Profit Genesis 2.0 System Review: $5000 A Week or $0 For Life?

Profit Genesis 2 Review Featured Image

Profit Genesis 2.0…

Yet another ClickBank product which claims that it can bring you thousands of dollars per week in no time at all and without much effort to trick you into buying it.


Of course, if you do buy it after all, you’ll ultimately end up crying in your shower in a fetal position regretting your decision and damning your fate that you will be poor forever and that earning money online is impossible for you.

This tends to happen a lot to those who take the bait of such claims because they are desperate of earning money WITHOUT ACTUALLY WORKING which is something that you should absolutely forget if you want to ever earn any serious amount of money either online or offline.

Back to Profit Genesis 2.0.

There’s no way you’ll earn any serious money with it… You will neither learn something that it could be useful for you in the future, besides the fact that when you are looking for shortcuts, you’ll always end up hurt, frustrated, and back to square one.

Anyway, you are about to understand what I am talking about in this review.

However, before I move on, I want to let you know that if you are in need of earning your living online, just like me, and you don’t want to keep wasting your time, effort, and money joining mediocre or useless programs which will probably take you nowhere near your monetary goals, I would strongly suggest that you do yourself a favor, ditch this review RIGHT NOW, and go ahead and take a look at my #1 Suggestion right below.

Or you could just waste some more minutes of your time to keep reading this Profit Genesis 2.0 review until you find out yourself how much the course truly sucks and actually end up checking out my #1 Suggestion after all.

  • Low initial price
  • Test drive for 14 days for just $1
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Unrealistic claims of earning a lot of money fast and without any work
  • Poor quality, superficial training
  • Fake owner
  • Gives false hope
  • Using sales tricks to lure you into buying it
  • Fake success stories
  • Plants unhealthy beliefs about success
  • Won’t make you any money
  • Too many scam red flags (more on that later on)
  • Downright useless

What is Profit Genesis 2.0 by David Miller?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is a dropshipping training program which claims that it will show you how to make unlimited money without having any previous experience by clicking your mouse for 15 minutes per day…

Because yeah!

People are going to keep handing you over hundreds of dollars, month after month, just like that, for having no skill and working 15 minutes a day.

The program was created by someone named David Miller, who unsurprisingly is a fictional character who has never existed in real life (at least not on this planet).

It goes without question that none of the product’s earnings claims are true and if you make the mistake of purchasing Profit Genesis 2.0, you’ll most likely just end up frustrated and $37 poorer.

Just a heads up before I move on…

There’s no magic pill or formula or blueprint to any kind of success. There are no systems or shortcuts to achieving anything great. There’s no easy and effortless way of earning money online or offline. If you are a logical person you can understand that no one is going to pay you for sitting on your ass just like YOU wouldn’t pay someone for just sitting on their ass.

If you are looking for a way out of investing the time and energy required to achieve your goals, you’ll never, EVER achieve them.

To achieve anything great takes time, patience, and working your ass off.

Get that well in your mind.

Lastly, what sounds too good to be true, 99.9% of the time indeed is.

Who is Profit Genesis 2.0 for?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is only for those who want to find out the hard way that there are no shortcuts, magic pills, one-click systems, or generally effortless and fast ways towards earning money online or basically anywhere.

Truth is that sometimes people have to fall for a scam to wake up to the ultimate reality of having to actually devote their time and make an effort to get what they want. Some of them multiple times.

If you still firmly believe that you can earn money the “easy way” as Profit Genesis 2.0 promises, please be my guest, purchase it and let me know if that actually happens.

In fact, I am so confident that you won’t be able to make a dime with Profit Genesis 2.0 that if you end up earning even $10 during the next 5 days with this course, you can contact me and I will deposit $20 more right in your account (just kidding, I really won’t)… 😛

Who is Profit Genesis 2.0 NOT for?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is NOT for those who are serious about creating a sustainable, long-term source of income online.

