My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review – Beware of the Pyramid!

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My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a company which offers discounts on travel commodities such as hotels, rental cars, etc.

It’s also an MLM company, meaning that you have the ability to earn money with it by getting other people to join it.

Basically, My 20 Dollar Travel Business is presented as a way to travel around the world for cheap while earning money…

I know how excited all of you who have the travel bug inside you get when you hear the words “travel” and “earn money” in the same sentence…

But still, that doesn’t mean that My 20 Dollar Travel Business is the real deal nor that it offers the potential for you to achieve your financial goals.

Maybe it’s just one of the thousands of scammy pyramid schemes that exist out there which usually leave you hundreds of dollars poorer.

Anyway, don’t worry…

By the end of this My 20 Dollar Business review, you’ll know everything you need to make an informed decision about whether this MLM company is worth your time, attention, and money or not.

Some of the topics that I am going to cover, are

  • What My 20 Dollar Travel Business is
  • How it works
  • The company’s background
  • How much it costs to join
  • Its compensation plan
  • If it’s a pyramid scheme or not
  • The products it offers
  • Its owners
  • Pros and cons
  • and much more

Let’s get cracking!

My 20 Dollar Travel Business Overview

Name: My 20 Dollar Travel Business

Owners: Steve Gresham


  • Standard Member – $1 for one month, then auto-upgrades to Gold
  • Gold Member – $20 per month
  • Platinum Member – $100 per month

Official Website:

Suggested? Not at all…

Wanna Succeed in MLM?

Increase your chances of reaching success in multi-level marketing by following a dedicated MLM course.


  • Affordable entry
  • Provides some training
  • Free website
  • Fast support

Jump to the Pros Section

  • Its service is not retailable
  • It’s a pyramid scheme
  • Expensive Platinum membership

Jump to the Cons Section

Before I move on to the actual My 20 Dollar Travel Business MLM review, I want to reveal to you some general MLM statistics that will probably SHOCK you to your very core.

The Network Marketing Game
DON'T bother joining an MLM...

…until you’ve taken a good look at these shocking MLM statistics.

What is My 20 Dollar Travel Business About?

My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a rather new MLM company operating within the travel niche.

It was created by Steve Gresham and was first launched in May 2019.

According to my research, My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a successor of My 1 Dollar Travel Business which in turn is a successor of an older MLM called Savings Highway.

Both My 1 Dollar Travel Business and Savings Highway were also owned by Steve Gresham, they were both pyramid schemes and they both collapsed within a couple of years after they were first launched.

And as it seems, My 20 Dollar Travel Business is heading towards the exact same direction.

How Does My 20 Dollar Travel Business Work?

My 20 Dollar Travel Business is basically a company which offers discounts on several travel commodities such as 

  • Hotels
  • Rental cars
  • Cruises
  • Condos
  • and much more

Those discounts range from 75% to 90% and can be located through a members-only exclusive travel discounts search engine that My 20 Dollars Travel Business owns (similar to

The discounts that people are able to find through this search engine are not available to the general public.

So basically, the product that My 20 Dollar Travel Business offers is nothing more than travel discounts.

However, My 20 Dollar Travel Business is also an MLM company.

This means that My 20 Dollar Travel Business will pay you money for inviting other people to become its members and take advantage of their discounts.

Every time someone you referred to My 20 Dollar Travel Business joins the company, you earn a commission which is 50% of the total amount of money they paid to become a member.

For instance, if a person you refer to My 20 Dollars Travel Business pays $100 to become a Platinum Member, you earn an instant $50.

You’ll also earn 25% of their monthly membership fee for as long as they actually remain a Platinum Member.

For example, every time that this Platinum Member you referred pays their $100 monthly membership fee, you’ll earn an additional $25.

However, this is not all…

Since My 20 Dollar Travel Business is an MLM, you don’t just earn money from the people you have personally recruited to the platform but also when your recruits, recruit even more people and when your recruits’ recruits, recruit more people, and so on and so on.

I dive deeper into the full compensation plan of My 20 Dollar Travel Business right below.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business's Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so extremely complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

While My 20 Dollar Travel Business’s compensation plan is way simpler than others, it’s still no piece of cake to understand completely. 

Thankfully, I managed to locate a few short videos which will help you get a better hang of it.

