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29 Unmistakable Signs You Hate Your Job

Unmistakable Signs You Hate Your Job

The majority of people hate their jobs. I hate my job! Since you are here, my best guess is that you hate your job as well.

Hating your job is the norm nowadays. According to experts, more than 70% of people hate their jobs.

Hating a job might be hard to admit though because despite hating it, people love their comfort and transforming a career is hard, challenging, and requires balls.

You don’t want to go out looking for a new job, going to job interviews, learning new skills, or start building something that will allow you to be your own boss because that means that you have to make an extra effort, most likely on your limited spare time and who wants that right?

Many people will never admit that they hate their job because once you admit it, you have two options.

  1. You step out of your comfort zone and start taking action and risks hoping for a better life down the road
  2. You acknowledge that you are a wuss and that you will most probably keep on working a job which makes you miserable for a very long time

However, there will always be undeniable signs that you do indeed hate your job even if you don’t want to admit it and in here, I am going to categorize 29 of them!

If you can identify with more than 5 of those signs, it’s likely time to choose if you’ll be a wuss or become an example for others to follow.


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29 Unmistakable Signs That You Hate Your Job

1/ You Are Reading This

The first and foremost sign that you hate your job is that you have gone online searching for articles on

  • how to cope with a job you hate
  • signs you hate your job
  • reasons to quit your job
  • how to quit your job
  • how to find a job you like better
  • basically, sentences that include the words “hate”+”job”+”quit” in all kinds of combinations

I Hate my Job Google Search

Would a person who liked their job read stuff like these? I don’t think so…


2/ You Hate Waking Up

Hating to wake up has nothing to do with waking up per se but rather with the reason waking up as well as having to wake up!

Those who hate their job, including me, feel like they would rather have died in their sleep than having to wake up to head off and waste 1/3 of their day at a job they hate.

This isn’t the case though for those who like their job. I have even heard about people who are feeling totally energized and ecstatic waking up because they are eager to go to work and be productive…

Sounds like an elusive dream.


3/ Getting out of Bed Feels Impossible

While suffering from the not-so-rare condition of job-hating, hating to wake up is one thing but getting out of bed is a whole other story.

The alarm goes off! Snooze button… The alarm goes off again! Snooze button… You really, really, REALLY, don’t want to get out of bed.

It’s like your ability to get out of bed has been surgically removed. The first step off of bed seems more overwhelming than the first step mankind took on the moon.

To start preparing yourself to go to work feels way harder than climbing Everest.


4/ Low Energy

Maybe it’s because being stuck in a job you hate causes you depression… Or maybe it’s because every single minute before and after work is spent hating its guts and yourself for working there.

Whatever the case, working a job you hate drains your energy making you feel down all around the clock.


5/ No Mood for Other Activities

Having no mood for “extracurricular” activities is a very common symptom among those who are working a job they hate.

As stated right above, hating your job is extremely exhausting. This is why it has a huge impact on your ability to be active during your out-of-work life.

Even performing the simplest tasks like washing the dishes or your face feels like an ordeal.

Vegging in front of a TV, Netflix, Youtube, scrolling up and down the news feeds of your social media or similar activities that require zero effort on your part have now taken over almost your entire day.


6/ Constant Anger

DYMqnk0WsAA0yYG minDifferent people react differently to similar situations and experiences.

Some of those who hate their jobs might experience low energy levels… Others might experience increased anger levels and not just during work but like all the freaking time throughout their day and for the slightest little thing.

After all, the feeling of wasting your borrowed time working somewhere you hate for 8 hours a day, or even more, is definitely a reason to be angry isn’t it?


7/ Increased Stress Levels

stress 954814 1280 min

The irony of being stuck in a job you hate is that it stresses you out all around the clock, even while you are meant to be enjoying your time off…

If you find that your job doesn’t allow you to switch off and enjoy your out-of-work life, you’re always worrying and ruminating about work, and that just thinking about going to work tomorrow makes you want to lay in your bathtub in a fetal position, it might be time to start seriously considering moving on.

Until then, if the stress and anxiety surrounding your job seems to be too much, speaking to a professional, like the therapists at BetterHelp, might be a good idea!


8/ Increased Health Issues

As a result of all those negative mental states such as stress, anger, overthinking, etc, your overall mental and physical health, have begun to deteriorate.

For example, increased anxiety and depression could lead to cardiovascular, stomach, intestine, and other similar health problems.

Many studies have shown that people who hate their jobs tend to get sick more frequently and for longer periods of time. Moreover, they are more likely to develop autoimmune diseases and long-term physical problems like back, shoulder, and knee pain.

