Passive Income Breakthrough Review: (aka the Day Job Destroyer)

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Passive Income Breakthrough (aka Day Job Destroyer) is a digital course teaching you how to create a passive income for yourself by putting together and selling courses around any given subject you want.

As we are going to see in this Passive Income Breakthrough review the course covers in depth all aspects of the entire process, from creating your product to building landing pages, promoting it to the right audiences, etc.

However, despite the course being legit, I’ve come across a number of instances which made me a little bit skeptical.

Before I let you know all about them, I want to point out that if you are tired of struggling to make money online and you are in need of a high-quality course which is proven to have helped thousands of people earn their living online, I would strongly suggest to go ahead and check out Wealthy Affiliate instead.

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Passive Income Breakthrough Overview

Name of Product:

Passive Income Breakthrough


Rob Wiser


$397 one-time payment

Official Website:


Sure, but kind of suspicious…

Alternate, Higher-Quality Suggestion(s):

Wealthy Affiliate
Project 24


Selling your own courses online just as Passive Income Breakthrough teaches, offers amazing earning potential.



Great, in-depth video training. Several free bonus courses. No tools or other resources.

Value for Money


The course is kind of pricey for my own taste. You could go for a better, more wholesome platform such as Wealthy Affiliate for less money…



Support just through email. No community or private group to join.

Success Stories


I’ve managed to find no success stories of people who have purchased PIB. Just one testimonial on its sales page…

Overall Rating

  • High-potential business model
  • Owner is a successful entrepreneur
  • 60-day, money-back guarantee
  • Test drive the course for just $7.99
  • In-depth training
  • Free webinar
  • Pretty fast email support
  • Too much salesy language
  • No success stories (big con)
  • Fake sense of urgency
  • Kind of pricey for my taste
  • No access to any kind of community to interact with other fellow members of the course
  • Got temporarily suspended from ClickBank
  • Offers 3 upsells (optional)
  • There are better alternatives


I'd still go for Wealthy Affiliate if I were you...

What is Passive Income Breakthrough?

Passive Income Breakthrough (aka Day Job Destroyer) is an online course, created by successful entrepreneur Rob Wiser, teaching you how to destroy all 9-5 jobs forever by building a passive income through creating, promoting, and selling your very own courses online.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Rob was a struggling screenwriter and author.

Eventually, he got tired of pitching his work to clueless people who constantly rejected him or withheld the majority of his earnings.

At that point, he had heard about people who weren’t even writers, earning thousands of dollars by selling digital products online and he thought “if they can do it, then why not me”?

So, he started trying his luck online. First, he started selling one of his books online and he was amazed about how easier the whole process was as well as about being able to pocket all his profits. Then he started experimenting with courses.

The rest is history.

One of his most prominent courses is Passive Income Breakthrough…

Within it, Rob shares with us everything he has learned throughout all those years as an online marketer and course creator.

In this course, you’ll learn how to 

  • determine the subject of your course
  • put it together from scratch
  • promote it through a website or landing page
  • get affiliates to promote it through their websites
  • and much more

The good news is that Rob explains everything in great depth so that even those who are not writers and don’t have the slightest clue on how to perform all those tasks will be able to follow through and maybe even end up earning their living online through creating and selling their own courses.

In addition, in case you believe that you won’t be able to put the course together all by yourself, Rob also covers outsourcing the entire process to professionals for cheap.

Some Facts About Rob Wiser

  • He was a screenwriter and published author in his early 20s
  • The first product he sold online was a book of his own
  • He then started creating and selling online courses on various subjects
  • Lives in Southeast Asia
  • Platinum Clickbank earner of the year 2017 (CB platinum earner means being in ClickBank’s top 1% earners)

Passive Income Breakthrough Rob Wiser ClickBank Platinum Earner

Who is Passive Income Breakthrough for?

Passive Income Breakthrough is for those who would like to create a source of passive income online by creating and selling their own courses.

Such people might be those who

  • Are after quitting their job and becoming their own boss
  • Like the idea of working from their laptop
  • Love helping other people solve their problems
  • Want to earn their living online in order to become location independent and travel around the world (digital nomads)
  • Are unemployed and have nothing else lined up
  • Have tried other online business models without being able to reach their financial goals
  • Want to work on their own terms and pace, whenever and from wherever they wish
  • Are intrigued by the idea of earning a passive income 

Tip: Despite Passive Income Breakthrough being a high-quality MMO course, there exist even higher-quality ones which have helped hundreds of people earn their living online, most of them also being cheaper.

