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iBuumerang Review: Legit MLM Opportunity or Just a Travel-Based Pyramid Scheme?

iBuumerang MLM Review Featured Image

Let me guess…

Very recently, you got pitched with iBuumerang’s MLM business opportunity.

Frankly, the whole concept sounded rather interesting.

However, before blindly jumping in, you’d like to figure out more about the company’s legitimacy, background, owner, compensation plan, etc.

If I guessed correctly, then you’re definitely in the right place.

iBuumerang is an MLM company that was launched in 2019 by Holton Buggs and operates within the travel industry. The company’s business opportunity revolves around earning commissions by promoting travel discounts and is not a pyramid scheme although it displays a few characteristics of one.

In this iBuumerang Review, I’m going to share with you all the information you might possibly need to fully understand whether iBuumerang’s MLM opportunity is really worth the investment of your time, energy, and money or not.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

iBuumerang Overview

Founder: Holton Buggs (Chairman & CEO)
Price: $0 - $750 one-time fee & $49.95 - $99.95/month
Industry: Travel Services & Discounts
Business Type: Multi-Level Marketing
Compensation Plan: Binary & Unilevel
Income Disclosure: No
Official Website:
  • Exponential Growth
  • NO Selling
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Training & Tools
  • Free Replicated Website

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Suggested: So and so...
Overall Rating:
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What is iBuumerang All About?

iBuumerang is a newly-founded MLM company that operates within the travel industry.

The company was first launched in March 2019 by Holton Buggs and is based in Houston, Texas.

Holton Buggs
Holton Buggs

Holton is considered a very successful network marketer, with 25+ years of experience in the direct sales and network marketing business models.

According to iBuumerang’s website, over the last 10 years, Holton has

  • built a network of over 3 million distributors
  • generated over $3 billion in sales
  • mentored over 45 millionaires 

It is said that Holton had his first contact with network marketing at the age of 14 when he started buying candy in bulk and then recruited other kids to sell it for him so that he wouldn’t have to do all the work by himself.

Nonetheless, Holton didn’t really join an MLM company until the age of 30, after the very first business he had launched back in 1996 that revolved around selling furniture tanked.

However, the vast majority of MLMs Holton became involved with turned out to be pyramid schemes (more on that later on).

Holton eventually decided to launch his very own MLM company, and that’s how iBuumerang came about.

The rest of iBuumerang’s leadership team is comprised as follows:

  • David Manning – CEO and President at Xstream Travel
  • Terrence Gray – VP of Business Development
  • Mark Kithcart – VP of Marketing
  • Peter Hirsch – Chief Giving Officer of the Büüm Foundation
  • Edwin Haynes – Global Master Ambassador
  • Lori Speers – Director of Travel Services

iBuumerang is a service-based MLM that offers massive (up to 70%) discounts on travel services such as hotel bookings, flights, car rentals, and group cruises that are booked through a travel booking platform called iGo.

iGo is owned by a 3rd-party travel agency called “Xstream Travel”, and according to iBuumerang, it offers much higher discounts than any regular booking platform such as and TripAdvisor.

Some of the travel agencies iBuumerang and Xstream Travel are currently cooperating with include:

  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Funjet Vacations
  • GOGO Vacations
  • Trafalgar Tours
  • Royal Caribbean
  • & more
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How to Make Money With iBuumerang

iBuumerang’s MLM business opportunity revolves around earning commissions for getting other people to use iGo to book travel services at discounted prices, by handing them out “buumerangs”.

A buumerang is basically a login portal that can be used to access iGo.

Buumerangs are free to give out. 

Every time someone uses a buumerang you gave them to access iGo and book a hotel, flight, car, etc through the platform, you’ll pocket a percentage of the total amount of money on the discount they got.

How iBuumerang Works

Let me demonstrate an example…

Let’s assume that you have joined iBuumerang as a TSA (Travel Savings Ambassador).

Your best friend is about to book a hotel for her upcoming 5-day vacation in Barcelona through for $700.

However, once you hand her over a buumerang, she accesses iGo and books that same room, in that same hotel, for those same 5 days but with a 50% discount.

That $350 she managed to save off of her hotel booking after using your buumerang lands right into your pocket.

The maximum number of buumerangs a TSA is able to hand out depends on the enrollment kit they purchase.

  • Standby Affiliate: up to 5 buumerangs
  • Coach Class: up to 10 buumerangs
  • Business Class: up to 25 buumerangs
  • First Class: up to 50 buumerangs

If you run out of buumerangs you can purchase more through your personal TSA back office.