Such people might be those who

  • Want to create another sustainable source of full-time income in order to quit a job they hate
  • Work a part-time job and are in need of a stable supplementary income
  • Stay at home to take care of their newborns (stay-at-home moms)
  • Would rather be their own boss than having a boss, bossing them around (LOL)
  • Would just love the idea of earning their living online working from the comfort of their own home or wherever else they want
  • Trot the globe
  • Long to escape the 9-5 rat race and instead live a unique life
  • Are unemployed, can’t land a job, or are getting constantly fired from jobs
  • etc

If you are among those people, then trust me, ditch this review, and go ahead to check out my #1 Suggestion below because Profit Genesis 2.0 is not going to even come close to fulfilling your needs.

For example, since my ultimate goal is to create a full-time income online, become my own boss, and not have to work another boring, exhausting, unmotivating job ever again in my life, I wouldn’t even bother purchasing Profit Genesis 2.0.

What's Inside Profit Genesis 2.0

Profit Genesis 2.0 Contents

Here’s what you gain access to once you purchase Autopilot Profits:

  1. Basic Dropshipping training
  2. Three “Bonus” Mini-courses
  3. Nothing else

1 • Basic Dropshipping Training

Upon purchasing Profit Genesis 2.0, you gain access to 22 training videos (3 hours of training in total).

The videos range from 5-15 minutes maximum and teach you very basic stuff such as how to

  • Build a Shopify store
  • Use AliExpress 
  • Employ Facebook ads to promote your shop

So basically, you are supposed to learn how to earn thousands of dollars per month just by watching 22 extremely short videos containing very basic information which you could literally find easily online for free with just a Google search.

I don’t think so…

Even if you start following the best training available, it takes a lot of time and effort until you’ll be able to earn a substantial amount of money per month online.

With such low-quality training, it’ll take much, much longer, if ever.

2 • Three "Bonus" Mini-courses

In addition to the awful main training, upon purchasing Profit Genesis 2.0, you are given access to 3 equally awful bonuses which are supposed to make you money even faster and normally cost $1000 but you’ll get them for free just because you are you and just because David is so freaking generous.

Those bonuses are

  • Speed Success Secrets (Worth $197)
  • Top 10 High Demand Products (Worth $297)
  • Speed Cash Profits (Worth $497)

Speed Success Secrets

Bonus Speed Success Secrets

This is a course on setting the right mindset to speed up and maximize your success.

And obviously, this is going to happen by making you promises and setting expectations of earning thousands of dollars per day and living the dream life in no time without breaking a sweat (sarcasm).

Top 10 High Demand Products

Bonus Top 10 High Demand Products

This bonus is supposed to reveal to you the top 10 selling products to sell within your store and how to sell them without holding any inventory or having any upfront costs (this is exactly what Dropshipping is BTW so nothing new in here).

One major downside of this course is that most of those who purchase it will end up selling the exact same products.

Another downside is that the course is generally never updated so those 10 supposedly high demand products might have indeed been high demand when the course was first released but that doesn’t mean that they are going to be high demand right now or at the time that you actually purchase Profit Genesis 2.0 yourself.

All markets constantly move and change after all.

Lastly, according to the image right above, this bonus is supposed to be an Amazon bestseller. However, when searching throughout Amazon for “David Miller” or “Top 10 High Demand Products”, nothing at all comes up… 

I guess we found an Amazon bestseller which is not even listed on Amazon.

More lies, please!

Speed Cash Profits

Bonus Speed Cash Profits

Oh, Speed Cash Profits…

What a delight of a bonus…

It will teach you how to get paid instantly while creating other multiple streams of income!

Fuck… I am all out of words with all those half-baked claims.

3 • Three Upsells

Once you are about to purchase Profit Genesis 2.0, you’ll be presented with 3 upsells which are supposed to make your journey to becoming a millionaire even faster and easier. Be careful to not bite that bait.

Those upsells are as follows:

Upsell 1: Profit Genesis Turbo – $47

Upsell 2: Multiple Income Activator – $197

Upsell 3: Good Club – $97

I tried to find out more about those upsells because there’s no way in hell that I am purchasing them but nothing…

As it seems no one else knows something about them either because nobody has bothered purchasing them after they saw how bad the initial product was.

