8 Surprising Reasons You End Up Hating Every Single Job You Get…

8 Surprising Reasons You End Up Hating Every Single Job You Get…

Hating a job is absolutely normal…

Most adults who have been active in the workforce for a few years will have inevitably stumbled upon a job which they hated for some reason

On the other hand, there are those people who have grown to hate every single job they’ve worked so far which frankly, is a whole other story…

You could easily say “Well, all jobs suck!” or “My boss was a jerk” or “My colleagues were talking about me behind my back” but blaming others for what’s going wrong in your job-life is probably an unhealthy and counterproductive reaction…

You see, If you’ve worked 5 jobs and you hated just one of them, then chances are that there was something about that job you hated which indeed sucked. But, if you’ve worked 5 jobs and you hated every single one of them, chances are YOU are doing something wrong…

Some of the most prominent reasons that you might be hating all the jobs you’ve ever worked are

  • Looking For Happiness in the Wrong Place
  • You Don’t Know What You Want
  • You’re in the Wrong Career
  • 9-5 is NOT for You
  • You Don’t Know What Else to Do
  • You Haven’t Experimented Enough
  • You are Preoccupied
  • You Have Other Dreams

Let’s dig deeper, shall we?


Why Do I Hate Every Job I Get? 8 Surprising Reasons!


1 • Looking For Happiness in the Wrong Place

Hell equals working a job you hateVery often, people grow to hate their job because they believed that what this job offered them would make them happy when it’s clearly not…

Maybe you went for a profession simply because it pays well, or because your parents kept pushing you towards it since you were young, or because it’s got prestige or fame or whatever…

However, going after prestige, money, or satisfying your parents is definitely not the path which leads to being happy with what you do for a living.

For instance, throughout my life, my mother kept insisting that the secret to being happy at work is to find a steady office job.

She didn’t push me towards a specific career but she definitely impressed upon me that an office job was all I needed to become truly happy job-wise… And I truly believed her!

A few years ago, the combination of my mother’s conditioning, as well as a high wage, was the reason that I ended up taking an office job which was the worst job I have ever worked until now…

My mother and father were happy, the job paid me a very nice salary which allowed me to live a pretty comfortable lifestyle, renting a nice apartment, maintaining my car, going out for drinks, etc but for the 2 years I lasted on that office job which was supposed to make me truly happy, I was the most miserable I have ever been in my entire life…

The takeaway here is that working a job just because it pays well, or just because it is prestigious, or basically due to any other reason rather than just enjoying working it will probably result in you being so miserable that you won’t be able to tell if you are still alive or if you died and went to hell…


2 • You Don’t Know What You Want

If you don’t know towards where you want to go, it’s impossible to ever get there…

One of the main reasons people hate all the jobs they work is because they blindly jump from job to job without knowing what kind of job they would really enjoy doing.

Keep in mind that you can make money working any job but the jobs which at the same time have the potential to really fulfill you can be counted with the fingers of just one palm.

According to my favorite philosopher, Alan Watts, if you don’t know what you really want to do in life, you are either already doing it, or you don’t really know yourself.

I believe that for most people, the latter is true.

If this is the case with you too, then you have some work to do with yourself because if you don’t, unless you manage to land a job you actually enjoy out of pure luck, you’ll probably keep jumping from jobs you hate to other jobs you hate until you retire or until you die, whichever comes first…


3 • You’re in the Wrong Career

Sometimes, there is nothing really wrong with your boss or the company or your colleagues… Obviously, no job is perfect but if all the jobs you’ve hated so far are in the same field, then chances are that your problems don’t really stem from the job itself but rather from the work.

By the term “job” I am talking about the whole package – the boss, the commute, your colleagues, your desk, your clients, etc… On the other hand, “work” is the actual duties and tasks that you have to fulfill while at your job.

You can hate one or more aspects of a job but not your work… For instance, you might enjoy web design (which is your work) but hate the fact that your boss is trying to micromanage every single aspect of your projects (job). In that case, working for someone else in the same field could probably solve your problem.

On the other hand, your boss might be fine, your job close to your house, your salary pretty high, your benefits awesome but despite all that, you still you can’t seem to be able to stop hating your duties, your daily tasks, your projects, etc.

I have worked a job exactly like that. It was in a large international company… Every single aspect of the company, the boss, the coworkers, the pay, the benefits, the bonuses were all dreamy! BUT, I held a position as a customer service advisor which I hated to the very depths of my soul. Working as a customer service advisor at another firm wouldn’t solve my problem. I needed a career change… To work on another field…

If this is the case with you, if you hate your work then going from job to job is not going to solve your problem either.

