch one of them.

    It’s sad seeing the CEO of FM Benelux talking to thousands of women like they’re such a success and they’re going to earn even more money each month. In reality, it’s probably only him and a few handfuls of other people earning money big time. It disgusts me, to be honest. If my FB friends ever contact me about this “business opportunity”, I’ll link them to this article!

    1. Hey Marja, I’m so glad that you found my article valuable!

      FM Benelux is basically the Belgian “branch” of FM World.

      Excessive spam is a common “marketing” technique among the vast majority of MLM companies.

      According to some MLM statistics I put together a while ago, over 99% of all the commissions generated within an MLM company are paid to its founders as well as a select few who are positioned at the top of the recruitment chain.

      Everyone else either loses money or breaks even.

      Unfortunately, most people fall for the fake promises of MLM recruiters and blindly jump into MLMs without doing their due diligence.

      All the best,


    2. Not everyone “gets sucked in”. Some people can see it for what it is – a way to make a little bit of extra income.

      This has been quite a handy extra little income to have, particularly during these uncertain times.

      It’s sadly amusing that so many people are too stuck up and oblivious to recognize that not everyone who sells FM, thinks they’re going to hit the big time. As previously discussed – this isn’t happening for anyone!

      Maybe cut them slack in trying to make a bit of extra income. If they’re “spamming” (by which I take it you mean posting 4/5 social media posts a day – oh my word, how provocatively intrusive to your daily life – maybe just unfriend/unfollow them), then what’s the difference with all the paid ads you see?

      I’ll finish by saying this: stop judging people. You don’t know their circumstances, or what is going on financially. Yes FM is there to keep a select few very wealthy, but it allows some positive, proactive thinking people to create a crucially useful small income (to the Mr. and Mrs. Snooty’s around, an extra £200/month is probably nothing), from customers who are more than happy with the product they receive, then who the hell are you to condescend to them that it’s not worthwhile.

      I suggest some people are just happy at degrading others. Hopefully, karma will visit them, people, sometimes, and deliver them a portion of humility.

      1. I think you need to remove your head from your a** ASAP. The article and comments from the author are NOT judgmental of the people that join FM World or the impetus behind them doing so (whether it is to put the bread on the table or just to supplement their main income).

        In fact, the purpose of this site appears to be the very opposite! The scorn is very clearly directed at the business model and the misrepresentations businesses like this portray to potential “business partners” of returns (everyone can get rich as f*** like us). One should question such a convoluted model along with the concerning lack of the “IDS” – something that would give absolute clarity to any potential “business partners” on what returns they may expect.

      2. This just doesn’t make sense I’m sorry. First off, if you only make £200-300 a month as an “extra little bit of income” but then have to pay £100 for supplies + £10-20 as an ancillary fee, you are NOT making good use of your extra time to earn that money. You are quite literally getting the shit end of the stick by paying a company to provide you supplies in exchange for a measly paycheque that may have taken you an extra 20 hours a week to earn. There are other options there for making extra income – but MLMs are NOT one of them. You really need to evaluate how much you make per hour.

        The real problem is that these companies specifically train their recruiters to target vulnerable groups – the unemployed, young mothers, stay-at-home moms, etc. – without acknowledging that 99% of people in MLMs don’t make any significant amount of money a year to justify this business model. Another issue is that these companies promote self-empowerment and building your own business – but they use this to convince people to pay money to essentially recruit others instead of focusing on actually selling products and building a viable business. It’s insulting to think of your comment and then think of the people who have been absolutely financially destroyed by MLMs like this one and others like Mary Kay, LulaRoe, and Avon.

  3. It was interesting reading these reviews and the rebuttal comments from Harry.

    I think everyone has made valid points, and here is my view.

    There is not a business in the world that doesn’t require some type of initial Investment. I am a driving Instructor – I had to pay for Training, License Registration, Car & Insurance before I even opened the car door. Therefore the £150 starter kit – very useful to have though not obligatory to purchase – was a worthwhile investment. In fact, I bought mine off eBay, so it was only half the price (I will get on to this later).

    It’s unlikely I will make a decent salary out of this, but there is a definite likelihood of me having a supplementary income – which is why I am involved. Break the numbers down into how much you earn against time spent and earnings per hour are probably very very little. However, when you have finished a 10 hour day in your regular job, and you get maybe one or two orders to sort out when you get home or on your days off, over the course of a month, its extra money (profit) that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

    In terms of the “compensation plan”, I wouldn’t even begin to understand how that works, but then that is not why I got involved.

