Is B-Epic a Scam? All You Need to Know… [MLM Review]

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B-Epic is a company that operates within the health and wellness market.

The company manufactures and distributes supplements that help you boost your performance and vitality, lose weight, as well as take care of your skin.

B-Epic also has an MLM compensation plan in place, meaning that the company will pay you money for distributing its products to retail customers as its  “Brand Partner” as well as for getting other people to enroll as B-Epic’s Brand Partners and distribute the company’s products themselves…

This raises a few questions…

-Is B-Epic actually legit?
-Are its products worth it?
-Does its compensation plan offer the potential for you to achieve your financial goals?
-Or is it just another scammy pyramid scheme like the ones who leave those who join them hundreds of dollars poorer?

In this B-Epic review, you’ll discover everything you need to know to make an informed decision about whether this company is worth your time, attention, and money or not, such as

  • What B-Epic is
  • How it works
  • The company’s background and owners
  • How much it costs to join
  • Its compensation plan
  • If it’s a pyramid scheme or not
  • The products it offers
  • Pros and cons
  • and much more

Let’s get cracking!

B-Epic Review Overview

Name: B-Epic

Owners: Eric Caprarese

Price: Free – $89.95 per month (I’ll explain later)


Official Website:

Suggested? Not Really…

Before I move on to the actual B-Epic MLM review, I want to reveal to you some general MLM statistics that will probably SHOCK you to your very core.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics

The Network Marketing Game

As mentioned earlier, B-Epic is an MLM company that manufactures and distributes a variety of health and wellness supplements.

B-Epic was founded back in 2016 by Eric Caprarese.

According to my research, Eric has been familiar with the business world since 1991 when he began East Coast Sun Systems Inc., a company that distributed tanning equipment and supplies.

Since then, he has built a lot of successful companies from the ground up.

Most of them are in the nutritional supplements and skincare markets and have been standing for a lot of years.

For instance, one of his companies, 5 Star Labs LLC, was created back in 2003 and is still active to this very day. Another company of his, PR90 was created in 2011 and is also still active.

Eric is considered one of America’s most successful network marketing representatives and was awarded the title of Top 100 MLM Mentors within his industry. 

He was also voted as being among the highest ranks of elite network marketers with close to half a million marketing representatives in his personal organizations spanning all around the globe.

On the other hand, it seems that one of his companies, Brain Abundance Inc., which was actually B-Epic’s predecessor, failed within 2 years. 

B-Epic’s mission is twofold…

  • Make you your “Best Self Ever” through its supplements
  • Help you achieve financial independence and time freedom through its compensation plan
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B-Epic's Products and Prices

According to B-Epic, its products are based on the latest research of the raw ingredients used for centuries in ancient medicinal practices from around the world. To ensure maximum potency, they source the purest, whole food ingredients and utilize modern extract technologies. In addition to using only the highest quality raw materials, their products are made in top-notch manufacturing facilities to guarantee quality.

The products that B-Epic manufactures and distributes are the following:

  • Elev8 – Advanced Performance Product for Mind and Body ($49.95 – $89.95)
  • Acceler8 – Powerful and all Natural Detox, Weight-loss, and Sleep Product ($59.95 – $99.95)
  • Gr8Kids – Nutritional Power Sticks ($49.95 – $89.95)
  • Rejuven8 – Skin Rejuvenation Serum with Goji Stem Cell Technology (N/A)
DON'T bother joining an MLM...

…until you’ve taken a good look at these shocking MLM statistics.

So, How Can I Earn Money With B-Epic?

To participate in B-Epic’s compensation plan, you first need to sign up as the company’s Brand Partner.

You can do that through B-Epic’s official website ( under the “Opportunity” menu tab.

In order to complete the signup process, you’ll need two things…

First, you’ll need to have the code or username of another B-Epic Brand Partners.

B-Epic Sponsor Name or Code

If you don’t, then you can either look online for one or contact B-Epic at and they will probably bring you in touch with a sponsor who is active in your area.

P.S. I am NOT a sponsor of B-Epic.