What you have to do is consider a career change!

There’s not a single reason that I can think of to keep wasting your borrowed time doing work you really hate.


4 • 9-5 is NOT for You

You can’t fit every single person into the same box.

Some people are destined to work normal day jobs while others are not.

For example, an old colleague of mine from the customer service job I truly hated, was claiming that she loved the job and that she would never want to work anywhere else. The weirdest thing is that she had some job offers from other companies to work on the field she had studied in college but she just wouldn’t leave.

On the other hand, there are people who will just never become truly happy working any normal 9-5 job no matter how good that job is. I am one of those people… I am introverted which means that being around people for a long time depletes my energy, I am creative and active, routine is killing me, and I really hate following orders and being told what I should do.

Dont Follow the Crowd

Some of you might argue that all people “have” to work normal jobs… Well, I beg to differ.

There have to be people who create art, work as freelancers, become writers, actors, turn into monks, etc. There also have to be people who build and run businesses. If all people had to work normal jobs there would be no one to build businesses and thus normal jobs wouldn’t exist in the first place.

Tesla, Einstein, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and dozens of other successful businessmen, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and people who are changing the shape of the world, in general, are usually people who would be miserable working normal jobs not to mention highly unemployable.

If you keep hating every single job you get, maybe you are not meant to work one. Maybe you are meant for bigger things. Maybe you are meant to be one of those people who’ll shape the world somehow.

Not everyone is destined to work a normal job and maybe neither are you.


5 • You Don’t Know What Else to Do

As a person providing career advice through my blog, I’ve naturally interacted with dozens of people who are working jobs they hate.

When I ask them “Why don’t you try finding a better job?”, one of the most common answers I get is “Because I don’t really know what else I could possibly do”.

While finding out the kind of job that you would be passionate about is probably the key to everlasting job fulfillment, there seems to be a common limiting belief among people that “I’ll either be working a job I hate” or “I’ll find a job that I truly love”

However, this is not the case at all!

Just like between scolding hot and freezing cold water, between working a job you hate and working a job you love, there are millions of other options… There’s the option of working a job you hate less and then the option of working a job towards which you’ll be indifferent and the job you’ll barely like and the job you’ll enjoy, etc.

For instance, I have worked a job which I neither hated nor loved, and I was pretty happy with it. In fact, now that I think about it, it was probably the best normal job I’ve ever had up until this point!

What I am trying to say here is that instead of feeling helpless and frozen because you think that you should jump from a job you hate right into a job you love, going after jobs which you won’t hate might probably be the best solution to your problem, at least until you figure out what kind of job you would really love! Stop going for perfect… Go for progress!

The good news is that since you’ve already worked some jobs you hated, you should really be aware of what characteristics of a job make you miserable in order to avoid them.

If not, sit down and figure them out ASAP.

Don’t let all those years working jobs you hated to go to waste. Take advantage of the feedback you’ve gathered through those jobs in order to figure out exactly what you want and what you don’t want from a job. For instance, I know that I’ll probably hate every single job which has anything to do with customer support and call centers…

Once you’ve figured out exactly which were the aspects and characteristics of your previous jobs that you hated so much, start looking for jobs which lack them…

Never settle…

If you have the slightest suspicion that you are going to hate a job, then don’t apply to it. If you became suspicious after going through an interview, then don’t take it.

Be patient, keep looking and who knows… Maybe your next job is going to be a job you actually like…


6 • You Haven’t Experimented Enough

Only a handful of people are lucky enough to know which job they would love to be working for the rest of their lives since they were kids…

The rest of us, have to keep putting ourselves through a process of trial and error until we gain enough experience to understand which kinds of jobs we like and which kinds of jobs we don’t like.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around to ending up working a job which truly satisfies you…

Think about it…

Before coming across your favorite food, you had inevitably eaten foods which you liked a lot, foods you barely liked, foods that you liked but you weren’t crazy about, and foods which disgusted you so much that you wouldn’t put them in your mouth ever again…

Same goes with drinks, partners, material things, clothes, hairstyles, friends, movies, music, etc.

Basically, who you are now, is the result of you perpetually experimenting with stuff.

Why not do the exact same thing with your job? Why should a job be something that we keep doing for years even if we hate it since day one? Would you keep eating food that makes you sick for 2 years before saying “enough” and attempting to try something else? I don’t think so…

If you don’t know what job you’d like to do for the rest of your life, you’ll have to actually experiment with as many jobs as you possibly can.

Go for jobs in various fields, in large companies, in small family businesses, near your house, far from your house, office jobs, outdoors jobs, etc, etc.

