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B3 Sciences Review: Pyramid, Scam, or Legit?

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B3 Sciences is an MLM company that operates within the health, wellness, and fitness industry.

The company revolves around BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training which is an exercise approach whereby you wrap bands around your muscles while working out in order to restrict blood flow.

BFR is supposed to manifest better health benefits with less intense exercise and in a shorter amount of time by providing quicker and stronger fatigue in the muscles which results in a more robust hormone release in the body.

According to B3 Sciences, with BFR you “Exercise in ½ the Time, with ½ the Work and get Twice the Results!”.

Click here to find out more about what BFR is.

So, B3 Sciences basically sells those special bands people will wrap around their muscles to induce BFR. In addition, it also sells supplements, exercise guides, backpacks, meal replacements, etc.

Furthermore, B3 Sciences gives you the opportunity to become part of its compensation plan or else a B3 Sciences Consultant and earn money by selling the company’s products to retail customers as well as by recruiting other people to become B3 Science Consultants.

However, is B3 Sciences actually legit?

Is it going to fulfill its promises?

Does it offer the potential for you to achieve your financial goals?

Or is it just another scammy pyramid scheme which is going to leave you hundreds of dollars poorer?

By the end of this B3 Sciences review, you’ll know everything you need to make an informed decision about whether this platform is worth your time, attention, and money or not, such as

  • What B3 Sciences is
  • How it works
  • The company’s background
  • How much it costs to join
  • Its compensation plan
  • If it’s a pyramid scheme or not
  • The products it offers
  • Its owners
  • Pros and cons
  • and much more

Let’s get cracking!

B3 Sciences Overview

Name: B3 Sciences

Owners: Mike DeBord


  • $39.99 for the first year and then $4.99 per month
  • B3 Starter Pack – $299.99 (One-time payment)
  • B3 Fitness Pack – $499.99 (One-time payment)
  • B3 Founders Pack – $999.99 (One-time payment)
  • Autoship Program – $49.99 to $59.99 per month

Please note that all the B3 packs, as well as the auto-ship program, are optional to purchase.

Official Website:

Suggested? So and so…

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  • Legit products
  • BBB accredited, rating A+
  • Provides training
  • Free personalized website

Jump to the Pros Section

  • Kind of sales-y
  • Complicated compensation plan
  • Expensive packs and products
  • MLM business model

Jump to the Cons Section

Before I move on to the actual B3 Sciences MLM review, I want to reveal to you some general MLM statistics that will probably SHOCK you to your very core.

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What is B3 Sciences About?

B3 Sciences is an MLM company that operates in the health, wellness, and fitness industries and it mostly focuses on distributing B3 Bands.

B3 Bands induce Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR), a form of training discovered in Japan in 1966, which brings better and faster results by exercising less.

B3 Sciences also distributes exercise nutrition products that compliment BFR exercise as well as a variety of other products such as

  • B3 Alert – Energy formula supplement
  • B3 Meal – Meal replacement supplement
  • B3 Satisfy – Weight management supplement
  • B3 Start – Collagen solution supplement
  • B3 Exercise Tubes
  • B3 Shaker Cup
  • B3 Exercise Guide
  • B3 Backpack

The company was launched by Mike DeBord in 2003.

At the age of 52, Mike DeBord’s physical health and his ability to lift weights to maintain the physique he had been building for many years had diminished and he slowly started becoming depressed.

At some point, he got introduced to BFR training by a friend of his, Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen. BFR allowed Mike to work out again and slowly start getting his health and physique back with just 20 minutes a day, light dumbbells, and no pain.

He was so excited about the results he got through BFR training that he decided to combine his knowledge of health and fitness products, with B3 Bands, and launch a company revolving around BFR that would allow a lot of people to reap its benefits.

This is how B3 Sciences was born.

You can find out more about Mike’s story by watching the video below.

How Does B3 Sciences Work?

B3 Sciences offers you the opportunity to earn money by becoming its consultant and distribute the company’s products yourself.

Consultants have the ability to purchase all B3 Sciences products at wholesale prices and then sell them to their customers at retail prices, pocketing the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.

For instance, is you purchase a set of B3 Bands at a wholesale price of $350 as a B3 Sciences Consultant and sell it at a retail price of $429.99, you earn $79.99.