Secondly, you’ll need to purchase one of B-Epic’s products yourself. You can either use that product, give it away as a sample, or re-sell it. Your call…

Be aware that in order to qualify for commissions, you need to keep yourself as an “active” Brand Partner, meaning that you have to put at least one personal order per month, as well as sponsor at least one other active B-Epic Brand Partner.

So, now that everything is in place, let’s take a deeper dive into B-Epic’s compensation plan, shall we?

B-Epic's Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so overly complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

Despite the fact that B-Epic’s compensation plan is really not that complicated compared to the compensation plans of other MLM companies like Zyndio it will probably be difficult for the average person who has no experience with MLM to fully grasp it.

But, that’s why I am here…

To get you up to speed really quick!

So, B-Epic compensates you for your sales and recruiting efforts in 7 different ways.

  1. Customer Bonus
  2. Fast Start Bonus
  3. Two Team Play
  4. Sponsoring Matching Bonus
  5. Generation Matching Bonus
  6. Global Bonus Pool
  7. Car Bonus

1 • Customer Bonus

Earn 50% commissions on all your retail customer purchases.

For instance, when someone buys $300 worth of B-Epic products through your personalized B-Epic website, $150 goes into your pocket.

2 • Fast Start Bonus

Earn 50% commissions on the first order of every Brand Partner that you personally referred to B-Epic.

3 • Two Team Play

This bonus is paid via an MLM binary compensation plan structure.

Consider the image below…

Binary Compensation Plan

The one at the very top of the “pyramid” is you.

Below you there is a person on your left and a person on your right.

Both of those people have been referred to B-Epic as Brand Partners by you; you are their sponsor.

The person on your left is the start of your left leg and the person on your right is the start of your right leg (obviously).

Each leg can contain an unlimited amount of people who are recruited as B-Epic’s Brand Partners either by you or by anyone else on your legs.

Every single time a customer of a Brand Partner or the Brand Partner himself on your left leg purchases a B-Epic product the sales volume of the left leg increases. The same goes for the right leg as well.

The leg which generates the bigger sales volume is considered your power leg and the leg which generates the smaller sales volume is considered your weak leg.

This Two Team Play bonus is paid on a weekly basis and the amount of money that you are going to get paid is 20% of the total sales volume of your weaker leg.

For instance, if your weaker leg has generated a $1000 sales volume for the week, you will get paid $200.

Please note that in order to qualify for this weekly bonus you need to reach the Qualified Brand Partner rank (I’ll talk about B-Epic’s ranks later on).

4 • Sponsoring Matching Bonus

This bonus is paid via an MLM uni-level compensation plan structure.

Unilevel Compensation Plan

Uni-level means that when you personally recruit someone as a B-Epic Brand Partner, they are placed right below you (level 1).

When your personally recruited Brand Partners recruit more Brand Partners themselves, they are placed below them (level 2), and so on.

The Sponsoring Matching bonus is calculated based on how much money your personally recruited Brand Partners (level 1) earn through the Two Team Play we talked above.

For instance, when a Brand Partner on your 1st level makes $1000 a week through the Two Team Play, you earn $200. When 10 Brand Partners on your 1st level make $1000 a week each through the Two Team Play, you earn $2000, and so on.

5 • Generation Matching Bonus

Once you reach the Silver Qualified Brand Partner rank or higher, you also get a 10% commissions based on the sales volume of up to four generations of Silver Qualified Brand Partners or higher rank that you have personally recruited to B-Epic.

The start of a “generation” is recognized when one of your recruited Brand Partners has reached the rank of Silver Qualified Brand Partner or higher.

That generation includes all the members below that Silver Qualified Brand Partner until the next person who has also reached the rank of Silver Qualified Brand Partner rank or higher where the first generation ends and the second begins (see image below).

B-Epic Generation Matching Bonus

6 • Global Bonus Pool

Diamond and higher ranked B-Epic Brand Partners receive 2% of B-Epic’s company-wide sales volume every month.

For instance, if B-Epic makes $100.000 a month and you are Diamond and higher, you earn $2000.

7 • Car Bonus

B-Epic also pays you a $500 a month Car Bonus.

