PaidLeaf Review – Don’t Expect to Get Paid a Single Money Leaf…

PaidLeaf Review – Don’t Expect to Get Paid a Single Money Leaf…

PaidLeaf is a platform that will pay you a lot of money for doing very little work.

Or at least, this is what it makes you believe in order to lure you in.

Truthfully, PaidLeaf is part of a huge MMO (Make Money Online) scam network which has been swarming the internet for many months now. Some of the scams within that network which you might have already heard about are

Thankfully, unlike the majority of people, you decided to do your research before giving PaidLeaf a try and I can assure you that by the end of this PaidLeaf review, you’ll be able to make a 100% informed decision about whether this platform is worth your time and energy or not.

Spoiler alert: It’s NOT!

And you are about to find out why…

PaidLeaf Overview

Name of Product: PaidLeaf

Owners: Unknown

Price: Free to join. Additional charges apply within the platform

Official Website:

Suggested? NOPE!

Counter-Suggestion(s): Wealthy Affiliate – Project 24


Earnings Potential

Zero potential to earn any money with PaidLeaf.



Referral link, promotional banners, FAQ center, submission guidelines.


Value for Money

Free to join. Additional charges to qualify for a cashout. The platform is 100% useless!



Support through email and Skype. Both of those addresses are fake.


Success Stories

A few payment proofs and positive testimonials exist on PaidLeaf’s website. Every single one of them is fake!

Overall Rating

  • Has just one pro
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Fake payment proofs and positive testimonials
  • Additional charges to complete tasks
  • Fake contact information
  • Unable to cashout
  • Potential hacking danger

Jump to the Cons Section

Is PaidLeaf Suggested?

100% NOT!

If you are serious about earning real money online, do yourself a favor, ditch this review right now and check out Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 at once!

What is PaidLeaf About?

How Does PaidLeaf Work is being heavily promoted through social media and YouTube lately as an MMO (Make Money Online) platform which will pay you a lot of money for completing a number of very simple tasks which require no previous experience such as

  • getting people to sign up to PaidLeaf through your unique referral link
  • posting promotional banners your social media
  • filling in online surveys
  • installing applications on your mobile phone
  • entering contests
  • etc, etc

More specifically, PaidLeaf is supposed to pay you

  • $25 just for signing up
  • $2 for each person who clicks on your referral link
  • an additional $10 for each person who signs up to PaidLeaf after clicking on your referral link
  • $30 for filling in surveys and entering contests
  • $10 for installing applications on your mobile phone
  • $50 for creating YouTube videos promoting PaidLeaf
  • $10 for submitting a promotional post to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter every 48 hours 

Everything sounds pretty good up until this point right?

The only problem is that PaidLeaf is a big fat scam which will NEVER actually let you get your hands on your earnings.

When you complete any of those tasks I mentioned above, PaidLeaf is going to credit your account with money in order to make you think that the platform works and get you to complete even more tasks, but once you request an actual payment of that credited money, you’ll realize that PaidLeaf never intended to pay you in the first place. 

Let me explain further…

How Does PaidLeaf Work?

First of all, PaidLeaf lures people in with the promise of a $25 sign up bonus which is supposed to only be applicable only for a limited amount of time.

This creates a sense of urgency to actually get your hands on that $25 before that limited offer expires which in turn increases the number of people who end signing up to the platform.

PaidLeaf $25 Signup Bonus

Many people will join PaidLeaf only because they think that they can get their hands on that $25 bonus right after creating their account.

This is exactly how I ended up joining a scam identical to PaidLeaf called Viral Pay, for the first time a few months ago.

However, in order to qualify to cash out either your $25 sign up bonus or any additional money you earn with PaidLeaf, you need to 

  • refer at least 5 people to it
  • complete at least 5 tasks on the $30 TaskWall
  • have at least 20 clicks on your unique referral link
  • earn at least $200 with PaidLeaf

Some people will quit PaidLeaf once they realize that they can’t have their $25 signup bonus right away. Those are the lucky ones.

