Insiders Cash Club Review:
Earn An Extra $0 Per Week!

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Insiders Cash Club is one of the thousands of products which are being lately released that can supposedly show you the way to earning thousands per month fast and effortlessly.

Of course, all those claims can never be fulfilled as they are just fake promises to entice people into purchasing the course.

As we’ll see within this Insiders Cash Review, the program also displays some more warning signs that it’s a big fat scam that’s just after your grabbing money without giving anything of real substance back to you.

Seriously, don’t expect much from ICC… You will neither earn money following its “training”, nor learn something of value that could be useful for you in the future, besides the fact that when you attempt to take the easy way out, you’ll always end up scammed, frustrated, and back to square one.

Don’t worry, you are about to understand what I am talking about in this review.

However, before I move on, I want to let you know that if you are in need of earning your living online, just like me, and you don’t want to keep wasting your time, effort, and money researching and joining useless program after program which will probably take you nowhere near your monetary goals, I would strongly suggest that you do yourself a favor, ditch this review RIGHT NOW, and go ahead and take a look at my #1 Suggestion right below.

Earnings Potential

Earnings Potential


You will never build a full-time income online with this course alone. Truth be told, chances are you won’t make any money with it.


Superficial training on building an e-commerce business as well as earning money with affiliate marketing. 

dollar symbol



Starts at $37. Downsell at $27. Further downsell at $9 (I will let you know how to get it for $9 later on). Includes some upsells. Has a 60-day, money-back guarantee.




Support via email (

They never replied to any of my queries.

team success

Success Stories


Some success stories mentioned in the introductory video. All of them are fake as they have been recorded by paid actors.

Overall Rating:



Not Really...

Insiders Cash Club Overview

  • Cheap
  • 60-day, money-back guarantee
  • Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are legit online business models
  • Unrealistic claims of earning a lot of money from home fast without putting in any actual effort
  • Offers poor quality, superficial e-commerce, and affiliate marketing training
  • Jeffrey Hart = fake owner
  • Using sales tricks to lure you into buying it
  • Plants unhealthy beliefs about success
  • Withholding information about how the system works in the introductory video
  • Fake success stories
  • Too many lies and scam red flags (more on that later on)
  • Probably won’t make you any money
  • Way too many things I don’t like about it

What is Insiders Cash Club by Jeffrey Hart?

Insider Cash Club Main Sales Page

Insiders Cash Club is supposed to be a course that will teach you how to earn your living online.

But it will not…

ICC’s main training contains some superficial training about setting up an e-commerce business as well as some training on earning money through affiliate marketing.

Within its introductory video, Jeffrey Hart says that you’ll be able to earn thousands per week just by performing some basic stuff such as

  • Copying and pasting
  • Transcribing text
  • Social media (browsing them?)
  • YouTube videos (creating them or watching them?)
  • Completing surveys (yikes)

Jeffrey claims that the last time he released this system, it was so awesome and unique that it turned the internet upside down (yeah right… You almost convinced me to purchase your course there Jeff!)

Everything he says sounds like the stuff that anybody would love to hear. Instant cash without working too hard or working at all in said case.

If earning money online was as easy and effortless as Jeffrey claims to be, wouldn’t everybody be rich by now? I know I would for sure!

It goes without question that none of the ICC’s earnings claims are true and if you make the mistake of actually purchasing the course, you’ll most likely just end up frustrated and a few dollars poorer.

Just a heads up before I move on…

There’s no magic pill or formula or blueprint to any kind of success. There are no systems or shortcuts to achieving anything great. There’s no easy and effortless way of earning money online or offline. If you are a logical person you can understand that no one is going to pay you for sitting on your ass just like YOU wouldn’t pay someone for just sitting on their ass.

If you are looking for a way out of investing the time and effort required to achieve your financial goals, you’ll never, EVER achieve them.

To achieve anything worthwhile takes time, patience, and working your ass off. Whichever achievement comes fast and effortlessly will almost never be worthwhile.

Get that well in your mind.

Who is Insiders Cash Club for?