Below you can find some links to the aforementioned studies:

Poor overall health could be a result of many things, but it could also be a sign that you hating your job is slowly killing you.


9/ Sore muscles

Another physical manifestation of job-hating is sore muscles.

You see, while being at a place you hate being, it is natural that you are the exact opposite of relaxed.

During work, people who hate their jobs tend to clench several muscles of their bodies such as shoulder, jaw, and eyebrow muscles, as well as buttocks, and adductor muscles.

Those muscles eventually become extremely tense and tight resulting in soreness, constant headaches, and even strong migraines.


10/ Your Diet has Changed for the Worse

The occasional chocolate bar has become more of a regular occurrence. You have forgotten what vegetables and fruit look and taste like.

Almost all your meals, even your breakfast, are mostly comprised of junk food since you can’t even bother to prepare a nice meal for yourself.

Meanwhile, you have replaced water and natural juices with sugary and energy drinks.

Yeap, this is where those extra pounds came from and guess what! If you keep this up, weight is going to keep stacking.

In order to stop eating crappy food, you need someone to keep knocking it out of your hands with a stick.

On the other hand, there might even be times when you are too tired to chew any kind of food so you keep skipping meals.

The more you keep staying in this job you hate, the worse your diet gets.


11/ Bad Habits are Multiplying like Gremlins

In addition that your diet keeps getting more and more fucked up, you have started developing a variety of other bad habits.

You are not paying attention to personal hygiene that much anymore, your house keeps getting messier and messier, alcohol and/or coffee intake has skyrocketed, and the only time that you are not smoking is during your sleep (although you might be dreaming about it).

In the meantime, you are out of breath going from your bedroom to the bathroom because you have not exercised in months.


12/ You are Desperately Looking for a Way out

Your only goal lately has been to find a way out of your job. This is all you think and care about.

You are constantly looking at job listings as well as articles like this one EVEN WHILE WORKING (or at least while pretending that you are working).

You believe that finding another job, whatever this job might be, will make you feel way happier even if it means making less money so you are applying blindly for other jobs.

You just want to get out of there ASAP, no matter what it takes.


13/ You are Fantasizing Quitting Scenarios

office rage by engraver78 d6rjerr minThe next best thing to quitting your job is fantasizing about quitting it.

Should I scream at my boss or insult my annoying colleagues and quit?

I might as well just leave work right now without saying a word and never come back… I could also just stop coming here by tomorrow without letting anyone know.

Ahhh the pleasure I would feel if I took a sledgehammer and destroyed everything in my office…

Do you find yourself fantasizing about quitting your job? Well, yeah… You hate it!


14/ Time During Work Does not Pass

Have you ever noticed that being somewhere you don’t want to be, makes time go by at a slower pace? Hating your job is almost like that, with the only difference that it is way worse…

Every second in a job you hate feels longer than an eternity in hell!

If you hate your job, you know exactly what I mean.


15/ Depression on Sunday Afternoon

smonday the moment when sunday stops feeling like a sunday 11344406 minWell, I guess that getting a little depressed before the work-week starts is the norm for every single person, even those who don’t really hate their jobs.

However, for you, Sunday is not considered a day off but rather the day before work.

This feeling makes you want to put a pillow on your face and keep screaming on it until Monday morning.

Or, maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, people say that hating Mondays is a sign that you should change your job.


16/ Crying

Some jobs are so terrible in every single imaginable aspect, that absolutely deserve to be hated.

The boss is a dickhead, the colleagues are unworthy of being called human beings, the air smells like shit, the work itself feels worse than that of an asylum janitor, etc.

Being at work, going to work, or basically just thinking about work brings tears to your eyes.

Truth be told, a job does not have to be that horrible to make you cry… You just have to hate it enough…


17/ You Are Experiencing Panic Attacks

In addition to crying, experiencing panic attacks during work is also a sign that you hate the guts of your job.

A panic attack might occur for various reasons such as

  • Having so much on your plate that even a miracle won’t help you handle everything successfully
  • Your boss is screaming at you until his throat bleeds
  • Your clients have hired assassins to kill you due to reason #1
  • etc

Some signs of a panic attack are:

  • Increased heart rate and pressure
  • Feeling weak, faint, or dizzy
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands, fingers, and face
  • A sense of terror, or impending doom or death
  • Feeling sweaty or having chills
  • Chest and back pains
  • Breathing difficulties


18/ You Don’t Go for the Extra Mile

Another evident sign that you hate your job is that you are doing nothing more than what you were hired for.

The office’s plant needs watering? Fuck it… Let it die.

All you care about is to just get your shift over with.