To qualify for the Car Bonus you need to

  • personally purchase at least $89.95 worth of B-Epic product each month
  • recruit four Brand Partners who also purchase $89.95 a month worth of B-Epic products
  • have at least four personally referred Brand Partners who have also personally recruited four Brand Partners each who also purchase $89.95 a month worth of B-Epic products each

If you do not want a vehicle, you can opt out of this bonus and B-Epic will still pay you a $250/month bonus that you can use any way you want for as  long as you maintain the qualifications for it.

You can take a look at B-Epic’s full compensation plan right here.

The 3 short videos below might also help you get a better grasp of it so make sure that you watch them before going any further.

Please note that B-Epic’s compensation plan might undergo changes from time to time so by the time you read this review, some of the info, the commission rates, the rank bonuses, etc that are displayed in the links ad videos I shared with you right above might not be that accurate.

If you still have questions about B-Epic’s compensation plan, you could contact its support team at

Or you could contact me at and I will do my best to help you out.

B-Epic's Ranks and Qualifications

B-Epic Ranks and Qualifications

How Much Does It Cost to Become B-Epic's Brand Partner?

B-Epic’s Brand Partner membership is tied to a mandatory product order.

In order to become a B-Epic Brand Partner, you will be prompted to purchase a B-Epic product yourself. You can choose whichever product you want. The cheapest one is the Elev8 Sample Pack which costs $24.95

You can use this product yourself, give it to potential customers as a sample, or re-sell it.

In order to keep yourself qualified for earnings, you need to keep personally purchasing at least one B-Epic product per month.

Silver Qualified Brand Partners and higher need to purchase $89.95 worth of B-Epic products per month.

In short, to earn money as a B-Epic Brand Partner you will need to keep paying $24.95 – $89.95 per month on personal orders depending on your current rank.

Is B-Epic a Pyramid Scheme?

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

The video below will help you understand how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme is that MLMs give you the opportunity to earn commissions by selling actual products or services to other people in retail without having to recruit them while with a pyramid scheme the only way to earn money is by recruiting other people into the scheme.

Since with B-Epic you have the option to earn commissions by pushing the company’s products to retail customers, technically B-Epic is NOT a pyramid scheme.

However, since B-Epic’s compensation plan is geared towards paying Brand Partners with commissions earned through the monthly orders of their sponsored Brand Partners, B-Epic starts resembling a Ponzi Scheme.

And it’s not pretty at all…

B-Epic Pros

1 • Money-Back Guarantees

The thing that I like the most about B-Epic is that all its products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Products with money-back guarantees definitely sell easier than those who have none!

People just seem to feel more comfortable spending money on something for which they could get a refund anytime they want if they needed to.

In addition, research shows that money-back guarantees increase customers’ feelings of satisfaction with their purchase, making them more likely to make another purchase from the same seller.

This is all in your favor because more sales = more money for you!

2 • Free Replicated Website & Sales Pages

Upon signing up as a B-Epic Brand Partner, the company provides you a pre-made website (replica of as well as some sales pages which people can visit and purchase the B-Epic products they need online.

When someone who visits your products sales pages purchases one or more B-Epic products through them, you earn 50% commissions of the total amount of money paid by that customer.

In addition, if someone signs up as a B-Epic Brand Partner through your replicated website you become their sponsor and they become part of your downline. 

If marketed the right way, this website could help you maximize your customers, commissions, and recruits.

3 • Experienced Leadership

A lot of studies have shown that one of the most prominent reasons that MLM companies fail is bad leadership.

As mentioned earlier, Eric is the owner of many companies that have been successfully employing the MLM business model towards distributing various health and wellness supplements for many years.

This kinda reassures me that the company is probably in good hands and won’t tank within the next few months.

B-Epic Cons

1 • Complicated for Retail Customers

B-Epic has made the process of purchasing their products very complicated for retail customers.

First of all, it’s not possible for a retail customer to purchase B-Epic products without having a Brand Partner’s code or username (bad).

Let’s assume that the customer found a Brand Partner’s code and managed to access the products.

On the checkout page, B-Epic automatically designates the customer as a Brand Partner without giving them the option to deny.

The only way for someone to purchase B-Epic’s products in retail without signing up as a Brand Partner is through specific sales pages of each one of B-Epic’s products which can only be provided by other Brand Partners.