The best MMO courses I’ve come across in my 3 years as an online marketer are 

  • Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate marketing course at $49 per month or $359 per year)
  • Project 24 (affiliate marketing course at $449 per year)
  • Teachable (course on creating and selling courses just like Passive Income Breakthrough at $29 per month)

Who is Passive Income Breakthrough NOT for?

Passive Income Breakthrough is definitely NOT for those who

  • Want to make just a few extra bucks per month online with minimal effort (if this is you, maybe you should check out completing surveys and user testing)
  • Aren’t interested in building a full-time income online (obviously)
  • Like being employees, working for other people (not everyone in the world is destined to become an entrepreneur)
  • Have no money to invest in purchasing Passive Income Breakthrough or aren’t willing to do so (if this is you, maybe you should check out Wealthy Affiliate as it’s much cheaper and FREE to join and test drive, or Teachable)
  • Are after earning a lot of money fast and effortlessly (there’s no such thing as instant and effortless riches)
  • Have bought high-quality courses in the past but never bothered to act on them (just going through a course will get you nowhere if you don’t apply what you learn)
  • Usually, give up at the first setback (you’ll probably fail a couple of times before you get the hang of the whole process and start earning money through selling your courses)

What's Inside Passive Income Breakthrough?

Passive Income Breakthrough’s training consists of 5 modules…

First Module – Learn the basics of creating and selling digital products and how you can end up earning passive income with them. Do proper niche market research; your course is going to offer a solution to a specific problem that your target audience is going to be facing. Determine your course’s topic, as well as start structuring your product.

Second Module – Start creating your product. If you aren’t confident enough that you are going to create something of value that people would actually purchase, you could hire one or more freelancers and outsource the whole work to them. You’ll just need to invest some more money that way.

Third Module – The psychology that’s involved in convincing a potential customer to follow through with buying your product. Copywriting tactics such as using emotional trigger words to create high-converting sales pages and videos which will make your course sound irresistible and convince people to buy it. The costs associated with creating those sales pages and videos. You could basically outsource everything in this section as well by hiring freelance copywriters.

Fourth Module – Email marketing strategy to follow up with your customers and keep selling to them more products over time long after they have left your pages… Advanced copywriting tactics for your emails. Learn how to incorporate additional services to maximize your profits such as

  • Promoting related products
  • Personalized coaching
  • High-end upsells
  • A monthly membership program
  • Etc

Fifth Module – How to actually publish your course. Open up an affiliate program for your course and let affiliate marketers promote it to their audience sending you massive amounts of their traffic for free. No need to pay for ads and no need to cultivate free traffic to your pages. All you have to do once your affiliates start promoting your course is just pay them back a percentage of each sale they refer (usually around 50% for digital products).

Passive Income Breakthrough Bonuses

1 • Rapid Fire Product Creation

Tips and practices to get a high-quality course faster than ever before even if you are not expert on the subject it focuses on.

2 • Product Persuasion

Advanced techniques on how to create effective, high-converting sales pages to maximize your sales, specifically by employing specific words which trigger emotions such as fear of missing out if someone passes on your course.

3 • Outsourcing Secrets

Find out how to find professional freelancers at low prices to handle several aspects of your online business for you such as 

  • Putting your course together
  • Writing sales pages
  • Handling affiliates
  • Managing your email campaigns
  • as well as performing several other microtasks

4 • ClickBank Insider

Practices and strategies that Rob uses to take advantage of several ClickBank features to maximize his earnings.

Mostly focuses on attracting affiliates with a large audience as well as providing them with the necessary resources to promote your course the right way.

5 • Lifetime Updates

When a new, updated version of the course gets released, which it will, you’ll gain immediate access to it without having to pay any additional fees.

You’ll just be notified via email so you can download all of the updated training modules for free. 

That’s very important as the online landscape is constantly changing and won’t have to pay for additional training in order to catch up.

Do People Actually Succeed With Passive Income Breakthrough?

One of the most suspicious things about Passive Income Breakthrough is that I couldn’t find any success stories of people who have purchased the course in the past, not even within the course’s main sales page.