However, there are others who will say “What the hell, the tasks I have to complete to qualify for a cashout don’t seem that hard. Plus, I can earn a lot more money by completing them. Yeah, let’s give it a try!” … Those are the ones who get sucked into the scam.

They start devoting time and energy into referring people to the platform and completing tasks, thinking that the next time they hit that “Request Payment” button, they’ll get hundreds of dollars deposited in their bank account.

However, what they don’t know is that PaidLeaf will ban their account the moment they request a payment using as an excuse that their clicks and referrals are fake.

Viral Points Warning for Fake Referrals

This way, PaidLeaf gets you to bring more people to it as well as complete several tasks which will bring money to its owners while getting out of paying anyone a single dime.

Pretty appalling right?

Well, this is it… This is how PaidLeaf actually works or to be more accurate, doesn’t work.

  • It lures you in with a $25 signup bonus
  • Then it tells you that in order to cash out your signup bonus you need to meet certain requirements (get 20 clicks on your referral link, 5 referrals, complete 5 tasks, earn at least $200)
  • You start trying to meet those requirements in order to qualify for a payment
  • In the meantime, the more clicks and referrals you get and the more tasks you complete, the more money PaidLeaf credits your account
  • When you finally meet every single one of those requirements and you request for the money you’ve earned fair and square, they kick you out leaving you high and dry

Really classy…

Get this very well in your head, PaidLeaf will NEVER pay you a single dime! You can NEVER earn any money with it!

Who is PaidLeaf for?

PaidLeaf is only for those who would like to risk wasting their time and energy to find out for themselves how crappy the platform actually is.

There’s absolutely nothing inherently wrong with needing to see with your own eyes if my claims are true or not.

However, I would like to warn you that the chances of earning moey online by lying on your couch staring at the ceiling all day long are way more than the chances of earning actual money with PaidLeaf.

In fact, I am so confident that you won’t be able to earn even a single penny with PaidLeaf that if you do, you can contact me with proof and I will deposit $100 more right in your account just for being wrong…

Who is PaidLeaf NOT for?

PaidLeaf is definitely NOT for people who want to earn money online.

Maybe you want to build a full-time income online to quit your job or maybe you are in need of some extra money to provide for your family. Maybe you are working a part-time job and need a supplementary income to cover your expenses, or maybe you want to gain the freedom to work whenever and from wherever you want in order to be able to travel around the world.

Or you might have tried other MMO and GPT platforms and systems but failed to meet your financial goals and you are still looking for the real deal.

If you are one of those people, then you should absolutely check out Wealthy Affiliate or Project 24 at once because I assure you that PaidLeaf is never going to help you fulfill your financial goals, not in a million years.

What's Inside PaidLeaf?

PaidLeaf basically consists of the main members’ dashboard that you can see in the image right below.

PaidLeaf Main Dashboard

On this dashboard, you’ll find

  • your unique referral link
  • an overview of the total clicks on your referral link
  • the total number of people you have referred to PaidLeaf
  • the number of tasks you have completed
  • the amount of money PaidLeaf has credited you with for completing its tasks
  • a leaderboard
  • a bunch of other navigational links and social media sharing buttons

On the very left of the dashboard, there is a menu which helps you navigate through the entire platform.

Below the menu, you can find a Skype address of your account manager who you can contact when you have any questions or need support.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Refer & Earn

This section contains your unique PaidLeaf referral link, a bunch of social media sharing buttons to easily share it, as well as the names of your referrals to PaidLeaf…

$30 TaskWall

This is where you can access all the tasks that are available for you to complete in order to get credited with more money as well as qualify for your first cashout, such as filling in surveys, installing applications on your mobile phone, and participating in contests.

CashOG Tasks

Promo Posts

Contains several image banners to share online in order to increase your PaidLeaf referral rate.

YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Submission

Guidelines and instructions on how to earn money credits by publishing videos and posts promoting PaidLeaf on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Rewards Center

Redeem your PaidLeaf points (1 point = $1) for a variety of rewards such as

  • Gift cards
  • iPads, iPhones, Macbooks
  • etc

SwagPay Rewards Center

My Account

Fill in your name, email address, and choose your preferred method of payment.