If you need additional information about anything regarding My 20 Dollar Travel Business including its compensation plan, you can either use the 24/7 live chat on their main website or contact their support team at &

To make things easier for you, I’ll sum up the company’s compensation plan right below…

So, there are basically 4 ways that you can earn money with My 20 Dollar Travel Business…

  1. Fast Start Referral Commissions
  2. Direct Referral Monthly Commissions
  3. The 2×10 Uni-level Forced Matrix Pay Plan
  4. Incentives

Fast Start Referral Commissions

Fast start referral commissions mean that you earn money every time you personally refer someone to My 20 Dollar Travel Plan.

For instance, you earn

  • $50 for every Platinum Member you refer
  • $20 for every Gold Member you refer
  • 50 cents for every Standard Member you refer

The amount of the commissions that you earn by referring people is the same no matter what your membership level is.

You’ll still earn $50 every time you refer a Platinum Member even if you are a Gold Member or even a Standard Member.

Direct Referral Monthly Commissions

Besides that initial fast start commissions, My 20 Dollar Travel Business also pays you 25% of the monthly recurring membership fees of your direct referrals (the people who you have personally recruited).

For instance, every single time one of your Platinum referrals pays their monthly $100 membership fee, you’ll earn $25 and every time one of your Gold referrals pays their monthly $20 membership fee, you’ll earn $5.

It goes without saying that if any of your direct referrals quit My 20 Dollar Travel Business, you’ll stop receiving the 25% commissions which came as a result of their membership fee.

The 2x10 Uni-level Forced Matrix Pay Plan

2x Matrix Plan

This plan pays you 5% of the monthly membership fees of each member which exists in your organization up to 10 levels deep.

Each member in this matrix is allowed to have only two people below them.

For the sake of the argument, you are at the top.

Below you, there are 2 people who you have personally recruited. This is the first level of the matrix.

Those 2 recruits of yours will also recruit 2 people each, which gives us 4 total members on the second level of the matrix.

Each successive level is generated in the same manner and has twice as many members as the previous one.

For instance, since level two has 4 members, level three will have 8 members and level four 16 members.

Since this plan goes up to 10 levels deep, you have the potential to be earning 5% commissions from a total of 2048 members.

Assuming that every single one of the members is a Platinum one, you’ll be earning more than $10k per month (2048 members * 5% of the $100 Platinum monthly fee = 2048 * $5 = $10240 per month).

Since the Platinum is the most expensive membership option My 20 Dollar Travel Business has to offer, this $10240 is the maximum amount of money you can earn per month through this matrix.


As a Platinum member, you can qualify for 2 bonus incentives.

The first bonus is called “Dream Vacation” and it’s a 5-start Luxury vacation valued at $3000.

To qualify for this bonus you will need to gather 12 Platinum points.

You can gather those Platinum points in 2 ways.

  1. You earn 1 Platinum point for each month that you are a Platinum Member
  2. You earn 1 Platinum point for every Platinum Member that you personally recruit to My 20 Dollar Travel Business

Once you’ve reached 12 Platinum points you can request your luxury 5-star dream vacation through your My 20 Dollar Travel Business back office.

Those $3000 are only for accommodation for 2 adults and up to 2 children. Transportation and food are not included.

For your accommodation, you can choose among 10 Luxury Resorts in Mexico, Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas Nevada.

The second bonus is called “Global Vacation” and it’s a 5-start Luxury vacation valued at $5000 which you can redeem with 30 Platinum Points.

Those $5000 includes 

  • $3,000 for accommodation
  • $1,000 for transportation
  • and an extra $1,000 in cash

Your destination could be anywhere in the world within My 20 Dollar Travel Business’ condo network.

How Much Does My 20 Dollar Travel Business Cost to Join?

My 20 Dollar Travel Business offers the 3 membership options below…

  • Standard Member – $1 for one month. Then auto-upgrades to Gold
  • Gold Member – $20 per month
  • Platinum Member – $100 per month

The differences between those membership options are as follows:

As a standard member, you don’t have access to the travel discounts search engine. You can still recruit people and earn commissions.

As a Gold member, you don’t have the ability to qualify for the bonus incentives as well as for some additional bonuses.

Thus, to take full advantage of My 20 Dollar Travel Business, you’ll have to eventually upgrade to Platinum.

Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business a Pyramid Scheme

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

Make sure to watch the video below to discover how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme is that MLMs give you the opportunity to earn commissions by selling actual products or services to other people in retail without having to recruit them while with a pyramid scheme the only way to earn money is by recruiting other people into the scheme.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business might be offering a service (the discounts) but nobody can actually use them without becoming a Gold or Platinum member of the company and along with its pyramid-like compensation plan, My 20 Dollar Travel Business can be considered a pyramid scheme for sure.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business Pros

1 • Affordable entry: Nobody can argue that My 20 Dollar Travel Business is not expensive to join at all.