This could mean the following 3 things

  1. only a handful of people have purchased the course
  2. none of those who have joined the course have actually succeeded (although if this was the case, the internet would be full of negative reviews about the course but there are really none)
  3. those who have succeeded with the course didn’t bother letting Rob and other people know about their success with it

Unfortunately, PIB doesn’t give you access to some kind of community or private group so that you could interact with other members of the course and find out if it has actually helped them succeed in earning their living online or not.

If you’d prefer going for a course which is proven to have helped thousands of people earn their living online, then I would suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Oh, and here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories which prove that the platform is actually worth your time and money.

How Much Does Passive Income Breakthrough Cost?

Passive Income Breakthrough costs a one-time payment of $397.

Passive Income Breakthrough Cost

On the checkout page, you’ll be presented with an upsell called Video Sales Letter Master Class, costing an additional $37, whereas Rob guides you step by step through the process of creating high-converting VSL scripts for your sales videos.

Passive Income Breakthrough Upsell #1

After purchasing the course, you’ll come across the 2 additional upsells below…

  • Extreme Income Multipliers – $97
  • How To Build A Million Dollar Email List – $197

Upsell #1
Extreme Income Multipliers

The majority of this upsell has to do with reaching out and finding the right affiliates to promote your offer to their audience and subscribers and send you part of their traffic to your offer for free.

Watch the video right below which describes more in-depth what this upsell is about.

Upsell #2
How To Build A Million Dollar Email List

This upsell is created by Bobby Rio and within it, Bobby shares his strategies for building a list of loyal subscribers out of the people who visit your pages and then keep selling or promoting them additional offers and services long after they have left your pages.

All of the upsells that I mentioned are optional so you won’t have to purchase them if you don’t want to.

If Passive Income Breakthrough seems way too expensive for you, I’d suggest that you go ahead and check out Wealthy Affiliate and Teachable instead.

Passive Income Breakthrough Pros

1 • High-Potential Business Model

Creating and selling your very own courses online is one of the most profitable and high-potential online business models.

First of all, your overhead is extremely low.

With a digital product, you don’t need to pay for inventory or people to stock it and manage it. There are no shipping costs. Your customers simply download your course and they’ve got their product.

If you create and manage everything for yourself and spend no money on outsourcing, your overhead can be as low as zero.

This means that you could create your courses without spending money while pocketing all of the profits that come from selling them.

2 • In-depth Training

As mentioned earlier, Passive Income Breakthrough’s training covers everything you need to know in order to end up earning money by selling courses you’ve created, from putting your course together to creating a high-converting sales page to promote it as well as using ClickBank affiliates to send free traffic to your offer.

Another platform which offers higher-quality training on creating and selling courses of your own and is way cheaper to join is Teachable.

Brands like the New York Times, Shopify, as well as extremely successful entrepreneur Pat Flynn are currently using Teachable to enrich their business and maximize their revenue and it costs just $29 per month to join.

Find out more about Teachable right here!

3 • Crash Course Test Drive

If you don’t want to spend $397 on the entire Passive Income Breakthrough course, you can gain access to a part of it for only $7.99.

Here’s how to do it:

First, head over to Passive Income Breakthrough’s main sales page.

Once you are in, go ahead and attempt to close your browser and before you do, the popup below will appear.

Passive Income Breakthrough Crash Course Popup

Go ahead and click the “Yes, show me the FREE video!” button and you’ll be redirected to another sales page where you can purchase the Passive Income Crash Course for only $7.99.

This crash course is just a preview of Passive Income Breakthrough but it will definitely give you an idea of what you are going to get if you decide to purchase it in its entirety.

4 • Free Webinar

Rob might not be offering a completely free trial for Passive Income Breakthrough but he is currently hosting a FREE webinar where he explains the entire process of creating, promoting, and selling courses in great detail.

Passive Income Breakthrough Free Webinar

Within this FREE webinar you are going to find out:

  • How to generate passive income online through creating and selling courses
  • How to turn simple ideas into sellable digital products
  • 3 ways to come up with ideas for your first digital income stream
  • How to get started even if you have no technical skills
  • Step by step instructions for getting your first product online
  • The simple way to get “Experts” to create your product for you

Register for the next FREE webinar right here!