If all this sounds somewhat complicated to you right now, worry not.

Upon joining iBuumerang you’ll get your hands on a lot of training videos that’ll help you get a more solid grasp of the entire process.

iBuumerang Compensation Plan

Handing out buumerangs is just the tip of the iceberg regarding earning money with iBuumerang.

As a matter of fact, iBuumerang compensates its TSAs in 6 different ways…

  1. Referred Travel Bonus
  2. Travel Savings Bonus
  3. Fast Start Bonus
  4. Dual Team Bonus
  5. Unilevel Commissions
  6. Leadership Development Bonus

1 • Referred Travel Bonus

Earn a 25% commission when you refer a group or organization that is looking to book a

  • block of hotel rooms
  • destination wedding
  • group cruise 
  • a conference
  • etc

to Xstream Travel (the travel agency behind iBuumerang and iGo).

In order to receive credit for referring the group to Xstream Travel, you’ll have to send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name and Distributor ID
  • Your email address and phone number
  • The customer’s name and contact information (email address and phone number)
  • Details about the trip

Xstream Travel will then pay you 25% of the total money paid by the group within 60 to 90 days.

2 • Travel Savings Bonus

The Travel Saving Bonus pays you a percentage of the total discount a person received on the travel services they booked through iGo after using your buumerang.

The actual percentage of the commissions you’ll get paid by The Travel Saving Bonus could range from 50% to 100% depending on the enrollment kit you purchased during your signup as a TSA.

  • Standby Affiliate: Not eligible for the Travel Saving Bonus
  • Coach Class: Receive 50% of the total money your referrals saved on hotels, rental cars & cruises
  • Business Class: Receive 100% of the total money your referrals saved on hotels, rental cars & cruises
  • First Class: Receive 100% of the total money your referrals saved on all eligible travel services & activities

3 • Fast Start Bonus

Receive a fixed commission based on the enrollment kit your personal recruited TSAs purchase upon their signup to iBuumerang.

  • Standby Affiliate: No commission
  • Coach Class: $20 commission
  • Business Class: $40 commission
  • First Class: $80 commission

4 • Dual Team Bonus

The Dual Team Bonus is paid weekly based on the CV (Commission Volume) generated by the TSAs in your downline through a binary compensation structure

A binary structure places you at the top of your team with one team on your left (left leg) and one team on your right (right leg).


Each leg can consist of an unlimited amount of TSAs recruited either by you or by other TSAs in your downline.

The leg that generates the higher CV is considered your power leg and the leg that generates the smaller CV is considered your weak leg.

This Dual Team Bonus pays you 10% to 20% of the total CV of your weaker leg depending on the iBuumerang rank you’ve reached (see below).


  • Up to $1000 per week
  • 10% of your weaker leg’s CV


  • Up to $1500 per week
  • 12% of your weaker leg’s CV


  • Up to $2000 per week
  • 12% of your weaker leg’s CV

Senior Executive: 

  • Up to $2500 per week
  • 12% of your weaker leg’s CV


  • Up to $3000 per week
  • 15% of your weaker leg’s CV


  • Up to $5000 per week
  • 16% of your weaker leg’s CV


  • Up to $10.000 per week
  • 17% of your weaker leg’s CV


  • Up to $20.000 per week
  • 18% of your weaker leg’s CV

Blue Diamond: 

  • Up to $30.000 per week
  • 19% of your weaker leg’s CV

Black Diamond:

  • Up to $50.000 per week
  • 20% of your weaker leg’s CV

Presidential Diamond: 

  • Up to $100.000 per week
  • 20% of your weaker leg’s CV

Crown Diamond: 

  • Up to $150.000 per week
  • 20% of your weaker leg’s CV

Double Crown Diamond: 

  • Up to $200.000 per week
  • 20% of your weaker leg’s CV

Triple Crown Diamond: 

  • Up to $250.000 per week
  • 20% of your weaker leg’s CV

Please note that in order to become eligible for the Dual Team Bonus you need to meet all the following requirements:

  • Personally recruit two TSAs and place one on your left leg and one on your right leg
  • Both of those TSAs need to be active
  • Have at least 500CV on your week leg

5 • Unilevel Commissions

iBuumerang’s Unilevel Commissions pay you a percentage of the GV (Group Volume) generated by TSAs up to 7 Levels deep in your downline.

