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19 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories: (#10 Is My Favorite!)

You’ve been searching for a legit way to earn money online for a while now but you’ve been bumping on scam after scam.

Very recently, you heard about Wealthy Affiliate.

This is no surprise as right now, Wealthy Affiliate is among the most popular MMO (Make Money Online) opportunities out there.

Nonetheless, you are skeptical about giving it a shot and frankly, you should be…

The MMO industry is swarming with more scams and sketchy schemes than you can count so you can’t possibly know if Wealthy Affiliate is legit or not.

In an attempt to uncover the truth, you went out and read a few of the dozens of Wealthy Affiliate reviews that exist.

However, you soon realized that the majority of them are praising Wealthy Affiliate in an attempt to promote it, while the rest of them are trashing it in an attempt to promote one of its competitors.

You’ve heard all kinds of false and unrealistic claims, from Wealthy Affiliate making you a millionaire in 24 hours, to your goldfish inevitably killing itself 21 minutes after you join the platform.

There’s obviously no honesty and no objectivity there…

This is why I decided to put together this list of 19 Wealthy Affiliate success stories – to completely clear the air and help you make a 100% informed decision about whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time, attention, and money or not.

At the end of this post, I’ll also share with you my very own experience with Wealthy Affiliate so make sure to stick around.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the 19 Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

19 Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #1

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Eddy

The first Wealthy Affiliate success story that I’d like to share with you is that of Eddy Salomon.

Eddy joined Wealthy Affiliate back in June 2007 and launched, a website operating in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche.

By January 2020, his website had generated a total of over $1 million through affiliate marketing.

Eddy goes on to explain that this $1 million, is revenue generated over the course of a decade just from displaying ads (which isn’t really affiliate marketing but whatever), and amounts to 1/4 of his total revenue with another 1/4 generated through CPA offers and the remaining 2/4 generated through commissions from affiliate sales.

Adding everything up, Eddy’s website should have generated about $4 million in revenue since he first launched it in 2007.

That’s about $300.000 per year!

According to Eddy, in order to become a successful affiliate marketer like him, you’ll need to be able to

  • work hard
  • be persistent
  • have a positive mindset
  • think for the long-term
  • be diverse
  • overcome obstacles and failures
  • adapt when needed

You’re going to run into obstacles but that’s part of doing business. You can bitch and moan about it or you can push forward and adjust. You have to be patient and put in the work. Because if you do, you may be writing about how you made over a million dollars and inspiring others! No matter where you are in your affiliate marketing business, don’t give up. – Eddy

You can take a look at Eddy’s full Wealthy Affiliate success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #2

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Ralph

Ralph (aka RD40), joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016 and launched a website in the personal finance niche (I don’t know the actual domain name).

Less than 2 years later, in August 2018, Ralph pocketed almost $13k in affiliate commissions by promoting products/services through ShareASale.

Within his Wealthy Affiliate profile, Ralph has published several posts sharing his progress and income so anyone can see how he went from literally $0 to being a six-figure earner.

Here’s an overview of Ralph’s journey:

  • Joined Wealthy Affiliate on September 2016
  • In 2016 he made $0
  • Made his first sale in March 2017, earning $4.50
  • He made $100 in December 2017
  • From January to April 2018, he was earning $150 – $400 per month
  • He earned $1400 in May 2018
  • In June 2018 he earned $8000
  • In August 2018 he earned almost $13,000 and he became officially a six-figure earner
  • In November 2018 he earned close to $16,000

And all those earnings are just from one website.

In July 2018, Ralph actually launched a second website in the MMO niche, called

Right now, he must be earning at least $30,000 per month through both websites.

Not bad at all for 2-3 year’s work right?

There are always new experiences you go through, good or bad. Don’t get down, but look at it as a fun challenge. It’s when going through the tough times you learn so much about yourself on how to become a better person overall. This is what makes building a business so fun. – Ralph

You can read all about Ralph’s success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #3

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Nathaniel

Nathaniel joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2010 and has been earning his living online since 2012.

