Is Longrich BioScience a Scam? [Pyramid Scheme ALERT]

Is Longrich BioScience a Scam [Pyramid Scheme ALERT]

A few days ago, someone you know approached you and tried to persuade you to join Longrich BioScience.

They told you that if you join you can end up making your living by selling the company’s products as well as recruiting other people to do the exact same thing.

The whole concept was quite intriguing…

But something felt quite off.

Since the person who approached you mentioned recruiting other people, you understood that Longrich BioScience operates the MLM business model.

However, you have heard your fair share of MLM horror stories…

People who lost money and drifted apart from friends and family after joining pyramid schemes posing as legit MLM companies that turned them into disgusting salespeople pitching crappy products/services even to their neighbor’s dog.

And you definitely don’t want to end up like that.

So, you decided to do your research…

Smart move, to say the least because your suspicions that Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme are probably very solid.

Anyway, worry not because, in this review, I am going to cover every single aspect of Longrich BioScience, such as

  • What is Longrich BioScience about?
  • Is Longrich BioScience a scam? A pyramid scheme maybe? Or a legit MLM company?
  • How to join Longrich BioScience as a Business Associate?
  • How much does it cost to join Longrich BioScience?
  • Pros and cons of joining Longrich BioScience
  • Longrich BioScience’s compensation plan
  • Can you really make money with Longrich BioScience, and if yes, how much?
  • and much more

In addition, I am going to reveal to you a couple of alternative money-making opportunities.

This way, you’ll have every piece of information you might possibly need to make an informed decision about whether Longrich BioScience is worth your time and attention or if you’d better invest in a more legit and promising program.

Let’s get cracking!

Longrich BioScience MLM Overview

Name: Longrich BioScience


  • Mr. Xu.Zhiwei (Founder & CEO & Chairman)


  • $90 – $2500 for Enrollment Pack

Official Website:

Suggested? Stay away at all costs…

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Before I move on to the actual Longrich BioScience MLM review, I want to reveal to you some statistics about the MLM business model that will probably SHOCK you to your very core.

DON'T bother joining an MLM...

…until you’ve taken a good look at these shocking MLM statistics.

What is Longrich BioScience About?

Longrich BioScience (also known as Jiangsu Longliqi Bio-Science Co. Ltd) is an MLM company that operates in the household cleaning, personal care, and health care industries.

The company was founded by Xu Zhiwei in 1986 in China. At first, it was selling products the traditional way but in July 2009 it was licensed by the Ministry of Commerce to operate the MLM business model.

Its trademarks have been registered in 183 countries and its products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Besides the traditional sales and direct sales models, they are also OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), helping local and international companies manage their supply chain in China, providing product research and development, packaging design, raw material procurement, production, warehousing, distribution, etc,

Longrich BioScience maintains the 8 following research institutions worldwide:

  • Longliqi (Japan) Health & Innovation Center
  • Longliqi (USA) Health & Cosmetics Research Institute
  • Longliqi Institute of BioTechnology, Jiangnan University (Food Science and Technology national key laboratory)
  • Longliqi BioTecnology R & D Center (HQ)
  • Tsinghua University (School of Life Sciences)
  • Longliqi Post-Doctor Research Station
  • Longliqi Enterprise Academician Station
  • Longliqi French R&D Center

Prior to founding Longrich BioScience, Xu Zhiwei used to work as a carpenter.

At some point, he started encouraging other people in his town to become entrepreneurs and this is how the Snake Industry Company of Changshu came about which later evolved into Longrich Group. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much more information about Xu Zhiwei online.

According to Longrich Bio’s website, Xu Zhiwei is considered 

  • A highly influential man in China’s household product industry
  • Among the top 10 creditable Entrepreneurs in China
  • One of the top 25 outstanding Chinese managers
  • The most influential man in China’s cosmetic industry

Naturally, such claims are completely unsubstantiated and cannot be confirmed in any way.

Nonetheless, according to Forbes, Xu Zhiwei was ranked #366 on the list of the 400 Richest Chinese people in 2010 with a net worth of $450 million.

Longrich BioScience’s mission is fourfold…

  • Revitalize enterprise through talent
  • Benefit from professional management
  • Expand market through quality products
  • Retain customers with excellent service

Longrich BioScience's Products & Prices

Longrich BioScience manufactures and distributes products that fall under the 4 following categories:

  • Women’s health and hygiene
  • Household cleaning 
  • Personal care
  • Beauty & Skincare

One of Longrich BioScience’s flagship products is the Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pad.

The Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pad is created out of 8 layers and is designed to be safe, comfortable, absorbent, and air permeable (breathable).