  • 1st Level = the TSAs you have personally recruited
  • 2nd Level = the TSAs your 1st Level TSAs have recruited
  • 3rd Level = the TSAs your 2nd Level TSAs have recruited
  • and so on…

The higher your iBuumerang rank the more levels of TSAs you can earn Unilevel Commissions from (see below).


  • 10% of GV on Level 1


  • 10% of GV on Levels 1 & 2

Executive & Senior Executive: 

  • 10% of GV on Levels 1, 2, &3


  • 10% of GV on Levels 1, 2, &3
  • 8% of GV on Level 4


  • 10% of GV on Levels 1, 2, &3
  • 8% of GV on Level 4
  • 7% of GV on Level 5


  • 10% of GV on Levels 1, 2, &3
  • 8% of GV on Level 4
  • 7% of GV on Level 5
  • 6% of GV on Level 6

Diamond and higher: 

  • 10% of GV on Levels 1, 2, &3
  • 8% of GV on Level 4
  • 7% of GV on Level 5
  • 6% of GV on Level 6
  • 5% of GV on Level 7

6 • Leadership Development Bonus

The Leadership Development Bonus rewards you based on the total GV generated by up to 4 Generations of TSAs within your downline.

One generation encompasses all the TSAs that exist between two TSAs who have both achieved the Sapphire rank or above.

The higher your iBuumerang rank, the more generations you can earn the Leadership Development Bonus from (see below).


  • 2% of all the volume generated within the 1st Generation


  • 3% of all the volume generated within the 1st and 2nd Generations


  • 4% of all the volume generated within the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generations

Diamond and higher: 

  • 5% of all the volume generated within the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Generations

iBuumerang hasn’t published an official PDF document of their full compensation plan yet.

Two days ago, I contacted their support team asking for a copy but they haven’t replied back to me just yet.

*Update: More than a year has passed and they still haven’t gotten back to me.

Nonetheless, the YouTube video right below sums up iBuumerang’s compensation plan pretty neatly so make sure to give it a watch before moving any further.

Please keep in mind that the video is kinda positively biased towards iBuumerang as the guy who has created it is actually a TSA who promotes iBuumerang’s business opportunity.

iBuumerang Ranks

Standby Affiliate:

  • Sign up with the Standby enrollment kit


  • Sign up with the Coach, Business, or First Class enrollment kit


  • Generate 2500+ PV/GV per month
  • No more than 50% of your GV can come from one leg
  • Have at least 5 active buumerang customers


  • Generate 5000+ PV/GV per month 
  • No more than 50% of your GV can come from one leg
  • Have at least 5 active buumerang customers

Senior Executive:

  • Generate 10.000+ PV/GV per month 
  • No more than 50% of your GV can come from one leg
  • Have at least 5 active buumerang customers


  • Generate 15.000+ GV per month or have 100+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 40% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 10 active buumerang customers


  • Generate 40.000+ GV per month or have 200+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 40% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 10 active buumerang customers


  • Generate 80.000+ GV per month or have 400+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 40% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 10 active buumerang customers


  • Generate 200.000+ GV per month or have 1000+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 40% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Blue Diamond: 

  • Generate 500.000+ GV per month or have 2500+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 30% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Black Diamond: 

  • Generate 1.000.000+ GV per month or have 5000+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 30% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Presidential Diamond: 

  • Generate 2.000.000+ GV per month or have 10.000+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 30% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Crown Diamond: 

  • Generate 5.000.000+ GV per month or have 25.000+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 20% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Double Crown Diamond:

  • Generate 7.000.000+ GV per month or have 35.000+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 20% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Triple Crown Diamond: 

  • Generate 10.000.000+ GV per month or have 50.000+ TSAs in your downline
  • No more than 20% of your GV or TSAs can come from just one leg
  • Have at least 20 active buumerang customers

Active buumerang customer: A person who has booked travel using your buumerang during the last 30 days

PV (Personal Volume): Volume generated by travel-related sales (Travel Savings + Group Referrals to Xstream Travel)

GV (Group Volume): Volume generated by travel-related sales plus signup and membership fees paid by other TSAs in your downline

How to Join iBuumerang?