Monitor your total earnings, your unclaimed earnings, pending payments, payment method, and payment history.


Request payment of the money PaidLeaf has credited you with.

Also, track how close you are to meeting the requirements for your first cashout. Cashout


This section contains answers to some frequently asked questions people have about PaidLeaf.

Account Manager Skype

A Skype address of an “account manager” to contact when you need answers or require support.

The Skype address is actually fake so don’t expect that you’ll get neither.

More on that later on.

PaidLeaf Success Stories & Testimonials

There is a number of success stories/payment proofs and positive testimonials published on PaidLeaf’s website.

PaidLeaf payment proofs ->
PaidLeaf testimonials ->

Just a heads up, every single one of those payment proofs and testimonials is 100% fake.

Let me explain why starting with the payment proofs.

PaidLeaf Fake Payment Proofs

First of all, as you can see in the images below, the exact same payment screenshots that have been used for PaidLeaf have also been used as payment proofs for another similar scammy platform I’ve reviewed in the past called CashOG.

PaidLeaf Fake Payment Proof 1
CashOG Fake Payment Proof 1
PaidLeaf Fake Payment Proof 2
CashOG Fake Payment Proof 2
PaidLeaf Fake Payment Proof 3
CashOG Fake Payment Proof 3
PaidLeaf Fake Payment Proof 4
CashOG Fake Payment Proof 4

In addition to that, as you can see in the image below, the domain name was registered on the 6th of September 2019.

PaidLeaf Domain Registration Date

This means that the platform didn’t even exist before 06/09/2019 and yet if you take a closer look, somehow all of the payment proofs above seem to have taken place before that date.

This could mean two things…

Either was paying people before it even existed or its payment proofs are fake.

Your call…

Let’s move on to the testimonials.

PaidLeaf Fake Positive Testimonials

The positive testimonials that you can find on PaidLeaf’s website are not recorded by actual PaidLeaf members but rather by paid actors.

For instance, the video below is one of those positive PaidLeaf testimonials.

However, as you can see in the image below, the guy who has recorded this positive testimonial is actually a paid actor who is offering his spokesperson services as a freelancer in Fiverr.

CashOG Fake Testimonial Paid Actor 1

This means that companies like PaidLeaf pay him to record videos saying whatever they like.

Same goes for the guy below…

Using fake payment proofs and fake positive testimonials is actually a crime as they directly influence the decision of an individual to sign up and use PaidLeaf when they would otherwise not if those fake payment proofs and testimonials didn’t exist.

How Much Does PaidLeaf Cost?

PaidLeaf is free to join.

However, it’s not really free to use in its entirety.

You see, in order to be able to complete some of the tasks on its $30 TaskWall, you’ll be asked to submit your mobile phone number. Enter Your Phone Number

If you do so, you’ll start receiving dozens of promotional text messages per month by various services at your own cost. And those text messages aren’t cheap at all. Just one text message could cost up to $5 and sometimes even more.

Despite the fact that there are probably ways to unsubscribe from those services, I would never trust scammy platforms such as PaidLeaf with my mobile phone number in any way.

Plus, if you think about it since PaidLeaf will ban your account the moment you request a cashout, there’s really no point whatsoever in trying to complete those tasks in the first place.

PaidLeaf Pros

  • Free to join

1 • Free to Join

The sole PaidLeaf pro is that it’s free to join.

This way, if you decide to give the platform a try, you’ll just waste some of your time and energy and not any of your money.

Be careful though not to submit your phone number anywhere within PaidLeaf or you’ll probably end up wasting money as well after all.

PaidLeaf Cons

  • Has just one pro
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Fake payment proofs and positive testimonials
  • Additional charges to complete tasks
  • Fake contact information
  • Unable to cashout
  • Potential hacking danger

1 • Has Just One Pro

The fact that I have been busting my head to figure out a second PaidLeaf pro for the last hour without any luck just bums me out.

2 • Unrealistic Claims

Just like the majority of completely useless MMO platforms do, PaidLeaf uses a lot of unrealistic earning claims in order to convince people to join it.