You can become a standard member of the company at only $1. Be aware though that as a standard member you won’t have access to the travel discount engine which is basically the main service of that My 20 Dollar Travel Business offers. You can still make money though by recruiting other people to the company.

Also, you can remain a standard member just for your first month. Once the first month is over, you either become a Gold for $20 per month, a Platinum member for $100 per month, or you leave. Nonetheless, the Gold membership is also very affordable at $20 per month.

2 • Provides some training: Something that the majority of MLMs don’t offer to their newly recruited members is proper training on how to actually make money with the company (no wonder that such a small percentage of MLM participants manage to make a profit).

My 20 Dollar Travel Business offers some basic training on their YouTube channel as well as on your personal back office, to help you understand how the company works, its compensation plan, as well as how to maximize your recruits and profits.

Better some than none…

3 • Free website: Once you join My 20 Dollar Travel Business you also get a pre-made website which is an exact replica of the company’s official website,

All you’ll have to do is basically send people over to that pre-made website and when someone ends up signing up to My 20 Dollar Travel Business through it, they automatically become your recruits.

If marketed the right way, this website could help you maximize your recruits and thus your earnings.

4 • Fast support: The thing that left me a very good impression regarding My 20 Dollar Travel Business is that the support through the live chat on their website was amazingly fast and accurate.

Before I started putting together this review, I had some questions about the company so I used the live chat to get some answers.

5 minutes later, all my questions had been answered.


My 20 Dollar Travel Business Cons

1 • Its Service is not retailable: The first thing I don’t really like about My 20 Dollar Travel Business is that you cannot push their service in retail. In order for someone to get their hands on the discounts the company offers they have to purchase either as a Gold or a Platinum membership.

Real MLMs don’t work that way.

Herbalife representatives can sell supplements to consumers without having to recruit them. iBuumerang TSAs are able to let other people use the travel discounts of the company without having to recruit them.

When an MLM’s compensation plan revolves around recruiting other people, it’s more like a pyramid scheme.

2 • It’s a pyramid scheme: Yup, My 20 Dollar Business Travel Business is a pyramid scheme.

While this doesn’t mean that you can’t make money with the company, be aware that pyramid schemes are extremely volatile and have a very short expiration date.

My 20 Dollar Travel Business’ predecessors My 1 Dollar Business, and Savings Highway, were both pyramid schemes…

Both of them collapsed pretty fast and My 20 Dollar Travel Business will probably follow the exact same course.

3 • Expensive Platinum membership: While My 20 Dollar Travel Business’s Standard and Gold memberships are pretty affordable, its Platinum membership is very expensive at $100 per month.

Starting and running your own online business is way cheaper while offering much more chances (at least 10% more) of actually making a profit down the road.

For instance, for less than half the money that you’ll spend for a Platinum My 20 Dollar Travel Business membership, you can build a successful, profitable online business with Wealthy Affiliate or Project 24.

Wealthy Affiliate‘s premium membership costs $49 per month (or $30 per month if you pay upfront for a whole year), and Project’s 24 membership costs $449 per year ($37.5 per month).

Online business = much less monetary investment + much more chances of success + you are 100% in control

It’s a no brainer.

Is My 20 Dollar Travel Business Suggested?

No, it’s not, mostly because it’s a pyramid scheme.

A similar but more legit MLM company in the travel niche that you might want to check out is iBuumerang.

To tell you the truth, personally, I am not at all fond of MLMs in general.

  • Their success rate is awfully low
  • They are extremely volatile
  • You need to invest a ton of money, time, and energy until you manage to make a profit (if you ever actually make a profit)
  • And most of them focus on recruiting people instead of pushing an actual valuable and beneficial product or service

Plus, in order to make money with most MLMs, you’ll have to turn into a sleazy salesperson and I really hate selling. And I really hate being sold to.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

16 Responses

  1. I can see why you’d call it a pyramid scheme, but the value and the savings are a huge benefit. Plus I’ve been a member of the company for just over a month, and I am earning 3 times my income monthly, and I was able to quit my job earning 100k a year.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks a lot for your feedback but your comment makes no sense whatsoever…

      You claim that you joined My 20 Dollar Travel Business just over a month ago.

      How could you have possibly already managed to build with it an income that’s 3x higher than your job’s income?

      That’s impossible unless you somehow already had an established audience that was interested in the company and its business opportunity or maybe if your job was paying you like $5 per month.