Joining iBuumerang as a TSA is pretty simple and straightforward…

All you have to do is follow the few steps right below:

  • Hit “Join Now” on the top right corner of iBuumerang’s website
  • Fill in your Sponsor’s first and last name or username
  • Fill the signup form with the requested information (country, name, email, and telephone number)
  • Click on “Start Your Enrollment”
  • Fill in the 7-digit confirmation code you’ll receive on your mobile phone and hit the “Submit” button
  • Select the enrollment kit you’d like to purchase and click “Add Pack”
  • If you don’t want to purchase an enrollment kit, scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on “No thank you I will just stay with the Standby Pack for now.”
  • Fill in your payment information and click “Continue”
  • Agree to iBuumerang’s Terms & Conditions and Policies & Procedures
  • Click “Checkout”

Congrats, you’ve become a TSA for iBuumerang. 

How Much Does It Cost to Join iBuumerang?

In order to join iBuumerang as a TSA, you’ll have to purchase the Standby enrollment kit for $49.95/month.

The Standby enrollment kit grants you access to:

  • 1 iBuumerang replicated website
  • 5 buumerangs
  • 25% Xstream Travel referral commissions
  • iDecide interactive presentation
  • Access to a personal TSA back office

iBuumerang Standby Enrollment Kit

However, on top of the Standby enrollment kit, iBuumerang enables you to optionally purchase one of the three enrollment kits right below:

  • Coach Class: $250 one-time fee + $49.95/month
  • Business Class: $500 one-time fee + $99.95/month
  • First Class: $750 one-time fee + $99.95/month

Purchasing any of those enrollment kits unlocks several additional benefits, such as:

  • Personal access to iGo 
  • Higher commission rates
  • More buumerangs
  • Commission Volume (CV)
  • & more

For instance, Coach Class TSAs receive a 50% Travel Saving Bonus only on hotel, flight, and rental car bookings while First Class TSAs receive a 100% Travel Saving Bonus on the bookings of all travel services and activities.

In addition, Coach Class TSAs start with 10 buumerangs while First Class TSAs with 50.

iBuumerang Optional Enrollment KitsPlease note that Standby TSAs aren’t eligible for the Travel Savings Bonus.

If you’d like to qualify for the Travel Savings Bonus, you’ll have to purchase the Coach, Business, or First Class enrollment kit.

Is iBuumerang a Pyramid Scheme?

Sometimes, distinguishing between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme could be quite tricky.

The video right below will help you understand how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes, so I strongly suggest that you give it a watch.

The main difference between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme is that your income potential with a legit MLM is mostly based on selling the company’s actual products or services to retail customers while your income potential with a pyramid scheme is mostly or solely based on recruiting other people into the scheme.

Not all MLMs are legitimate. If the money you make through an MLM is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate one. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not legit. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of their participants lose money. – Federal Trade Commission

Since iBuumerang pays its TSAs commissions for handing out buumerangs and referring customers to Xstream Travel, technically, it cannot be considered a pyramid scheme.

On the other hand, the company definitely displays some pyramid-like characteristics.

First of all, its compensation plan is mostly recruit-oriented…

The Fast Start Bonus, Unilevel Commissions, and Leadership Development Bonus are all calculated based on the enrollment kit purchases and recurring fees of other TSAs in your downline.

In addition, the main requirement for climbing ranks within iBuumerang is a larger team of recruits.

For example, in order to reach the rank of Triple Crown Diamond which is iBuumerang’s highest rank, you’ll need to have 50.000+ TSAs in your downline but ONLY 20 active buumerang customers.

Both of those instances are usually encountered in pyramid schemes or recruitment-based MLMs.

Lastly, iBuumerang encourages newly recruited TSAs to invest money in its most expensive enrollment kits by offering extra benefits, higher commissions, more buumerangs & CV, etc.

This is called “pay-to-play” and according to the FTC, it’s one of the 5 Red Flags of Pyramid Schemes, or Recruiting MLM’s.

Incentivized (or “pay to play”) purchases is the practice of tying purchases of products from an MLM company as a requirement to enter the “business opportunity” or advance in the hierarchy of “distributors” who are in effect merely participants making pyramid scheme investments disguised (or laundered) as purchases.

Now, I’m not claiming that iBuumerang is a pyramid scheme… Frankly, the company seems more like a recruitment-oriented MLM.

Nonetheless, if I were you, I’d proceed with extreme caution.

iBuumerang Pros

1 • Exponential Growth

iBuumerang seems to be experiencing some exponential growth since the very first day it got launched, whereas thousands of people joined the company as TSAs.

Furthermore, iBuumerang made $20 million in sales within its first 6 months in business.

