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Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Review:
Can It Really Help You
Earn a Full-Time Living
Through Kindle Publishing?

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Logo

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 has been among the best Kindle self-publishing courses since it was first published in 2015.

It is actually one of the very few products that I have come across within ClickBank that could actually fulfill its promises and deliver substantial amounts of value to those who end up purchasing it and maybe even help them live “The Dream” of earning their living online.

Stephan James Pylarinos, the creator of KMM 2.0, claims that he is currently earning a six-figure, passive income on autopilot with the system that he teaches within the course.

However, if you are interested in earning your living online, there’s an even better, more long-term model, according to of course my opinion, which is called affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create a product to start earning money… You just promote already existing products through a platform, usually a website you’ll create and own. This means that the burden of having to create a product to sell before you can start earning money is lifted off your shoulders.

And to tell you the truth I’ve seen much more people succeeding with affiliate marketing than with Kindle publishing.

Also, you can get your very first affiliate marketing business up and running for free on an affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Earnings Potential

Earnings Potential


Has the potential to help you create a full-time living online through Kindle Direct Publishing.


High-quality training. Includes video and PDF files. Self-development and other bonus courses. Some instances are kind of outdated.

dollar symbol



$97 initial price. Offers 3 optional upsells. Embraces outsourcing your ebooks which equals to even more expenses. Offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee.




Email support + access to a relatively inactive Facebook group only if you pay for one of the upsells.

team success

Success Stories


Definitely more success stories than 99% of competing courses. More on those stories later on.

Overall Rating:




Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Overview

  • High-quality, actionable, step-by-step Kindle Direct Publishing training
  • Easily comprehensible for absolute beginners
  • Test drive it for a week for $7
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee
  • A lot of real success stories
  • Very successful producer
  • Includes PDFs and scripts which will save you tons of time and effort 
  • 40+ training videos
  •  Bonus courses on self-development, accounting, managing taxes, creating an LLC, etc
  • Includes a few outdated lessons and practices
  • No free trial
  • Not updated since its release
  • Not as easy as Stephan makes it sound
  • Expensive upsells
  • The private Facebook group is not that active anymore
  • Outsourcing means more expenses for you

What is Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 by Stephan Pylarinos?

K Money Mastery 2.0

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 is a course which teaches you how to eventually earn your living online by publishing your own ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Money Mastery was first published in 2013 and 2 years later, in 2015, its 2.0 improved version got released.

The course is mostly addressed towards absolute beginners and is comprised of 21 lessons which contain videos as well as PDF worksheets which sum up each lessons and include useful notes, scripts, and templates.

The videos range from 5-30 minutes each depending on the topic and most lessons contain more than 1 video.

Besides those lessons, upon purchasing the course, you gain access to some bonus courses on more general, but equally useful subjects (more on them later on), as well as several downloads and recommended resources (both free and paid), a F.A.Q. section, a coaching section (which doesn’t seem to actually work) and a contact page in case you have any queries and require support from Stephan and his team.

Overall, the quality of the course is pretty decent. The same goes for the quantity of all the resources offered.

Moreover, truth is that Stephan (creator of KMM 2.0) is a pretty busy and successful guy who is currently running a blog (Project Life Mastery), a YouTube channel, creates courses, eBooks, travels the world, consults businesses, coaches individuals, and has tens of thousands of followers.

Project Life Mastery YouTube Channel

Judging from his story, activities, recognition, credibility, and level of success he definitely knows what he is talking about.

Who is Kindle Money Master 2.0 for?

In a nutshell, Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 is for anyone who would love to earn their living online. 

Those can be people who

  • Want to find their way out of a boring, exhausting, regular job they hate
  • Work a part-time job and are in need of a stable supplementary income
  • Stay at home to take care of their newborns (stay-at-home moms)
  • Want to conveniently work from the comfort of their own home
  • Would rather be their own boss than having a boss
  • Are still students
  • Have retired or are unemployed
  • Would just love the idea of earning their living by writing books about subjects they are passionate about
  • Trot the globe
  • Long to escape the 9-5 rat race and instead live a unique life
  • Work in unstable jobs or are constantly in between jobs
  • Are unskilled laborers
  • etc

Right now, many of you might be thinking “But I don’t have the slightest clue about Kindle” or “I am not a writer” or “Yeah right… Like I can end up making money by publishing books on Kindle”.

Let me tell you that such thoughts are absolutely natural.

Nevertheless, as stated earlier, K Money Mastery 2.0 is mainly geared towards absolute beginners.

You don’t have to be a writer to write a book. And yes, many people who once were just as clueless as you, are now earning their living through Kindle publishing. 

So, if you are doubting yourself, well, don’t.

As long as you are able to read, watch some videos, follow the instructions within them, and you are not a complete moron, you’re probably going to do well.

Never assume failure before you even try things out because you never know.

Who is Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 NOT for?

Just like any other product on the face of the earth, Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 can suit some people extremely well and still be useless to others.