In addition, B3 Sciences provides you with a pre-made personalized website which people can visit and purchase B3 products online. When someone purchase a B3 product through your website, you earn an up to 20% commission.

However, besides selling actual B3 products, you can also participate in B3’s compensation plan by recruiting other people to the company as consultants.

For instance, when a person you recruited as a B3 Consultant purchases his first “Fast Start Package”, you earn 15% of the money they paid for that package. And when the consultant you recruited recruits another consultant who buys a Fast Start Package, you also earn a 5% commission.

And that’s not all…

B3 Sciences offers many more ways to earn money and many more bonuses in order for its members to be able to build a long-term, sustainable, residual income with the company.

I dive deeper into B3 Sciences’ full compensation plan right below.

B3 Sciences' Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so extremely complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

B3 Sciences is no exception.

In fact, B3 Sciences’ compensation plan is among the most complicated MLM compensation plans I’ve come across till now.

But I’ll try to get you up to speed anyway 😉

So, B3 Sciences pays you money in 8 different ways.

  1. Retail Customer Web Sales Bonus
  2. Retail Customer Web Sales Achiever Bonus
  3. Retail Customer Direct Sale Profit
  4. Professional Customer Sale Bonus
  5. International Customer Sale Bonus
  6. New Consultant First Order Bonus
  7. 3 x 8 Expansion Matrix Commissions
  8. Leader Bonus Pools

If you want to find out more about all those bonuses and how you can generate an income by achieving them, go ahead and take a look at B3 Sciences’ full compensation plan right here or watch the video below.

Please note that within the video above, Mike keeps his glass half-full and always talks about the best-case scenarios.

For instance, at some point, he claims that if you enroll 3 people as B3 Sciences Consultants and those 3 people enroll 3 people each as B3 Sciences Consultants you’ll earn more than $1000 ($1311 to be exact). This applies only if all those 12 people under you purchase the B3 Founders Pack which costs $999.99 but he doesn’t actually mention that.

If you still have questions about B3 Sciences’ compensation plan, you could contact their support team at and they will probably bring you in contact with a B3 Sciences Consultant who is active in your area.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a B3 Sciences Consultant?

To become a B3 Sciences Consultant costs $39.99 for your first year. After your first year ends, your B3 Sciences Consultant membership converts to a monthly fee of $4.99

This is the basic Consultant membership which includes

  • Monthly training and webinars
  • A personalized website
  • Personalized back office
  • Business notification system

In addition, B3 Sciences offers some additional optional packages to jump-start your business by having an initial inventory of some B3 products which you can either personally use or give out for free to your prospects as samples.

  • B3 Founders Pack – $999.99 (One-time payment)
  • B3 Fitness Pack – $499.99 (One-time payment)
  • B3 Starter Pack – $299.99 (One-time payment)

With each pack come different products and benefits and it goes without saying that the more expensive the pack you choose the better commissions you’ll earn and the more products you’ll receive.

For example, if you go for no pack or the B3 Starter Pack, you earn 10% commissions on the New Consultant First Order Team Bonus but if you go for the Fitness or Founders Pack you earn 15% commission on the same bonus.

The Retail Customer Web Sales Achiever Bonus is only available to those who have purchased the Founders Pack.

And so on, and so on…

Lastly, B3 Sciences also has an optional monthly Autoship program.

This costs $49.99 – $59.99 (+shipping and taxes) per month and it basically sends you over automatically 14 packs (2 weeks of supply) of a specific B3 Sciences supplement per month in order to keep you qualified for commissions for that month in case you don’t make any sales or recruit any people.

In my opinion, this Autoship program is 100% useless because all you need to qualify for commissions is just 1 sale.

Is B3 Sciences a Pyramid Scheme

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

Make sure to watch the video below to discover how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme is that MLMs give you the opportunity to earn commissions by selling actual products or services to other people in retail without having to recruit them while with a pyramid scheme the only way to earn money is by recruiting other people into the scheme.

Since with B3 Sciences you have the option to earn commissions by pushing the company’s products to retail customers, I have to conclude that B3 Sciences is NOT a pyramid scheme despite the fact that its compensation plan is putting more emphasis on recruiting other people and building a downline.

B3 Sciences Pros

  • Legit products
  • Free personalized website
  • BBB accredited, rating A+
  • Provides training

1 • Legit Products: Every single product B3 Sciences sells is 100% legit and high-quality and this means that you won’t have difficulty “convincing” people to purchase them assuming that you target the right audience of course.