It also contains a magnetic strip that enhances blood circulation, cell vitality, detoxification during the period, bio-enzymes in the vagina, resistance to bacteria, and immunity against most women’s infections.

Some other benefits of using this sanitary napkin include:

  • Reducing menstrual pain
  • Decreasing inflammation 
  • Eliminating odor
  • Promoting metabolism
  • Improving endocrine / glandular function
  • Stress relief

The rest of Longrich BioScience’s products are as follows:

  • NutriVrich (Nutritional supplement)
  • Bone M (Another nutritional supplement)
  • Cordyceps Militaris Coffee
  • Pi Cup (Water Ionizer)
  • Energy Pot (A cooking pot that is supposed to preserve food nutrients)
  • Energy Shoes (Shoes that are supposedly improving overall health)
  • Water Purification System
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Concentrated Detergent Powder
  • White Tea Nourishing Soap
  • Herbal Moisturising Body Wash
  • Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Soap
  • Concentrated Mouth Wash
  • Mouth Freshener
  • Brightening Styling Gel
  • Sheep Placenta SOD Milk (yikes)
  • Cleansing & Treatment Shampoo
  • Colour Protect & Treatment Shampoo
  • Colour Protect & Treatment Conditioner
  • Antiperspirant Dew
  • White Tea Dandruff Control Shampoo
  • Rose Oil Nourishing Body Wash
  • White Tea Multi-effect Toothpaste
  • Floral Hand Cream Set
  • Evergreen Skin Care & Beauty Series

Unfortunately, for some reason, Longrich BioSciences keeps the prices of its products hidden and suggests that people who want to find out more about them should contact the company directly.

Kinda weird but whatever…

Longrich BioScience Business Associate
Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so extremely complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

Longrich Bio’s compensation plan is no exception.

Nonetheless, to make things easier for you,  I’ll try my best to get you up to speed.

So, Longrich BioScience compensates its Business Associates in the following 7 different ways…

  1. Performance Bonus
  2. Development Bonus
  3. Leadership Bonus
  4. Retail Bonus
  5. Worldwide Incentive
  6. Platinum VIP Incentive
  7. Star Director Worldwide Incentive

1 • Performance Bonus

The Performance Bonus pays you based on the PV generated by the Business Associates in your downline through a 3-legged matrix structure.

A 3-legged matrix structure places you at the top of your team with 3 teams or groups, or legs right below you.

Each leg can contain an unlimited amount of Business Associates who are recruited either by you or by other Business Associates on your legs or strategically placed there by your upline.

The leg which generates the higher PV is considered your power leg and the legs which generate the lower PV are considered your weak legs.

This Performance Bonus pays you 8% – 12% of the PV of your two weak legs.

The percentage of the bonus depends on the Entry Level you’ll purchase during your enrollment (Pay to Play alert).

  • QSilver – 8%
  • Silver – 8%
  • Gold – 10%
  • Platinum VIP – 12%

2 • Development Bonus

The Development Bonus pays you 10% of the PV generated by the Business Associates in your downline up to unlimited depth through a uni-level structure

The bonus is always paid out of the PV of the two weakest legs at each level.

3 • Leadership Bonus

Pays you a percentage of the PV generated by up to 12 Generations of Business Associates deep.

The higher your rank, the more Generations you earn this bonus through.

4 • Retail Bonus

In order to qualify for this Retail Bonus you’ll need to personally purchase 30PV (~$50) worth of products each month.

The Retail Bonus pays you $1.35 (4.5%) when Business Associates in your downline, up to 15 Levels deep, purchase 30PV worth of products in order to qualify for this same bonus (pyramid scheme alert).

In addition, this Retail Bonus pays you 21% – 45% of the PV generated by the product purchases of your personally enrolled Business Associates after deducting their monthly maintenance of 30PV.

  • 0 – 99 excess PV = 21%
  • 100 – 199 excess PV = 25%
  • 200 – 399 excess PV = 29%
  • 400 – 799 excess PV = 33%
  • 800 – 1599 excess PV = 37%
  • 1600 – 3499 excess PV = 41%
  • 3500+ excess PV = 45%

If you gather 3500+ excess PV, you get promoted to a Super Distributor and you can qualify for the SD Development Bonus which pays you 10% of the excess PV of Business Associates in your downline who have also been promoted to a Super Distributor.

5 • Worldwide Incentive

Get an all-expense-paid luxury trip if you reach the Diamond 4 rank or higher.

Earn an all-expense paid trip and brand new car (latest model for the year) if you reach the rank of Diamond 6 or higher.