For example, the first thing that you’ll see when you land on PaidLeaf’s website is a huge banner saying “Make $500 Today!” (see image below).

PaidLeaf Unrealistic Claim

First of all, earning $500 online in one day could be possible only for established digital marketers with a ton of experience. It’s impossible for a beginner with no targeted audience to make that kind of money online in just a day, or even a month to be truthful.

Secondly, PaidLeaf will never actually pay you so it doesn’t really matter if you are the best digital marketer in the world, you will never earn $500 by using it, not today, and not in a million years.

Furthermore, PaidLeaf claims to have paid $44 million to over 300K of its members. At the time of this review (10/9/2019), PaidLeaf exists for only 4 days…

It’s 100% impossible for a 4-day old platform to have paid so much money to so many people in such a short amount of time.

Each one of those extraordinary claims is just a pathetic attempt of PaidLeaf to lure you in.

3 • Fake Payment Proofs and Positive Testimonials

I really hate it when crappy platforms such as PaidLeaf try to trick people into joining and using them by employing fake success stories, fake testimonials, and fake payment screenshots.

First of all, the fake payment screenshots that PaidLeaf uses, prove that it indeed doesn’t pay its members… If it did, they wouldn’t publish fake payment proofs and risk their credibility and trustworthiness. They would just publish some real ones!

Secondly, the fact that PaidLeaf’s creators have paid actors to record positive testimonials shows that they know their platform sucks so bad that it would never get authentic positive testimonials from people who have actually tried it.

Lastly, those fake payment proofs and fake positive testimonials result in a ton of people wasting their time and energy into PaidLeaf who otherwise wouldn’t if those payment proofs didn’t exist.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), using fake positive testimonials/success stories is considered a violation as it encourages customers to invest in a product or service they otherwise wouldn’t, thereby defrauding the customer, which is actually illegal and subject to huge penalties.

4 • Additional Charges

As I’ve mentioned earlier, in order to qualify for a cashout of your PaidLeaf earnings you need to complete at least 5 tasks from the $30 TaskWall.

In order to complete those tasks, you’ll be required to submit your phone number and agree to subscribe to paid text-message services which could cost you up to $50 dollars per month and maybe even more.

So, not only PaidLeaf will never let you get your hands on your earnings, but you could also end up losing a lot of money while attempting to complete tasks in order to qualify for your first cashout.

5 • Fake Contact Information

PaidLeaf provides 2 means of contact with its support team.

The first one is through the email

I used an email checker to see if this email is valid or not and as you can see in the image below, it’s not!

PaidLeaf Fake Email Address

The second means of contacting PaidLeaf’s support team is through an “account manager’s” Skype address @paidleaf.ollie

A simple Skype search for that address reveals that this contact doesn’t really exist either.

So, as it seems, there’s no one to contact regarding PaidLeaf. If you have any questions, there’s no one there to answer them. If you require any support, there’s no one there to provide it to you.

Once you join PaidLeaf, you are all alone…

6 • Unable to Cashout

The biggest con of PaidLeaf is that it will never let you get your hands on the money you’ve earned by referring people to it or completing its other tasks.

Even if it didn’t have any other cons and like a thousand more pros, this con alone beats the whole purpose of investing any time and energy in the platform in the first place.

Trying to make money with PaidLeaf would be like buying a car with no wheels to go on a road trip – it’s just pointless…

7 • Potential Hacking Danger

Just now, I came across a survey task on PaidLeaf’s $30 TaskWall which didn’t require me to submit my phone number so I thought that I should give it a try to see what it’s about.

However, before I even got to access it, my antivirus went off giving me the alert below:

CashOG Malware Alert

As it seems, some of PaidLeaf’s tasks lead to 3rd party websites which contain viruses that could damage valuable files and information on your computer or phone.

However, the worst part is that those viruses could enable hackers to get their hands on personal data and sensitive information of yours such as the login credentials to your social media, email, or even your bank accounts.