5 • Pretty Fast Email Support

Something that I have been doing lately before I start reviewing an MMO course, is sending over a number of random queries to the course’s support team to see if they will actually reply back to me as well as how long it takes for them to do so.

I can say that I was impressed by Rob’s overall support as he responded back to all of my queries in just a matter of minutes.

In addition, his responses were in-depth and accurately answered all my questions 100%.

This proves that if you purchase Passive income Breakthrough you’ll have someone supporting you and getting you unstuck if needed.

6 • Money-back Guarantee

Passive Income Breakthrough offers a 60-day  money back guarantee. This means that you can get a refund of the money you spent on purchasing the course as long as you request it within 60 days from your initial purchase.

Passive Income Crash Course also has a 60-day, money-back guarantee!

Passive Income Breakthrough Money-back Guarantee 2

Passive Income Breakthrough Cons

1 • Too Much Salesy Language

One thing that I hate in general, is sleazy and salesy language which oversells a product and unfortunately, Rob uses an excessive amount of it.

He uses words and phrases like 

  • rapid fire
  • supersonic sales
  • unlimited income
  • passive income top secrets
  • a surefire shortcut to rake in money forever
  • affiliate feeding frenzy
  • your simple little website sucks in cash like a nuclear-powered vacuum cleaner

I mean what the heck man! Chillax… You’re not convincing anyone like this. All you are achieving using such language is making yourself sound stupid.

Just let me know what’s inside your course and how it is going to solve my problem and if I find it of value, I’ll buy it…


2 • No Community

The lack of an active and supportive community can break those who are just beginning their online marketing journey and Passive Income Breakthrough offers none.

No access to some members’ forum, Facebook group, or even a chat to connect and interact with other people who have purchased the course.

Most high-quality online marketing courses offer some kind of community access and truthfully I’d prefer joining them any day of the year.

Thankfully, Rob’s email support team replies pretty fast so you won’t be completely out of support once you buy this course.

3 • No Success Stories

This is a bad sign for me.

After looking around for a while, I haven’t yet managed to dig out any success stories of people who have purchased Passive Income Breakthrough…

All I found was a testimonial of some guy called William McCanless and this was inside the course’s sales page which means that this testimonial could as well be fake.

The lack of access to a community as I talked above makes it even harder to locate and connect with people who can confirm if they’ve found success with this course or not.

4 • Kind of Pricey

While it’s not the most expensive course that I’ve reviewed so far, it’s definitely among the most expensive ones.

Spending $397 on just a course for which I can’t be at least 80% sure that it will take me where I want is just too risky for me. The upside is that it offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee so if I don’t like it, I’ll probably be able to get my money back.

On the other hand, when I was about to start my first online business, I chose to go for Wealthy Affiliate as it let me join it for free and find out for myself if it was valuable enough to invest my time and money in it.

Once I tested it out for a couple of days and I saw for myself what the platform could offer me, I upgraded my membership to premium and I have not looked back ever since.

6 • Got Temporarily Suspended from ClickBank

When I started reviewing Passive Income Breakthrough, I tried loading its main page through ClickBank and the following message kept popping up.

Passive Income Breakthrough ClickBank Suspended

24 hours later the issue had been resolved and Passive Income Breakthrough was back online but I can’t stop wondering which terms of service Rob violated in the first place for ClickBank to take down his course.

That’s definitely a red alert for me mostly because the practices and strategies he is teaching within PIB could as well bring you face to face with the same or similar situations.

Affiliate Marketing FAQs

(Click Each Question to Expand)

So, What Now?

Okay, so you read this Passive Income Breakthrough review in its entirety…

Now what?

Well, as I see it, right now you have 4 options…

  1. You either start building your online passive income business by following Passive Income Breakthrough’s training
  2. You take my alternate, higher-quality suggestions Project 24, Wealthy Affiliate, or Teachable which have helped hundreds of people earn their living online (optimal choice)
  3. You take a look at the dozens of others reviews I’ve put together hoping you’ll find another course which suits you better there (you’ll probably wasting your time since I am already suggesting the best courses I’ve come across until now)
  4. Or you walk out of here completely empty-handed, you never start your online business and you move on living your current life for the years to come, always wondering what would have happened if you had taken action right this very moment

If I were where you are (which I’ve been), I would go ahead and join Wealthy Affiliate (which is what I actually did).