Get an all-expense paid trip and brand new SUV if you reach the rank of Diamond 7 or higher.

6 • Platinum VIP Incentive

Receive a 1% share of Longrich Bio’s worldwide PV every month if you purchase the Platinum VIP Entry Level.

7 • Star Director Worldwide Incentive

Receive a 2.5% share of Longrich Bio’s worldwide PV every month when you reach the rank of Star Director or higher.

You take a look at Longrich BioScience’s compensation plan for yourself right here. Don’t expect to understand anything though.

I also managed to locate a video that attempts to sum up the company’s compensation… The video sucks too but it’s the best that currently exists out there so it might be a good idea to give it a watch before moving on.

Please note that Longrich BioScience’s compensation plan might undergo changes from time to time so by the time you read this review, some of the info, the commission rates, the rank qualifications, etc that I shared with you right above might not be that accurate.

If you still have questions about it, you can contact the company’s support team through the contact form on its official website.

Or you could email me at and I will do my best to help you out.

Longrich BioScience Business Associate
Ranks & Qualifications

Diamond 1:

  • Accumulate 720GPV
  • or purchase the Gold Entry Level

Diamond 2:

  • Accumulate 1680GPV
  • or purchase the Platinum VIP Entry Level

Diamond 3:

  • Accumulate 3600GPV
  • Have at least 2 Diamond 2 Business Associates on 2 separate legs

Diamond 4:

  • Accumulate 15.000GPV
  • Have at least 2 Diamond 3 Business Associates on 2 separate legs

Diamond 5:

  • Accumulate 75.000GPV
  • Have at least 2 Diamond 4 Business Associates on 2 separate legs

Diamond 6:

  • Accumulate 225.000GPV
  • Have at least 2 Diamond 5 Business Associates on 2 separate legs

Diamond 7:

  • Accumulate 450.000GPV
  • Have at least 3 Diamond 5 Business Associates on 3 separate legs

1 Star Director:

  • Accumulate 1.5 million GPV
  • Have at least 3 Diamond 6 Business Associates on 3 separate legs

2 Star Director:

  • Accumulate 3.75 million GPV
  • Have at least 3 Diamond 7 Business Associates on 3 separate legs

3 Star Director:

  • Accumulate 9 million GPV
  • Have at least 3 Business Associates that have reached the rank of 1 Star Director on 3 separate legs

4 Star Director:

  • Accumulate 20 million GPV
  • Have at least 3 Business Associates that have reached the rank of 2 Star Director on 3 separate legs

5 Star Director:

  • Accumulate 60 million GPV
  • Have at least 3 Business Associates that have reached the rank of 3 Star Director on 3 separate legs

How to Join Longrich BioScience as a Business Associate?

Longrich BioScience has the worst, most obsolete registration process, BY FAR!

In order to join Longrich BioScience as a Business Associate, you first have to hit the “Registration” button on the top of the company’s official website.

Then, you’ll have to fill in the form on the page with some personal information as well as fill in manually (OMG) a field with the products you’d like to purchase for your enrollment.

The PV of the products you’ll choose to purchase must be equivalent to the Entry Level Pack you’d like to purchase.

For instance, if you go for the Gold Entry Pack, you’ll have to purchase 720PV worth of products that equals $1080.

When you submit the form, you’ll have to wait for another Business Associate to contact you and let you know about your next steps.

Apparently, you’ll have to let them know which Entry Level Pack you’d like to purchase and then deposit the money to the bank account of the company.

After your payment is confirmed, your Business Associate ID, as well as the products you selected, will be sent to you.

Seriously, even if Longrich BioScience offered the most perfect business opportunity, I wouldn’t join is solely based on the fact that their sign up process is so stupidly outdated.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Longrich BioScience as a Business Associate?

I can’t really understand why so many Longrich BioScience reviews out there claim that you can join the company as a Business Associate for free because this couldn’t be further from the truth…

Yes, the company doesn’t have a registration fee but in order to actually activate your Business Associate status and get your ID, you’ll have to purchase one of the Entry Level Packs below:

  • QSilver – $90
  • Silver – $360
  • Gold – $1080
  • Platinum VIP – $2500

Please note that depending on the country you live in, those Entry Level Packs and their respective prices might differ.

In addition, be aware that in order to qualify for all of the monthly bonuses, you’ll need to personally purchase 30PV (~$50) worth of products per month.

Is Longrich BioScience a Pyramid Scheme?

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

Make sure to watch the video below to discover how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme is that your income potential with a legit MLM is mostly based on selling the company’s actual products or services to retail customers while your income potential with a pyramid scheme is mostly or solely based on recruiting other people into the scheme.