In June 2019, on his 9th year anniversary as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, he sold one of his websites for $30,000.

According to Nathaniel, this website was his oldest and operated in the VPN niche.

The reason he sold it was because its earnings had dropped from $12,000 down to $1200 per month as a result of making a lot of mistakes and losing interest.

If Nathaniel had sold that website during its prime, he would have pocketed around $200,000 – $300,000.

Over the years, Nathaniel has built dozens of affiliate marketing websites in a variety of niches.

Right now, he maintains 2 successful affiliate marketing websites, one in the beer homebrew niche ( and one where he teaches people how to create successful affiliate marketing websites just like he does (

Everyone is still learning. Everyone has a chance to grow. There’s always room to build a better business, earn more money, and make more time for the things you love.

In affiliate marketing, there are people that earn $100,000 or more per month. There are people that work less than an hour per week. There are folks that do nothing but drink beer on YouTube and earn income, and there are folks that truly change people’s lives through the power of the internet.

You can do anything, make any amount of money, and create any lifestyle you envision. – Nathaniel

Take a look at Nathaniel’s full success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #4

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Dylan

Dylan’s success stories are among my favorites mostly because within them he reveals priceless tips and insights on how he achieved his results.

So, Dylan joined Wealthy Affiliate in August 2015 and launched a website in the health niche called

It took that website 10 months until it generates its first sale in June 2016.

Due to the fact that the health niche is extremely competitive, in July 2016, Dylan decided to launch a second website in another niche (no clue in which niche or what the name of the website is).

Nonetheless, just 5 months later, in December 2016, that second website generated $1000 in commissions.

In June 2017, he created a third website which he sold for $40.000 in April 2018.

Just 11 months later, he sold yet another website for $30.000 to the exact same guy (image below).

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Dylan 2

Right now, Dylan is running 4-5 websites which for the most part consist of “Best of” articles in a variety of niches.

I did 4 years of college and left with $30,000 worth of debt and no real life skills. In 4 years at Wealthy Affiliate I nearly made $100,000 and have skills I can reapply in a million different ways.

My lone regret is that I didn’t find Wealthy Affiliate sooner. – Dylan

Read Dylan’s full success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #5

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Eartha

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate in June 2016, Eartha used to work as a web developer.

After being laid off her job, she decided to start pursuing a career in affiliate marketing.

She came across Wealthy Affiliate and with its help launched, whereas she teaches other people how to build an income online by leveraging a variety of online business models, such as

  • affiliate marketing
  • dropshipping
  • sales funnels
  • etc

3 years in, her website is generating over $700 in daily affiliate commission.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, understand that you have a huge opportunity in front of you. Yes, you will need to learn some new skills and yes you will need to put in the work. However, all of your work will pay off so long as you don’t give up. – Eartha

Discover more about Eartha’s success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #6

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Juan

Juan joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015.

At that time, he was a student, also working a full-time job, looking for an extra source of income to pay for his school.

7 months later, in December 2015, he made his first money as an affiliate marketer.

It was a $0.32 commission…

During the next 10 months, Juan was earning roughly $50 per month.

In October 2016 he generated $100 and things started going uphill from there.

In November 2016, he earned $200, in April 2017 $600, in August 2017 $1700, in October 2018 $2000, and lastly, by August 2019 he was earning more than $3000 per month.

I haven’t managed to locate neither the name of Juan’s website nor its niche, but according to the income reports he is sharing on his personal WA blog, all his revenue is generated by promoting products sold on Amazon.

I have always held a full time job while working on my website, so please don’t ever feel like you don’t have the time. Make time for the things that are important to you, and try to not waste time in things that don’t help you grow.