KMM 2.0 might not be for those who 

  • Aren’t fond of the idea of earning a passive income, online through writing books (obviously)
  • Are after making money effortlessly by the end of next week, or month (nothing of real substance can be achieved fast and effortlessly)
  • Aren’t willing to make the effort required to earn their living online (and yes, it requires a lot)
  • Lack patience and vision (patience and vision are key elements to all kinds of success)
  • Always go after short-term gratification (it takes time to achieve anything worthwhile)
  • Absolutely know that they will hate writing books or managing a team of writers (again obviously)
  • Enjoy being employees (if I enjoyed the idea of being an employee for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t even bother trying to build a full-time income online)
  • Aren’t willing to invest some of their time, energy, and money in order to reach their goals (no goal can be reached without some kind of investment)
  • Don’t want to eventually become financially free (working for yourself is the ONLY way to REAL financial freedom)
  • Wouldn’t like working from the comfort of their own home (yeah, some people can be just weird because who wouldn’t?)
  • Are generally passive and don’t really care about actively pursuing a better life (I’ll just stay as I am and everything will fall into place by itself… NOT!)
  • Will pay for the course, keep watching TV for 4 hours when they come home from work (and then complain that they don’t have enough time to act on it)
So yeah… Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 is definitely not for everyone.

Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the program itself but rather with the needs, wants, goals, willingness, and character of each individual.

For me, Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 is one of the few online courses which with the right attitude and mindset could actually help you build a full-time passive income online.

And believe me, in my almost 3 years as an online marketer, I’ve done my fair share of research and tried A LOT of them, most of which were full of empty promises.

What's Inside Kindle Money Mastery 2.0

Here’s what you get once you purchase K Money Mastery 2.0:

Kindle Money Mastery Main Dashboard

  1. 21 step-by-step lessons on how to become a successful Kindle Publisher (main training)
  2. 7 Bonus courses on more general but equally important subjects
  3. Dozens of scripts, templates, worksheets, agreements, etc to download
  4. Both free and paid recommended resources to make your journey easier
  5. Coaching with Stephan (last time I checked this link didn’t really work)
  6. A F.A.Q. section
  7. A support section where you can contact Stephan and his team

Let’s find out more about each one of those features, shall we?

1 • Kindle Money Mastery 21 Main Lessons

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 21 Lessons

If you are a beginner having no clue how to build and scale a Kindle publishing business, this is where you start.

This training consists of 21 lessons which walk you through the process of building a successful Amazon Kindle publishing business from scratch.

Some of the things that you are going to learn during those 21 lessons include

  • Determining your book’s niche
  • Conducting keyword research for your book
  • Crafting your book’s title
  • Outsourcing your book’s cover
  • Getting positive Amazon reviews
  • Outsourcing the content of your book
  • Scaling up your business
  • Marketing your book
  • and much more

According to Stephan, those 21 lessons teach you the exact same process he follows to make every single ebook he creates a success.

You don’t need any technical skills or previous experience to start applying any of the techniques taught. You will learn everything you need to learn progressively during the training.

Since you are still here, let me give you an overview of each one of those 21 lessons.

Lesson #1 – Finding a Profitable Niche

“Niche” basically means the subject of your book.

Choosing the right subject for your book can make the difference between you succeeding and failing.

Optimally, choose a subject which you are passionate and a little knowledgeable about.

Lesson #2 – Keyword Research

Keyword research and employment is an important aspect of most online endeavors as people always browse the web using keywords.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to determine if the niche you chose in lesson #1 is one that you should really go for based on its competition, earnings potential, popularity, etc as well as how to dig for the right keywords in order to maximize your earnings and minimize your competition.

Lesson #3 – Creating a Title That Sells

The first thing people are going to check out about your book is its title…

And a good title can make the difference between someone wanting to find out more about your book or leaving at first sight.

Lesson #3 teaches you how to use the keywords you figured out in lesson #2 (as you can see lessons are interconnected so make sure that you don’t skip any of them) to create an awesome eye-catching title which will entice people to find out more about your book.

You will also learn how to avoid legal issues and violating trademarks as a Kindle publisher which is an issue which could completely throw you off track and ruin your game.

Lesson #4 – Design a Cover that Sells

The cover of your book is just as important as its title because together, they basically make the first impression of your book.

And if the first impression of your book sucks or is bland and boring, no one is going to bother to find out more about it not to mention actually buy it.

However, it goes without question that most people won’t be able to create the cover themselves and that’s why Stephan teaches you how to use Fiverr (a freelance hiring platform) to find someone to design a nice book cover for you (it will cost no more than $10).

Within this lesson you’ll also find a downloadable script that you could send over to the freelancer designer you’ll choose, to explain to them exactly how you want your Kindle cover in order to avoid wasting your time and money because the freelancer was unable to understand what you really wanted.

Lesson #5 – Kindle Book Creation

This is where you start figuring out the step by step process of writing the content of your book.

If you don’t have the time or willingness to write the book yourself, no problem…

You’ll also find out how to have your ebook outsourced, recommended ghostwriting services, the pros, and cons of each one, as well as a ghostwriting agreement in order to ensure that the ghostwriter makes your book unique and original and doesn’t use plagiarism.

Lesson #6 – Preparing Your Book for Publishing

Now that the content of your book is ready, you have to proofread it, edit it, and format it before you go ahead and publish it, especially if you haven’t written it yourself.

Note: Formatting your book the wrong way might even get it disapproved by Kindle.

Lesson #7 – Creating a KDP Account

You obviously need to create a Kindle Direct publisher account before you are able to publish your book and start earning money and this video is going to guide you through the process of actually creating one the right way.

Lesson #8 – Publishing Your Book on Kindle

Now that you have your ebook ready, this lesson is going to take you through the three steps of publishing it on Kindle.