Not all MLMs are legitimate. If the money you make through an MLM is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate one. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not legit. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of their participants lose money. – Federal Trade Commission

Longrich BioScience is indeed a pyramid scheme.

First of all, in order to enroll as a Business Associate, you’ll need to personally purchase an Entry Level Pack yourself. This Entry Level Pack purchase generates PV that will then be used to pay out your upline through the Performance Bonus.

In short, old recruits earn money off of the purchases of the new recruits (pyramid scheme).

In addition, in order to qualify for the Performance Bonus and the Development Bonus, you’ll need to recruit at least 2 other Business Associates. The Leadership Bonus pays you based off of the Performance Bonus that your downline Business Associates earn up to 12 Levels deep.

Also, the amount of money you’ll be able to earn through the Performance Bonus is dictated by which Entry Level Pack you purchase upon your signup. The more expensive Entry Level Pack you purchase the higher commissions you’ll earn (Pay to Play).

Furthermore, in order to qualify for every single one of the monthly bonuses, you’ll have to personally purchase 30PV (~$50) worth of products per month.

The PV generated by your monthly purchase will also be used to pay out the monthly bonuses of your sponsor and their upline (pyramid scheme).

Lastly, the only way to qualify for the Platinum VIP incentive is to purchase a Platinum VIP Pack which costs $2500 (Pay to Play again).

If everything I just mentioned confused you, well, let me sum it up…

Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme!

That’s it…

Longrich BioScience Pros

1 • Established Company

Longrich BioScience has been in business for almost 34 years now. Not many companies are able to achieve such a feat…

In addition, the company has been operating the MLM business model for 11 years which is exceptional considering that most MLM companies burn to the ground before they even hit the 5-year mark…

However, the fact that the company was already quite established when it started operating as an MLM definitely played an extremely important role in its ability to sustain the MLM business model for the long term.

Furthermore, it is said that Longrich BioScience still operates the traditional sales model in conjunction with its MLM business model along with providing Original Equipment Manufacturing solutions for global brands including TESCO, Unilever, GSK, Walmart, Marks & Spencer, etc.

This means that even if the MLM portion of the company is faulty, which is because it operates as a pyramid scheme, it could be considered sustainable due to the fact that the company is employing various other legit and profitable business models in conjunction with it.

The main downside of Longrich BioScience being so established is that its target market will probably already be way too saturated so you might have great difficulty breaking into it and finding people to recruit or purchase the company’s products due to the sheer amount of already existing Business Associates out there.

Longrich BioScience Cons

1 • It's a Pyramid Scheme

Yeap, unfortunately, Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme…

Pyramid schemes are extremely volatile and have very short expiration dates.

Once recruits start drying out, money stops flowing in, distributors stop getting paid and start jumping ship, and the scheme starts collapsing.

This is why pyramid schemes are an awful choice for those who are after building a long-term, sustainable income.

Even if they don’t collapse by themselves, when the attention of some regulatory authority such as the FTC falls upon them, they will eventually get shut down anyway.

According to the FTC, 99.6% of people recruited in a pyramid scheme will either never make money or lose money.

FTC goes on to state that all pyramid schemes are scams and that pyramid schemes usually disguise as legitimate MLM business opportunities, but those who end up becoming a part of a pyramid scheme usually lose family, friends, and substantial amounts of time and money.

According to, a Botswana publication, claims that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) is currently investigating Longrich Botswana which is part of Longrich BioScience because it swindled more than 200 people out of millions of Pula.

Those people were promised that they would receive a Hyundai Elantra and a monthly salary for recruiting more people into the scheme which of course they never received.

Furthermore, claims that Longrich BioScience Business Associates in South Africa were approaching people on several social media channels telling them that by investing just R5000, they would earn guaranteed amounts of up to R50.000 per week for recruiting other people.

A pyramid scheme at is finest!

Be very careful people!

2 • Complicated Compensation Plan

Performance Bonus, Entry Levels, matrixes, generations, weak and power legs, various percentages, different ranks and levels, shares, yadda yadda yadda.

A person who is newly introduced to the MLM business model doesn’t stand a chance of really grasping exactly how Longrich BioScience is going to compensate them once they join as a Business Associate.

This is no random occurrence though…

MLM companies make their compensation plans so complicated on purpose to “confuse” people into joining them.

It’s called “Complexity Bias” and it’s the tendency of people to trust complex concepts more than simple ones.