To make things even worse, those product sales pages don’t function correctly as they sometimes redirect you back to B-Epic’s website which in turn automatically designates you as a Brand Partner again in order to let you make your purchase.

2 • Borderline Ponzi Scheme

The lack of retail focus that I just talked about along with the fact that B-Epic’s compensation plan is geared towards paying older Brand Partners with commissions earned through the monthly orders of their sponsored new Brand Partners, makes B-Epic resemble a Ponzi Scheme.

3 • Predecessor Closed Down

B-Epics predecessor Brain Abundance Inc. closed down 2 years and 5 months after its initial launch…

That’s not a good sign.

And taking into account that B-Epic’s and Brain Abundance’s compensation plans closely resemble one another, B-Epic is probably heading down the exact same path.

B-Epic is running for a little more than 3 years now so I guess that we are going to find out soon.

One thing is certain…

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes collapse extremely fast once they start running out of new investors.

4 • Expensive Membership

As mentioned earlier, in order to qualify for earning commissions with B-Epic for you need to purchase $24.95 worth of B-Epic’s products per month if your rank is lower than Silver Qualified Brand Partner or $89.95 worth of products per month if you rank as a Silver Qualified Brand Partner or higher.

In my eyes, this is way too expensive especially if you take into consideration that at least 27% of the people who participate in an MLM venture will never actually profit and a whopping 47% of MLM participants will even end up having lost money until they decide to finally give up.

And those are statistics about MLMs…

If you take into consideration that B-Epic barely misses the Ponzi Scheme bullet, I’ll bet that earning a profit with it is way more unlikely than it would be if it were a normal MLM company…

Paying $89.95 per month for so few chances of success is absurd…

5 • No Income Disclosure Statement

The fact that B-Epic hasn’t released a single Income Disclosure Statement in the 4 years it has operating is kinda unacceptable.

I can safely assume that the reason behind this lack of an IDS is that the vast majority of B-Epic’s Brand Partners are generating so little revenue that if made public, potential Brand Partners would never actually bother to join the company.

On the other hand, all Income Disclosure Statements I’ve come across until now reveal the exact same thing – that the vast majority of MLM reps never actually make any profit and those who do make a profit, would have to throw an additional couple of bucks on top of it to buy a pizza.

I know, you know, and the trees in my backyard know that if B-Epic published an IDS tomorrow it would tell the exact same story…

Is B-Epic Suggested?

Personally, I wouldn’t go for B-Epic mostly because its compensation plan revolves around recruiting other people, something that makes the company resemble a Ponzi scheme. 

In addition, the fact that B-Epic’s comp plan closely resembles that of its predecessor Brain Abundance Inc. which didn’t last more than 2 and a half years is definitely not a good sign…

If I were to guess, I’d say that B-Epic is going to suffer a similar fate very soon.

Furthermore, the lack of an Income Disclosure Statement on B-Epic’s part is probably an indication that the success rate and income potential of their average Brand Partner could both be extremely low…

Do you really want to invest your time and money in such a “business opportunity”?

If so, then well, you have my blessing!

If not, make sure to check out a better money-making opportunity right here.

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  1. CC

    My two cents…….I was approached by an acquaintance about B-Epic. My doctor told me I needed to take collagen. This acquaintance told me about Regener8, not knowing what my doctor had told me. I was impressed that it had collagen plus some other recommended ingredients.

    I signed up just to get the discount. Yet I couldn’t purchase just 1 Regener8 to try it out. I had to sign up for auto-ship. I called the company about it and kept being told I had to sign up for auto-ship. Thinking it may have been just that person pushing auto-ship, I called again in a couple of days. Told the same thing.

    I told the acquaintance I wasn’t ready for auto-ship, that I would like to buy 1 package of Regener8 from her to try it out. After using it a few weeks I was ready to go auto-ship.

    Now I can’t get ahold of the company by phone. A recording said they no longer have customer service by phone. Tried again… This time the recording says I am out of their calling zone.

    Called a few more times with different recordings. I can’t get in the back office either to start the auto-ship. I now asked my upline about it. She says they are updating their systems.

    It all sounds crazy to me. Can’t call or get in the back office. Upline says they want everything done through email now. Sounds crazy to me. By the time someone answers the email, takes several days. I don’t care about it anymore. I’m no longer interested in a company with no customer service.