    Some people possibly believe the hype about the super earnings that could be achieved, and in my view, they’re definitely the deluded ones. If you go into this wanting to earn a supplementary income that pays for a few luxuries each month then that is realistic. I suppose you could view it more as a hobby that makes a profit rather than a viable business to live off, and no doubt it will run its course, and then at some point, you will get bored or fed up with the time/income ratio, to which you can sell your initial investment on eBay!

    My advice is this: Want to make loads of money? Skip along nothing to see here. However, if you want a nice little supplemented income, then go for it.

    1. Hey Stephen! That’s the most objective and well-rounded comment I’ve ever received in my 4 years as a blogger.

      It’s true that most business ventures require some kind of initial monetary investment. Personally, I got to start my first online business completely for free.

      But that’s just a result of the business model I picked (affiliate marketing), as well as the training platform that I leveraged (Wealthy Affiliate) that provided a free website builder, free domain name, and free hosting.

      Chances are that this is why I might be a little negatively biased towards any kind of business opportunity that requires you to “stock up” with dozens of products which you might never actually sell before you’ve even get started.

      On the other hand, I truly believe that a small percentage of people could end up earning a solid monthly income with FM World…

      While this is extremely unlikely to happen just by selling FM World’s products on your spare time, it could happen if you invest immense ammounts of time and effort in recruiting other Business Partners.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with FM World with us!

      I’m sure that your feedback is going to help many people make an informed decision about whether they should invest in FM World’s business opportunity or not.

      My best regards,


  4. Thank you for this informative article about if FM World/FM Cosmetics.

    My ex-husband was talking about how this would be a great opportunity for me so I thought I would do some research and find out more. 

    I am so happy to have stumbled on your post, I have learned a ton about this program, and although I do not think its a scheme per se it is too complicated for me to pursue. 

    Although I do like many of the items they offer, fragrances, skincare products, makeup and hair care I just can’t get behind this company. 

    Do you know of any programs to make money from home that you do recommend? I would love to hear about a straight-forward, easy-to follow, easy-to-understand, reputable way to make money on-line. 

    Thanks so much for your insight and for sharing this information.

    1. Your ex-husband suggested that you join this MLM? 

      I guess you haven’t parted in very good terms right?

      Well, if you “have” to go for an MLM, I’d suggest checking out Farmasi.

      Or else, you could take my advice and consider starting your own online business which is much simpler and cost-effective while offering a much higher income potential and better chances of actually succeeding.

      I personally started my online business at Wealthy Affiliate. They provide literally everything you might possibly need to build and successfully scale your online business around any subject that you want including cosmetics, makeup, skincare, etc.

      I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for more than 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with what they have provided me.

      Or else, check out Project 24. They are of almost equal quality to Wealthy Affiliate but they talk much more in-depth about cultivating organic traffic through search engines.

      I have been a Project 24 member for more than 1 year now and I have seen a lot of people succeeding with it.

      Plus, some of the strategies they teach are pretty unique and helped me grow my website’s visitors by 3000% in just a few months.

      Let me know if you have any more questions about any of those platforms. I’ll be happy to help you out.


  5. An MLM company boasting as the world’s greatest MLM certainly is a frightening thing, and I appreciate you bringing to light FM World here. 

    I think it’s a pretty big risk to join a program that you have to pay into to buy products monthly. Sadly I know a few people who are clouded by the delusions of the MLM and they have been spending for years without turning a profit. 

    I will definitely share your post with them. 99% of MLM reps losing money is a pretty staggering number, though unfortunately easy to believe. 

    Looking through your review I totally agree that FM World has a complicated compensation plan and that we don’t know how much 50 points will cost is one of the bigger red flags I’ve seen. 

    Thanks for a great review of FM World.

    1. The fact that FM World presents itself as “The best MLM company in the world” got me too! It felt like all those shady and scammy online platforms I’ve reviewed like and that claim that they are “The #1 influencer network”

      The mandatory monthly purchase is a huge scam red flag. This is called “pay to play” and according to FTC 

      “If participants must recruit to be successful, or if the pay plan’s primary rewards are for building a downline, it should be considered a recruiting MLM, and hence an illegal pyramid scheme.”

      Seriously, everything about FM World feels way off.

      Unfortunately, people keep buying into that shit. My best friend attended a Herbalife convention a few weeks ago and he just joined. I couldn’t and frankly didn’t want to talk him out of it because he won’t learn if he doesn’t make the mistake himself.