A ton of people are already buying supplements and workout equipment so if you play your hand right and you show them how B3 products are superior from what they are already purchasing, you could convert them to regular customers of yours.

2 • Free Personalized Website: Upon becoming its member, B3 Sciences provides you a pre-made website/e-shop which people can visit and purchase B3 products online.

When someone who visits your personalized website purchases B3 products through it, you earn up to 20% commissions of the total amount of money paid by that customer.

If marketed the right way, this website will help you maximize your customers and commissions.

3 • BBB accredited, rating A+: BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a non-profit organization that assigns rankings to businesses, charities and non-profit organizations based on their legitimacy.

A company’s BBB rating is based on information BBB is able to obtain about the business, including complaints received from the public. The higher a company’s rating, the more credible and trustworthy that company is in the eyes of BBB.

B3 Sciences has been rated with A+ by BBB which is actually the highest possible BBB rating.

4 • Provides Training: Something that the majority of MLMs don’t offer to their newly recruited members is proper training on how to actually make the most with the company (no wonder that such a small percentage of MLM participants manage to make a profit).

B3 Sciences offers a lot of training on your personalized back office as well as on their YouTube channel, to help you understand how the company works, its compensation plan, how to market your website, as well as how to maximize your customers and recruits and thus your profits.

Every once in a while, Mike DeBord also hosts live webinars for the company’s consultants.

B3 Sciences Cons

  • Kind of sales-y
  • MLM business model
  • Complicated compensation plan
  • Expensive packs and products

1 • Kind of Sales-y: The first thing I don’t really like about B3 Sciences and Mike DeBord is that they present BFR in a sales-y way making a lot of overblown claims. They keep stating that with BFR and his B3 Bands you will build the body you want fast, without too much work, and without too much sweat and pain. Well, guess what…

No pain, no gain!

In my eyes, Mike seems to be trying to convince people who would like to have a nice body but are too lazy to work out that his products are a shortcut to the body they would like to have.

I haven’t personally tried BFR and after doing my research I truly believe that it could really offer some benefits. But everything I’ve read on B3 Sciences’ website and everything I’ve heard from Mike and his team makes BFR sound like those awful guides which promise to help you lose 30 pounds in 7 days without changing your eating habits or working out and I just don’t buy it.

2 • MLM Business Model: As mentioned earlier, I am not that fond of the MLM business model in general for many reasons, mainly due to its awfully low success rates.

I mean, why even bother with an MLM when you can just as easily create your own online business which has so much more chances of bringing in an actual profit while being a lot cheaper to build and maintain?

It doesn’t make any sense.

If you would like to start your own online business, after all, you can do so with Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24.

3 • Overly complicated compensation plan: Web sales commissions bonuses, new consultant first-order bonuses, 3×8 expansion matrixes, different percentages here and there, various ranks and tiers, side bonuses, bonus pools, blah blah blah…

A person who is relatively new to MLMs will undeniably have a great difficulty understanding B3 Sciences’ entire compensation plan.

And truthfully, I believe that MLMs make their compensation plans so complicated deliberately in order to confuse people into joining them.

I am not making things up…

Did you know that according to research, complexity sells better than simplicity?

This is actually called “complexity bias” and marketers use it all the time.

They do this by incorporating confusing language or insignificant details into product packaging or sales copy.

Most people who buy “ammonia-free” hair dye, or a face cream which “contains peptides,” don’t fully understand what those things mean but when they see them, they imagine that they signify a product that’s superior to alternatives.

People are way more likely to choose a complex product rather than a simple one based on the assumption that the simple one is way too simple to really deliver results.

4 • Expensive Products: The last thing that I don’t like about B3 Sciences is that all its products are just way too expensive.

I mean, 2-weeks of supply of just one of the company’s supplements cost $49.99 – $59.99… This is $100+ per month… For just 1 supplement… Yikes!

The B3 Bands alone cost $429.99.

Truthfully, I’d never buy them…

And I am not saying that from the point of view of a person who isn’t working out. I am very athletic and I have been working out in more ways than I can count for more than 15 years.

I used to play football and workout in the gym for more than 5 years, and now I am cycling day by day as well as practicing Yoga.