Insiders Cash Club is only for those who want to find out the hard way that there are no shortcuts, magic pills, one-click systems, or generally effortless and fast ways towards earning money online or basically anywhere.

Truth is that sometimes people have to fall for a scam to wake up to the ultimate reality of having to actually devote their time and make an effort to get what they want. Some of them multiple times.

If you still firmly believe that you can earn money the “easy way” as Insiders Cash Club promises, please be my guest, purchase it right here and let me know if that actually happens.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you though…

In fact, I am so confident that you won’t be able to make a dime with ICC that if you end up earning even $10 during the next 5 days with it, you can contact me and I will deposit $20 more right in your account (just kidding, I really won’t)… 😛

Who is Insiders Cash Club NOT for?

Insiders Cash Club is NOT for those who are serious about creating a sustainable, long-term source of full-time income online.

Such people might be those who

  • Are after escaping the 9-5 rat race and work for themselves
  • Work a part-time job and are in need of a stable supplementary income
  • Stay at home to take care of their newborns (stay-at-home moms)
  • Would rather be their own boss than having a boss, bossing them around (LOL)
  • Would just love the idea of earning their living online working from the comfort of their own home or wherever else they want
  • Trot the globe
  • Are unemployed, can’t land a job, or are getting constantly fired from jobs
  • etc

If you are among those people, then trust me, ditch this review, and go ahead to check out my #1 Suggestion below because Insiders Cash Club is not going to even come close to fulfilling your needs.

For example, since my ultimate goal is to create a full-time income online, become my own boss, and not have to work another boring, exhausting, unmotivating job ever again in my life, I wouldn’t even bother purchasing Insiders Cash Club as it can never help me achieve it.

What's Inside ICC?

Once you purchase ICC you gain access to the course’s main dashboard which you can see in the image below.

Insider Cash Club Members Dashboard

Let’s take a tour of each one of its sections, shall we?

Getting Started -> A video explaining how the course works and how you can start earning money online.

Monthly Webinar Access -> Registering to monthly webinars where industry leaders share their tips and secrets on how they are earning their living online (live webinars are no longer being hosted though).

Partnership Access – Income Engine -> 1 on 1 mentoring via a telephone call. It’s not included in the initial price of the course. You have to actually pay an extra fee to gain access to this service and I really doubt that anyone is going to call you.

Insider Secrets Plans #1 – #5 -> Various “secret” ways to earning passive income online such as Facebook live, Instagram, creating YouTube videos, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, etc.

ICC Bonuses -> Includes some free ebooks and other resources to further help you start earning money.

Customer Support – If you have any queries you can contact Jeffrey’s team to help you solve them. You can ask for your money-back guarantee right here as well.

Note: Most of the training is comprised of videos ranging from 5 – 15 minutes each.

How Much Does Insiders Cash Club Cost?

Insiders Cash Club costs $37 one time payment on the front-end.

However, as I stated earlier, you can get the course for as low as $9.

Here’s how to do it as I promised:

Go to

Once on the page, attempt to close it and the following popup will appear.

Insider Cash Review Exit Popup

Fill in your name and email as prompted and click “Claim Your Spot and Free Bonus”.

Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to a second ICC sales page with another video.

If you attempt to close the second page just like you did with the first one, another popup will come up (see image below).

Insider Cash Review Second Exit Popup

Go ahead and hit the “Claim Your Spot Now” and you’ll be sent to a third page where you can purchase ICC with $27.

If you attempt to close that page as well, a third popup will appear as you can see below.

Insider Cash Review Third Exit Popup

If you click the “Get the ICC System for 75% Off” button, you’ll be redirected to the last sales page where you can purchase ICC with only $9.

However, according to my opinion, even $9 is way too much for the overall value that the course offers.

You could absolutely spend a little more money to purchase a more valuable course which has the potential to really take you closer to your financial goals.

What would you prefer?

Wasting $9 and getting nothing in return or investing $100 in exchange for a high-quality training program which could possibly help you earn hundreds per month and maybe change your life forever down the road?