      I am 100% sure how this will go for him though…


    2. The article contains a lot of false information.
      you do not have to purchase a starter kit. but it helps a lot at work.
      50 points is about 15 EUR.
      But when we sell a product to a customer, we earn 30% of the product price. These are very good profit opportunities from home.

      1. Please enlighten us about exactly which piece of information within my FM World Review is false…

        FM World doesn’t reveal how much money the 50 points are equivalent to (when they really should) and I specifically state

        Unfortunately, we don’t know beforehand how much money those 50 points are equivalent to.

        It might be $50 or $200.

        No clue…

        I also mention that Retail Commissions pay up to 30%.

        Quoting me:

        The difference between retail and wholesale pricing goes into the Business Partner’s pocket and is usually up to 30%.

        The fact that purchasing a Starter Kit isn’t mandatory during your sign up as an FM World Business Partner, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to purchase one.

        And okay, let’s assume that you don’t purchase a Starter Kit…

        Won’t you have to purchase FM World’s products for sampling and demonstration purposes which is frankly even worse in terms of expenses?

        How else are you going to get people to purchase them?

        Within its compensation plan, FM World encourages its Business Partners to “Be their First Customer” and purchase the company’s products themselves in order to “gain knowledge” and provide their potential customers “reliable information“.

        And frankly, this is how sales work… If you don’t know the product yourself, you will have great trouble selling it…

        Let’s not kid ourselves, people aren’t going to take your word and blindly hand you out their money for products they have never even touched.

        So, please let me know which of the information within my review is false.

        I am holding my breath for your reply.


        1. Hi There,

          Apologies but have to agree with the above @Lauma. While you may have not stated exactly what the cost of 50 points is you have still lead people to believe it could be costly by starting at $50.

          You have also stated that there is a joining fee which there is not. It is a rep’s personal choice whether they purchase a starter pack or any pack at all for that matter. You have stated people will not blindly choose to sell a product they have not had theme selves. Again while this may be your opinion it does not mean that there is a joining fee. It’s a choice the person has to make for themselves.

          The fact is FM is free to join and there is no ongoing fee to stay active. The 50 point minimum is to keep you active so you are eligible to gain your team commission. Again this is a personal choice and not a min requirement.

          Your sarcastic responses are not very professional and I would suggest you get your facts in order when posting as I imagine someone like yourself doesn’t like to be wrong.

          Before you ask… No, I do not work for FM. I do however know someone who does and they love what they do and enjoy the flexibility.

          Yes, it is possible to make a profit!

          I look forward to your next round of explanations and excuses.

          1. Hi Brett!

            I forgive you…

            And thanks for the psychoanalysis!

            Obviously, nobody likes being wrong… And this includes you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have tried to prove me wrong.

            This is a personal blog, not a company’s website. My purpose here is to express my opinion on any given matter so trying to insult me by saying that I’m unprofessional is a miss on your part…

            That being said, I was wrong about the joining fee. After closer investigation, I found out that FM World is indeed free to join and updated my review accordingly.

            Look at that, I admitted being wrong!

            Regarding the Starter Packs, you really don’t “have” to purchase one.

            However, I should note that a Starter Pack contains a bunch of materials that are mandatory for running your FM World business (sales aids, samples, promotional materials, etc).

            Anyone who is serious about running a business with FM World NEEDS to have those materials.

            According to FM World itself:

            A Starter Kit is the basic tool of any Business Partner. Along with the samples of FM by Federico Mahora fragrances, you receive FM WORLD catalogs and other necessary materials.

            Joining FM World’s MLM opportunity for free is one thing but actually running your FM World business is going to require a financial investment (at least $100 per month, to begin with).

            Please go ahead and ask “that someone you know who works for FM World and love what they do” how much money per month they invest to actually run their business and come back to let us know.

            Now, about the 50 points…

            Yes, purchasing 50 points worth of products per month to keep yourself qualified for team commissions is a personal choice.

            However, the whole point of joining an MLM is to earn commission on multiple levels, isn’t that right?

            Now answer me this:

            If you choose to disqualify for pocketing team commissions then why even bother joining an MLM in the first place?

            That makes no sense whatsoever.

            Furthermore, the fact that you assume that 50 points equal to $50 is a figment of your own imagination.

            I never, not once in my review mentioned that 50 points equal to $50.