It also shows you some techniques to get your book found more easily on Amazon such as including keywords in your book summary and description, etc.

At the bottom of the lesson, you’ll also find a downloadable Kindle ebook description template.

Lesson #9 – Viewing Your Kindle Book

Once you publish your ebook, it will go through an approval process from Amazon which would take somewhere around 12-24 hours (Amazon actually ends up banning some kinds of books such as those which include pornographic material, offensive content, or are formatted poorly as stated above). 

In this lesson, you’ll learn some details about that approval process as well as how to view your book within Kindle until and after it gets published, how to update it, how to share your link to promote it, etc.

Lesson #10 – Getting Amazon Reviews

This is the longest lesson of the course, containing 7 videos in totala s well as one of the most important ones.

Personally, I never buy anything before I read at least a dozen different reviews, either this is a book or a t-shirt, and I imagine that 99.9% of people browsing the internet behave the exact same way.

So, as you can imagine, getting positive reviews on your book will be critical to your success and within this lesson, you’ll find out several ways to do so.

Stephan also goes on to explain the importance of getting verified reviews and teaches how to get verified ones over unverified ones which will increase your credibility and ultimately boost your sales.

However, some of the techniques mentioned within this lesson such as getting reviews from Facebook groups and Twitter are outdated and probably won’t really work nowadays.

Note: Truthfully, one major downside of the KMM 2.0 is that it is not getting updated regularly with the most up to date techniques.

Lesson #11 – Marketing Your Book on KDP Select

In this lesson, Stephan talks about KDP Select and how to use one of its tools, Kindle Countdown Deals, to offer your ebook for free for a limited period of five days in order to get your book in front of more people, gather more reviews, and get your name out there as a Kindle publisher (you can do that every three months).

He also talks briefly about submitting your books to Kindle directories which can be a very tedious task and that’s why Stephan recommends a premium tool called K Optimizer in order to automate this whole process which in my opinion is not worth neither your time nor the money because submitting your books to free directories won’t really bring any substantial results nowadays.

Lesson #12 – Using Twitter and Facebook to Promote Your Book

In this lesson, it is suggested that you promote your ebook in some Facebook groups as well as on Twitter.

Unfortunately, such practices are dead.

Stephan provides two PDFs with some links to Facebook and Twitter groups in order to promote your book but most of them are either broken or redirect you to inactive or closed groups.

So, this lesson is basically just a waste of time.

Lesson #13 – Additional Book Promotion Strategies

Here, Stephan points out that you should not just rely on Amazon traffic for scaling your Kindle publishing business but instead include other ways to reaching people such as

  • Blogging
  • Youtube videos
  • Email marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Forums
  • Ads
  • Word of mouth
  • Etc

Truth is that most successful Kindle publishers, including Stephan, have turned that successful due to employing multiple ways of reaching people and cultivating a loyal following.

And since Amazon’s ranking algorithm is going to keep changing just like all other search engine algorithms, it’s not smart to just rely on it to get your books in front of people.

The more ways you employ to get your name out there the better.

Lesson #14 – Boosting Your Amazon Keywords Ranking

More strategies to boost your keyword rankings and beat your competition such as using Amazon’s Wishlist platform.

Lesson #15 – Setting up Your Amazon Author Central Account

Setting up an Amazon author central account in order to increase your credibility and trustworthiness as an Amazon Kindle publisher.

This way people will trust your ebooks and buy them more easily.

Lesson #16 – Monetizing Your Kindle eBook

This is just an introductory 5-minute video training on creating other versions of your book such as an audiobook, promote it on an email list that you’ll create, using affiliate links in it in order to promote relevant products and earn commissions, etc

If anything within this video catches your attention, and you want to find out more about it, you’ll have to pay for the advanced lessons within the Full Disclosure course ($67 per month).

Lesson #17 – Creating a Series of Books and Monetizing the Back-end

This lesson is all about creating a series of books in relevant niches and cross-promoting each one of them within the others.

For instance, if you’ve written a book on working out, you could cross-promote it with other books on nutrition, supplements, proper rest, etc.

This is really smart because if someone ends up really enjoying one of your books, they might end up purchasing several others of those you have written, thus earning you more money.

Way to go!

He also barely touches the subject of getting people to subscribe to your newsletter through a blog you’ll create.

Lesson #18 – Dealing With Negative Reviews

No matter how great a book is, it’s inevitable that at some point it will get some negative reviews.

Hell, even some of the greatest books in human history such as The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter also have gotten negative reviews.

One of the best ways to deal with negative reviews are seeing them as feedback to improve upon your books and yourself.

Another way is to create a very high-quality book in the first place in order to attempt to minimize the negative reviews you’ll get, although again, no matter how awesome is your book, you are inevitably going to get negative reviews, period…

Lesson #19 – Scaling up Your Kindle Books and Making More Money

This lesson talks a bit about ways to scale up your Kindle publishing business by creating multiple books as well as outsourcing more of your tasks.

However, in order to find out exactly how to do that, you’ll have to purchase Stephan’s upsells, Full Disclosure and Kindle VA Training Program.

Lesson #20 – How to Make Your Books Profitable Long-term

Sometimes, a Kindle book could suffer a decline for some reasons despite selling well in the beginning.

Stephan will let you know some of the reasons that this could happen as well as how to prevent it or fix it if it has already taken place.