I know I would go for the second option every day of the year.

Do People Actually Succeed With Insiders Cash Club?

The only people who are able to earn money with Insiders Cash Club are

  • Its owner (whoever is behind the name Jeffrey Hart)
  • No one else

Jeffrey Hart keeps claiming that his members have been earning extraordinary amounts of cash with his system but this is undeniably not true. 


As I’ve stated earlier, all of the success stories that you’ll come across about ICC are fake as they are recorded by paid actors.

Here is Philip who is supposedly earning thousands per month after purchasing ICC.

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 4

However, what you don’t know if that Philip is not really Philip but a freelance spokesperson on Fiverr.

You can see his profile and services right below.

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 4 Proof

In addition, Sarah was a single unemployed mother of 3 children.

2-3 months after purchasing ICC she completely changed her life and was able to provide for her children as well as spend as much time she wanted with them.

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 3

What a nice, motivating story right?

Too bad that Sarah’s story is fake because she is just a stock photo from as you can see right below.

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 3 Proof

Lastly, as you will see in the images below, Tracey and Beverly who are posing as ICC’s success stories, are also paid actors hired from Fiverr.

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 1

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 1 Proof

Insiders Cash Club Fake Success Story 2

Again, one last time…

Secret Income Club can never, not in a million years fulfill its fake promises and you will most probably never end up earning any money after purchasing it.

If you are serious about earning REAL money online, stop wasting your time and energy and go ahead and check out my #1 Suggestion instead.

I promise you won’t regret it.

What I Like About Insiders Cash Club

Well, I don’t like being cynical, but the only thing I actually like about ICC is that it comes with a money-back guarantee so after you realize how much it sucks, you can ask for a full refund of your money within 60 days after your initial purchase.

At least, this way, you will have wasted just some of your time and not any of your money.

Another thing is that the course costs $37 on the front-end and that you can really get it for just $9 if you play your cards right just as I showed you earlier on.

Too bad, I don’t really like anything else about ICC.

What I Don't Like About Insiders Cash Club

1 • Unrealistic Earnings Claims

Fuck, I really hate people and websites which claim that you can become rich overnight without actually working just like Insiders Cash Club does.

Seriously, most of its claims are so ridiculous that is borderline funny such as

  • Earning $500, $1000, and even $5000 per week
  • The system is so amazing and revolutionary that the last time it got released it blew the whole internet up with its awesomeness
  • It’s free (which is really not)
  • Earning your living working from home for 2 hours a day
  • ICC is classified and secret (yet it has been featured on several news channels)
  • It is based on a “loophole” that Jeffrey discovered on one of the biggest money websites… Pffff
  • Living the dream life, traveling the world, buying expensive crap, posting cool vacation pictures with blue-ass water on Instagram, etc (most useless products such as Secret Income Club and Profit Genesis 2.0 make the exact same promises to lure you into buying them)

What the fuck!!!

My head is spinning from all the money I will be able to make while sitting on my ass, jerking off all day long…

Just so you know, everything ICC claims is a standard sleazy sales technique which is commonly used by scammers to promote low-quality products, hoping that some poor fuck falls for them.

I mean, come on!

Earning thousands per week with just a few copy-paste clicks as a beginner is just like saying becoming a space engineer just by reading a 30-page manual without attending any classes or practicing the craft for like a bazillion years.

It’s impossible…

I am not saying that you couldn’t end up earning thousands a week on autopilot but it will definitely take as much time, effort, and patience as it would take for any other substantial and long-lasting achievement, not two months of copying and pasting crap for 1 hour per day.

There is NO system on the face of this earth that can ever bring in money automatically in no time and with no effort so you might as well stop wasting your time looking.

2 • Plants Unhealthy Beliefs About Success

The main problem with all those unrealistic claims I talked right above is that they will probably end up planting unhealthy beliefs and expectations about success.