If you decide to go for Profit Genesis 2.0 but not for its upsells, be careful to uncheck the upsell buttons before you actually proceed with your checkout because by default they are all checked and if you don’t uncheck them you are going to get charged an additional $341.

How Much Does Profit Genesis 2.0 Cost?

As we have already seen, the initial cost of Profit Genesis 2.0 is $37.

You also have the ability to test drive the product for 14 days for just $1.

You can do that by filling in your name and email address right below the introductory video on the main sales page of the product.

Again, be aware of the upsells. If you don’t want to buy them you have to uncheck their boxes before you checkout and pay or else you’ll get charged for them.

Luckily, if you end up not liking the product or realizing that it sucks (which you really might not if you are stupid enough to buy it in the first place), there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Profit Genesis 2.0 Money Back Guarantee

However, the guarantee is signed by not-so-real-human-being David Miller and I don’t really trust guarantees given by imaginary people so, yeah…

Do People Actually Succeed With Profit Genesis 2.0?

The only people who are able to earn money with Profit Genesis 2.0 are

  • The affiliates promoting it
  • Whoever is behind the name David Miller
  • No one else

Again, one last time…

Profit Genesis 2.0 can never, not in a million years fulfill its fake promises and you will most probably never end up earning any money by purchasing it.

If you are serious about earning money online, go ahead and check out my #1 Suggestion instead.

I promise you won’t regret it.

What I Like About Profit Genesis 2.0 Profits

Well, I don’t like being cynical, but the only thing I actually like about Profit Genesis 2.0 is that after you realize how much the product sucks, you can ask for a full refund of your $37 within 60 days after its purchase.

At least, this way, you will have wasted just some of your time and not any of your money.

The other thing that I kinda like about the product is that you can test drive it for 14 days for just $1.

On the other hand, even this $1 is way too much for such a low value this course offers.

What I Don't Like About Profit Genesis 2.0

1 • Unrealistic Earnings Claims

Fuck, I really hate courses which claim that you can become rich overnight without making an effort just like Profit Genesis 2.0 does.

Seriously, most of its claims are so ridiculous that is borderline funny…

  • David says that he was tired of buying courses from gurus on filling in surveys which made him no money! Like it’s that hard to fill in a survey that you need a course to learn how…
  • You are losing money every day that you are not using Profit Genesis 2.0 (Why do I keep getting a gut feeling that I am really not?)
  • He heard “ka-ching” from his friend’s computer and when he asked him about it, his friend told him that he was making 7 figures a month with just a few clicks per day… Like there are online programs that make a “ka-ching” sound while paying you. Maybe he was on drugs or maybe his friend was playing Super Mario?
  • You’ll make unlimited money!!! More likely unlimited zeros without any number before them
  • Live the dream life, traveling the world, buying expensive crap, posting cool vacation pictures with blue-ass, water on Instagram, etc (most useless ClickBank products such as Autopilot Profits make the exact same promises to lure you into buying them)

Basically, everything “David” states in his sales page is a standard sleazy sales technique which is commonly used by scammers to promote low-quality products, hoping that some poor fuck falls for them.

I mean, come on!

Earning $5000 a week is probably possible if you’re a veteran online marketer with years and years of experience on your back. It’s definitely not going to happen for a complete newbie who just purchased a plug and play, magical system which promises to make him rich with just a few mouse clicks a day.

In fact, no system can ever earn money for you automatically in no time and with no effort so you might as well stop wasting your time looking.

I am not saying that you could not end up earning $5000 a week on autopilot but it will definitely take as much time, effort, and patience as it would take for any other substantial and long-lasting achievement, not 15 minutes a day.

2 • Plants Unhealthy Beliefs About Success

The main problem with all those unrealistic claims I talked right above is that they might end up planting unhealthy beliefs and expectations about success.

Thinking that you are able to earn thousands of dollars overnight without making an effort is a dangerous concept because

  • First of all, it will definitely never happen
  • It gives you false hope and expectations
  • Makes you impatient and unwilling to work for it
  • Dramatically increases the chances of you quitting when you don’t see the immediate results you expected
  • It is actually the exact opposite of how real money can be made

So, not only Profit Genesis 2.0 won’t help you achieve the monetary goals you want but it will most likely take you further away from them as well as fuck up your mindset, probably holding you back in other aspects of your life too.