Building your own website is the cheapest way to be your own boss, to have your own business, and one day to be able to enjoy the things in life that you would have never imaged you could. – Juan

You can read more about Juan’s Wealthy Affiliate success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #7

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Deborah

Deborah joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2016 but took a whole different approach than the one the majority of other Wealthy Affiliate members take…

Instead of creating an affiliate marketing website of her own, she leveraged Wealthy Affiliate’s training and started building and managing websites for local clients.

Less than 2 years later, by September 2018, she was living the laptop lifestyle she always dreamed of.

At that point, she created a couple of affiliate websites of her own that brought in a few extra hundred bucks per month but she didn’t really have the time to scale and maintain them.

Right now, she is still generating the majority of her income by working with local clients.

She is also running, a website where she teaches people how to build an income online and live the laptop lifestyle just like her.

In February 2019 she pocketed almost $4000 as a result of all her endeavors.

If you think Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work, well think again because it does.

It won’t work if you don’t put in the work. It’s as simple as that. If you want the riches overnight without doing any work, forget it and go and buy a lottery ticket then. You will never achieve anything thinking like that. You need to work at this and work hard you will.

Take it from me, a none tech savvy total ditsy in the beginning. From a broke down trodden Mom to being my own boss and earning an excellent living.

If I did it so can you. – Deborah

Take a look at Deborah’s success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #8

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Amanda

Another success story similar to Deborah’s right above is that of Amanda’s.

Amanda joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2020 and took everything she learned within its training and in conjunction with the help of a few YouTube videos, she started her own website design and maintenance business.

That $500 she made in 3 hours was by doing Google Maps SEO for a local business.

What I love about Amanda’s success story is that it took place in February 2020, which is merely one and a half months after she joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks to WA I am able to make my dream of being a business owner come true in my first 2 months of joining!

Still in shock but so excited to see where this takes me. – Amanda

Read Amanda’s full success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #9

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Sarah

Sarah joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015.

Her first website focused on the promotion of alkaline water filters and generated its first affiliate commission 3 months after its launch, in September 2015.

At that point, Sarah also launched a blog in the “new mom/baby” niche.

By February 2019, she was earning $1000+ per month online.

Despite the fact that her success story was more than 3 years in the making, in one of her blogs she admits that she wasted quite a lot of time due to not applying properly all the techniques and practices taught within Wealthy Affiliate’s training until January 2018.

Sometimes, we have to go a bit AWOL to learn things about ourself and I’ve realised I need a proper plan and blueprint to follow, very much in line with what Wealthy Affiliate teaches. – Sarah

Within her success story, Sarah also shares 8 valuable insights she learned through her failure so make sure to give it a good read -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #10

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Jerry

Yeap, Jerry’s success story is actually my favorite!

Jerry joined Wealthy Affiliate back in May 2016 and launched a website about long-distance relationships called which basically “failed” shortly after.

After the failure of his first website, Jerry launched another website in the MMO niche called, in October 2016.

By December 2018, was generating a full-time income for Jerry (about $7000+ per month).

However, this specific success story has nothing to do with neither of Jerry’s websites but rather with a course he launched.

After becoming a full-time affiliate marketer, Jerry decided to implement everything he had been taught by Wealthy Affiliate towards putting together an Affiliate Marketing Course for Mandarin-speaking people.

Jerry started working on that project in December 2018.

The launch of the course took place 3 months later in March 2019 and brought in a whopping $40.000 in just 4 hours.

A week later, Jerry’s course had generated a total of $100.000 in revenue.

Not bad at all for just 3 months of work, am I right?

Wealthy Affiliate is the foundation of all my successes today. $100K in a week is what I could never imagine just over a year ago. A lot of things can be changed in a year if you really work for it. – Jerry

Make sure not to skip Jerry’s success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #11

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Aleksandr

Aleksandr joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2014 and launched a website in the gaming niche (I don’t know its actual domain name).

That gaming website started generating commissions around January 2015, just 4 months after it was first launched.

From January 2015 to May 2015 it was bringing in around $10 per month.

However, in June 2015, things started rolling, traffic started increasing and Aleksandr’s affiliate commissions rose up to about $150 per month.