      Please give us an overview of your process. Don’t just set unrealistic expectations without providing us with any specifics.

      How many people have you recruited? How many customers do you have?


  2. I joined at the $20 level, and through their savings portal I have saved money on:
    – Sams Club membership
    – Groceries
    – my cell phone bill
    – Telemedicine visit to see a doctor online

    They have WAY more vendors to save money than just TRAVEL. So when I add up my savings on things I would buy anyway, it just made sense.

    Just saying.

    Oh, and the affiliate opportunity is nice because I earn way more every 14 days than $20 I initially invested.

  3. Hi, I got caught… I thought it was real..

    I paid $100 USD ($149 AUD) and when I went into my back end to check out the prices of hotels what I found was that the hotels were all the ones you wouldn’t want to stay at, three and four star…

    I know this because I did some research on pricing without going through this business, and as it turns out, I was paying more if I booked through this business than I would if I paid online, or over the phone direct with the hotel…

    Then I tried to look at the cruises they offer… And surprise surprise, none of their cruises are available and so no matter which cruise you want to go on, it will not be available…

    So I emailed the company and the person I joined under and asked for an immediate refund… No reply… I sent a second email… I got a call from the person I joined under and she told me she was building me a second website and if I still wanted it, to hang in and it would be ready that night, and she also told me that I had 14 days to get a refund…

    I kept on getting promotional emails from the company and I went back into my back office and tried again looking at cruises and hotel prices, as I wanted to screenshot a few of the pages I was looking at…

    I have since sent a third email requesting a full refund, have bbc to every contact I had related to the business… No reply…

    So I text the person I joined under and I told her I would go to authorities on Monday and this would mean anyone involved in this company would also be affected, her included, so then she text me back and told me she was busy at work, and that she has sent Mr. Steve Gresham a personal text in WhatsApp that I want a refund and that she has nothing to do with processing refunds…

    But then she sent me a second text and asked me if had I gone into my back end and cancelled my account as it says in the terms and conditions…

    So I went in the back end, and looked around, found a place where I can cancel. I wondered if I would still get a refund by canceling or if they would then tell me I couldn’t get a refund because I canceled when I should have waited.

    I didn’t trust what she was telling me one bit, so I text her back, because when I clicked on the terms and conditions, funny how it doesn’t open up, and there is no way to read them.

    I sent her another text and the following day received a rude text telling me that I was rude and abusive and that all of my complaints are clearly made from an uneducated viewpoint, and that if I had spent more time looking through my travel portal, I would have seen thousands of deals…

    She told me that Save on Resorts has been in business for 24 years supplying the travel arrangements with an A+ rating with the BBB and that her experience with My $20 Travel Business was also legit, and that they pay every 2 weeks and always on time…

    So she gave it to me in the text she sent and it was quite a long text, so she threw it back on me, that I did not look hard enough for a deal in the back office in my travel engine, and she told me that I had an email from Mr. Gresham, so I should read the email… The Email from Mr. Gresham was from My 1 dollar Business support team and not from Mr. Gresham…

    It is not even signed by a person, as in, it doesn’t even say, Regards from someone, it just finishes up with a copy of the cancellation policy below what I have copied and pasted… Professional company, as you can see (not) Here it is below:

    My1DollarBusiness Info
    Sun, Dec 8, 2:31 AM (1 day ago)
    to me, Julie Freeman

    Hello J C, We’re sorry you didn’t find the deals you were looking for.

    We’re always adding more great things for our members.

    We will be happy to provide a refund for you.

    Please reply with the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits of the card used

    and then we can log in to our merchant account and process the refund for you.

    Thank you,

    My1DollarBusiness Support Team

    Please note the following of our terms and conditions as well.

    As soon as we receive the numbers of the card used on file, we will process the refund for you.

    Have a great day.

    I will keep you updated and let you know if I received a full refund… Fingers crossed and lesson learned…

    1. Hey J C!

      Thanks a lot for sharing your very own personal experience with My 20 Dollar Travel Business with us.

      Nothing of what you shared surprised me as this is exactly how most MLM companies really work (or don’t work).

      I have reviewed a lot more MLM companies that operate in the travel discounts market (iBuumerang, Surge365, etc) and almost none of them really offer travel-related discounts that are higher than the discounts you could find online through regular booking websites.

      Save on Resorts is indeed accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating but that doesn’t really mean that the company is indeed legit. Assuming that Save on Resorts is indeed legit, its legitimacy doesn’t automatically make all the other businesses that are affiliated with it legit as well nor does it imply that My 20 Dollar Travel Business is going to help you achieve your financial goals.