Marketers use complexity bias all the time to boost the sales of a product/service by incorporating confusing language or insignificant details into its packaging or sales copy.

MLM companies do the exact same thing with their compensation plans to get more people to join them.

And no, I am not making things up…

You can read all about complexity bias right here.

However, Longrich BioScience’s compensation plan is just so poorly written that it’s practically incomprehensible and I really don’t think that it was purposefully written this way.

Chances are that the company’s team just can’t write an understandable compensation plan.

3 • Expensive Enrollment Packs

Another major con of Longrich BioScience is that its Enrollment Packs are quite expensive.

Yes, the QSilver costs only $90 but let’s not kid ourselves here… Going for the QSilver is going to grant you access to what? 2-3 products?

If you are serious about earning money with Longrich BioScience, you’ll have to purchase one of its most expensive Enrollment Packs in order to get your hands on more products to make demonstrations and give away as samples to potential customers and recruits.

The Silver one costs $360.

Also, consider that when the products you got with your Enrollment Pack run out you’ll have to personally purchase more them for demonstration and sampling purposes.

Add up the $50 worth of products that you’ll have to personally purchase per month in order to qualify for the monthly bonuses.

The subsequent expenses of attempting to build an income with Longrich BioScience could rise up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

For me, that’s way too much money to invest in a pyramid scheme.

Especially if you consider that starting and running a legit online business is way cheaper while offering a lot more chances of actually making a profit.

For instance, I have built 3 online businesses with the help of Wealthy Affiliate until now by investing only $24.9 per month (less than half of a monthly qualifying purchase of a Longrich BioScience Business Associate)

It’s a no brainer.

4 • No Income Disclosure Statement

The fact that Longrich BioScience has been operating an MLM business model for 11 years and it hasn’t released a single Income Disclosure Statement is kinda unacceptable.

It’s fairly obvious that Longrich BioScience tries to keep the extremely low income of its Business Associates under the radar in order for potential Business Associates to not be discouraged from joining.

On the other hand, all Income Disclosure Statements I’ve come across until now reveal the exact same thing – that the vast majority of MLM reps never actually make any profit and those who do make a profit, would have to throw an additional couple of bucks on top of it to buy a pizza.

Chances are that if Longrich BioScience published an IDS tomorrow it would tell the exact same story…

5 • No Replicated Business Website

Most MLM companies provide their distributors with a replicated website which they can use to reach people online and thus increase their sales and recruits.

Longrich BioScience doesn’t… 

As it seems, the only way Business Associates sell Longrich BioScience’s products is face to face.

In this era of eCommerce, this is an enormous step back and most likely one of the most prominent reasons that you’d never succeed in building a serious income with Longrich BioScience even if Longrich BioScience was a legit MLM.

Quoting Bill Gates,

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business!

6 • Obscure Owner

Another thing that alarms me about Longrich BioScience is that there is so little information online about its founder and owner, Xu Zhiwei.

On its website, Longrich BioScience claims that Xu Zhiwei is “The most influential man in China’s household product and cosmetics industries” and among “The top 10 credible entrepreneurs in China” and yet he has zero digital footprints and there’s literally no information about him anywhere online.

Is he even the real founder and owner of Longrich BioScience? places him as the chairman of Longrich since 2014. Could this be true?

I have even come across a couple of claims that Longrich BioScience could have originated in Nigeria.

I don’t know what to believe but I am 100% sure that MLMs and specifically pyramid schemes can go a lot out of their way in an attempt to conceal unpleasant truths and mislead people.

7 • Unprofessional Website

Longrich BioScience’s website is literally one of the worst designed, ugly, and hard-to-navigate websites I’ve ever come across.

A company’s website serves as its online storefront.

The so poor quality of Longrich BioScience’s website is a testament to the company’s unprofessionalism.

Doesn’t Longrich BioScience, a MULTI-MILLION company, care enough to make its website better?

Well, I should expect nothing less from a pyramid scheme…

Longrich BioScience MLM Review Summary



No Income Disclosure Statement. 99.6% of those who join a pyramid scheme either lose or make no money.



Products for sampling & demonstration.



$90 – $2500 for Entry Level Pack purchase + $50 per month to qualify for the monthly bonuses.



Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme…

Overall Rating


Is Longrich BioScience Suggested?

Truthfully, Longrich BioScience is among the top 5 worst MLM companies I’ve reviewed so far.

Okay, where should I start?