If you don’t have an internet security or antivirus program installed make sure to stay clear of PaidLeaf at all costs…

If you’ve already accessed the platform without having any protection in place, you must immediately purchase an antivirus and scan your entire system in order to ensure that your computer hasn’t caught a virus and that your personal data and sensitive information are safe.

So, What Now?

Okay, so you read this PaidLeaf review in its entirety…

Now what?

Well, as I see it, right now you have 4 options…

  1. You either waste your time and effort trying to make money online with PaidLeaf (awful choice)
  2. You check out my top suggestions Project 24 or Wealthy Affiliate, which are proven to have helped hundreds of people earn their living online (optimal choice)
  3. You take a look at the dozens of others reviews I’ve put together hoping you’ll find something which suits you better there
  4. Or you walk out of here completely empty-handed, you never take the first step towards earning your living online and you move on living your current life for the years to come, always wondering what would have happened if you had taken action right this very moment

If I were where you are (which I’ve been), I would join Wealthy Affiliate (which is what I actually did).

Here’s why…

  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best MMO platforms that currently exist
  • I’ve actually been a premium Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it
  • Wealthy Affiliate has the most success stories I’ve ever seen in an MMO system. Dozens more are being published daily within its forum-like community
  • It is completely FREE to join (no credit card required and no catches whatsoever)

Make sure to go ahead and find out more about Wealthy Affiliate by taking a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

So, what are you going to do?

This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. They say “once bitten twice shy”.

    I’ve been a victim of some of these scam websites for way too long and I am able to recognize one when I see it.

    I just needed clarifications and confirmation of my suspicion that this PaidLeaf site is one of them. Definitely not worth taking a peep at not to mention joining it. It would be a total waste of time and energy. 

    Wealthy Affiliate seems like a way better option compared to this.

    1. Give Wealthy Affiliate a try then!

      Its many success stories prove that the platform actually works and has nothing to do with scams like PaidLeaf.

      My regards,


  2. I’ve been reading a lot of these scams lately and most of them have the same modus, which is luring the potential victim with bonuses and fake claims.

    If you go to the comments section of YouTube or Facebook posts about PaidLeaf, there are some people who claim that they are being paid hundreds of dollars and add a link so interested people can also join the website.

    Do you happen to know how to report Paid Leaf to an authority? If FTC has given rules on online business, surely their modus is already a piece of criminal evidence. 

    I’m somehow relieved that you happen to expose them in a short time. I hope that people read your review before joining the scam.

    1. Those people on Facebook and YouTube who claim that they have made hundreds of dollars with PaidLeaf are just people who are trying to complete tasks for PaidLeaf in order to qualify for a cashout and who don’t know yet that the platform is a big scam.

      They will find out soon though…

      I don’t really know how or where could someone report PaidLeaf but I believe that it doesn’t really matter because those platforms don’t last long. They run for a couple of months and then close down and open again under different domain names.

      They seem to know what they are doing.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this review and thank goodness there are good honest genuine people like you to warn us about the so many online scams which exist…

    I am in the process of building my own online affiliate marketing business, but it seems to be taking a bit longer to build up than I first thought, so I have been trying to figure out ways to earn some extra cash.

    I am so pleased that I came across your review because I was about to join PaidLeaf.

    1. You dodged a bullet there Russ!

      I wish you all the best with your online business.

      Have you checked Wealthy Affiliate or Project 24? Maybe one of them could help you speed up the whole process of scaling your online business to full-time.


  4. Hi Xaric,

    Thanks for your review on PaidLeaf.

    It really helped me understand whether it’s legit or a scam. I usually want to know all the drawbacks before I join any program to avoid getting into too many problems afterward. I can say your article does save me tons of time!

    Nowadays that more and more people try to make money online, the scams seem to increase as well. The slogan on the website seems like a great lie “Make $500 Today!” It’s rare that beginners like me could make money on their very first day, right? 

    1. It’s indeed very rare for people who have never made money online to make $500 the first day they try. As a matter of fact, it would be nearly impossible. 

      But I guess it could happen just like winning the lottery could happen.

      I am glad that you found my review useful!