10 months later, Aleksandr’s website was generating more than $2000 per month in affiliate commissions mostly through Amazon.

Aleksandr is not that active within Wealthy Affiliate’s community so I wasn’t able to find out more about him.

In fact, this success story is actually the last blog he published on his WA profile.

If he is still actively working on that same gaming website, it should be generating around $5000 – $7000 per month now.

Just stick to basics, dude. I made the mistake before of searching for different shortcuts or methods for boosting my posts, but in the end, it won’t really matter as much as creating a lot of original articles. Just keep writing, just keep hustling. One of those days you will hit it. – Aleksandr

Find out more about Aleksandr’s success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #12

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story John

John joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015.

The first affiliate marketing website he created is called and within it, John educates people about a variety of subjects, such as

  • Investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Trading & stocks
  • Making money with Instagram
  • Creating an online business
  • etc

According to John, it took him about 7 months until he made his first affiliate marketing sale in January 2016.

Just one year later, in April 2017, brought in $600 in one day.

Fast forward 3 years, in July 2020, it generated $31,000 in just two days.

John claims that he doesn’t earn that much money every single day, but still… 

Unfortunately, John isn’t that active within Wealthy Affiliate so we don’t have a clear image of the exact steps he took to go from zero to $600 and then to $31,000 in two days.

What I do know is that John also runs a couple of more websites, such as

  • (a solar panel business consulting website)
  • (a cryptocurrency website)
  • (solar panel website)

so his total monthly income should be way higher than $100,000. 

For those of you who are about to give up, and for those of you who think you will never make it, I remember how it was in the beginning… It actually took me 7 months before I made any money at all. – John

Read John’s success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #13

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Stephanie

Stephanie’s success story is one of the fastest-achieved on this list.

Just 13 months after she joined Wealthy Affiliate in February 2017, she sold the very first blog she created for $28,000.

The domain name of Stephanie’s website was (now and its niche was “prevention of women’s hair loss” (obviously).

That website was monetized through Amazon, Google Adsense, and ShareAsale and it started generating its first revenue just 4 – 5 months after it was first launched.

By October 2017 it was generating $500 a month and by January 2018 more than $1000 per month.

According to my estimations, the total revenue that Stephanie pocketed through that website should be about $35.000 (including the $28.000 she earned through its sale).

The funny thing is that Stephanie claims that despite the fact that her website was 13 months old when she sold it, she had really worked on it for just 6 months…

My site was 13 months old and reflects about 6 months of work due to a period where I totally ignored it because of my other obligations. – Stephanie

$35.000 for 6 months of work is $5800 per month…

Read Stephanie’s full success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #14

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Jay

One of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories that still keeps me highly driven and motivated to this very day is that of Jay.

Jay joined Wealthy Affiliate in October 2016 and created a website in the MMO niche, now called, which as you can see in the image above, in July 2019 brought in $2000+ just through displaying ads.

Jay goes on to explain that besides displaying ads, he also monetizes his website through CPA offers and affiliate programs.

If we were to add up the money generated through all of Jay’s monetization models, his total revenue for July 2019 would most likely be somewhere around $6000, more or less…

What I love the most about Jay is that he went through a lot of setbacks until he finally reached success – from losing almost all his traffic for months to wasting quite a lot of time and effort on meaningless practices that he learned about through self-proclaimed “gurus” on other blogs and YouTube…

Nonetheless, he never gave up, and despite all his failures, he still managed to build a full-time income online and in less than 3 years after launching his very first website.

That’s applaudable.

It probably won’t happen as fast as you’d like but regardless of how long it takes, that time is going to pass anyway. I can’t help thinking what it would feel like (knowing what I know now) if I had quit because of the doubt, frustrations and failures. – Jay

Take a look at Jay’s Wealthy Affiliate success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #15

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Doug

Doug’s success story is conclusive proof that literally anyone can succeed big with affiliate marketing with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Doug started his affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate in September 2014 and launched a website about music production called

At that time, he was merely 16 years old and still in high-school.

