What to Do When You Hate Your Job But Can’t Find a New One

What to Do When You Hate Your Job But Can’t Find a New One

Job-hating has spread like a plague during the last few years.

And along with hating a job comes the urge to quit it…

But you can’t leave yourself incomeless… It’s fairly reasonable that before leaving your current job, you need to first replace your income by finding another one right? If you don’t, how are you going to be able to pay for food, your bills, and other stuff?

However, you are facing a problem… You can’t seem to be able to actually land another job…

Thankfully for you, I’ve been where you are for a while but I managed to find my way out and in this article, I am going to let you know exactly what to do when you need to find your own way out of a job you hate but can’t find a new one.

First things first…


Isolate the Problem

Most of the time, not being able to find another job has nothing to do with the job market, or your country, or the economy, or basically any other external factor.

emojiIf you have a hard time finding another job, chances are that you are the problem and if you want to finally escape from the job you hate, you first need to figure out exactly what you are doing wrong.

I was stuck in a job I hated for 2 years…

During that time I was constantly job hunting, attending interviews, getting rejected, passing job offers, etc.

Looking back, I realize that I made a lot of mistakes which held me back from finding a new job and chances are that the same mistakes might be holding you back as well.

According to my own experience, there are 5 reasons that you might be unable to find a new job.

  1. Not applying to enough jobs
  2. Having a bad resume
  3. Being bad at attending interviews
  4. Going after jobs you don’t qualify for
  5. Being too picky

Let’s dig a little bit deeper.


1 • Not Applying to Enough Jobs

The more jobs you apply to, the higher your chances of actually landing a new job.

Over the years, I’ve had conversations with dozens of people who were looking for their way out of a job they hated and most of the time, those conversations ended up being shockingly similar to the one below:

Other person“I hate my job and I want to quit…”
Me“So, why don’t you quit?”
Other person“I can’t find another job”
Me“Tell me about the last time you searched for one”
Other person“Well, it was about 2 months ago”
Me“Aha… To how many jobs did you apply back then?”
Other person“Actually I applied to a whole lot of them… I think 2 or maybe 3…”


Seriously, if this is you, you’re screwed… Applying to 2-3 jobs per 2 months will get you nowhere… Hell, applying to 2-3 jobs per week will probably get you nowhere either…

How many jobs should you apply to, you ask?

I was thinking more like 2-3 jobs per day!

If you are serious about finding a job in order to quit your current one anytime soon and not when you are almost old enough to retire, you have to grow balls and stop acting like a scared little girl…

There’s no point in taking it slow. The slower you take it, the longer you’ll be stuck in the current job you despise.

You either want to quit your job or not.

Act big and get the hell out of there ASAP or just accept the fact that you’ll probably be working that same job you hate for the next 10+ years.

If I were you, I’d go for the former…


2 • Having a Bad Resume

ResumeLet’s assume that you are indeed applying to tons of jobs but no potential employer is calling back to schedule an in-person interview with you.

If you haven’t actually misspelled your telephone number within your resume, then chances are that nobody is calling you because your resume sucks…

A few months after landing that job I hated I started applying to dozens of other jobs in order to escape it.

But I kept getting no calls for interviews whatsoever…

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to realize that my resume was to blame and so I started improving it at once.

I went online, read some articles on building a good resume, and along with being a little creative, I managed to put together an awesome resume in less than a week.

And then, I started putting it to test…

I applied to 10-15 jobs using my new resume and after a few days, I started getting calls for scheduling interviews with potential employers. I was ecstatic!

Right now, almost 2 years later, I have further improved my resume and I usually get called for interviews from at least 50% of the jobs I apply to.

If despite applying to numerous job positions you still don’t get called for interviews the quality of your resume is probably to blame…

It’s either that, or you might be applying to jobs you don’t actually qualify for…


3 • Going After Jobs You Don’t Qualify for

Not Qualified

It goes without question that if you keep applying to jobs you don’t qualify for, you’ll probably keep getting rejected as soon as someone lays eyes on your resume.