    1. Harry

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with B-Epic with us.

      Truth is that nowadays, many companies shut down call centers and shift to e-mail based customer service so I’m not sure if this can be considered as suspicious activity.

      Also, many MLM companies “force” people to sign up for their auto-ship programs to make product purchases, probably hoping that some of them won’t bother canceling it.

      The fact that you keep coming across different recordings every time you call the company is indeed kinda weird.

      If I were you, I’d proceed with caution.

      If you have such trouble setting up your auto-ship, then canceling it will probably be even harder.

      All the best,


  2. Bonnie Smith

    We just got a bundle of “stuff” from these people, “B-Epic”, priority mail, and we had never heard of them before.

    Looks like they are getting desperate and using stolen credit card numbers (ours), and billed us $214+ on our credit card.

    Somebody needs to go after these THIEVES before they swindle God knows how many innocent folks. Thank the Lord we caught it in time and canceled the fraudulent charge, but how many won’t see it until it’s too late?

    Their little bundle of joy is going right in the garbage can.

    1. Harry

      Hey Bonnie, thanks a ton for sharing your experience with B-Epic with us.

      If you’re 100% sure that B-Epic charged your credit card without any authorization, you should seriously consider alerting the police so that they open a case and conduct further investigation on the company.

      My best regards,


  3. Corey Augenstein

    The company seems to operate within the legal and accepted boundaries of the majority of product-driven MLM. I have personally never been in an MLM as this would be a conflict of interest with my role as a reporter on the MLM industry at large with my site

    That said I also don’t judge a company on its products as there are literally thousands of companies promoting products in the nutritional and personal care product area. Some people get results and some don’t just like anything else. Restaurant food is a perfect example of like and dislike. I got into this business as I went to an Opp meeting for NSA back in 1989 and could not find any information about the opportunity or even really the company itself.

    People were selling water filters plain and simple and from that, I became the leading information source on the business. I have put companies out of business and have reported on unethical distributors. Yes MLM is a challenging business. My wife has a great personality and could become very successful in any company she joined and I on the other hand couldn’t sell ice at a 110-degree temperature.

    In any event, I don’t see any abnormalities about this company as with anything you do such as buying a car, an appliance, etc… YOU DO DUE-DILIGENCE!!!

    Thank you!

    1. Harry

      Hi Corey!

      I’ve actually visited your website multiple times in the past when I was first learning about the MLM business model.

      Seriously, you’ve done a great job!

      Truth be told, you along with some other MLM sites inspired me to start reviewing MLM companies!

      I’ve also never been an MLM rep but I have been approached for recruitment dozens of times throughout the years…

      Since I’ve always been a rather open-minded person, I have attended multiple MLM recruitment seminars but frankly, every single time I got repulsed by the model more and more.

      One of the reasons is that I suck at selling as well… I always keep saying that I couldn’t sell water to someone who was dying of thirst in the Sahara desert.

      So I guess that we are alike in that way 😛

      Nonetheless, B-Epic seems like a pretty legit company.

      However, lately, a lot of people complain about not losing weight after using B-Epic’s products and not being able to get the refund they were promised…

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment, it was very nice meeting you!

      Best wishes,


    2. Lesa

      What is your website Corey?

  4. Amy

    I bought B-Epic’s products and I haven’t lost any weight, it’s been the same the entire time and not to mention that I tried to get my money back before the 30 days and they told me I couldn’t cause it was too close to the date for me to renew…

    And the funny thing is I didn’t get the products I had ordered for like nearly 4 weeks. I can’t believe I thought, to trust them.

    1. Harry

      Hi Amy.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with B-Epic with us!

      As it seems, more and more people are experiencing the exact same issues as you – not losing weight after using B-Epic’s products and not being able to get the refund they were promised…

      Let’s hope that the company fixes all the holes in their products and services ASAP.

      Best regards,


  5. Colleen

    Thank you for the information on the business end of things but do the products work? I can’t sell a product that doesn’t work!

    1. Harry

      Hi Colleen!