In addition, during 2019, iBuumerang paid over $10 million in commissions to its TSAs.

Those are some outstanding numbers…

2 • NO Selling

What separates iBuumerang from every other MLM out there is that its business opportunity involves NO selling whatsoever.

Instead of getting people to spend money on a product or service, iBuumerang’s TSAs earn their commissions by helping people get massive discounts on travel-related services that they would eventually purchase anyway.

Travel is a $9 trillion-dollar industry… Virtually every single working person spends at least a couple of thousands of dollars on vacation per year.

Chances are that most people aren’t going to pass up an opportunity to keep a large chunk of that money in their pockets.

That’s why iBuumerang’s opportunity might be perfect for those who hate or suck at selling (like me).

3 • Guaranteed Lowest Price

iBuumerang offers a “110% Lowest Price Guarantee” on all hotels, rental cars, and weekly stays you or your customers book through iGo.

iBuumerang Lowest Price Guarantee

For example, if someone books a hotel room for $1000 through iGo, and then they find out that they could have booked this exact same hotel room for $800 through TripAdvisor, iBuumerang is going to refund them with 110% of the difference between iGo’s and TripAdvisor’s price [($1000 – $800) * 110% = $220 refund].

This basically means that if anyone books their travel with iGo, they’re guaranteed to pay the least possible money even if iGo’s prices aren’t the lowest out there.

4 • Training & Tools

Most MLMs offer very limited or no sales and recruitment training.

However, upon joining iBuumerang you’ll be able to access a lot of training modules within your personal back office.

In addition, iBuumerang’s support center consists of several more video tutorials and how-to guides that revolve around several subjects, such as:

  • Setting up payments
  • Accessing your personal back office
  • Sending out buumerangs
  • Marketing your business
  • Commissions & Compensation Plan
  • & more

Furthermore, YouTube is swarming with tutorials on how to effectively hand out your buumerangs, how to recruit more TSAs, how to shape your teams and downlines, etc, etc.

Lastly, as a TSA for iBuumerang, you’ll get your hands on “iDecide”.

iDecide is a professionally-made interactive business presentation platform that you could leverage to present iBuumerang’s business opportunity to potential recruits.

This will allow you to maximize your recruits in a much simpler and painless manner…

According to iBuumerang, iDecide’s presentation has a pretty high conversion rate.

5 • Free Replicated Website

Upon joining iBuumerang as a TSA, the company provides you with a free replicated iBuumerang website.

When people sign up as TSAs through your replicated website you’ll automatically become their sponsor, and they’ll become part of your downline.

If marketed the right way, this replicated website could help you maximize your recruits and thus your income.

iBuumerang Cons

1 • Expensive Enrollment Kits

Excluding the Standby enrollment kit that costs $49.95/month, the rest of iBuumerang’s enrollment kits are rather expensive…

The Coach Class kit costs a $250 initial fee plus $49.95/month…

The Business Class kit costs a $500 initial fee plus $99.95/month…

And the First Class kit costs a $750 initial fee plus $99.95/month…

Now, in order to join iBuumerang as a TSA, you technically won’t be forced to purchase any kit besides the Standby.

However, the problem here is that Standby TSAs seem to be eligible only for the Referred Travel Bonus and NOT for the

  • Travel Savings Bonuses
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Dual Team Commissions
  • Unilevel Commissions
  • and Leadership Development Bonus

That being said, if you really want to make money as iBuumerang’s TSA you’ll inevitably have to invest in one of its most expensive kits.

2 • No Income Disclosure Statement

While US-based MLM companies aren’t really obligated to publish an Income Disclosure Statement, many major MLMs publish one anyway for the sake of transparency and trustworthiness.

Having said that, iBuumerang’s IDS which should have been published in early 2020, is still on hold.

This could be the case because iBuumerang has been operating for less than 2 years and might lack the required statistical data to put together an accurate and reliable IDS.

I guess that we’ll have to wait and see until 2021.

3 • Founder's Sketchy Past

Over the years, iBuumerang’s founder, Holton Buggs, has been involved in a number of sketchy schemes and shady situations…

As mentioned at the beginning of this iBuumerang review, the vast majority of MLMs Holton had joined until he founded iBuumerang turned out to be pyramid schemes.

The first one was a nutritional-based pyramid scheme called “CyberWize”.