Here’s why…

As a free WA member, you

  • have access to some basic affiliate marketing training
  • can get your very first online business up and running
  • host up to 2 websites for free on Wealthy Affiliate’s private hosting platforms
  • use the keyword research tool
  • interact with other members of the platform through a live chat
  • publish posts and ask questions within its forum-like community

If you want to gain access to the entirety of the Wealthy Affiliate’s features, you will need to upgrade your membership to premium which costs $49 per month at worst (you can get a better deal by paying upfront for 6 months, 1 year, or taking the Black Friday offer).

If you want to find out more about all of Wealthy Affiliate’s features and pricing plans, go ahead and take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

So, what are you going to do?

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

12 Responses

  1. Ordinarily, the price for Passive Income Breakthrough is enough to chase people away. Taking into account the upsells as well it becomes just too exorbitant. 

    Also, who will want to buy a course that doesn’t have any success stories? I don’t! 

    Thank you for clearing things up about PIB.

    I checked out Project 24 and although it is also expensive, it radiates a good vibe…

    1. I am glad that I helped you 🙂

      Project 24 has helped me greatly improve my online business. I didn’t start with it but I have applied some of the practices it teaches and they really work better than expected.

      Highly recommended course, especially for beginners.


  2. Hi Harry,

    Passive Income Breakthrough is a new one on me, it seems like a legit course, but expensive. I am always weary of anything that you have to pay for upfront on the internet. The other thing that really puts me off is that it’s way too pushy. This makes me feel that they are trying too hard and are untrustworthy. 

    I checked out Wealthy Affiliate but it didn’t give that feeling. I like that you can try out the free membership and upgrade to premium if and when you are ready.

    I think I’ll go for it!

  3. Hi Harry,

    in the past, I always was looking for a way to make a quick buck online but unfortunately, it is not possible. I am confident in this product primarily because of the money-back guarantee, it is great that I can refund if I am not satisfied. I know that quick results are not possible but from your experience how long should it take to see the first results?

    1. Well, Daniel, that really depends…

      Just so you know, good training could speed results up as well as increase your chances of success, but ultimately the level and speed of your success is mainly going to depend on your own work ethic, tolerance, level of commitment, ability to adapt, perseverance, and ability to follow instructions among other characteristics which mainly have to do with each individual.

      For more info on your query go ahead and take a look at How Long Does It Really Take To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing?

      Hope this helps!


  4. I’ve been looking at Passive Income Breakthrough for a few days and have been liking what I have read so far but I was also hoping to find a few testimonials from people who had had success with it. 

    I see from your review that you also haven’t found any success stories from clients which is a bit of a worry. I think I will wait until I see someone who has actually used the course to successfully make some returns.

    Thanks for the alternative suggestions though – I will definitely have a look at what you have recommended.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, there are no success stories of people who have used PIB… This is suspicious for me as well but there’s no need to wait around for success stories that might never even come.

      Just take a look at my recommendations and go for one of them. Don’t use the fact that there are no success stories for PIB as an excuse to procrastinate 😉

      The best time to start your online business is yesterday!


  5. Wealthy affiliate seems like a good choice for me… 

    I would love ot earn some money with this. I really, truly need it right now. This looks like a great investment and carries a lot of benefits in my eyes. I can imagine how many ways I could use this in a bussines advantage. 

    Sounds motivational also so I will try it!

  6. Oh, this one seems to be the ultimate boom or bust. The clear boom, in my opinion, is these three factors: 

    1) The owner has been successful + real
    2) Money-back guarantee.
    3) Cheap test drive. 

    While I prefer a free test, I can go with cheap. 

    The downsides? No success stories. Upsells…I’ve never understood them. And the fake sense of urgency. The latter is something I’m never a fan of. It has scam characteristics. While Passive Income Breakthrough may not be a scam, better options seem to exist…

    I’ll check out Teachable!

    1. I don’t really care about the upsells or even the fake sense of urgency as it is commonly being used as a sales technique…

      However, the “no success stories” part is kind of a deal-breaker for me… I consider investing my money in a course which offers no proof of other people have found success with it a great risk.

      Let me know how it goes with Teachable 🙂


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