      If you do some research about B-Epc’s products you’ll find out that some people claim that they are awesome while others claim that they are a waste of time…

      Frankly, you won’t know the truth until you try them yourself…

      Nonetheless, if you take a look at Sofia’s comment right below, you’ll see that she claims that not only B-Epic’s products didn’t work but that they also induced some side-effects.

      Personally, I’d never trust supplements sold by any MLM as they’re neither tested nor approved by the FDA, they usually contain harmful substances like lead, and they even tend to harm people’s health.

      Best wishes,


      1. Ang

        No company that sells wellness products has to be approved or tested by the FDA?? Why make it seem like only MLM brands do this?

        1. Harry

          Wow, you literally went through the entire article AND the comment section trying to locate the smallest possible thing that you can leverage to “stir up the hornet’s nest”. 😛

          I like you!

          Unfortunately, your conclusion is invalid.

          I’ve reviewed dozens of MLM companies in the wellness space and I’ve heard hundreds of horror stories of people who ended up in the hospital after using their “wellness” products.

          I’ve also come across multiple MLM wellness companies (e.g. Anovite), that have been asked by the Environmental Research Center to retract their products because they contained very high concentrations of lead and other cancer-causing ingredients.

          Now, I’m not implying in any way that B-Epic’s products have harmed people’s health or that they contain harmful substances.

          What I was trying to say here is that since the products of many MLM companies in the wellness niche seem to be causing health problems and containing harmful substances, I’d PERSONALLY trust the products of a wellness MLM much more if they were approved by the FDA.

          That’s just my personal opinion, hence the “Personally” at the beginning of my sentence.

          To tell you the truth, I’ve actually bought wellness products that are not tested or approved by the FDA from CBD Biocare a couple of times and I really liked them!


  6. JD

    I invested $109.00 in this business and when I wanted my 30-day money-back guarantee…I got back $35.00!!! Total rip off. Total lies!! Put your money in a truthful investment!!!

    1. Harry

      Hey JD,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with B-Epic with us… Did they say why they wouldn’t refund your full $109?


    2. Sofia

      I agree it took me 3 months to get a refund. Elev8 is advertised as some miracle pill w/o the jitters. Total lie! My blood pressure (which is usually very low) was at stroke level and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.

      I stopped after 2 days. I continued with acceler8, also a scam. I gained weight, I did not lose 1 pound. My advice to anyone reading this is to burn your money in a fire pit, it will be more effective than these products and you don’t have to deal with their terrible customer service!

      1. Harry

        Hi Sofia!

        Thanks a ton for sharing your experience with B-Epic’s products with us. Truth is that I haven’t tried any of them so your feedback is quite valuable!

        Regarding the delayed refund, frankly, I have never heard of a person who’s been refunded from an MLM on time without going back and forth with awful customer service reps for weeks or even months.

        That’s classic MLM behavior… Most of them do this on purpose, hoping that some people will just stop bothering so that they won’t have to refund them.

        Anyway, stay safe 🙂


  7. MissusB

    Glad that you showed real statistics about what’s really happening in the general population of MLM business. It gives a clearer view and results of venturing into this business.

    Looking at the diagrams on ways to earn money through recruitment is enticing but it’s actually hard to achieve especially if you’re the type of person who’s awkward with sales talk. What would happen if you just want to purchase the $24 or $89 product and have no plans for recruiting other people? 

    What if your only good at selling at not with recruiting? How great are their products to ensure that they are going to be sold?

    1. Harry

      You can definitely purchase B-Epic’s products in retail through a Brand Partner’s sales page (you have to find a Brand Partner).

      You can sell those products in retail without having to recruit anyone. You’ll still earn 50% per sale. Nobody is forcing you to recruit other people but most people choose to go down that road because it’s much more profitable than selling the products yourself one by one.

      Based on some reviews and testimonials I found online, B-Epic’s products seem to sell pretty well. 

      If you just head over to you Google or Youtube and search for each one of the company’s products, you’ll be able to find out for yourself if they’re worth selling or not.

      I hope this covers all your questions 🙂


  8. Wendy Fisher

    Hey, thanks for this valuable information. It’s always helpful to know what’s really going on with this kind of thing. I would hate to get burned! I’ve come to agree that MLM systems are usually a waste of time – and, you’re right – hard on relationships.