After leaving CyberWize, Holton joined YTB International, a travel-based MLM company that got sued for $25 million by California Attorney General Jerry Brown for using deceptive marketing practices and operating as a pyramid scheme.

In 2013, YTB filed for bankruptcy, got sold to Jamraval, Inc., and was rebranded as “YTB Global Travel”.

After leaving YTB International, Holton joined a coffee-based MLM called “Organo Gold” whereas he was eventually promoted CVO (Chief Visionary Officer).

Fast forward a few years, around 2018, Holton got hired as the executive advisor of a cryptocurrency MLM called “IQ Chain”

A while later, in 2019, IQ Chain got exposed as a Ponzi scheme.

At that same time, Organo Gold and Holton were also being accused of: 

  • misappropriation of trade secrets
  • tortious interference with contracts
  • breaches of fiduciary duty
  • unjust enrichment
  • and fraudulent transfer

of another MLM company AmeriSciences.

A couple of months before iBuumerang was launched, Holton and Organo Gold were both found guilty and were held jointly liable to pay a $4 million fine.

To make matters even worse, the history of Xstream Travel’s CEO, David Manning, is also quite discouraging…

Manning has been involved with dozens of other travel-based MLMs such as:

  • Paycation
  • Traverus Travel
  • Yes Travelers
  • Travel Works
  • & more

One common thing that all those companies used to share besides being owned and/or run by David Manning is that they all failed miserably!

Furthermore, Paycation and Traverus Travel were posing as standalone travel agencies when in fact they were just affiliates of

Becoming an affiliate for was free and yet in order to join Paycation and Traverus Travel, you had to pay signup and membership fees.

David had basically taken an affiliate program of a third-party company that was free to join, created an MLM company of his own around it, and charged people to use it.

That’s sneaky.

Nonetheless, this is exactly how iBuumerang came to be – Holton took Xstream Travel’s affiliate program and booking platform and created an MLM around them.

Frankly, iBuumerang is nothing more than Xstream Travel with a slightly different compensation plan.

4 • Negative Feedback

Over the one and a half years of its existence, iBuumerang has received quite a lot of negative feedback online.

First and foremost, BBB (Better Business Bureau) has rated iBuumerang with a D+, which is a rather awful rating.

Furthermore, iBuumerang has received over a dozen complaints under its BBB profile.

To be fair, most of those complaints revolve around false charges and refunds.

Lastly, this Reddit thread called Escaped iBuumerang“, contains a handful of stories of former TSAs who left iBuumerang after having a pretty negative experience with the company.

Make sure to give it a read.

iBuumerang MLM Review Summary



Unknown income potential as there’s no Income Disclosure available.



Free replicated website, training modules, knowledge base, iDecide business presentation.



One-time payment of $250 – $750 plus $49.95 – $99.95 per month.



iBuumerang is not a pyramid scheme but its comp plan displays some pyramid-like characteristics.

Overall Rating


Is iBuumerang Suggested?

Frankly, iBuumerang doesn’t seem half bad…

On the contrary, it might be one of the most promising MLM companies I have reviewed until now.

Holton might have been involved in a bunch of shady schemes in the not so distant past but nonetheless, the guy is amazingly resilient, hard-working, and talented, all of which are admirable qualities.

iBuumerang’s Travel Savings Bonus whereas you basically get paid when you help other people receive massive discounts on their travel bookings is an extremely unique and interesting concept.

Unfortunately, if you’re after building a sizeable income with iBuumerang, the majority of your efforts should be focused on recruiting a team of TSAs.

This means that despite the fact that iBuumerang’s main service basically sells itself, you’ll still have to invest tons of time, effort, and possibly money in selling its MLM business opportunity.

Thankfully, ibuumerang’s iDecide interactive business presentation is definitely going to make your recruiting efforts much easier and painless.

Having said all that, joining iBuumerang as a TSA is indeed suggested.

However, there are certain kinds of people who’ll probably be able to make the most out of such an opportunity, such as:

  • Travel bloggers/vloggers
  • Travel agency owners
  • Experienced salespeople
  • Outgoing people with large social circles
  • Digital nomads
  • Those with network marketing experience

If you can’t identify with anything mentioned right above, you might wanna take a look at something else.


Have any comments or questions?

Please leave a comment right below or contact me at

I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Best wishes,


Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

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  1. Thank you for this! It took some digging to finally find this post – I was searching for something related to iGo as someone I know was like’ hey sign up for this and save money on your travel’ – failing to disclose they would earn a percentage when I did.