Yes, you might want the job with the higher salary or the job in another field which you believe you’ll enjoy more but unfortunately, if you don’t have the required skillset and/or previous experience nobody would be willing to waste their time interviewing you.

Think about it…

If you were a business owner and you needed a salesman, would you waste your time interviewing someone who had no college education and had been working as a truck driver for the last ten years? Or, if you were in need of a truck driver would you waste your time interviewing someone with a college degree in sales but no driver’s license?

I don’t think so.

If you keep applying to jobs you don’t qualify for then don’t get your hopes up because you’ll probably never be able to replace your current job with a new one.

Countering that problem is very simple…

Just start applying to jobs you qualify for!

Or you could improve your skillset to actually qualify for the jobs you would like to go after.

Attend classes and seminars. Watch webinars. Leverage the vast amounts of free information you can find on blogs or on Youtube. Get certified.

Do whatever it takes to get the job you want.

Yes, it will take time, effort, and sacrifices but this is what it takes for someone to reach their goals…


4 • Being Bad at Attending Interviews

Let’s assume that you are applying to a lot of jobs, you get called for interviews from a significant number of them, you attend those interviews, but still, nobody seems to be willing to hire you.

If this is the case for you, you are probably doing something wrong during those interviews.

Maybe you are not dressed well enough, maybe you are just talking way too much about irrelevant stuff, maybe you don’t seem confident in yourself or maybe you keep making tasteless comments about your current job and boss.

Job Interview I am Nice1

Whatever the case, you have to understand that every job opening could have dozens of applicants and the employer is most likely going to hire the one who left them with the best impression during their interview.

Believe it or not, being good at attending interviews is a skill that can be cultivated with practice just like playing football or the piano…

I remember my first job interviews… They were awful!

I was shy, anxious, sweaty and eager to get out of each one of them ASAP. No wonder that nobody would want to hire me…

However, after attending tons of interviews, I got the knack of it… Now, when I go through a job interview I feel like I know every interviewer for years and thus I feel very confident and open towards them. Also, most of them tend to ask the same or similar questions so I am always prepared (I have actually come up with a couple of answers for 3-4 questions I have noticed that the majority of interviewers ask me).

For instance, I know that once I mention that I am currently working somewhere else, the interviewer will inevitably ask me “Why do you want to quit your current job?”  so I always have a couple of answers armed and ready.

Reading a couple of articles on improving my interview skills also helped me a lot become aware of some mistakes I kept making as well as how to correct them.


5 • Being Too Picky

It doesn’t matter how much you hate your current job, it will not be that easy to let it go especially if you have been working there for a long time.

As I mentioned earlier, during my two years at the job I hated, I applied to hundreds of job openings. I also went through more interviews than I can count and got dozens of job offers…

But, I kept rejecting every single one of them because I was way too picky about them…

I was picky about the work shifts, the distance, the building, the coworkers, the duties, the street on which the building was, the office, the smell of the office, the lightning of the office, etc.

It took me 2 whole years to actually accept another job which I thought was perfect for me only to quit it 3 months later without having anything lined up because it actually sucked.

Waiting to land the perfect job is just a waste of time because it’s impossible to know if a job is perfect for you before working there for a while. What feels like your perfect job in the beginning, might end up being a huge fat bumper when the honeymoon phase is over.

Looking back, I realize that being too picky was probably just another excuse for staying put because I was too afraid to jump from a job I hated but was familiar with to another job which I knew nothing about.

After all, the devil that you know is better than the one you don’t right?