Lesson #21 – How to Track, Manage, and Optimize Your Kindle Books

In this last lesson, Stephan points out that once you have published a lot of books, it will be hard to monitor each one of them one by one and this could lead to drops in rankings which you won’t realize until your income levels have declined dramatically.

To prevent that he recommends purchasing a Kindle book monitoring and managing tool he has created called K Money Mastery Optimizer to make those tasks easier and more manageable.

FYI, at the bottom of each single of those 21 lessons, there’s an actionable assignment to encourage you to act on everything you’ve just learned helping you to consolidate your knowledge as well as a comment section in case you have any queries.

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Downloadable PDF Worksheets

Lastly, at the very end of the 21 lessons you’ll find a video of Stephan recommending that if you decide to become a Kindle publisher, you should also consider becoming an online marketer as well.

It’s true that Kindle publishing and internet marketing go side by side so I couldn’t agree more…

Learning some basic internet marketing principles will definitely help you succeed better and faster as a Kindle publisher and as stated earlier on, running a blog or a YouTube channel absolutely increases your credibility, trustworthiness, following, and thus your earnings.

However, internet marketing is not being taught in the main KMM 2.0 course but in his Full Disclosure upsell, so if you decide to go for it you’ll have to pay $67 more each month to maintain your membership.

On the other hand, I have been learning internet marketing for the last 3 years in Wealthy Affiliate which you can join for free. Its premium membership could cost as little as $30 per month, its training is of a way higher quality and quantity than that of Full Disclosure’s, and it’s highly recommended by me.

You can take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review right here!

2 • 7 Bonus Courses

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Bonus Lessons

In addition to the 21 lessons just described, once you purchase KMM 2.0 you get 7  “bonus lessons” as well.

Those bonuses are not about Kindle publishing per se but are more general info which you might find of great help while on your way to becoming a successful Kindle publisher.

For example, one of the bonus lessons is called “Kindle Publishing Mindset & Philosophy for Success” and provides information which will improve your mindset and increase your chances of success not just with Kindle but in any other kind of endeavor as well.

Another bonus is “Accounting Basics for Your Kindle Business” and another, very important one to those who are about to start a Kindle publishing business and are not based in the US, called “Non-US Tax Requirements”.

Here are all 7 bonus courses

  1. Automation And Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants
  2. Goal Setting For Kindle Publishing
  3. Kindle Publishing Mindset & Philosophy For Success
  4. Kindle Publishing Ritual For Scaling Up
  5. Non-US Tax Requirements
  6. Creating A Corporation Or LLC For Your Kindle Business
  7. Accounting Basics For Your Kindle Business

3 • Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Resources

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Stephans Toolbox

Within the Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Course, you’ll also find resources, both free and paid, which could boost your success and help you run your Kindle Publishing business better.

Some of them are

  • How to Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours (another course by Stephan sold separately or offered as an upsell within the KMM 2.0 course)
  • Full Disclosure (KMM 2.0 membership platform)
  • Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program (hiring and training virtual assistants)
  • Kindle Spy (niche, keyword, and market research)
  • Epic Write (ghostwriting service)
  • The Writing Summit (ghostwriting service)
  • and many more

4 • Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Downloads

In addition to the PDF downloads that come within each lesson, you can also find some others in the “Downloads” section of the course.

  • Fiverr E-Cover Template
  • EpicWrite Project Template
  • UpWork Project Template
  • Kindle Book Template
  • Kindle Book Description Template
  • Kindle Copyright Notice
  • Ghostwriter Agreement
  • Kindle Book Submission Websites
  • Twitter & Facebook Book Promotion List

5 • Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Upsells

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Upsells

Once you purchase Kindle Money Mastery 2.0, as well as during your main training, you’ll be presented with 3 upsells

  1. Full Disclosure
  2. Kindle VA Training
  3. Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours

Let’s take a look at each of those upsells individually and see if they are worth your money or not.

KMM 2.0 Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure is Kindle Money Mastery’s membership program and right now it costs $67 per month.

As a Full Disclosure member, you gain access to 

  • 100+ detailed videos on more advanced subjects such as book sales funnels, landing pages, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, etc
  • 2 Facebook groups, one for support and connecting with other Full Disclosure members and one for promoting your ebooks
  • Kindle Q&A video series
  • Interviews with Kindle Publishing experts
  • and much more

However, now most of the videos are kind of old and outdated and brand new ones are not being added regularly anymore just like Stephan states in Full Disclosure’s sales page.

Moreover, the private Facebook groups are not that active anymore.

So, for me, Full Disclosure is definitely not worth those $67 per month.

However, if I had some money to spare, here’s what I would do…

I would become a Full Disclosure member just to gain access to all this advanced training, go through all of it, maybe in a month or two, and then since no new content is being added and the Facebook groups are dead, cancel the monthly recurring billing and never look back.

Hope this helps 🙂

Kindle VA Training Program

This is KMM’s second upsell and it’s all about hiring, training, managing, and ending up with a team of loyal virtual assistants who do most of the work for you in order to free up your time and expand your business in faster rates.

This course contains training both for you as well as your VAs and costs $197 for life.