First and foremost, there are tons of tattletale signs that the company operates as a pyramid scheme, such as

  • The mandatory Entry Level Pack purchases
  • The monthly qualification orders
  • The Pay to Play model
  • The fact that the company targets poor countries where people are the most likely to fall for such schemes and scams
  • etc

Those facts alone should be enough to make you want to run away from this company…

Secondly, its compensation plan is poorly written, incomplete, and unreadable. Seriously, even a 5-year old would have managed to make it much more comprehensive.

Its website is of the lowest possible quality, something that makes the entire company seem awfully unprofessional. And it’s not like they don’t have the required funds to invest in improving their website because Longrich BioScience is supposed to be a multi-million dollar company.

It just seems that they don’t care enough about having a decent online presence, something that frankly pisses me off even more.

Furthermore, the lack of an Income Disclosure Statement is a definite sign that the company tries to hide the fact that the vast majority of its Business Associates probably earn very little to no money.

After all, according to FTC, 99.6% of those who join a pyramid scheme either lose or make no money whatsoever, remember?

In addition, the fact that Longrich BioScience doesn’t even care about the success of its Business Associates.  

This doesn’t come as such of a surprise though…

After all pyramid schemes run on constant recruitment.

They don’t really care if their Business Associates sell their products as long as they recruit other people who will purchase enrollment packs and products on a monthly basis in order to keep themselves active and qualified for commissions.

So, before joining Longrich BioScience as a Business Associate, ask yourself if you want to invest your time and money in such a “business opportunity”.

If so, then well, you have my blessing!

If not, make sure to check out a better money-making opportunity right here.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

20 Responses

  1. I did direct research about Longrich Bioscience International from people who live in China, and they all confirmed that they had known the company for more than 22 years. In those years they have been using their products and are high quality. I have used Longrich cordycept militaris capsules, cordycept coffee, energy cup, green tea, mouth refresher, power bank, brown tea. My wife is using bamboo soap, baby heat powder, SOD cream. We have been using their products for the last two years, and I assure you that they’re the best in the market.

    Please judge with good conscience, there are many scam companies you can write all these about, and it will be accurate. Longrich registers people for free, but your membership is activated when you buy a product. Do your research from people in Longrich, and you will stop deceiving the world with lies. I am a member, and I assure you that Longrich’s compensation plan corrected most mistakes. I only buy products I use, yet I get paid. Longrich does not force you to buy and sell products. I have been a member for two years, and you can do it online. Please stop spreading lies. God will judge those who lie, and they will go to hellfire. Information about people who joined with zero money and made it in Longrich exists everywhere on the internet, including on Facebook.

    1. Sure, I’ll take your word for it! I always trust religiously preoccupied MLM supporters. They’re so rational and objective.


  2. Hi Harry,

    First I’d like to thank you, for the time you have invested in this research and trying to help people to avoid these scams.

    I am from Angola (Africa). English is not my first language, so I’ll try my best…I have been hearing so much about how rich you may become by joining Longrich and a friend of mine actually advised me to join, so I decided to do a little research and try to understand better how they operate before taking such a step and I came across your article.

    I am not someone who accepts such things that easily until I’m sure it’s legit and I can profit from it.

    With no influence whatsoever I have come to a conclusion that the Longrich MLM model is a scam, and you are completely right.

    I see this conversation took place a while ago however your research will still be there to help many more people like me, to have a balanced view of how Longrich operates, rather than having people so desperate to make money talking you into it, like as if it was the best thing ever and becoming too blind to see the risks.

    So again thanks man and all the best!

    1. Hey Alexandre, thanks a lot for your kind words. I’m glad that you found my article helpful!

      I’m here if you need any additional help…

      Your English was perfect by the way.

      All the best and stay safe,


  3. You didn’t do well on this post because some of the things you said are not true.

    You went to a shop, bought products and they gave you what you bought. If the company is just dashing out money anyhow they should have folded. Longrich is the best! They are not pursuing anyone to hawk or look for people.

    In terms of products and compensation plans, they are the best. It is what you want that you’ll get in Longrich. That’s the fact!

    Stop spoiling other people’s businesses.

    1. You claim that some of the things I said are not true but yet, you don’t point out which things.

      How many compensation plans does Longrich BioScience have? The one I came across indicated that Longrich is a pyramid scheme.

      Please note that I’m not here to comment on Longrich as a whole but rather review its MLM “business” model.

      I’m not spoiling any business. I’m just putting together information that is freely available online.

      It’s not my fault that this information signifies that Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme.

      All the best,


    1. Well Phelix, it’s pretty simple.

      As mentioned within the review, in order to activate your Longrich BioScience Business Associate status you’ll need to pay at least $90 for the “QSilver” Entry Level Pack.

      In addition, in order to remain active and qualified for commissions, you’ll need to personally purchase $50 worth of products per month.