4 Additional Tips on Dealing with the Job You Hate When You Can’t Find Another One


1 • Let go of All Excuses

Most people tend to come up with a lot of excuses to abstain from taking action which in turn keeps them imprisoned in jobs they hate to the very depths of their soul, day in and day out, for years. Believe me, you don’t want that…

I’ve spoken with dozens of people who were after quitting a job they hate and the excuses they keep using in order to stay in their cozy comfort zones are always blowing my mind…

“I’m too old”
“I can’t find a new job”
“I don’t have time”
“I have a family to feed”
“I make good money”
“There are no other jobs”
“All jobs are equally bad”

Let me tell you, and mark my words, that there’s NOT A SINGLE EXCUSE in putting up with working a job you hate for the rest of your life when just by stretching your comfort zone for a while you could do so much better.

I am not saying that you should walk in your boss’s office and quit your job right now but at least take some steps that will allow you to eventually get out of there.

If you are currently working a job you hate, YOU are the only one to blame, period. YOU are the problem… Your mindset is the problem… Your attitude is the problem. It’s no else’s fault but yours…

Don’t let this bring you down. Don’t get all sad and depressed.

That’s great news!

Because since YOU are the problem, YOU are also the solution.

Your excuses will always be there trying to hold you back. But it’s up to you if you act according to them or if you act despite them.

Truth is that when it comes to quitting your job, the hardest part will probably be to overpower your own bullshit excuses.

Once you get past that, you are gold!


2 • Deal With Your Job Another Way

4 Ways To Deal With a Job You Hate

Finding another job is not the only solution to dealing with a job you hate.

Besides quitting your job, there are at least 3 more ways to successfully deal with it like a pro such as

  • Persistence
  • Neglect
  • and Voice

Persistence means grinding your teeth and just sticking through your awful job accepting that you’ll probably keep being unhappy for the rest of your life.

Neglect entails staying in your current job but getting emotionally disengaged from it. It’s like showing up to work and doing the bare minimum effort just to not get fired.

Voice involves actively trying to figure out ways to improve the situation at your job along with your colleagues and/or your boss.

For more information on dealing with a job you hate without quitting it, go ahead and take a look at the 4 Ways To Deal With A Job You Hate Like A Pro.


3 • Start a Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is becoming a more and more popular option towards eventually quitting not just your current job but all jobs forever…

If you have a hobby, passion, or interest with which you occupy yourself during your free time, it would be a great idea to start considering if there are any ways to monetize it.

For instance, if you love practicing Yoga, maybe you could get an instructor’s certification and start practicing with your friends and family. If you are working as a website designer, you could start offering your services as a freelance. Or if you have any experience writing, you could start writing your own book.

Eventually, what you started as a side hustle, could bring in a full-time income for you so you and you won’t need to work a normal job ever again.

More than a few very successful entrepreneurs started exactly that way! Scaling a business on the side of their job which eventually turned into a full-time venture.

Yes, it won’t come fast and easy. It’ll take time, effort, and sacrifices. But earning your living by doing something you enjoy instead of constantly jumping from a job you hate to another job you hate is definitely worth all the trouble right?

dearboss-iquit.com has been my side hustle for a while now and will hopefully become my full-time job at some point and allow me to work for myself online.

If you would like to find out how to quit your job and work for yourself online just like me, you should definitely read my article How To Quit Your Job And Be Your Own Boss [Like a Boss].


4 • Quit Your Job Without Having Anything Else Lined up

I Quit My Job Having Nothing Lined UpWho in the right mind quits a job without having anything else lined up right?

Well, I did!

A month ago I quit my last job without having anything else lined up whatsoever. Not another job, no significant and stable income from my online business or from anywhere else, nothing!

And let me tell you, that it’s definitely not as scary as most people tend to imagine.

Quitting a job you hate without having found a new one yet is a valid course of action and if you have taken a few smart steps beforehand such as saving up some money, leaving yourself without an income for a while might prove to be much less stressful than working a job you hate.

At least, this is the case for me now.

If you want to find out more about quitting my last job with nothing lined up, how I did it, what happened to me after doing it as well as how you can do that yourself with the least possible risk, go ahead and read I Quit My Job Having Nothing Lined Up: Here’s What Happened to Me…

Just so you know, thinking about quitting my job without having found a new job first used to be one of the scariest thoughts of my life but after actually going through it, I can safely say that a month later things are unfolding unexpectedly smoothly and I haven’t regretted my decision the slightest.