You will only do what is necessary not to be fired and minutes before your shift is over, you have packed all your crap and you are on your way home (at least mentally).


19/ You Are Sick and Tired of the Routine

Every single day at work feels exactly the same. You have been doing the exact same thing for so long, again and again, day after day that you’ve turned into a robot.

While this has actually made you work a bit easier and a little less tiring, it has also made it boring, unexciting and downright dull.


20/ It Offers You Nothing but Money

Well, what else could a job offer you, you ask?

Fulfillment, satisfaction, a sense of purpose, motivation to be and do your best, incentive, vision, and basically, anything that doesn’t make you feel like the devil has bought your soul for 30 pieces of silver, are some things that come in mind.

If you can find no meaning in what you do no matter how hard you look for it, if you are feeling like a sellout, and if you keep asking yourself questions like “What the fuck am I still doing here?” then it might be time to move on.


21/ You are Feeling Unappreciated

Your salary reflects in no way how hard you work, the number of your responsibilities, your studies, your work experience, etc.

Meanwhile, most of your colleagues are being paid way more for working way less than you.

The worse part is that your boss does not even recognize your willingness and effort to do your best and keeps assigning even more tasks to you, having an attitude of the kind “You better do everything right or else…”

Fuck that!


22/ You are Living for the Weekend

It’s 11:59pm on a Sunday evening. The new week has not even started yet and you are already looking forward to the next weekend.

That’s only natural because the moment that your weekend starts, it feels like you have woken up from a very bad 5-day long nightmare.

Those 2 and a half days that you get to spend away from work, are your silver lining during the week. If it weren’t for them, you would have killed yourself, or maybe someone else, long ago…

Feeling that way is definitely a sign that you hate your job.


23/ You Are Counting The Days to Your Annual Leave

Another similar sign that you hate your job is that you are counting down every single day to your annual leave…

354+today… 140+today…


You know that those 2 weeks, or maybe more, that you get to spend away from work will be your little escape to heaven, even if you have planned nothing but staying home all day long.

I have worked some jobs that I did not really hate and none of them made me anticipate my annual leave as much as I did while working a job I hated.

There was even a time when my supervisor kept pushing me to take my annual leave. I just didn’t care… The result? I got a 3-week long leave at the end of the year and traveled to Spain :P.


24/ You Avoid Talking About Your Job

When you hate your job, talking about it tires you almost as much as actually being there.

When people ask “How was work?” you usually reply monolectically (with one word) such as “Fine…” or “Shit…”

Going into more detail might spark a storm of hateful thoughts, depression, and memories of the awful moments that you are experiencing there.

That’s why you avoid talking about it.


25/ You Are Complaining About Your Job

On the other hand, if you decide to start talking about your job, every single sentence coming out of your mouth will inevitably be a form of complaint.

Those complaints will tend to encompass almost everything that is even remotely related to your job such as

  • boss
  • colleagues
  • workplace
  • responsibilities
  • laggy PC
  • bad weather
  • the government
  • etc


26/ You Are not Good at Your Job

It’s not that you are not naturally good at your job. It is that you don’t really care about being good at it.

Beyond that, as stated multiple times hating your job is exhausting. Thus you are left with little energy to perform your actual duties.


6271785 1 min27/ You Are After Being Fired

On the other hand, you are getting better and better at sucking at your job intentionally. You are also trying to make it apparent to your boss as well.

You are losing deadlines, you are underachieving, you are never present during important meetings and you always show up late at work wearing t-shirts with “I hate my job”, “I want to leave”, or “Fuck you all!” stamps.


28/ People are Telling You to Quit

Most of the signs that you hate your job are so apparent to those close to you that almost everyone is pointing out to you that you have somehow changed.

Those who care about you and can understand that your job is to blame will keep insisting for you to quit in order to become again the good old you.


29/ You are Still Reading This

I hate being the one pointing this out to you, but sticking through this entire list, and still reading, is an unquestionable sign that you hate your job as well.


Final Thoughts

So, there you are, 29 unmistakable signs that you hate your job.

I have to remind you that if you identified with more than 5 of those signs then it is highly likely that you hate your job.

Just knowing is not enough though… If you do hate your job, after all, you have to do something about it right? I don’t think that you want to keep working a job you hate for the rest of your life. I know I wouldn’t…

So, what should you do?

Go ahead and take a look at How to Make Money Online to Quit Your Day Job to find out how hundreds of thousands of people have already quit their jobs and completely changed their lives by creating their very own online businesses.


If you have any questions or need any further help or guidance from me, I encourage you to leave a comment below or email me at

You could also drop me a PM on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Whatever the case, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My best regards to you,


Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

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