    I’ve done Amway, so I get the MLM aspect of it, and this person wasn’t ‘literally’ trying to recruit me to be ‘under’ them, but that’s what it would end up being.

    I KNEW something was up – I just didn’t know what.

    Thanks for your time and effort in this article.

  2. You’ve done a very fair and just review here and I really appreciate that. Like a few others, I’m simmering on the Ibuumerang opportunity for most of the reasons you’ve outlined here. If it’s as good as it claims, it’ll still be as attractive in a few weeks or months. Thank you for the details.

  3. This is such a thorough and insightful post which definitely has your audience’s best interest in mind.

    Scams are ALL OVER the internet and I thank you for bringing them to the light. 

    So many people have lost money just trying to find something that works. 

    I pray that others find their way to your site before going for any of those scams you have reviewed.

  4. Oh my my… Thank you for taking the time to put up this detailed iBuumerang review. Not so often do I come in contact with an MLM that isn’t a pyramid scheme.

    I just decided to check this iBuumerang out as a recommendation from a colleague. Now that I know what it entails, I must say I would be way over my head to even think of giving it a try.

    I am glad it is not an outright scam, but the money involved for one to think of attaining success is way too much for me, besides there is no guarantee I would even succeed.

    I did pick an interest in your recommendations and will surely take a look at it.

    Thanks for sharing…

    1. I am happy that you found my review helpful.

      And you are 100% right. The investment that you’ll need to make in order to make serious money with iBuumerang is enormous. And there’s no guarantee that you won’t lose everything whatsoever.

      Which one of my suggestions are you interested in, Wealthy Affiliate or Project 24?


  5. This is rather interesting… 

    To be honest, this platform has got some prospects especially base on the niche it belongs to. I don’t often see a lot of MLM travel companies. 

    Hence the chances of making money here seem pretty good. However, I’m not convinced enough that I can make enough money with this platform. Besides, the platform might close down anytime since it is not fully established yet. 

    Thanks so much for this review though. I will keep my fingers crossed on iBuumerang.

    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view, Mattias.

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      However, despite the fact that I am not that fond of MLMs in general, if I were to join one I would go for iBuumerang hands down.


  6. No matter how unique an MLM system might be, I have had two bad experiences with them and so I cannot go through it again.

    I am part of that over 50% who did not get anything out off joining MLM programs. 

    iBuumerang might seem cool and all but it’s not something I’d like to venture into because apparently, there are other better ways that one can make one instead of joining an MLM program. 

    Nice in-depth review though and good analysis on MLM companies in general.

    1. I am glad that you found this review helpful and I am sorry to hear that you had bad experiences with other MLMs.

      Have you considered building and running your own online business as I suggest?

      It’s definitely much safer and cheaper than participating in MLM schemes.


  7. This post is very informative.

    I personally haven’t had the best of luck in pyramid networks. 

    They take forever to mature and for you to receive any real income. 

    You have to always be promoting something and that can annoy alot of people. 

    In my experience, I just gave off because of the consistent promoting to different people who didn’t want to buy.

    1. I am glad you found that helpful…

      iBuumerang is definitely not a pyramid scheme though… It’s just a normal MLM.

      Also, there’s no promoting.

      You are just offering travel discounts to people who would travel anyway so you are basically doing them a favor. And you earn your money based on the discounts they get.

      It’s a whole new concept.

      I can understand though if you are not interested in MLMs anymore. As I mentioned in the statistics I came across, 75% of people who have joined an MLM in the past state that they would never join another one again.

      If this is the case with you, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate and/or Project 24.

      They have nothing to do with MLMs.

      They focus on teaching you how to create your very own online business from scratch even if you have zero experience.


  8. Hello Harry,

    I enjoyed reading this iBuumerang review. I have been looking for a way to get into MLM and this company seems perfect as I know a lot of people who travel a lot and would be interested in this kind of discount services.

    I love that iBumeraang is a new company and I can take advantage of the growth before it gets saturated.

    I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before and it seems like a great way to start the online business I want. I would love to know if Project 24 offers monthly subscriptions as well.

    1. Everyone on the planet travels at least once a year so they are certainly tons of people who could use those discounts iBuumerang offers.

      Unfortunately, Project 24 doesn’t offer a monthly payment plan. You have to pay for the whole year upfront. 

      However, there are ways to test-drive the platform before investing your money in it.

      You can read more about them on my Project 24 review.


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