Yes, this takes time! And yes, it will be harder to keep adjusting to working different jobs and constantly learning new skills and practices and procedures than just going for jobs you already know how to do.

But if you have no clue about what job you’d like to do for the rest of your life, this might be your only way to finally finding out!


7 • You are Preoccupied

Just because you’ve worked a couple of jobs you hated, doesn’t really mean that you will never be able to work a job which you’ll not hate…

I’ve heard people saying “all jobs are equally bad”

No, they are not!

I’ve worked jobs I hated… I’ve worked jobs I that liked and I’ve worked jobs about which I didn’t give the slightest fuck…

Every job is different… No job is perfect… And every job has its pros and cons…

Assuming that you’ll hate all jobs just because you happened to hate a couple of them in the past can only set you up for disaster… You see, if you believe that you’ll hate a job before you even get it, chances are that once you get it you’ll end up hating it.

This is called confirmation bias and it basically means that your experiences will tend to unfold based on your beliefs about them just to confirm to yourself you were right.

If you believe you can, you’ll probably do it! If you believe you can’t, you’ll probably fail! – Henry Ford

So, instead of hating jobs before you even start looking for them, just try to keep an open mind because if not, you might end up hating a job that you could potentially enjoy if only you didn’t believe that you’d hate it in the first place!


8 • You Have Other Dreams

The main reason that I’ve grown to hate and quit 2 jobs during the last 2 years is that I am building a dream of my own (this website) and both those jobs were holding my dream back one way or another…

My first job was in a call center of a large international company… I had to deal with hundreds of angry customers a day which was something that was leaving me with no energy to do anything else during my day including working on my online business…

The second job had way too much overtime, most of which went unpaid. I was basically working 10-hour days 5 days a week… In addition, I needed one hour to get to work and more than 1 hour to return from work. This means that I spent at least 12 hours of my days just on work-related stuff which left me little to no time at all to work on my online business.

I know that until my online business brings in a full-time income for me, I will have to work other normal jobs in order to be able to cover my monthly expenses. However, I will definitely not let any job stand between me and my dream.

If it does, I quit it. End of story…

After all, if you don’t go after and build your dream, you’ll always have to work for someone to help them build theirs…



If you’ve hated every single job you have worked then the problem is probably you and not the jobs themselves…

Maybe you thought that making more money is the way to happiness and you keep taking jobs only because they are offering you higher salaries… Maybe you are in the wrong career or maybe you just can’t thrive in an environment where you have to keep following orders… Maybe you are destined to quit all jobs forever and become your own boss!

Whatever the case, if you want to end up making your living by doing something that truly satisfies you or at least finally find a job that you won’t grow to hate, you have work to do with yourself!


How many jobs you hated have you worked? What were the main reasons that you hated them? Have you managed to find a job you don’t hate yet?

Leave a comment below and let us know all about your story… Or just vent 😉


If you have any questions or need any further help or guidance from me, I encourage you to email me at xaric@dearboss-iquit.com or drop me a PM on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Whatever the case, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My best regards to you,


CEO & Founder at Dear Boss I Quit

Xaric started his journey to making money online back in 2016. After a lot of trial & error, he managed to build a full-time income online and he is now working from home. He founded dearboss-iquit.com in order to help as many people as possible achieve the exact same thing and he now serves more than 30.000 people per month!

You can read more about Xaric’s story here.

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  1. Sue

    I am 40 and have been working for 24 years with at least 20 jobs and I have hated ALL of them.

    For years, I have known the problem was not the jobs, but me.

    Ten years ago, I did a lot of soul-searching, went to graduate school and got my master’s degree and started working in the mental health field. Turns out, I hate working in that field too!

    I am angry at myself for putting all that time and money (student loan debt) to end up back where I started: hating every job.

    I don’t know what to do (yes, I have been to career counseling.)

    I have been blessed with good coworkers and bosses at most of my jobs; the problem is that I always hate the work itself. I want to find work that I actually enjoy and that doesn’t give me health issues (most of my jobs literally make me sick and I have to quit because of health issues.)

    I was so stressed from one job that I had shingles on my eyelid and almost went blind.

    What is it like to have work that gives you life and energy rather than depletes you and makes you ill?

    1. Xaric

      Hello Sue!

      First of all, thanks a lot for sharing your story with us!

      The key here is to not beat yourself up.

      Yes, you’ve made mistakes… Okay, everybody does! This is how people learn. Don’t dwell on the mistakes you’ve made because you can’t change them… But you can leverage the lessons derived from them towards changing your future for the better.

      I assume that you might also be feeling too old for changes now, right?