Finding a new job in order to quit your current one is not as hard as you imagine. It’s actually much easier… You’ll definitely understand what I am saying when you actually achieve it.

If you just start acting despite all your fears and excuses, identify the problem, and then correct it, it won’t be long before you kiss the job you hate goodbye!

In addition, finding another job is not the only way to quit a job. There are other ways to deal with a job you hate such as neglecting it, becoming your own boss, or just quitting it cold-turkey just like me.

Lastly, don’t forget that YOU are the only one who can change your situation for the better… Don’t wait for anyone to deliver you from your misery or for things to change for the better by themselves.

You are the problem but you are also the solution!


  • For how long have you been looking for a new job in order to quit your current one?
  • Which of those mistakes do you believe is holding you back?
  • Have you considered dealing with the job you hate another way?

Let us know all about your opinion and experience in the comments below.


If you have any questions or need any further help or guidance from me, I encourage you to email me at xaric@dearboss-iquit.com or drop me a PM on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Whatever the case, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My best regards to you,



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  1. Kiz

    You assume many people can afford a job that is half their current salary which is what the majority of jobs I see are. You also assume that its easy to leave a niche job and walk into anything. Again not everyone can afford to retrain.

    1. Xaric

      Hi Kiz.

      I’m sorry that you didn’t find what you’re looking for here…

      Unfortunately, I can’t address every single setback that might be holding every single person on Earth back from quitting their job.

      Everything written in this article is just a reflection of my very own experience with working and quitting a job I hated so it’s impossible for my advice to be one-size-fits-all…

      I have never suggested that anyone should take a job that pays half their current salary.

      So please don’t put words in my mouth.

      I’ve also never suggested that it’s easy to leave any job… I specifically mentioned in my article that it took me 2 years of consistent effort (job hunting, attending interviews, getting rejected, passing job offers, etc) until I managed to escape from the job I hated.

      The whole process was actually one of the hardest and most arduous ones I’ve ever gone through.

      If you’d like to receive advice tailored to your own situation, you can email me at xaric@dearboss-iquit.com

      I’d love to help you out!

      Best regards,


  2. LynMc

    Xaric, I liked your post for a couple of reasons. First, you are clear in what you are saying, what I call no “fluff”. Your reader should be able to see your message clearly. I was in a job I disliked immensely and my older sister sat me down and basically said “do what you have to do to make your life better”. I began my college journey at 41 years old and in a few years found my dream job.

    Secondly, you laid out some good choices for those that want their circumstances to change, yet do not take action steps to bring the needed changes to fruition. Some may not like the direct suggestions offered, yet I believe they will stay in the back of their minds.

    This blog can apply to people of all ages. I wouldn’t be surprised to see not only individuals, but teachers and parents wanting to share these words of wisdom.

    1. Xaric

      Thanks so much for sharing your story with us… Hats off to your older sister for pushing you to improve your life… Hats off to you as well that you had the guts to make such an enormous change for the better in your life at that age and that you managed to finally land your dream job as well. In my eyes, you are an utter success!

      Thank you so much for your kind and motivation words… I am trying my best to serve solutions through my own experience to all those who are working jobs they hate because I know how awful it is to get stuck in one.

      My best wishes to you 🙂


  3. Charles Fisk

    This is a very interesting concept. If you have a job then I can see how you can sometimes hate it. But, if on other hand you have a career then you absolutely would love it because you would be doing your passion in life. I can’t say I have never quit a job, but I stuck with my career and retired from it after 26 plus years and sometimes I miss it.  

    Overall this is an excellent article. However, you could tone down the foul language a bit, because it is unprofessional and can be offensive to others. Besides that it is a very informative article.