3 • Low-quality Training

Profit Genesis’ 2.0 training is just awful both in terms of quantity and quality.

Within the main training you are going to learn how to install a Shopify store, some add-ons, use Facebook ads, etc which is indeed basic knowledge but definitely not enough to end up earning any serious amount of money online, if any at all.

Frankly, if you browse YouTube for a while, you will definitely be able to find higher quality, more professionally-made training videos on the same subjects completely for FREE.

If you are after earning your living online then you definitely need some extremely high-quality online marketing training, so do yourself a favor and check out The 2 Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses That You Should Join In 2019.

4 • Didn’t Get My Free Gift

When you’ll attempt to close the main Profit Genesis 2.0 page, a popup will appear telling you about a FREE video which will show you how to make $1000 with a simple trick (see image below).

Profit Genesis 2.0 Email Signup

However, once I fill in my name and email, nothing really happens. I just get redirected to Profit Genesis 2.0 main page to watch the exact same introductory video.

Such a poor attempt to collect your data and use them to promote you more crap or maybe sell them to other people or companies which will again keep promoting you crap you don’t even need.

5 • Way Too Many Scam Red Flags

Fake Owner

One of the first red alerts that Profit Genesis 2.0 is a fraud, is that its creator, David Miller, is not a real person.

My first clue was that searching for “David Miller Profit Genesis 2.0” in Google returns just some review websites.

No Facebook or other social media profile, no Wikipedia info, no personal blog, nothing.

Moreover, two images that he has used on his sales page which are supposed to display him, are stock images from Getty and Pexels.

See the proof below.

The pictures on the left are those which are supposed to display David Miller. The ones on the right are the stock photos.

Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story 2
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story Stock Image 2
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story 5
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story Stock Image 5

Fake Success Stories and Testimonials

In addition to the fake owner images, the images of the people who are supposed to have succeeded with Profit Genesis 2.0 are also stock images from various websites. Proof below as always.

Left=Profit Genesis 2.0 success stories, Right=Stock image

Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story 1
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story Stock Image 1
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story 3
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story Stock Image 3
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story 4
Profit Genesis 2 Fake Success Story Stock Image 4

And there’s more…

After I found all those stock images I searched YouTube for a bit and I came across the Profit Genesis 2.0 video review below.

Too bad Mrs. Karla Adams above is just a paid actress hired from Fiverr as you can see in the image below.

Profit Genesis 2 Fake YouTube Testimonial

Moreover, she has used the exact same video to review other products, such as Explode My Payday under the name “Stacy Morgan” as you can see in the video right below (notice that in the video she never mentions the name of the product… Basically, she has just copy pasted the exact same video to review several products).

If that doesn’t prove that Profit Genesis 2.0 is just a scam, I don’t know what is.

Your Call

There’s really nothing more to say about Profit Genesis 2.0.

I really got EVERYTHING covered!

The verdict is that if you actually go ahead and purchase it, you’ll most probably end up wasting your precious time, energy, and money while getting nothing in return.

So, I have a counter-suggestion for you…

Something much better, according to of course my opinion, that is proven to help people build a source of sustainable, full-time, passive income online. 

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training platform that currently exists. I’ve actually been a premium Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. 

Wealthy Affiliate is also completely FREE to join!

As a free member, you have access to some basic training and you can also get your very first online business up and running.

11 Quick, Fun Facts About Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Free to join and get started
  2. Cheap premium membership
  3. Almost 1 million active members
  4. Has been around since 2005
  5. One-click website builder
  6. Dedicated tech support
  7. Hundreds of hours of high-quality, step-by-step, affiliate marketing training
  8. Live Chat
  9. Tons of real-life success stories
  10. 1 on 1 mentoring
  11. Perfect for absolute beginners

If you still think that Profit Genesis 2.0 is the right choice for you, then, by all means, go ahead and join it. 