      I understand that you are probably not a carefree 20-year-old anymore but you are not 60 either.

      I know people who have completely turned around their lives during their 50s or 60s. And if they could do it, you can do it too!

      Now, if I were you, I’d start experimenting with as many different activities and hobbies as possible for 1 – 2 years. Don’t stuff 6 different activities in just one day or you might get overwhelmed and end up burned out.

      Go for 1 – 2 different activities for a month. Next month, choose 2 different activities and stick with them for another month.

      For instance, from January 1st to February 1st, you can go dancing on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Yoga on each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

      From February 1st to March 1st you can attend skydiving classes each Saturday and maybe take a cooking class every Monday and Wednesday.

      I think you got the point!

      All the feedback that you’ll gather through attending such a vast amount of activities will help you construct a better image of what your “dream job” or maybe even your life’s purpose is.

      Also, consider that you might not be meant to work a normal, 9-5 job. I don’t really think that any person is made to work a 9-5 job but most of them just settle.

      But then there are the ones like you and me, who just can’t take it.

      If this is the case with you, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate and/or Project 24.

      Those 2 platforms teach people how to make their living from home by building profitable online businesses around their interests and passions.

      Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 helped me quit 9-5 forever (hopefully) and gave my life a purpose.

      I will always be grateful to both of them and I believe that one of them or both could potentially help you out as well.

      Lastly, consider studying a little philosophy. Chances are that your problem might not be physical but mental and philosophy could help you solve it without having to actually change any of your external circumstances.

      Allan Watts is my favorite philosopher.

      He talks a lot about happiness and fulfillment through an alternative point of view that could help you counter your problem.

      There are tons of videos of his speeches on Youtube.

      Meditation could also help a lot in the longterm.

      I really hope my advice helps you out!

      If you have more questions or require clarifications, I would be more than happy to help you out.

      My best regards,


  2. Carol5162

    I always get excited when I get into a new job. The prospects of a new salary, new friends and a different environment altogether. But after a few weeks, I’ve come to the realization that employment is not something I want to do for the long haul.

    Basically, 9-5 is not for me. I am grateful for the things I have been able to accomplish because of my 9-5, but that is not my all. I want the freedom and the potential to earn as much as I can, outside the traditional office.

    And your point is so true…GO FOR PROGRESS. This is where I am at the moment with my online business. Progressing, one step at a time.

    Thank you for this great post.

    1. Xaric

      Thank you for sharing your story with us Carol.

      My best wishes to you and your online business!


  3. water life

    All the reasons you mentioned explain exactly why most people today hate their jobs. Doing a job that you don’t really like is bad but maybe, as you said, the problem is not the job but you.

    In my opinion, the right professional orientation plays a decisive role in the life course of the individual, since he essentially determines his professional future. A mistaken decision will lead the person to dangerous and difficult paths while the right decision leads the individual to professional success. 

    Confucius said, “Choose a profession you like and you will not have to work in your life again”. It’s in our hands to experiment and look for the right job in order to become happy. 

    Thankfully, I chose the right job for me and I’m proud of that. 

    1. Xaric

      Unfortunately, if someone doesn’t know exactly the kind of job they’d love to do, they will inevitably make mistakes and work jobs they won’t like. I don’t consider such mistakes dangerous as they are part of the whole process of gaining the required experience to finally find out what kinds of jobs satisfy you and whatnot.

      By the way, this is actually one of my favorite quotes!


  4. Tohin

    This is such a thought-provoking article, I must say.

    While growing up, most of us have been brainwashed to think that in order to find happiness we should follow the norm, especially when it comes to jobs and studies…

    It is only after experiencing somethings the hard way, like being unhappy with a career choice we made simply because our parents wanted that, that we come to realize no one and nothing can define our happiness besides ourselves.

    Also, I didn’t know that being unhappy with every single job one has worked so far has something to do with oneself.

    A friend of mine complains about her job(s) almost all the time. I have to send her this article, so she could take a step back and reflect on herself as to what her true problems are.

    1. Xaric

      I couldn’t agree more with you!

      Since I was young, my family kept telling me that the way to happiness is going to college, finding a good office job, settling down, getting married, have children, wait to die…

      It took me a long time to realize that this was their ideal way of life but not mine… Nobody told me about businesses, freelancing, being creative, questioning everything, and being happy with your profession.

      I had to find out everything for myself after wasting 2 years of my life working 2 jobs I absolutely hated which according to my parents were ideal for me!

      So basically yes, if you’ve hated most jobs you’ve worked, chances are there’s something you need to correct within yourself…

      In my case, it was the belief that having an office job was the key to my happiness…

  5. Paul

    Dear Xaric,

    This is a great article as you speak on behalf of so many people on the planet. 