      Now, if you take a look at Longrich BioScience’s compensation plan, you’ll see that its entire commission structure is based on purchases made by other Business Associates in your downline.

      This basically means that if you don’t manage to recruit enough people into the scheme, you might end up earning less than the $50 you’ll be paying per month to remain active and qualified for commissions.

      Earning less than what you’re investing = losing money.

      Now, someone could easily state “Okay, then I’ll recruit some people to make a profit”.

      However, recruiting is not as simple and easy as those who’re trying to get you to join the scheme present it to be.

      Building a healthy downline requires immense amounts of effort and skill.

      This has nothing to do with selling Longrich Bioscience’s products but rather with trying to convince people to join its money-making opportunity.

      If you can’t quite understand what I’m saying here, I strongly suggest that you thoroughly study the workings of the MLM business model before you even consider investing time, energy, and money in an MLM company.

      All the best,


  4. Because you want to promote your business, your downgrading another.

    This is shameful.

    If you were sincere, you could have said all that without trying to promote yours in the end. Moreso all your claims are based on bias and not entirely true.

    1. Longrich BioScience is recruit oriented, it has many “pay to play” instances, its owner is indeed obscure, and it hasn’t released a single income disclosure statement since it got launched.

      That’s not just my opinion. Those are facts that can be confirmed by any human being who has the ability to conduct decent online research.

      The MLM statistics I shared at the beginning of the review are derived from research conducted by the most reliable sources, including FTC, and Wikipedia.

      I admit that I’m biased towards the MLM business model in general but that’s just because the vast majority of MLM companies take advantage of it to put together pyramid schemes that benefit no one but those who founded them.

      I’m not promoting anything…

      I’m merely suggesting an alternate business opportunity which I deem a lot better because it has helped me build a full-time income online and earn my living while working from home.

      You support that all my claims are based on bias and not entirely true but you have neither bothered sharing with us exactly which of my claims are untrue nor present any alternatives…

      Frankly, your comment contributes nothing to this review other than attacking someone who is trying to help others find their way and improve their life.

      THAT’S shameful!


      1. You should be the one ashamed but I know you can’t because of your selfish reasons.

        Be very sincere with yourself and look inwards, aren’t you doing this for your own gain?

        What do you stand to gain by bringing others down?

        Is Longrich the only company using network marketing to make their products go viral?

        Read “Business of the 21st century” by Robert Kiyosaki and learn more about network marketing.

        I must let you know that Longrich products are very effective and have helped a lot of people overcome their health challenges.

        Many have also achieved financial freedom on Longrich platform. Why do you need to promote your own money-making opportunity by bringing another business down? You can’t go up by bringing others down.

        I’ve simply said the truth. I don’t expect you to take this lightly.

        1. I’m not ashamed even in the slightest degree…

          The money-making opportunity I’m suggesting has helped hundreds of people, including me, completely change their financial situation forever.

          Believe it or not, if I had written a positive Longrich BioScience Review which would get people to join the company as Business Associates under me using my referral link, I’d make a hell of a lot more money than diverting those people to another platform.

          However, I’m not a sellout.

          Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme either you want it or not…

          The company is recruit oriented, it has many “pay to play” instances, it reveals no info about who owns it, and it hasn’t released a single income disclosure statement since it got launched.

          This isn’t just my opinion. I’m just presenting facts that can be found in plain sight.

          And no, I’m not trying to bring the company down in any way…

          If you see dozens of cockroaches into a restaurant’s kitchen and then tell your friends to avoid eating there, you’re not trying to bring the restaurant down but rather protect your friends from getting food poisoning.

          This is exactly what I’m doing here!

          I’ve never mentioned that you can’t earn money with the MLM business model… And yes, you can even make money within a pyramid scheme.

          However, eventually, pyramid schemes either collapse on themselves when recruitments dry out or get shut down by regulators such as the FTC which by the way considers all pyramid schemes illegal.

          I don’t know much about Longrich BioScience’s products so you might be 100% right about them. However, this is a review of the company’s business opportunity not its products.

          Lastly, there’s no such thing as the ultimate truth about anything. Truth is subjective. Even the roundness of the earth is debatable.

          If you want to show me your truth about Longrich BioScience, please proceed with facts.

          Let me know why the company isn’t a pyramid scheme, or recruit oriented, or “pay to play”. Share with me information about its owner and show me an income disclosure statement.

          Again, use facts and not pointless generalities, such as “Many have also achieved financial freedom on Longrich platform.”

          This doesn’t help anyone.