      Furthermore, most MLM companies claim to be offering refunds and money-back/satisfaction/cancelation guarantees but 99.9% of the time actually getting that refund is an extremely arduous process of having to contact everyone involved in the MLM multiple times until you manage to get your request approved.

      Your sponsor is not going to help you get your refund because you getting a refund means that the commissions she earned from this $100 you paid to join are going to get deducted from her.

      However, I believe that if you keep pushing, you’ll eventually get your refund.

      I am holding for your updates!

      In the meantime, I realize that you joined My 20 Dollar Travel Business because you were looking for a way to build a source of income…

      If you are still searching for something legit, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24.

      Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 are platforms that will teach you how to build a full-time income online through running your very own online business. This online business can be around any subject you want so you might as well build it around the travel niche if this is something that interests you.

      Just to be clear, the concept of running an online business has nothing to do with MLMs, recruiting, direct sales, etc.

      The online business is going to be 100% yours. Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 will just show you how to build it and make it profitable.

      Let me know if you need any further help from me.

      I am here for you!

      My regards,


  4. Hi and thanks for the My 20 Dollar Travel Business review. I’ve seen this company being advertised on social media and wanted to do some research before joining. 

    This review explains it all very well for me and I will not be joining a pyramid scheme which will cease to exist and Steve will re-brand as something else before long …  

    However I’ve still got some questions. If someone were to join for the Standard Membership, they themselves would not be able to access discount travel – they are simply buying into the ability to sell the opportunity on to someone else? So they don’t get any benefit unless they sell gold and platinum memberships to other people? 

    This is one I’ll definitely be staying away from. I’ve not heard of Project 24, I will go and check that one out. I need something legit.

    1. You got that right Melissa! As a Standard Member, you can’t access the travel discounts search engine… The only thing you can do is recruit other people which is kind of funny because you will be trying to sell a service which you haven’t used yourself.

      I believe that the only point of the Standard membership is to get you into the company. As I mentioned, after your first month as a Standard Member, your membership auto-upgrades to Gold.

      Thus your choices are to let your Standard membership auto-upgrade to Gold after the first month is over, upgrade to Platinum membership yourself, or quit.

      Let me know if you have any questions regarding Project 24 🙂


  5. Usually, programs that present to be a way to travel around the world while earning money are usually too good to be true. After hearing a little bit about My 20 Dollar Travel Business, it sounded pretty bad but after reading your entire article, it sounds even worse.

    But the bright side is there are guys like you, giving honest, non-biased reviews and recommendations, not only to make more bucks or to create a sustainable source of money but also to avoid scams. Thanks for sharing this, I added this to my “do not try” -listing on my browser’s favorites.

    Going to check a couple of more programs from your site to find out what they are about…

  6. True, most of us will jump at the opportunity to travel the world while earning money from it. I think one of the main turn-offs for me would be the requirement to recruit people.

    I hate to bug family and friends to join a program in order for me to earn. Thank you for those useful facts on MLMs. This is an eye-opener for anyone considering an MLM business. I would rather build my own business that has a chance of succeeding that joining something like My 20 Dollar Travel Business.

    Even though the initial joining fee is low, it seems like for you to be profitable you have to be a Gold or Platinum Member, together with your down-lines. Too much of a task.

    Thank you for this thorough review of My 20 Dollar Travel Business.

  7. Great review Harry,

    I saw a couple of my friends posting the 20 Dollar Travel Business on Facebook and I was wondering about whether or not it is a reliable business especially with the $1 startup fee.

    I expected the hidden more expensive packages but I didn’t know that their product is that travel search engine thing! Might just be me but I think 20 Dollar Travel Business sounds more like a pyramid scheme rather than an MLM.

    1. My 20 Dollar Travel Business is indeed a pyramid scheme.

      Their travel discounts search engine works nonetheless… You can indeed find a lot of great discounts by using it.


  8. You kinda lost me there as soon as you mentioned MLM, but nevertheless, I continued reading your review and I was glad to read that you didn’t recommend My 20 Dollar Travel Business after all.

    MLM companies are just never a good idea in my books.

    I had two friends who joined quite famous MLMs. One of them didn’t invest much money, but a lot of her time and didn’t get anywhere. The other invested a lot of money and time and got to be one of their speakers. But in the end, the whole company disappeared so it was all for nothing anyway.

    1. These are the kind of things that MLMs just “do” hehe.

      Highly unstable like a house of cards and very unlikely for an average person to make money with them.

      Hopefully, your friends learned their lesson.


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