What is Affiliate Marketing? A Thorough Guide for Beginners!

What is Affiliate Marketing? A Thorough Guide for Beginners!

Before I begin explaining what is affiliate marketing and how it works, I want to point out that it is one of the most legitimate and proven ways to start making money on the internet.

There exist thousands of people who are constantly trying to uncover the secrets of how to start earning money online through affiliate marketing and I am one of them.

There also exist thousands of people who are currently making enough money through it to support themselves and their families without the need of working an actual job.

All I am saying is that since there are so many successful people in the affiliate marketing industry, why could you not be one of them as well?

If you are a beginner, having no clue what is affiliate marketing and how does it work, keep reading to have your eyes opened to a brand new way of earning money.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

As the term points it out itself, affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing strategy, whereas companies are willing to pay one or more people to market their products, either online or offline, in order to reach a wider range of possible customers.

This way both the company and the affiliate benefit as the company is enabled to reach more customers through the affiliate, selling more products, and earning more money, and the affiliate himself is in turn paid in commissions for every customer who makes a purchase and was sent by him to the company.

Picture it like this:

You are telling a person on the street about a product or service you purchased from business A.

Then this person goes and purchases the same or a similar product from business A, saying to the owner of this business that you are the one who recommended them to him.

Then the owner of business A comes and gives you money for recommending them to a new customer. The money that the owner will give you is usually a percentage of the money that the customer spent on their products and it is called a commission.

This is exactly how affiliate marketing really works, either in the online or in the offline world.

However, on this website, we are going to be targeting merely the online affiliate marketing…

Let me explain further…


How Does Online Affiliate Marketing Work?

Let me demonstrate an example…

Imagine that you own a big company, let’s say Microsoft… For the sake of the argument, you are Bill Gates right now. Hey, Bill!

You have decided that your company needs to sell more products. One way to achieve this is to reach more customers on the internet, so you start offering an online affiliate program.

People start signing up to your affiliate program and you start providing them with affiliate links. Each affiliate link is unique to every single affiliate in order for the company to be able to track the transactions which took place through each affiliate link and pay each affiliate accordingly.

So now, you have 10 people signed up for your affiliate program and each one of them has a website related to your products and services.

Your affiliates start putting those affiliate links on their websites.

A percentage of the visitors of each website will be clicking those links, leading them to Microsoft’s website and products.

As a result, Microsoft gains more customers, more sales, and more money through each of the affiliates’ websites. For every person buying a product through an affiliate link, a commission is paid to the affiliate who owned the link clicked by the purchasing customer.

Microsoft wins; affiliate marketers win; everybody wins!

However, in this case, you are not Bill Gates and you do not own any company of your own, so instead of being the one who offers an affiliate program, you are the one who will be looking for affiliate programs offered by large companies, promoting their products into your website and making money through commissions.

This way is much simpler and easier since you don’t even need to own a product… You will be making money by encouraging people to buy other people’s products, as do so many people already before you.

The graph below might help you shape a better understanding.What is affiliate marketing and how it works image


How to Start Earning Money Online Today!

To get started, the requirements are the following:

1 – An Interest.

What are your interests?

What are your hobbies and passions?

Choose something that you are comfortable talking about and could talk about for hours because that is what you are going to be writing about inside your website.

You could write about anything; from flip-flops to aliens… No limits!

2 – A Website.

Nowadays there are ways to create a website in the blink of an eye, through platforms such as Wix, Joomla, and WordPress.

You could even create your website right here, right now, just below. All you have to do is to register a domain name, choose a theme, and voila! Your website is ready.

3 – Membership in Affiliate Programs.

There are affiliate programs available for every existing product on the face of the Earth.

Many large companies such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Nike, Apple, etc, are currently offering affiliate programs.

However, most of them will require the ownership of a website in order to join them, so make sure that you create a website before signing up, or they might reject you.

4 – Attract Your Audience.

Discover ways to attract to your website the people who will be interested in your content.

Those people are most likely to purchase the products that you will be promoting.

Those will be people who might have a specific problem and your website is going to help them solve it, people who are just interested in what you are writing about, people who want to gain knowledge from you, or just people who have the need to connect with like-minded people.

Every visitor is a potential customer.

5 – Endurance and Determination.

I am not going to sugarcoat the pill here.

Affiliate marketing is not a “get rich quick and easy” scheme.

You have to learn, develop, adjust, again and again, and again, slowly and steadily. Results might need some time to kick in, but I can promise you this:

If you have the right knowledge, own the right tools, keep doing what is necessary and keep going forward no matter what, it is impossible to fail.


The Process

Let’s assume that your website is ready and you have already joined a couple of affiliate programs…

Now what?

Now you start writing content relevant to the interest you have chosen.

If you have chosen to focus your website on flowers and vegetables then you should be writing content such as “How to grow flowers”, or “The best soil to grow daisies”, or “The best hydroponic system for growing tomatoes”.

Then, you start putting affiliate links in your content.

Clicking those links will direct your visitors to a merchant’s website which actually sells the best soil to grow daisies and the best hydroponic system for growing tomatoes.

Everyone buying something that you recommended will make you earn a commission from your merchant.

The more and better content you create, the more visitors you will attract and the more your audience will realize that you are an expert in your field.

The more they trust your judgment, the more they will purchase your affiliate products and the more money you will make from commissions.

This is how affiliate marketing works.


I really know that your head is possibly ready to explode right now, and maybe you did not understand half of what I was talking about earlier.

That’s okay, this is how I felt when I first started as well, but I promise it gets much easier, and I am here to guide you through the whole process in my next posts.

Don’t get overwhelmed, just relax and take it one step at a time.

The first step was to learn what is affiliate marketing and how it works, as well as how to use it to make money yourself, and you have now completed it.

The second step is to start implementing everything you just learned towards starting your future successful online business.

To do that, go on and read the second lesson of the Affiliate Marketing series, What is a Niche Marketing Strategy? Finding Your Niche!

Great things come about by a series of small things brought together.~Vincent Van Gogh

Till the next time,


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