Training for you:

  • How to hire a kindle publishing assistant
  • How to interview a kindle publishing assistant
  • How to train your virtual assistants
  • How to save money and pay your virtual assistants
  • How to hire a manager for your Kindle publishing business
  • How to increase the performance of your virtual assistants through bonuses and incentives
  • Fear of letting go and giving up control of your business
  • What to do if your virtual assistant sucks
  • 12 lessons for hiring, working with and managing virtual assistants
  • How to safely share your passwords with your virtual assistants
  • 4 steps to automate and systematize your publishing business
  • Outsourcing your first task to a virtual assistant
  • How many virtual assistants do I need in my publishing business
  • The weekly update
  • Interview transcript for hiring a virtual assistant

Training for your virtual assistants:

  • Finding profitable Kindle niches and keywords
  • Formatting a book for Kindle
  • Publishing a book on KDP
  • Setting up a free promotion
  • Submitting books to websites for free promotion
  • Promoting books on Facebook
  • Promoting books on Twitter
  • Getting Amazon reviews from Facebook book promotion group
  • Getting Amazon reviews from Facebook
  • Getting Amazon reviews from Twitter
  • Getting Amazon reviews from forums
  • Getting Amazon reviews from top Amazon reviewers
  • Submitting books to Goodreads, Shelfari, and other websites
  • How to format a book for Createspace
  • Publishing a book to Createspace
  • Creating Amazon author central profiles
  • Create Amazon Listmania lists

According to Stephan those training videos above, are the exact same ones he constantly uses to train his own virtual assistants.


To tell you the truth, when I am ready to scale my online business and start hiring writers, I would love to come across a relevant VA training of the same high quality, with transcripts, templates, videos to train my VAs, etc to save me tons of time and trial and error from the whole process.

So, should you go for the Kindle VA Training program?

If you are an absolute beginner, I would suggest no… It would be way smarter to get the hang of writing yourself first before you start considering training and managing other writers. After all, if you don’t have the slightest idea about writing, how would you know if your writers are doing a good job writing right?

I guess that I would go for it if I had written and published at least 1 Kindle book by myself.

But hey, that’s just my opinion…

You could go for the Kindle VA Training even if you are a complete beginner.

Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours

This is Stephan’s last upsell.

It basically unfolds a 10-step method to writing a Kindle book extremely fast and it costs just $17 for life.

This course is very short compared to Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 (11 step-by-step videos + PDFs) but what it lacks in length compensates in quality.

However, there are some points within the course where you need to be careful such as

  • Stephan recommends writing 5k-word books as a beginner – try to make them longer for your own sake
  • As a beginner, if you hurry through creating your book in less than 24 hours, I doubt that the book’s quality will be high

Nevertheless, Stephan states that you don’t really have to write your book in 24 hours if you are not rushed… You can take a whole weekend or even a week and finish it at your own pace.

If you play it smart, you can get a lot of useful info out of this course to speed up your writing process without sacrifing any of its quality.

Since this course is not that expensive and it could help you write faster and more effectively, I would definitely go for it if I were you, especially if I were an utter beginner.


Note: Product upsells and pricing are subject to change due to split testing different prices and offers.

How Much Does K Money Mastery 2.0 Cost?

K Money Mastery 2.0 costs an one-time payment of $97.

However, if when being on the KMM 2.0 sales page, you attempt to close it, a popup will appear letting you test drive the course for one week for just $7.

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 $7 Week Trial

After the week passes, if you were satisfied with what you saw, you can go ahead and purchase the full K Money Mastery 2.0 course by paying the remaining $90.

If not, you can just pass the offer or even ask for this $7 back as long as it is within 30 days from the initial purchase.

As we saw just above, besides the main KMM 2.0, you can purchase some additional courses if you want access to more advanced, specialized training.

Just to sum them up, those additional courses are

  • Full Disclosure ($67 per month)
  • Kindle VA Training ($197 for lifetime access)
  • Write a Book in Less Than 24 Hours ($17 for lifetime access)

Just so you know, unless you go at it all by yourself (writing, publishing, managing, monitoring, etc), you are going to have to pay for some extra tools and resources besides the main KMM 2.0 course.

For example, Stephan recommends some monitoring and research tools to make your life easier which range from $20-$30 per month.

Moreover, if you decide to outsource most of your work and actually hire virtual assistants, it would be a smart move to invest in the Kindle VA Training Program and you’re going to have to pay the actual VAs that you’ll end up hiring as well.

So, unless you want to do everything by yourself, you are going to have to pay a lot more than those initial $97 for sure.

Do People Actually Succeed With KMM 2.0

As it seems YES!

Within Kindle Money Mastery’s main sales page you will come across 8 success stories of people who have bought and tried the course.

More success stories are to be found within the course itself as well as the private Facebook group that you gain access to if you purchase the Full Disclosure upsell.

Those K Money Mastery 2.0 stories are 100% real as I’ve tried to locate if those people were paid actors in several freelance platforms without any luck.

Lastly, if you do a little bit of research online, there seems to be a large amount of people who are still succeeding with Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 even to this day.

Below you can find some of those success stories to motivate you.

And remember…

If someone can do it, you can do it better!

What I Like About K Money Mastery 2.0

1 • The Founder

The very first thing that I like about Project 24 is its creator, Stephan Pylarinos.

First of all, his attitude is so vibrant and positive which proves that he really loves what he does. And the ones who love what they do, always do it best.

Truthfully, I have been following Stephan way before I even got my first online business up and running and I always enjoyed watching his enlightening videos on spirituality, improving your mindset, motivation, etc.

Also, he has written tons of successful Kindle ebooks, he runs an extremely successful Youtube channel and blog so I definitely trust that he knows what he is talking about.