    Hey, when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, what are some success stories you’ve seen? Have you had success with Wealthy Affiliate? 

    1. Harry

      Hi Wendy!

      I have actually created an article about some of the most spectacular and motivating Wealthy Affiliate success stories I’ve come across. You can find it right here!

      I’ve had success with Wealthy Affiliate but I have not yet achieved all my goals. You can read my very first success story right here!

      This success story of mine goes back a lot of months. Since then, I’ve achieved a lot more milestones and with Wealthy Affiliate’s training, my website has experienced 800% growth during the last 2 months alone but I’ve not published any more success stories yet.

      I’ll let you do the math 😉


    2. Beka

      It’s so funny that people who have had bad experiences with these kinds of companies still want to try another! I seriously thought the advert at the end of this article was a joke. But I guess you’ve found out people just can’t help themselves.

      My experience with B-epic was terrible customer service. They have all kinds of “procedures” in place that only protect themselves and hang their customers out to dry.

      I was their customer for 3 months until I ordered something I didn’t need. They didn’t respond to my cancel order until it had conveniently already been shipped. Then didn’t cover the return expenses and expected me to pay a 25% restocking fee.

      That puts me out $40 for something they are going to resale. Complaining gets you nowhere as they have no morals. But there’s always social media…paybacks a bitch!

      1. Harry

        Hey, Beka, thank you so much for sharing with us your experience with B-Epic.

        Unfortunately, that’s just how the majority of MLM companies behave – they have awful and untrained customer service advisors that avoid providing refunds like the plague.

        None of them ever cover return expenses and almost all of them charge restocking fees.

        That’s probably the case because they want to discourage their reps from returning unsellable products they’ve bought for the sole purpose of keeping themselves active and qualified.

        If you’d like for your issue to be resolved faster, I suggest that you post a complaint under B-Epic’s BBB profile.

        This should get them moving…

        Lastly, all the adverts that appear on my website are chosen by a dedicated ad provider based on your own browser history and cookies.

        What kind of ad did you come across?

        Best wishes,


  9. Gomer

    I was with MLM for more than a decade and I can attest to the high failure rate of that industry. But I have also witnessed how average people experienced success doing the business which is not revealed in those statistics critics of MLM are sharing. It’s more than that, the success rate is higher as compared to starting your own business from scratch as there is a ready-made system newbies can easily follow. 

    I only quit doing MLM because, I saw one negative thing… the never ending cycle of recruiting! Your recruits today, chances are they will come to you next month with a new company trying to recruit you to join theirs. That’s the thing that I hate about MLM.

    With this B-Epic in review, I didn’t notice any mention about the compensation plan requiring its members to spend a fixed amount of money each month just to stay active in the system. Have you inquired how much is the amount needed for that? 

    1. Harry

      Gomer, first of all, thank you for sharing your experience with the subject. It’s good to hear the opinion of someone who has a so extensive experience in the MLM field.

      The statistics I’ve included here are based on several polls and researches I’ve found online and just now I realized that I should include all their links for people to be able to confirm them.

      When not more than 26% of MLM participants manage to earn a profit with MLMs and more than 39% earn a profit by running a small business, it’s pretty clear that running a small business is a safer option despite all the automated tools and replicated websites most MLMs offer nowadays.

      I clearly state in my review, that in order to stay an active B-Epic Brand Partner and qualify for commissions you will need to keep purchasing $24.95 – $89.95 worth of B-Epic products personally each month.

      I hope this helps you out!

  10. Wendy

    I’m so disappointed to learn that B-Epic is like a pyramid scheme. 

    I’ve been there and done that. I was a Herbalife distributor many years ago but I left due to their bad business model. 

    I want to make some extra money from home, but I simply don’t want to work with a down line or an up-line or sponsors, etc for that matter. 

    I will be checking out Wealthy Affiliate. If I join them, will you be my coach?

    1. Harry

      Hey Wendy,

      If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate I’ll indeed be your personal coach. I’ll guide you through the whole process of getting your online business right and I will be there to answer all your questions and motivate you.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a community of more than 500k active members and all of them are helping each other achieve their goals 24/7 so you’ll never be alone during your journey.

      I’ll see you inside 🙂