Expecting that you will earn thousands of dollars overnight without busting your butt off is dangerous because

  • First of all, it will definitely never happen (unless you win the lottery or maybe inherit money)
  • It gives you false hope 
  • It makes you impatient and unwilling to work hard
  • Dramatically increases the chances of you quitting when you don’t see the immediate results you expected
  • It is actually the exact opposite of how real money can be made

So, not only Insiders Cash Club won’t help you achieve the monetary goals you want but it will most likely take you further away from them as well as fuck up your mindset, probably holding you back in other aspects of your life too.


3 • Very Low-Quality Training

As stated multiple times throughout this Insiders Cash Club review, the training the course offers is very superficial and limited.

And frankly, even with the best online marketing training, people still end up failing so don’t expect that you’ll earn any money with such a low-quality and quantity course anytime soon, if ever.

If you are after creating a full-time living online then you definitely need some extremely high-quality online marketing training, so trust me, and go ahead and check out The 2 Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses That You Should Join In 2019.

4 • Fake Countdown Timers

Once you are on ICC’s main page, below the introductory video, you’ll see a countdown timer, counting down from 12 hours.

Right above the timer, you will also see the following statement:

“This Site Will Be Taken Down In 24 Hours When Countdown Hits 00:00:00”

This countdown creates a sense of urgency and fear of missing out and along with the unrealistic claims of the course it builds up a pressure which increases the chances of people taking action and actually purchasing the course.

However, this timer is nothing more than a sales trick and the proof is that when you refresh the page, the timer will keep defaulting to 12 hours.

Lastly, in order to create an even more intense feeling of scarcity and urgency, during the introductory video, Jeffrey will keep stating that the course has limited access and will close once 50 people purchase it which is yet another lie.

5 • Lying About Seen on Several News Channels

In order to gain trust and credibility, Jeffrey keeps repeating that ICC has been featured on several news channels.

As Seen on News

It goes without saying this is a big fat lie and you can confirm that by Googling “Insiders Cash Club + the news channel”.

6 • FAKE Owner

Jeffrey Hart who is supposed to be the creator of ICC is not a real person.

First of all, this can be confirmed with a single Google search.

If you Google “Jeffrey Hart Insider Cash Club” only just a bunch of reviews created by other fellow marketers are coming up.

No blog, no Facebook or other social media profiles, no YouTube channel, no Wiki profile, no images of him, nothing…

Fake person alert!

In addition to that, Jeffrey Hart poses as the creator of other extremely low-quality courses I have reviewed such as Secret Income Club.

Lastly, inside ICC’s main dashboard, on the bottom-left corner, it says that the creator of ICC is actually Jeremy Scott (see image below LOL).

Insider Cash Club Fake Creator

Soooo many lies that they cannot even keep them consistent.

7 • FAKE Success Stories and Testimonials

The fact that Jeffrey has paid actors to record videos saying positive things about his course absolutely turned me off and made me lost all trust towards him and the legitimacy of his course.

First of all, this shows that people will say positive things about ICC only if somebody pays them.

Secondly, as it seems, Jeffrey knows that and understands that if he doesn’t pay actors, there will never be someone to say something positive about his course.

Lastly, since Jeffrey has lied about the people who have found success by purchasing his program, who knows what else is he lying about right? (many things as we’ve already seen)…

8 • Claiming It’s Free When It’s NOT

Throughout the main video, Jeffrey mentions a couple of times that he is not going to ask you to pay anything for ICC and that he wants to give you access for free.

However, once you fill in your name and email, hit the “Instant Access” button, and get redirected to the checkout page, booooom! He asks you to pay $37.

Don’t get me wrong… My problem is not paying $37 for the course. After all, I don’t expect that anything of value should be given away for free.

But why the fuck even claim that it’s free when it’s not? Tell me that I have to pay $1000 for it and if I really need it, I will go ahead and purchase it. If not, I’ll leave.

Lying to me about the price of your product is only going to make me lose my trust towards you, your word, AND your product.

Summing up

Insiders Cash Club Review Featured Image

Your Call

There’s really nothing more to say about Insiders Cash Club.

I really got EVERYTHING covered!