Just 2 years later, by November 2016, Doug was earning more than $6000 per month through his website by promoting music-related Amazon products.

At that point, Doug launched as a way to start offering to other online business owners the web design, SEO, marketing, and blogging skills he had acquired while building 

In 2016, Doug also launched his own LLC called FloeMedia.

Doug basically succeeded in life by the time he was 18 years old before he even finished high-school.

How inspiring is that?

As long as you never stop learning, hustle hard, and build a good work ethic, anyone can build an online business around their passions. – Doug

You can find out more about Doug -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #16

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Brandon

Brandon joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015.

2 years later, in December 2017, he sold one of his websites for $12.500.

Brandon doesn’t reveal the domain name of his website but I know that it was in the baseball niche.

According to Brandon, that website was generating $500 per month with only 50 articles on it which basically equals to about 4 – 5 months’ worth of work.

Brandon claims that the total amount of money he made from the inception of that website until he sold it was $22,000.

That’s $440 per article.

I know that $22.000 generated over 2 years doesn’t sound like that much money but as far as I know, Brandon is currently running at least 1 more pretty successful website in the MMO niche (

Just follow the training. Ask questions when you need help. Be engaged. It’s the perfect blueprint for someone that wants to make a few thousand dollars or someone that wants to turn this into a full-time business making 6 or 7 figures. The latter, of course, will take longer and much more work.

I got to start traveling the world in 2018 because of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m pretty Effin happy for that. – Brandon

You can read Brandon’s full success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #17

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Matt

Matt joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2014 and launched a stock trading website called

3 years of hard work later, in June 2017, that website brought in $2000 in just one day.

When I started at WA, it took me six months to start building up my websites and eventually earn my very first commission over $10. Now I have a $2K day under my belt…the journey has been amazing.

Success won’t necessarily be immediate. In fact, it most likely won’t be. But eventually it will come if you stick to the process and work hard. – Matt

Take a look at Matt’s full success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #18

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Craig

Craig is yet another Wealthy Affiliate member who found success with affiliate marketing by promoting Amazon’s products in the pet care niche.

Craig joined Wealthy Affiliate back in April 2017 and just one and a half years later his pet care website was bringing in almost $2000 per month in affiliate commissions.

When I started this site in 2017 I knew nothing about building a site and knew very little about the niche I decided to pursue. I also had read only a few short blog posts on affiliate marketing so I was a total novice. In all honesty, if you’re dedicated you making this work even with very little experience! – Craig

In July 2018, Craig launched a second website called which was supposed to focus on helping people build profitable affiliate marketing websites just like he had achieved.

However, as it seems, hasn’t been updated since August 2018 so I am guessing the Craig ditched it in order to focus his attention on other projects.

Read Craig’s full Wealthy Affiliate success story -> right here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story #19

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Stuart

Last but not least, we have Stuart’s Wealthy Affiliate success story… 

Stuart joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2014 and launched, a website in the home recording, beat-making & music production niches.

It took his website about one and a half years to start generating $200 – $250 per month but once it did, it took only 6 more months for it to reach the $2000 per month mark, in September 2017.

At that point, Stuart launched a second website,, with the intention of selling his art, designs, paintings, and photography.

3 months later, in January 2018, Stuart quit his 9 – 5 job in order to focus all his attention on growing his online businesses.

The challenge is the realization that everything in life takes work, and a lot of it. To become successful, there’s sacrifice, pain, frustration, and anything else that on the surface seems negative, but is actually beneficial and will propel you forward if you let it. I always thought getting big and strong was easy. The blueprint to get there is simple, but the process is by no means easy. That’s the takeaway. – Stuart

Within his success story, Stuart shares quite a lot of valuable insights, setbacks, problems, and failures he came across and how he overcame them, and all his website’s stats.