  5. Thanks for your honesty in this post.

    The level at which these scam websites are adding up in numbers is really surprising. I have heard a lot about Swag Pay and Paid Leaf but I hadn’t read any reviews of them until now.

    First, the ghost owner concept in any business is a red flag for me. Lies about earnings and false testimonials make things even worse.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    1. You are welcome Chloe!

      I am glad I could be of help.


  6. People are unaware of the fact that PaidLeaf and similar sites purpose is to collect personal information, which they sell.

    So it is important to read their privacy policy. In PaidLeaf’s case, they do not have a link to their privacy policy on their home page. Nor do they have a working link on their signup page.

    Clearly, PaidLeaf is a scam that people need to avoid.

    1. I guess that selling personal information could be another one of their awful activities.

      The main way PaidLeaf earns money is through the tasks on the $30 TaskWall which are actually CPA offers. Another way is earning commissions by getting people to install apps on their phone.

      However, all this doesn’t really matter, does it? Who cares how they make money when you know that you can’t make any money with it right?

  7. I personally have been involved in a similar scam in the past, only to find out later that they were actually taken to court.

    I can see how some things could lure individuals into this PaidLeaf scam. To be honest, I was leary about Wealthy Affiliate when I first joined. It was the free site and training, as well as the community’s help and support that really made me trust them.

    It’s very smart that you checked the support email to see if it was real.

    Most people probably wouldn’t do such a deep research. 

    This is why posts like these are good at helping one avoid such scams. 

    What would you say that the biggest red flag for this service should be for the individual?

    1. The biggest red flag of PaidLeaf is that there are a lot of reviews, including mine, which state that the platform will never let you cash out your earnings…

      I don’t think that there’s a better reason to steer clear from PaidLeaf.


  8. I have heard of Viral Pay and Swag Pay but not Paid Leaf. Do you think they might be owned by the same operators? I easily get suspicious of websites that ask you to make a payment before you can cash out your earnings…

    This reminds me of one scam platform called Empowr where I was asked to make a payment to qualify for a cash-out.

    1. PaidLeaf is 100% owned by the same people who own Viral Pay and Swag Pay!

      The platform doesn’t actually directly ask you to pay something in order to cash out. Nonetheless, you have to complete tasks which in order for you to be able to access, you’ll have to subscribe to 3rd party paid text message services.

      So yeah, chances are that you’ll have to spend money to be able to qualify for a cashout, and then, once you actually request a cashout, they will ban you!

      So much fun right?

  9. Thanks for the compelling review on PaidLeaf. The evidence you provide clearly demonstrates the intent of PaidLeaf to scam people looking to make money online. 

    What is PaidLeaf after since it is free to join? Do you know if anyone has reported them to the authorities yet?

    Thanks for letting us know that we should avoid the platform.

    1. PaidLeaf is after getting as many people as possible to complete as many tasks on its $30 TaskWall as possible.

      This is where PaidLeaf earns money from.

      Those tasks are actually CPA offers so when someone fills in their email, or phone number, or any other information, or installs an application on their mobile phone, etc PaidLeaf earns money.

      The platform being free is a good way to get as many people as possible to their task wall. If people had to pay to join, well, nobody would.

      I don’t know if anyone has reported PaidLeaf to any authorities but even if they did, it doesn’t really matter. Those platforms stay up and running just for a few months, then they close down, and then they start anew under different domain names.


  10. Good afternoon Xaric,

    I am always surprised by the titles people come up with for their internet scams.

    Good that you wrote this article so people do not fall into this trap which PaidLeaf has circulating out there. When I see the owners/creators are unknown that is a huge red flag for me. Anybody who has a good product would be proud and would want people to know who created it.

    Well, after reading your review I must say I had not come across such a bad program. As you state it is free to join and that is the only positive thing one can say about it. One of the worst things is that some of PaidLeafs tasks might lead to 3rd party websites which could contain viruses. There goes your privacy and you are hacked.

    I certainly will stay away from PaidLeaf.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. That’s a solid choice there Taetske!

      My best regards to you,


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