And just a week ago, he announced that he will become a partner with famous motivational speaker, Tony Robbins.


2 • One-week Test Drive for $7

Truth is, I like test driving things before I buy them.

This way you get to see what you are about to pay for and believe me that most of the time, a test drive could avert you from wasting your money on a low-quality product.  

To get your hands on the one-week $7 test drive offer, all you have to do is attempt to close your browser while on KMM 2.0 main sales page. Before you do so, a popup will appear prompting you to take that test drive offer.

After the test-drive week ends, if you were satisfied with what you saw, you can go ahead and purchase the full K Money Mastery 2.0 course by paying the remaining $90.

If not, you can just pass the offer.

3 • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Money Back Guarantee

This is something else that I like a lot about K Money Mastery 2.0… Its 30-day, money-back guarantee.

If you either take the 7-day trial or purchase the entire course and you end up hating it or you just realize that it’s not for you, you can ask Stephan for a full refund within 30 days from the initial purchase.

This means that by purchasing K Money Mastery 2.0 you risk losing only some of your time trying the course but no money whatsoever.

4 • Use of Videos

The majority of training within K Money Mastery 2.0 consists of videos (40+ videos).

Video content is much more engaging, effective and memorable which makes it great for teaching and it is definitely less tiring and much easier to follow than having to read huge chunks of boring text.

5 • Includes PDF Templates

As we saw, the course contains a lot of PDF templates both within the lessons as well as in the “Downloads” section.

Those templates could save you tons of time and energy as they include exercises, scripts for hiring freelancers and explaining to them what you want them to do, writing templates, agreements, etc.

6 • High-Quality Training

Kindle Money Mastery’s training has been among the best Kindle Publishing training modules that exist since its first version got released in 2013.

It’s not THE perfect training but it will do its job and that’s what matters the most.

If you follow it, apply what you learn, be patient, experiment a little bit, and above all not give up halfway there, the chances that you’ll end up earning a full-time passive income through Kindle Direct Publishing are pretty high.

Plus, the training is tailored for absolute beginners so you will be able to comprehend and apply it even if you haven’t done anything similar in the past.

7 • Lots of Success Stories


People are indeed succeeding with Kindle Money Mastery 2.0.

Within the course’s sales page, the course itself, as well as the KMM 2.0 private Facebook group, you’ll find a lot of success stories of people who have purchased the course before you.

Below you can find some of them.

8 • Bonus Courses

Lastly, the 7 bonus courses are hugely beneficial to most people as they help you scale and manage your Kindle business better, avoid legal issues and accounting mistakes, as well as maximize your chances of success by setting you up with the right mindset and expectations.

What I Don't Like About K Money Mastery 2.0

1 • Teaches a Few Outdated Practices

Unfortunately, the course has most likely not been updated since it first got released and that’s why it includes some practices which won’t work nowadays.

For example, one of the lessons talks about submitting your book to free Kindle directories which is a practice that used to work but not anymore.

Also, the course doesn’t focus that much on writing quality books but rather putting as many books out there as fast as possible.

Again, this probably used to work when Kindle was still untapped without so much competition but now there’s a hell of a lot of competition involved in online publishing. Most profitable niches inside the Kindle marketplace have hundreds or thousands of other books competing for sales and exposure so low-quality books will tend to sink to the bottom of Amazon’s rankings.

Books that answer questions, solve problems, and provide a good experience to the reader are those which sell now.

And I am not saying that you won’t be able to create high-quality books with KMM 2.0 training but you’re not really encouraged to.

2 • No Free Trial

The reason that I got into online marketing in the first place is that I was given the opportunity to get my very first online business up and running completely for free.

If it weren’t for this opportunity, chances are that I would have never got started.

If this is the case with you, if you are not willing to spend $100 at once on a course you don’t really know an even better alternative would be joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, they offer an extremely high-quality affiliate marketing training (not Kindle publishing) along with a very active community and a live chat, an instant website builder, infinite tech-support, and above all, it’s completely FREE to join, no credit card required and no catches.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get to dip your toes into affiliate marketing without spending any money… You won’t even need to purchase a domain name or hosting to get your very first online business up and running.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I got started for free, I’ve been a premium member for almost 3 years now, and I couldn’t be more content with my choice.

3 • Not as Easy as Stephan Makes it Sound

There are some points within the training that Stephan makes the whole process of becoming a successful Kindle publisher sound like a kid’s game.

Maybe this is the case for him who is experienced but I don’t think that this will be the case for a beginner. 

For example, hiring freelancers to write the books for you, indeed takes the process of creating the book off your shoulders but hiring, monitoring, and managing freelancers still require a lot of time and hard work.

Another instance is when he claims that he wrote a 100-page book in 12 hours.

While I absolutely believe that he could do it, I also truly believe that no beginner will ever be able to achieve such task, unless they don’t really care about publishing a book full of jibberish which no person ever buys.

4 • Not That Active Facebook Group

The Facebook groups that Stephan mentions you gain access to upon purchasing either the main course or the Full Disclosure membership are not that active anymore.

5 • Expensive Upsells

Two out of the three K Money Mastery 2.0 upsells are kind of expensive. I am talking about the Full Disclosure program ($67 per month), and the Kindle VA Training program ($197 one-time payment).

Nevertheless, the upsells build on the initial Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 course so if you want to utilize the full potential of the course, it would be a good idea to go all in and purchase all of them.