Make sure to read Stuart’s full success story -> right here.

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate –  My WA Success Story

It was August 2016 and I was working a part-time job as an operations clerk in a courier company.

Being promoted to a full-time employee didn’t seem quite feasible at that time so I was trying to figure out a way to build a supplementary source of income online in order to move out of my parents’ house and become financially independent.

While conducting my research, I came across Wealthy Affiliate which frankly seemed if not exactly, very close to what I was looking for.

Since Wealthy Affiliate was free to join, I had literally nothing to lose so I joined without a second thought.

The very first affiliate marketing website I launched was called and it operated in the mindfulness & law of attraction niches.

A few months down the road, in March 2017, I actually got promoted at my day job, started working a full-time schedule, and moved in a place of my own.

I was finally independent!

However, despite having achieved my initial goal, I didn’t give up on affiliate marketing…

Instead, I set a new goal – to utilize affiliate marketing towards building a full-time income online in order to quit 9 – 5 forever and work for myself.

So, I kept working on as much as I could until in June 2017, it finally generated its first affiliate marketing sale.

One of my visitors purchased a mindfulness course I was suggesting and I pocketed a $30 commission.

I can’t even begin to describe how proud and ecstatic I was… I almost cried out of joy.

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting a sale to take place so soon as I was working on my website just for a couple of hours per day (at best) and I was publishing roughly one article every Sunday.

However, at that point, things slowed down dramatically.

My full-time job was taking quite a toll on me as it was awfully demanding and mentally exhausting, something that robbed me of all my mental clarity, focus, and creativity…

Writing articles kept becoming harder and harder.

I was unable to keep up with publishing one article per week so I changed my publishing schedule to once per two or maybe even three weeks.

There was even a point when I hadn’t worked on my site for 2-3 months in a row.

In July 2018 I decided that the time had come to shut down.

At that point, the website was almost 2 years old, had only 60 articles published on it and at least 15 of them were absolute crap.

It was bringing in a few commissions here and there but nothing of real substance.

There was just no future there. 

A month later, in August 2018, I launched my second affiliate marketing website,

Blog4Cash’s focus was to help absolute beginners get started with affiliate marketing.

I worked on that website for a few months but I soon realized that I was getting completely obliterated by dozens of well-established competing websites.

S0, in March 2019, I shut down as well.

Since my ultimate goal was to build an income online in order to quit my job, I decided to create a website relevant to that goal and this is how came about, in April 2019.

Dear Boss I Quit generated its first sale just a month after its launch, in May 2019. It was a pretty solid $100 commission from the sale of a $500 course.

Not bad at all…

However, I was completely aware that it would take quite a while for to go from just one sale to bringing in a full-time income online but I couldn’t keep working a job that was wearing me down for much longer – I just had to quit like right away!

Since Wealthy Affiliate had taught me some basic SEO, digital marketing, and web design skills, I decided to start looking for a job in one of those fields.

Two months later, in July 2019, I was hired as a part-time SEO Specialist/Web Designer at a local small firm and finally quit my soul-sucking job.

Being a part-time worker meant that I’d have twice as much time and energy to invest in scaling which was already generating about $100 per month in affiliate commissions.

3 months later things started snowballing…

In October 2019, just 6 months after it was initially launched, jumped from an average of 200 visitors per week up to 4000+ visitors per week literally overnight (see image below).


Dear Boss I Quit Google Analytics Screenshot

As you can imagine, this had a rather enormous positive impact on my earnings as well (see images below).

Dear Boss I Quit PayPal Earnings Blurred

Yeah, I know…

That kind of money is not exactly millions of dollars (yet) but in conjunction with the income I am earning from my part-time SEO job, it has allowed me to earn my living while working from home.

In addition, it’s 100% passive, which means that it’s generated literally on autopilot, or as others call it “while sleeping”, as a result of work I’ve done in the past.