    I’m one of the lucky ones who always feels like every job is just a game and I just have the best time (not all the time but most of the time). Most people just go through the motions and think it’s acceptable because everyone else is doing the same. 

    We are brainwashed into being sheep and the government is the sheepdog pushing us to do want we don’t necessarily want to do.

    1. Xaric

      Considering every job as a game is a way to go for sure. Sometimes I just wish that I could do that as well. It would be so easier than quitting and then going for another job and then quitting that job again…

      In my opinion, everything is acceptable for oneself as long as it doesn’t hurt others. If somebody wants to keep wasting his life working jobs he hates because everybody else is doing the exact same thing, then, by all means!

      We are definitely being brainwashed by the government, television, fashion, other people, the internet, etc. But at the end of the day, nobody pushes you to do anything. That’s why they are brainwashing us… In order to make us do what they want us to do without pushing us.

      We still have a choice over our actions. And in order to be able to control them better, all we have to do is become more conscious of them.


  6. Queen

    Oh my Gosh! This is so me!

    After reading your article and looking back now, I believe I must have hated every one of the four different jobs I ventured into because I wasn’t cut out for a 9-5.

    I went into the jobs being happy, I thought they were what I love to do, but in the end, they all just sucked for various reasons.

    In the end, I do believe I am cut out to be my own boss and that is why I am exploring the world of affiliate marketing right now.

    We will see how it pans out, hopefully, like you, it will be the right choice for me.


    1. Xaric

      Hi Queen,

      I totally feel you, although I haven’t really hated every single job I’ve worked. Just the last 2! However, becoming my own boss and earning my living online is my dream as well and so I believe that no normal job is going to really fulfill me.

      I hope that everything works out fine for you and your affiliate marketing business!

      To becoming our own bosses,


  7. Rahye

    No 3 speaks to me the most.

    Growing up and based on my past experiences with several jobs, I have come to realize that this 9-5 thingy is not for me…

    Not that I’m introverted but I enjoyed being an entrepreneur, my own boss.

    Working in a job was just a means to raise capital for my own business and during my internship. 

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Xaric

      That’s exactly how I feel about all jobs… They are just a means to make some money to pay the bills until I am making a full-time income through my online business…

      Hopefully, it’ll happen soon!

      Thank you for sharing your point of view with us.

      My best regards to you,


  8. gr8megawinner

    Those are some valid reasons why some people hate all the jobs they get. 

    I have a theory that those who never fit in in an employee world is because they need to be an employer themselves. Instead of looking for new employment why not look for a way to start something of your own around your passion?

    1. Xaric

      That’s an awesome theory and I would believe that it is true.

      However, we have to accept that sometimes those who don’t make good employees and tend to hate all their jobs are just people who are lazy, unmotivated, and are looking for ways to slack off.

      I didn’t mention this in my article because I believe that such people would never bother to go online and actually make research towards improving their situation…

  9. Katya

    Hi Xaric, I’ll be honest with you, I started to read your article very reluctantly, like ” ok, let’s hear Mr. Smartass” and then, with every reason you counted, I could see the raw and inconvenient truth that it’s me, not the job. And it’s hard to hear that I should work on myself and not bitch about it. But you’re right, I should figure out what I want and stick to it.

    I shall put my big girl pants on and do some radical changes.

    Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward reading more from you,


    1. Xaric

      I feel the exact same way when I read other people’s articles providing advice about quitting a job 😛

      But some of them contain pretty solid advice…

      I am glad that you found this valuable and I hope that you find your way!


  10. Marios Tofarides

    Hey there Xaric,

    All of the reasons you mention are legitimate. If I’d pick 2 or 3 of them, these would be the 9-5, picking the wrong job and having other dreams. And, to add to that I’d say, fear of leaving a steady, secure, high paying job. Which, in my opinion, is the biggest reason. You might hate your job or not have experimented enough, or even have other dreams, but you are afraid of leaving the security and the salary.

    How would you deal with that?



    1. Xaric

      Dear Marios, 

      Making money isn’t tied to working a job you hate… All jobs pay a salary so you could earn your living just as easily by not working a job you hate…

      In addition, there are other ways to make your living without you needing to work a normal 9-5 job.

      Also, you can work on your dreams on the side of your job… This is what most people do… And when their dreams bring in enough money for them, then they go ahead and quit.

      Lastly, no job is safe and secure. It might seem that way right now but it’s really not. The only way to be truly secure financially is to work for yourself

      Hope this helps!

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