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Let me guess…

Very recently, while searching for a way to make some extra money online, you came across

However, before signing up, you’d like to find out some more information about SurveyWorld in order to know what to expect.

I absolutely respect that.

That’s why in this SurveyWorld Review, I’m going to share with you all the information you might possibly need to understand whether SurveyWorld is a legitimate survey platform that’s worth your time and attention or not. is not an actual survey panel but rather an independent platform that promotes surveys conducted by other survey panels that are looking for participants. has been operating for more than 3 years and is said to have more than 1 million members.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

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SurveyWorld Overview

Income Potential: $100/Month
Survey Payout: $0.1 - $2/Survey
Bonus: N/A
Payment Options: PayPal, Gift Cards, and/or Prepaid Cards
Payout Threshold: N/A
Devices suported: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
Availability: 45+ Countries
Suggested: Not Really
Overall Rating:

What is SurveyWorld About?

Contrary to popular belief, is not an actual survey panel but rather an independent platform that “aggregates” surveys conducted by other survey panels that it has partnered with, such as:

In short, SurveyWorld has been created as a means of referring people to survey websites in exchange for commissions. was launched back in 2017 by e-Bron Marketing BV, an internet marketing company that is based in the Netherlands.

According to its official website, SurveyWorld is currently cooperating with over 200 survey panels, in over 45 countries (no clue which). Number of Panels & Countries

In addition, over the 3 years of its existence, SurveyWorld has gathered over 1 million members and over 300k followers on their Facebook page.

That’s literally all we know about SurveyWorld as there’s no more information about it or its parent company anywhere online.

SurveyWorld is mainly addressed to people who are interested in earning a few extra bucks online in their spare time without much fuss or effort by filling in surveys.

If your goal is to earn more than $100 per month, then I suggest that you take a look at something else.

How Does SurveyWorld Work?

SurveyWorld’s workings are kinda confusing…

Upon visiting your country’s specific SurveyWorld website, you’ll be prompted to fill in a very small questionnaire that consists of 3 very random and irrelevant questions. Initial 3-Question Survey

After answering all 3 questions, you’ll be presented with a “Register Today” button. Register Button

Once you click on that button, you’ll get redirected to the signup page of another survey panel that operates in the country of your residence.

In my case, it was ValuedOpinions.

After signing up for the survey panel you got referred you to, SurveyWorld’s work is basically over.

From that point on, if you have questions, come across issues, or require support, you’ll have to take it directly to the 3rd-party survey panel you sign up with.

How Does SurveyWorld Pay?

SurveyWorld isn’t the one who pays you…

All the money that you generate through filling in surveys is going to be paid to you by the 3rd-party survey panel SurveyWorld referred you to.

How Much Money Can I Make With SurveyWorld?

The amount of money that you’ll be able to make with SurveyWorld depends on the 3rd-party survey panel SurveyWorld refers you to.

Generally speaking, earning more than $100 per month by filling in surveys is highly improbable.

If your goal is to be generating more than that, then you might want to consider checking out something else.

How to Join SurveyWorld?

The process of joining SurveyWorld is rather troublesome…

First of all, SurveyWorld’s website doesn’t contain a signup button or form.

If you want to signup to SurveyWorld you’ll have to let them know by contacting their support team through their official Facebook page.

Then, if SurveyWorld is available in your country, they’ll send you a link to the version of their website that operates in your country whereas you’ll be able to finally sign up.

Frankly, the whole process is complicated, time-consuming, and makes no sense whatsoever…

If you’d like to avoid all this trouble and confusion, just head over to my list of the best survey websites, figure out which ones you’d like to try out, and then just sign up for each one directly on its respective official website.

SurveyWorld Pros

1 • Promotes Legit Panels

On its website, SurveyWorld supports that before partnering with any survey panel, they personally test it for legitimacy. 

Since SurveyWorld expects to get paid commissions by the survey panels it promotes, partnering with scams is definitely not in their best interest.

This basically means that all the survey panels promoted by SurveyWorld must be 100% legit.

2 • It's Rather Popular

SurveyWorld is rather popular, with over 1 million members and over 300k Facebook followers.

Since so many people have trusted the platform, then it might be worth giving it a try.

3 • 100% Transparency

SurveyWorld is 100% transparent regarding what they do.

Upon visiting their website, you’ll come across a statement that discloses that SurveyWorld is not an actual survey panel that’ll reward you for filling in its surveys but rather just an independent organization that promotes 3rd-party survey opportunities that are looking for participants.

SurveyWorld Cons

1 • Unnecessary Middleman

SurveyWorld is just a middleman between you and other already existing survey panels that serves literally no purpose whatsoever besides generating referral commissions for those who own it.

2 • Obscure Parent Company

SurveyWorld’s parent company, e-Bron Marketing BV, is very obscure.

They basically claim to be involved with Facebook advertising and affiliate marketing but their website is practically almost empty.

In addition, under its Google Business profile, e-Bron Marketing has received a couple of 1-star reviews claiming that the company is a scam that never replies neither through phone nor email.

3 • Troublesome Signup

SurveyWorld has one of the most troublesome and complicated signup processes I’ve ever come across in a survey platform…

It’s not like you’ll need a rocket science degree to figure it out but still, having to go through so many unnecessarily complex extra steps to start filling in surveys is just wasted time and effort.

SurveyWorld Review Summary



Depends on the survey panel it’ll refer you to, but it should be no more than $100 per month.



Rather complicated signup process that basically serves no purpose whatsoever.



Refers you to websites whereas you can earn only through filling in surveys.



Has received very little but mixed feedback online.

Overall Rating


Is SurveyWorld a Scam or Suggested?

SurveyWorld is definitely not a scam…

However, I truly can’t think of a single reason for ever bothering with it.

The platform just redirects you to existing survey panels, such as ValuedOpinions and Opinion Outpost, which you can basically join directly through their official websites without having to waste time and energy on a bunch of overly complicated and pointless steps.

Since you’re in search of earning some extra money online through filling in surveys, I suggest that you stay tuned for our article on the best survey panels to make money from in 2021.

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