Seriously, I’d never spend so much money neither on B3 Bands nor on B3 supplements.

They are just way too expensive…

Is B3 Sciences Suggested?

B3 Sciences is suggested only for those who have extensive experience in the health, wellness, and/or fitness industry such as

  • personal trainers
  • physical therapists
  • nutritionists
  • injury rehabilitation specialists
  • doctors
  • professional athletes
  • etc

All those industries are extremely saturated with very intense competition so a person who hasn’t really been involved with them for years will probably have great trouble finding any substantial success with B3 Sciences.

To tell you the truth, personally, I am not at all fond of MLMs in general.

  • Their success rate is awfully low
  • They are extremely volatile
  • You need to invest a ton of money, time, and energy until you manage to make a profit (if you ever actually make a profit)
  • And most of them focus on recruiting people instead of pushing an actual valuable and beneficial product or service in retail

Plus, in order to make money with most MLMs, you’ll have to turn into a sleazy salesperson and I really hate selling and being sold to.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

10 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried an MLM. Even less the one presented by you. 

    It’s very complicated and it costs you a lot to get started. They wanted to recruit me to B3 Sciences, but I don’t like their approach. It was too pushy.

    I have been in WA for 8 months now and I am building my online business just like you. I’d never trade that to join an MLM.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whenever I hear the letters MLM, it’s an instant no from me. 

    I find MLMs to be one of the dirtiest money-making techniques (second only to pyramid Ponzi scheme) in marketing.

    Yes, there are some actual products (which no one except people involved will buy), but the majority of time is spent on recruiting people. That means starting with family and friends. We all had that one friend involved in MLM who would never give us a break – very annoying. He quit two months later anyway.

    So, yea, even if B3 might have some good products after all, the very nature of it makes me turn waaaay off.

    1. ZERO arguments there Vasilij.

      I don’t really like MLMs either.

      And it’s true that most of the people who get involved with them become so sleazy and ball-busting to the point that you barely hold yourself back from choking them with a rubber band.


  3. Hi Harry,

    Thanks for providing this B3 Sciences Review, I advise people on how to improve their testosterone production. As a result, my clients are people focused on their fitness and health & I’m fairly frequently asked my opinion on broader areas of health & fitness, such as different work out techniques. I’m as always keeping my eye out for new potential opportunities as a result of this, that I think my clients could potentially benefit from.

    I tend to avoid MLM type opportunities though, as I’ve often found the products to be somewhat overpriced; without necessarily being of the highest quality. The fitness niche online is extremely competitive, even though I’ve been involved in it for a few years and I’d think hard before taking on something like B3 Sciences myself based on this review, thanks for providing!

    1. I am glad that my review helped you out in some way.

      Nonetheless, maybe you should take a look at BFR training in general because it is said to help in boosting the HGH of people naturally. 

      Maybe your audience will respond positively if you present to them an additional way of releasing naturally a hormone that will help them improve their results and health.

      Just saying…


  4. I know a lot of these memberships are based on a ‘one time payment’ setup, but I can’t help but choke a little when I see a price of $999.99 to get in through the door (for the B3 Founders Pack). I’m sorry but that’s insane money from someone looking to work from home to pay to get started. 

    Do you know how likely a new member might be to get this large entrance fee back from sales? Is it likely?

    1. Well, all those packs are really optional. 

      To join B3 as a Consultant all you have to pay is $39.99 for your first year and after the first year, $4.99 per month.

      If you want to maximize your commissions, qualify for more bonuses, as well as get your hands on a variety of B3 products, you can purchase one of the more expensive packs.

      The amount of money that a B3 Consultant will be able to make is directly correlated to his work-ethic, effort, time, skill, ability to learn fast, etc.

      I suppose that there are people who are earning good money, maybe more than a full-time income as B3 Consultants.

      I hope this helps!


  5. The statistics are pretty scary that 99% of people lose money when joining an MLM opportunity.  It is, however, a highly competitive and cutthroat type of business to venture into. Especially in the wellness sector.

    Although I have to admit that B3 Sciences is a little different from the rest, and it is something unique, so maybe more people will be willing to try it out.

    However I prefer the second option you suggested, as I am sure if I build my own business, I can sell whatever I want to and am not restricted to certain products. 

    How long does it take to build out your own business in the form of an income-generating website?

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