In fact, just a few days ago I found out that last month, 2 people bought a product I had reviewed 7 months ago, that I wasn’t even promoting, something that resulted in me pocketing a pretty sweet $533 commission literally out of nowhere (image below).

ClickBank Random $533 Sales

The best part is that has been operating for less than a year.

This means that if I keep working on it at the same rate, a year from now, it’s going to be generating twice or maybe even thrice as much money.

Prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t have a single clue about doing any of that stuff…

I knew nothing about

  • creating or designing websites
  • performing SEO
  • working as a freelancer
  • running an affiliate marketing business
  • or earning money online

Thus, I can safely state that all my current monthly income along with the fact that I am earning it while working from home is a direct result of the skills I learned through Wealthy Affiliate.

Key Takeaways

Affiliate marketing FAQs

(Click each question to expand)

Affiliate marketing is an online business model that involves promoting products or services created and distributed by third-party online merchants in exchange for getting paid a commission for each sale you refer.

In layman’s terms, affiliate marketing is the process of being compensated for helping businesses sell to more customers.

Read more…

Here’s a bird’s eye view of how affiliate marketing works.

  1. You join a merchant’s affiliate program
  2. The merchant gives you a unique affiliate link that points to their e-shop
  3. You promote your unique affiliate link online (blog, forums, social media, paid ads, etc.)
  4. Every time someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase on the merchant’s e-shop, the merchant pays you a commission

The Affiliate Marketing Process Overview

Read more…

There are thousands of successful affiliate marketers all around the world. Some of the most well-known ones are:

  • Pat Flynn
  • Matt Diggity
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Doug Cunnington
  • & more

You can check out a roundup of my 17 favorite examples of affiliate success and their backstories right here.

  1. Billion-dollar industry
  2. Very low startup & operational expenses
  3. Huge income potential
  4. Flexible & versatile
  5. Passive income
  6. Simple to implement
  7. No technical background
  8. No customer support
  9. No physical setup

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Affiliate marketers can be divided into five main income groups:

  1. Total beginners: $0 – $20,000 per year
  2. Low-level affiliates: $20,000 – $50,000 per year
  3. Intermediate affiliates: $50,000 – $100,000 per year
  4. High-level affiliates: $100,000 – $500,000 per year
  5. Super affiliates: $500,000+ per year

According to PayScale, the average annual income for affiliate marketers in the US is over $54,000 per year. Statistics reveal that 13% of affiliates earn more than $75,000 per year.

Some of the factors that influence how much you earn as an affiliate marketer include:

  • seniority
  • target niche
  • available resources
  • previous experience
  • marketing efforts
  • & overall mindset

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Here’s a rough income growth timeline of a typical affiliate marketing business:

  • months (0-3): no earnings
  • months (3-6): first affiliate sale
  • months (6-12): $100-$500 monthly
  • months (12-18): $1000 monthly
  • months (18-24): $3000+ monthly

This timeline isn’t a guarantee of future performance but rather a mere approximation of the income growth of an average affiliate business. Your own timeline could be shorter or longer than projected.

Over the years, I’ve seen aspiring affiliates striking a gold vein just a few months into the industry. On the other hand, I personally know people who’ve been struggling to grow their affiliate revenue to $1000 per month for several years.

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most affordable money-making models out there.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to get started as an affiliate marketer along with their associated costs:

  • web hosting & domain name: $2.95/month (Bluehost)
  • keyword research tool: $49/month (Jaaxy)
  • expert guidance: $49/month (Wealthy Affiliate)
  • email autoresponder: Free for up to 1000 subs (MailerLite)

Please note that on top of expert guidance, Wealthy Affiliate also provides free access to hosting and a keyword research tool so you don’t have to purchase them separately.

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website by promoting your affiliate links on other marketing channels, such as:

  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • YouTube
  • Podcast
  • etc.

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The process of getting started with affiliate marketing can be broken down into the following four simple steps:

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Launch a blog
  3. Build an audience
  4. Promote affiliate products

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No, you don’t.