    1. Xaric

      The number of people who are working jobs they hate is constantly rising as years pass… Having a career doesn’t necessarily mean that you love what you do, even if at some point you actually used to love it.

      I have talked with dozens of people who started a career assuming they’d love it only to end up hating it a few years later.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback on my “foul” language… I am not a professional career coach and I am not trying to be one here… This is just a blog whereas I am sharing my thoughts with the world… And among my thoughts, there happens to exist a little profanity here and there just to spice things up a little.

      As far as those who are offended by it are concerned, the one who is actually guilty will always get defensive 😉

      My best regards,


  4. shirian

    Apparently, when you hate your job quitting it and then applying to other jobs is no big deal.

    In reality, when you have financial obligations and no other options at hand, you will hesitate to make the decision and quit your job. However, when you feel confident and you have enough skill and previous experience chances are that you’ll be employed again in no time.

    And you are right! When it comes to job interviews, obviously confidence, appearance and knowing how to express oneself are important things.


    1. Xaric

      I don’t really believe that it would be wise for someone who has trouble finding another job while working at one to quit their job before actually finding a new one.

      This will make the situation much harder, the stress levels are going to increase, they will seem desperate during their interviews and they might end up taking a job which would be as bad or even worse than the one they quit.

      Obviously, this article is addressed to those who are not able to confidently find a job whenever they might need it.

      My regards,


  5. R.J.

    Hey Xaric, that was an awesome read. 

    I can relate to everything in it.

    No one wants to keep jumping from job to job and getting nowhere so I believe that it would be much easier to earn your living another way, maybe start a business or freelancing or something… 

    I am currently trying to figure out my course of action…

    1. Xaric

      I am glad you liked it… But not all people are destined to build businesses and become freelancers… The majority of people will still prefer having a “stable” job over devoting huge chunks of their time and effort into building a business or having to go after clients to make ends meet as freelancers.

      Are you currently working a job or not? What’s a draft of your course of action until now?

  6. Twack Romero

    Finally and article with some teeth and that tells it like it is. I’m vicariously responding to this article on behalf of my third born. Now, I love him and that’s unconditional but he needs to read this and watch those videos because they might just get the “veil of I can’t” lifted from his eyes. His two older brothers must have swallowed a different book as they ‘eat’ jobs like they’ve not eaten in months. You’re right about the excuses, so very true. I’ve never been bothered by them losing their jobs or just leaving because usually within a week or two they’re starting another one. 

    If you can’t find a job that needs your skill set then either retrain or start any job at the bottom and work your way up. I’ve done that more times than I care to mention. Employers will see potential though, even if it’s just from you knocking on the bosses door and saying ‘What’s next ?’ rather than finishing what you’re doing and sneaking around the back for a sit-down. Sometimes you just have to get out there and make it happen like you said there’s plenty of other candidates that are vying for the same position.

    1. Xaric

      I am glad that you found this valuable Twack. I can sense that you must be a great parent. Being open-minded about the lives that your kids live must not be an easy task. Unfortunately, my parents are not that way. They get stressed a lot about my financial future even if I am not stressed about it and then I get stressed about the fact that my parents got stressed because of me. 

      But I’ve found a solution to that. I simply don’t let them know anything about my employment status anymore. They are much better off staying in the dark than burdening themselves with my own choices. And now, I can also make choices which are in favor of my well-being without thinking that I might let them down. 

      I can’t even imagine how depressed they would be if they found out that I quit my last job without having anything lined up.

      Anyway, you are absolutely right that employers appreciate an attitude of “I’ll deal with any kind of task you give me in the best possible way”. This is the attitude of a go-getter and employers love those kinds of people.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this and drop a comment.


  7. AmDetermined

    Regarding your question when I was looking for a job it took me 2 years to find one because most mistakes that you listed in your post is what I kept unknowingly doing.

    The most common mistake I did is that I used to aim for jobs that were more than my qualification. Also, I didn’t apply for enough jobs and I was constantly complaining.