            And to be frank, FM World should disclose that information within its compensation plan because I’m sure that many people might assume the exact same thing.

            Again, after closer investigation, 50 points equal to about £10 to £20.

            Lastly, I never claimed that it’s impossible for someone to make a profit as FM World’s Business Partner… I’m sure that there are tons of people profiting from FM World’s business opportunity.

            If there weren’t, chances are that FM World wouldn’t have managed to stay up and running for more than 15 years.

            I really hope that my reply was exactly what you were looking forward to!

            Best wishes,


  6. Thank you so much for reviewing this! 

    Truth is I hate MLMs too.

    I was suckered into joining a few in my lifetime. It won’t be happening again. 

    It would be great if more people would read reviews like yours before joining something so shady. If the products are nice, why not just maintain an online store with a snazzy website? I just have zero respect for these things. 

    If I want to throw away my money I’ll stand outside on a windy day and watch it fly!

    1. “If I want to throw away my money I’ll stand outside on a windy day and watch it fly!”

      At least this way you won’t end up wasting any of your time haha!

      Thanks a lot for sharing.


  7. I had never heard of FM World until a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to find out what it is about before I join because I have experienced my fair share of MLM, pyramid schemes, scams, etc.

    I had to chuckle at your comment “& a dozen other names”. 

    There are companies that go by multiple names to try and trick people into thinking they aren’t the same people who scammed on them the previous time!

    I read FM World’s compensation plan and I didn’t understand a word just like you said.

    I don’t think I’ll go for it.

    1. Well, I don’t think that FM World goes by so many different names on purpose. They just seem to be very inconsistent and poorly structured.

      While researching I came across 6 different websites. It seems that they can’t maintain all of them so some of them contained outdated information.

      Its compensation plan is indescribable… I get disappointed with the company just by thinking about it.

      I wouldn’t join either…

      1. Hi!
        You came across 6 websites???? Different names?? What are you talking about?
        FM World was created back in 2004, with the name FM Group. In 2016, there were some changes in the Logo, brands, and nomenclature, so it started to be Known as FM World.

        You came across Independent Distributors websites, for sure. FM World has one, worldwide, official website, where you can find the official websites from the different branches. We are talking about a company, that operates in several countries, like Poland, Italy, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Philipines, Qatar, Dubai, France, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, and several others. I don’t know where you operate, or what kind of purpose you have, to evaluate such a company, in fact, I don’t even know what credentials you have to evaluate any company, especially one that operates in a business model that, as you said, you don’t like.

        Can you imagine, someone who hates football, trying to evaluate football players? It’s nonsense. You are just trying to sell yourself as an expert, and bring people to your own business. That is ok, but that won’t change what FM World is and represent, neither will change what you are, and represent. Sorry, but I am not in “experts” doing “expertizes” of what they don’t know, understand, and even like. Sorry for any typo, but I am not a native English Speaker.

        1. Yeah, I came across AT LEAST 6 different websites. None of them belonged to independent distributors. They were all FM World’s official websites that just weren’t being maintained and updated which FM World hadn’t taken off Google. So what?

          Is this really the dealbreaker here?

          Why don’t you comment on the issues that really matter such as the lack of IDS, or the fact that FM World is recruitment-based with pay-to-play instances that resemble pyramid schemes, or that out of an entire 48-page comp plan, only two small sentences mention selling products to retail customers?

          This little piece of information that you went through all the comments to locate doesn’t matter to anyone here.

          To answer your questions, my purpose is to provide people with accurate information about any kind of money-making opportunity so that they can make informed decisions about whether or not to invest in them.

          My credentials are the 30,000 – 40,000 people that visit my blog monthly.

          I’m not trying to sell anything here… I’m no expert… I’m just a normal guy that knows how to conduct decent research and then put together my findings in form of blog posts in order to help other people who might be interested in that information save time and energy.

          The fact that I don’t like the MLM business model doesn’t mean that I can’t put together an objective review of an MLM company. As a matter of fact, I’ve written positive reviews for a couple of MLM companies and I’m sure that I’m going to write more assuming one truly deserves it!

          What’s YOUR purpose here?

          What are YOUR credentials?

          For how long have you been working as an Independent Distributor for FM World?

          How much money have you made?

          How much money have you lost?

          Can you provide a recent IDS?

          Or are you here just to attack the first random guy that dares to even slightly insult the company that has clearly brainwashed you?

          Is this what they teach you in FM World?

          Worry not, I corrected all your typos.

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