However, make sure that you bookmark this page because when you find out yourself that Profit Genesis 2.0 sucks and you regret your decision of purchasing it, you’ll want to come back, give it a second read and maybe take my suggestion to start building a sustainable, long-term, online source of income the right way 😉

And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you…

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

8 Responses

  1. Well anything online that promises to make you $5000 a week is a bit of a worry really…especially for the super low price of $37! 

    I’m wondering how many people have claimed their refund through Clickbank at this point – I bet that number is pretty high. It’s also disappointing that a decent platform like Clickbank STILL allows these sorts of products through, even though they said they were going to phase them out. 

    Thanks for the heads up on this dodgy deal! 

    1. I believe that $5000 a week might be possible if you have have been working your ass off, building something of substance for years. It absolutely cannot happen out of nowhere.

      I have heard that people have been getting their refunds through ClickBank in general but after like 3 or 4 requests. To tell you the truth, I have purchased some crappy ClickBank products in the past but I never bothered asking for a refund.

      ClickBank should indeed inspect and weed out low-quality products and I believe that they will start doing that soon because if they don’t their quality of service will keep dropping as time passes. For instance, right now I wouldn’t trust to buy any product through ClickBank as most of their products I’ve reviewed and all that I’ve bought totally sucked.

      Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this and leave a comment. I am glad that I helped.


  2. Hi dear,

    The revenue claims of Profit Genesis 2.0 are really unrealistic. 

    I think people need to realize that having a successful online business is all based on knowing SEO. Dropshipping is a good model but if you can not be able to optimize your products for search engines, you can not gain free traffic.

    I like your number one suggestion, here you learn how to create a website capable of ranking and getting free traffic. And you can apply the same training to create a successful dropshipping store.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, SEO is not the only way to building a successful online business but is indeed one of the most prominent ways of getting free traffic to your website. And truth is that with dropshipping getting free traffic is almost impossible and that’s why most training programs teach about Facebook and other kinds of paid ads.

      Wealthy Affiliate is not about dropshipping but it could definitely teach you some basic principles which you could apply to make a dropshipping business successful.

      However, for pure dropshipping training, I would suggest Shopify…

      My best regards,


  3. The Profit Genesis 2.0 System is another product I had not heard of but was asked to check out for some of my friends. They are constantly perusing the internet and when they see something that is in my lane, they will ask me to have a look to see if it is worth their time and money.

    Of course what I do is start a Google search using the keywords and then look at a couple of reviews from fellow marketers like yourself to get a consensus as to what others think, then go have a look at the sales site myself, then make a final judgment. This process has saved my friends lots of money and they reciprocate in other ways for my time and work.  

    In this particular case, I do not have to go any further than your review. It tells me all I need to know and I will not be recommending this to anyone. There are too many red flags, too many misdirection tactics they are using that tells me they are just out for your money.

    Everything from the name (strange one?), the misleading claims that little to no work is required, the fake testimonials, the dubious owner (who is it really?). no support and more are all indicators of yet another product set up to scam you. No matter if it is a dollar or a thousand, you need to get what you have signed up for. 

    The Profit Genesis 2.0 System simply will not deliver. Hopefully, anyone that is considering this tool or others like it will do this search exercise and find out the truth prior to spending money. You are doing a great thing by publishing this review, thanks for your service to the IM world.

  4. Wow, and I thought Profit Genesis was quite a good product that was being advertised by a real person. Thank goodness I did some research first before I bought the product.

    I am tired of buying useless products online, and there are just so many of them around now that you can’t afford not to do your research before you buy. I also hated the fact that it had upsells.

    Can you recommend another good source for Drop Shipping training, or is the link on your page the best one to try for this?

    1. Hi Michel,

      You dodged a bullet there and I am glad that I am the one that helped you do it…

      If I were to start a dropshipping business I would go nowhere else but Shopify… Once you are there, there are a ton of free resources under the tab “Learn” and you can also test drive the platform for free for 14 days. There’s also paid, premium training available…

      The #1 Suggestion that I mention throughout my article is Wealthy Affiliate and it teaches you how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

      Hope this helps,


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