    Although now I am not looking for a job because I have started my online business with Wealthy Affiliate just like you, I think anyone who has trouble finding a job could use your tips to make corrections so that they can find that job much faster.

    1. Xaric

      Thanks for sharing your experience and story with us!

      I hope that everything unfolds as you wish with your online business and Wealthy Affiliate.

      My best to you,


  8. Robert

    I really used to enjoy the job prior to the one I have now. They say if you enjoy your job you will most likely be more productive. I liked my previous job so much that I stayed there for 20+ years. But too much of a good thing can get you burnt out after a while.

    I was fortunate to know about a local transportation job that was hiring and thought that driving people around would be a much easier job. I will get to meet people and see new areas of my state. But my hours are long, I do not feel that safe when going into rundown urban areas, and in my state (NJ), lunch breaks are not required for anyone over 18.

    I am now looking for a new job because I cannot take all of this work with no breaks five days a week. I really like your suggestion of starting a side hustle. I think something online would be a great place to start. I realize it takes time to get an income to replace the one I have now. Do you think I can achieve that within 2 years if I work a few hours building it every day?

    1. Xaric

      Yeah, I’ve heard of people leaving jobs they enjoyed for some reason… I guess, the grass always seems greener on the other side?

      Are you serious about the lunch breaks? I literally can’t keep myself focused on my work if my stomach is empty…

      To answer your question, it really depends on the side hustle, your work ethic, the time you devote, etc. No one could possibly tell you if you will be able to earn a full-time living through your side hustle in less than 2 years from now.

      It could be a possibility but it mainly depends on you.

      Freelancing is one of the fastest ways to earn money online… If you have a skill that is in demand online (web design, writing, SEO, video editing, etc), then you might be able to make some money faster than let’s say starting a dropshipping or an affiliate marketing business of your own.

      I think that you might find my article 15 Ways To Replace Your Income In Order To Quit Your Job In 2019 helpful…

      Hopefully, this helps you out!


  9. DerrAd

    I was at the brick of job hunting after my first degree before I had an internship opportunity leading to employment. I was very excited to have skipped that experience of job hunt although it’s worth it in sharing with the young ones. Few months into the internship, I felt like the company wasn’t the right place for me to stay but it was hard to be blunt with my Supervisor. 

    All that while the management was planning an interview to cement my position in the company but I wasn’t decided within myself. While thinking of how to turn down the offer, nature presented itself the right moment where I had admission to further my education. Since then, I decided to search for ways to make money online and not find myself in that position again. 

    However, thanks for the insights you provided through your article.  

    1. Xaric

      That’s an awesome story there DerrAd… 

      Thanks a lot for sharing and I hope that you manage to figure out your way to earning your living online.

      My best wishes, 


  10. Jordan

    Great article, I like how you emphasise that a person has to take responsibility for why they’re not able to find a new job that they like. 

    One other thing I would add is the importance of networking. 

    Most jobs are landed through some sort of connection, whether it’s a former colleague, a co-worker’s sibling, a neighbour’s college roommate, etc. 

    Networking expands the possibilities and reach of any job search.  But, it’s important not to just run and ask your contacts for help when you’re desperate – you have to cultivate and maintain connections with people (and look for ways you can add value for them) as part of your regular routine, so they’re more inclined to want to help you if you ever need it.  Give to receive, as they say.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this, thank you.

    1. Xaric

      Awesome advice Jordan. 

      In fact, maintaining an expanded but healthy network of people could help you advance in a lot of aspects of your life. But you have to be proactive… You have to keep cultivating it like a fruit-garden. Because if you don’t, when the time comes that you need the fruit, there will be none because everything will be withered.

      I know of people who are great at networking and opportunities seems to pop up out of nowhere for them. I am a terrible networker possibly due to being introverted… But nonetheless, I made it out of a job I hated 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the advice! I am sure that many people might find it extremely valuable!

      My best regards,


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