Also, all of the upsells are covered with the 30-day, money-back Guarantee so again, if you are not satisfied with them, you can always ask for your money back, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

6 • Outsourcing = More Expenses

The bad news is that if you decide to outsource the majority of your Kindle publishing tasks to freelancers as Stephan suggests, you will have to keep paying them which means even more expenses for you and ultimately the main course + the upsells + the freelance wages, could rise up to hundreds of dollars of expenses per month before you even earn your very first dollar online.

And remember, no one can possibly guarantee that you’ll even make that dollar in the first place.

Summing up

Summing up, here are some of the most prominent reasons that someone should purchase Kindle Money Mastery 2.0

  1. High-quality, step-by-step Kindle Direct Publishing training for beginners
  2. Very successful and down-to-earth creator
  3. Test drive for one week for only $7
  4. Extremely beginner-friendly
  5. A lot of success stories
  6. 30-day, money-back guarantee
  7. A lot of recommended useful tools and resources
  8. Done-for-you, downloadable PDF scripts and templates will save you a ton of time and effort
  9. Bonus courses are unique and extremely valuable
  10. Saving time with outsourcing tasks to freelancers
  11. Potential for creating a passive income source

Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 Review Featured Image

Your Call

There’s really nothing more to say about Kindle Money Mastery 2.0.

I really got EVERYTHING covered in this review.

All that stands now between you and earning your living online through Kindle Publishing is your very own decision.

You can either walk away without even trying, or you could go for K Money Mastery 2.0 and give yourself a chance of becoming financially free for the rest of your days.

If money is the issue, I totally understand. 

To tell you the truth, if I was a total beginner, I wouldn’t trust spending almost $100 or more on a program which claims that can teach me how to make my living through Kindle Direct Publishing.

That’s why, I have a counter suggestion for you.

Consider joining me in Wealthy Affiliate.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training platform that currently exists. I’ve actually been a premium Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. 

Wealthy Affiliate is also completely FREE to join!

All you have to do is fill in your name, email, password and you are set to start your affiliate marketing training and get your first affiliate marketing business up and running in no time…

10 Quick Facts About Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Free to join and get started
  • Cheap premium membership
  • Almost 1 million active members
  • Has been around since 2005
  • One-click website builder
  • Dedicated tech support
  • Hundreds of hours of dedicated, high-quality affiliate marketing training
  • Live chat
  • Tons of real-life success stories
  • 1 on 1 mentoring

If you are able to invest some of your money, and Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 seems like the right choice for you, go ahead and join it right here!

You are ONLY 1 very simple, small step away from potentially changing your financial and employment status forever.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one small step.

The sooner you take that step, the sooner you’ll reach your destination.

Since you are here, make sure to take the first step right NOW!

Because if you don’t, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you did… 

And if you happen to take it later on, you’ll only wish that you’d have taken it today just like I am wishing that I had started my first online affiliate marketing business 10 years ago.


16 Responses

  1. Hi Harry,

    I would have liked to be able to test drive Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 for free. But $7 doesn’t seem much, so I’ll give it a try. It sounds legit since the success stories are real. And that the training is comprehensive to beginners because I have no clue about Kindle.

    I like reading Kindle books but I never imagined I could create my own until like a couple of minutes ago. 

    1. Well, you can definitely earn your living through publishing Kindle books. After all, someone published those Kindle books you have been reading all along and making money off of them.

      $7 for a week is not that much. I believe that in a week you can figure out if the program is for you or not. And if not, you can even ask for those $7 back.

      Let me know how this goes 🙂


  2. Hi there,

    Wow, all I can say is that your article is just awesome!

    I’ve never thought of creating a Kindle book until I read your article. It really inspired me! 

    Can we create a kindle in any niche?

    The Money Mastery course seems to be very interesting, I would love to try this out and see how it goes. Anyway, it’s quite affordable for what this course offers. My niche is about sailing, so I was wondering if this would work?

    Is there a way I can find out if creating a kindle about sailing will work?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Daniella, you can really create a Kindle ebook in any niche that you want.

      However, I don’t really know if you can find out if your niche is going to be profitable and without much competition before purchasing the course and especially without a tool recommended within the course, Kindle Spy.

      On the other hand, I imagine that you could browse Google to find out if you can do your research manually. 

      What I would do is simply head over to Amazon and start looking at other similar books… How much do they sell for? How many reviews do they have? Do they have positive or negative reviews? Are their publishers well established or have just written one book?

      Nevertheless, to me, sailing sounds like a decent niche to create a book around so, go for it!

      The course will teach you how to refine your niche to maximize your chances of success anyways.


  3. Hi Harry,

    What a thorough review of Kindel Money Mastery 2.0 you got there. 

    Very useful information on how it all works. I never even thought about writing my own ebooks until recently but I have been working online blogging for the last nine months so I suppose it’s a similar concept, writing about what interests you. 

    I am put off by the upsells that this program offers, they seem expensive. Are the compulsory to pay or is there a way to avoid them if you made a certain amount of sales?

    It seems that I would prefer your alternative option, Wealth Affiliate. With no credit card required and no joining fee, it feels like a no brainer for me. 

    I will check both of them out anyways so thanks for sharing!

    1. Dear Matthew,

      The upsells are not compulsory but optional of course. You don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to and you could also buy them down the road if you deem necessary.