Affiliate marketing is very simple to get started with by virtually anyone regardless of age, education, background, available capital, tech-savviness, professional network, etc.

In fact, most 6-figure affiliate marketers were no more experienced than you currently are when they first ventured into the affiliate marketing industry.

Nonetheless, being knowledgeable in fields like marketing, sales, content production, business management, etc., could help you reach your financial goals somewhat faster.


So, there you go…

19 stories of people who have succeeded in earning their living online with the help of Wealthy Affiliate!

Do you want the truth?

There are dozens, if not hundreds more…

Why didn’t I include more of them?

Well, this article is already 6000 words. If I made it any longer it would be way too tiring to read.

Nonetheless, if you’d like to take a look at more Wealthy Affiliate success stories, I got you covered!

All you have to do is follow the 3 links right below:

Before I close this, I want to point out that Wealthy Affiliate is not in any way a guarantee of success.

Yes, the platform has obviously helped dozens of people build a substantial income online, but this doesn’t necessarily mean neither that you are going to succeed as well, nor that you’ll end up earning as much money as those people do.

While there are people who end up earning big bucks by leveraging the resources Wealthy Affiliate offers, there are also those who earn nothing and give up (or give up and earn nothing).

So, please don’t assume that Wealthy Affiliate is going to make $10,000 per month magically land on your lap.

Truth is that all the success stories you read about in this article are just the end result of hard work (without getting paid), trial & error, perseverance, setbacks, failures, adaptation, frustration, doubts, risks, and sacrifice.

Success is an Iceberg

  • Do you think that Jerry would have made $100,000 in a week if he had quit when his first affiliate marketing website failed?
  • What about Stuart? Would he have been able to quit his 9 – 5 job if he had given up 5 months in because he hadn’t earned a single commission?
  • Would Jay be earning $6000+ per month if he had ditched his website when he lost 80% of his traffic?
  • Would I be earning my living while working from home if I had never bothered to apply what Wealthy Affiliate teaches?


Having said that, whether you become one of those success stories or not is ultimately up to you.

While Wealthy Affiliate provides all the resources you’ll need to build a successful affiliate marketing business, if you don’t actually bother to take massive action and utilize everything yourself or if you take some action and quit halfway there, you’ll lose…

It Doesnt Matter How Many Resources You Have

Have any questions?

Leave a comment below or contact me right here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best,


Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

6 Responses

    1. Hey there, I’m glad that you found my article of value 🙂

      It’s true that with hard work and dedication, anyone could start generating decent affiliate commissions within just a year…

      All the best,


  1. Damn!! Number 10 is fascinating, make me want to release a course!

    Also, I have one question for you, because you have experience in the affiliate marketing business…

    I recently read a review here of course for affiliate marketing with Solo Ads.

    I think the owner of the course is from India, but do you think this product is a scam? It has big promises promise for a little price…

    Also, the article in my comment promise too many bonuses?

    Can you tell me your thoughts, please?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Ahmed!

      I am glad that you found my article of value.

      Frankly, I had never heard about Invi$ible before but I conducted a mini-research for you.

      First of all, the review you shared with me is clearly trying to get you to purchase Invi$ible.

      Secondly, its creator is not this Zeeshan Ahmed from Pakistan that they mention. The people behind Invi$ible are Brendan Mace and Zono Armstrong.

      Both Brendan and Zono are course creators within the WarriorPlus platform and they have created dozens of different courses each.

      Truthfully, most of them are pure crap.

      Their training is limited, their support is non-existent, they have no community, and rarely people succeed with them.

      This thing that they give away you 1000 bonuses (which are also crappy by the way) is a very common technique that WarriorPlus vendors and their affiliates tend to use to market their products.

      Having said that, I can’t confirm to you that Invi$ible is a scam but I’d personally never purchase a course from WarriorPlus or ClickBank.

      Why don’t you give Wealthy Affiliate a try since it’s free to join?

      Let me know if you have any further questions.


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