  5. Nice to have you here. I am going to present a powerful about a credible business platform that has changed so many people who do not depend on the government and relatives.

    In this platform, you start from no way and become somebody from somewhere. The dreams you have been having in mind are going to be a reality once you plug yourself in.

    When I mean team building, I mean inviting people to join you to purchase their products and then you get paid for bringing them to the company. The more people you bring, the more your earnings in different perspectives like weekly payment, cars awards of 3,7,5,10, etc million Naira, trips awards of 1 million Naira + Shoppings and so much more. This platform is for everybody no matter the level you are.

    Long Rich is a 34 years old multinational company. It is a leading Chinese company founded in 1986 operating in over 200 countries with research institutes in New York, France, Japan, and China. Manufactures under OEM/ ODM [Original Equipment Manufacturer/ Original Design Manufacturer] for big brands like GSK, FESCO, WALMART, AVON, etc.

    Pattern manufacturing is the main business of the company.
    If all these companies can trust Longrich Bioscience International then you are in the right multilevel marketing company.

    Unlike Apple, Longrich has marked to be 100 yrs in existence. Currently, the company is 34 yrs. Subtract 34 yrs from 100 yrs. How old are you now? and what are you going to use the remaining yrs for?

    Below are the benefits you will get from partnering with this brand.
    UNLIKE CHEVRON, SHELL, MOBIL, AGIP, ALOTS MORE. LONGRICH IS BEATING THEM ALL Most Oil workers I know are into Longrich. Can you imagine? A multilevel marketing company that ensures both the rich, poor, young, and old are together building teams?

    1. Hi Ubong.

      Thanks a lot for all the info you shared with us about Longrich BioScience here!

      I’m sorry that I omitted all the links you had included but self-promotion is not allowed here.

      Best wishes,


  6. Dear Harry,

    I am from Nigeria and I think you’ve done a fantastic job in your research, I don’t know much about Longrich but I believe its a pyramid scheme.

    I’ve just had a friend requesting me to join but the style of his sales pitch to me was very ferocious and aggressive, I felt hounded rather than invited lol, this is the common attributes of people who become pyramid scheme addicts, they don’t realize the amount of damage it does to their reputation such as trust, perception, and reliability their immediate concern is usually getting a new recruit and nothing more.

    Any business that thrives and relies on bringing new members is definitely a pyramid scheme.

    keep up the good work Harry!


    1. Hi Derek, thanks a lot for your kind words as well as for sharing your experience with Longrich BioScience with us!

      After receiving a couple of comments from people claiming that I need to “get my facts straight” or that I’m just “badmouthing” Longrich, I got kind of skeptical and started conducting even deeper research.

      Truthfully, every single evidence I came across pointed me to the exact same conclusion…

      Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme.

      That’s not just my opinion, that’s a fact.

      Stay safe,


  7. Most of your information about Longrich is not true. Yes Longrich has entry levels but the registration is completely free.

    Please get more facts about Longrich from the link below if you indeed want to know more about the company *link omitted*

    1. Hi Jesse, I respectfully disagree with you.

      I’ve done extensive research on Longrich before writing this review and I’ve come across dozens of claims of people an publications that the company is lying its b*tt off in order to get its hands on people’s money without actually giving anything in return.

      The link that you sent me to “get more facts” was a 300-word article written by a Nigerian with poor grammar who was completely praising Longrich in Nigeria without presenting any facts whatsoever to back his claims.

      At the end of his article, he even provides his telephone number and asks people to call him in order to sign them up.

      He is clearly a recruiter who can’t be trusted.

      FYI, Longrich and other similar scammy companies tend to target poor countries like Nigeria because people there are gullible and desperate to earn money and will believe any crap they tell them.

      Please don’t keep sharing that link on the internet… You become part of the problem.

      Best wishes,


      1. You’re simply selling your product by bad mouthing other people’s businesses. Quite unfortunate.

        1. It would be considered badmouthing if Longrich BioScience’s MLM opportunity was indeed legit.

          Since Longrich BioScience is a pyramid scheme that is very unlikely to deliver any of its money-making claims, “badmouthing” automatically becomes “exposing”.

          And I neither own nor sell any product…

          People come here looking for a money-making opportunity and I’m simply suggesting to them the one that helped me build a full-time income online just like I would do with my mother or my friends.

          Please let me know exactly what piece of information I’ve included in this review you disagree with, as well as why, with solid facts because right now, you’re the one badmouthing me, a person who is currently helping more than 40,000 people per month escape scams and finally land on legit programs that will truly help them achieve their financial goals.

          I’m waiting.


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