      Going for Wealthy Affiliate is a solid choice but just so you know, Wealthy Affiliate is not teaching you about Kindle Publishing but rather creating an affiliate marketing business, which has to do with blogging which you already are. 

      Anyway, since you decided to go for Wealthy Affiliate, I guess I’ll see you inside!


  4. Writing Kindle books is one of the many legitimate ways to make money online, and KMM 2.0 generally looks like a good course on how to do it. 

    However, $97 is too expensive. If you went on Amazon, you could probably find good books on the same subject for much cheaper. 

    Also, I think that making money though Kindle is only advisable if you can write the books yourself. Although ghostwriting services exist, anybody who has the talent to write profitable Kindle books would probably just do it for themselves rather than looking for a ghostwriting job. 

    Even if they did take up ghostwriting, their fee would probably be so high as to take up any profits you might make.

    1. Dear Pascal, you could indeed find lots of cheaper books teaching Kindle Publishing on Amazon but do not forget that KMM 2.0 is not just a book but a wholesome course.

      You always get what you pay.

      I agree with you are to become a Kindle publisher, you should write a few books yourself before hiring someone else to do it for you but nonetheless hiring a ghostwriter is not as expensive as you might think. 

      On the other hand, as said again, what you pay you get. A $100 ghostwriter won’t create the same quality book as a $500 ghostwriter and as you can understand, a low quality book won’t sell as well as a high quality book.

      Anyway, everything is being taught within the course and don’t forget that you don’t have to pay $97 to find out what it’s about. You can test drive it for a week with only $7 😉


  5. As you have said kindle books are for those that are after creating a passive income online but to get that stage of reaching this point, you must have written quite lots of Kindle books and done a lot of adverts. 

    To me, it still requires lots of works just as an affiliate but the only difference is that it pays off in the long run.

    So, I will stick with affiliate marketing for now 🙂

    1. Hi Augusta,

      Publishing Kindle books has the potential to bring in a long-term, passive income just like affiliate marketing down the road.

      You definitely need to publish a lot of Kindle books to reach that point but you don’t have to pay for adverts. KMM 2.0 teaches you how to get traffic mostly organically or through social media, forums, blogging, etc.

      Have you checked out Wealthy Affiliate? It is an affiliate marketing training platform which could help you speed up the process of earning money through affiliate marketing as well as increase your chances of success.

      If not, make sure to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.


  6. You really went the whole hog on this one so to speak!  I’m impressed with ALL the in-depth information your have provided and it took me a while to wade through all your hands-on experience with this most informative article.
    I am currently looking to create an eBook and/or for Kindle, and was intrigued by the options of this training course.

    What I liked about it is the fact that you reveal the secret of the $7.00 week-long option with the possibility of a refund if not happy within 30 days.  In essence, if you wing it right you could get your money back after trying for it for free for 7 days, and then requesting a refund.

    However, before I read your article, I had found a way to create my own eBook Cover which was quite amazing, it took a while for me to get it right, but I managed after a time and it was quite amazing how the cover turned out!

    So what I’m advocating, is that it is possible to actually create an eBook by doing your own training on it by searching the internet.  I am also in agreement that creating one’s own website and selling an eBook through that website is probably more successful than on Kindle. That’s probably the route I will take as I’m leaning more to that solution.

    Thank you for taking oodles of time to compile this article so that I could make an informed decision on how to make my eBook!

    1. You can absolutely learn to do anything, including writing an ebook, using the free information you can find around the internet (YouTube, blogs, etc).

      However, by purchasing a dedicated course such as Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 you could save a lot of time and energy researching through all this noise and going through trial and error until you find out what actually works. 

      Creating a website/blog for your Kindle publishing business is undeniably a smart choice and something I would do as well.

      I hope it all works out well for you.


  7. A really interesting way to earn some extra money online – I never really considered this avenue as a legit earning possibility before! 

    To be honest, I really like the fact that you can test drive the whole thing for a week for $7. In my experience these test drives can really work out if you are willing to knuckle down for seven days and learn – more often than not you can learn everything you need within this test period (and end up paying less for the product overall!). 

    What level of English do you have to be at for this product to work for you – would it only work for native English speakers/writers?

    1. Dear Chris, 

      I hadn’t though about it this way. I guess that if you devote some hours per day you could go through all the available lessons even in less than a week.

      You definitely don’t have to be a native English speaker to become a successful Kindle publisher (some of the KMM 2.0 success stories I have included above are not native speakers). All you have to be able to do is communicate your ideas and solutions to other people and to do that you just need some basic English knowledge.

      Nonetheless, being a native English speaker could definitely make the whole process much faster and easier but with practice, even those who are not native English speakers could end up sounding like one ( BTW, I am not a native English speaker and when I first started writing, I truly sucked :P).


  8. This is amazing because believe it or not I’m a Kindle author myself trying to make it in the world of self-publishing. While I’ve gotten a few of these 21 lessons down, I’m still VERY new to the marketing side so I would find full value in this course. I’ve come across a few taught by authors like Nick Stephenson and Mark Dawson, but this one appears to be more of a total package, as the former simply talk more about reader magnets (Stephenson) and advertising (Dawson). Two great courses, but the fact this one is an overall scope means if I would invest in a course (and I will) I would choose KMM at the moment. 

    1. I believe it 😛

      Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 covers a lot when it come to the marketing of your ebooks so I think that you’ll indeed find the course valuable. Please let us know how you found it when you try it out.


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