The verdict is that if you actually go ahead and purchase it, you’ll most probably end up wasting your precious time, energy, and money while getting nothing in return.

So, I have a counter-suggestion for you…

A much better course/platform/community, according to my opinion, that is 100% proven to help people build a source of sustainable, full-time, passive income online. 

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and for me, it is one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms that currently exist. I’ve actually been a premium Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. 

Wealthy Affiliate is also completely FREE to join!

As a free member, you have access to some basic affiliate marketing training, you can get your very first online business up and running, use the keyword research tool, as well as contact other members through a live chat.

12 Quick, Fun Facts About Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Free to join and get started
  2. Cheap premium membership
  3. Almost 1 million active members
  4. Has been around since 2005
  5. One-click website builder
  6. Dedicated tech support
  7. Hundreds of hours of high-quality, step-by-step, affiliate marketing training
  8. Weekly live webinars
  9. Instant support through a live chat
  10. Tons of real-life success stories
  11. 1 on 1 mentoring
  12. Perfect for absolute beginners

If you still think that Insiders Cash Club is the right choice for you, then, by all means, go ahead and join it. 

If I were you, I would go for Wealthy Affiliate though 😉


12 Responses

  1. I love your website name, it is really catchy.  Like a Dear John letter, just Dear Boss.  

    You have provided so much information on Insiders Cash Club it is astonishing. After reading your review I am definitely going to avoid it.  

    And after reading your Wealthy Affiliate review, I decided to give it a try. It seems like a great platform.

    Thank you very much Harry.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Marlene.

      I am glad that this review was helpful to you.

      Let me know how it goes with Wealthy Affiliate once you are in.


  2. I think many people including me have been trough a whole bunch of this making money fast online scams. 

    You eventually get so discouraged in the end that when I came here to Wealthy Affiliate I was thinking “is this really working or is it one more of this scams?”. 

    Thankfully, it does work!

    1. Yeah truth is that if you get scammed once or twice you become skeptical and you lose your faith.

      I’ve heard of people who after being scammed, they completely abandoned their efforts to make money online. 

      Others resumed their efforts years later regretting their decision of quitting and not researching further.

      It’s unbelievable how a scam can ruin your mindset and hold you back.

      Thankfully, I started my online journey with WA so I didn’t have to go through all this frustration and anger of getting scammed.


  3. Thank you for you throughout review on the Insiders Cash Club. There are so many platforms online that promise up these false claims that they can teach you “the secret” on how to make easy money online. 

    Hate to say it there is no such thing as easy money, did you remember your first job? I do and when I hear all these claims my BS alarm goes off. 

    I also do not trust a platform that the owner hides their identity, it means that the owner knows what he or she is doing is unethical and do not want to get a lawsuit. There are so many ads campaigns that you can purchase from Fiverr for cheap, and that is the reason why I never trust all testimonials on their sites. 

    It is better to look for reviews on another site that is honest and you really get the second opinion. Hopefully, whoever bought the Insiders Cash Club can get their money back. 

    Thanks again for the warning.

    1. Truth is that the internet is lately swarming with crappy courses which claim that can show you “the way” to earning a fortune online, overnight and with no effort. 

      And as it seems, many people keep constantly falling for them. Maybe it’s because making money online has become popular during the last few years and people are still unaware of how money can be really made online.

      Unfortunately, despite the claims of most low-quality courses that you will be able to get your money back within 30 or 60 days after your purchase, I don’t really think that any of them will actually proceed with refunding you. Most of them don’t even have support teams and those who are supposed to have never really reply to the simplest queries.

      BTW, I do remember my first job. I was 14 and I was busting my ass off washing cars during Christmas. It’s not that I really needed the money but I wanted them to buy Pokemon Cards LOL.

      There will never be a way around working to get what you want in this life, period.


  4. I think Insiders Cash Club is a scam. The training is not really clear. Jeffrey claims you can make money as soon as you join but this is never the case. This is the kind of people who want to make us believe that all you need is to pay for a program and cash will flow by magic in order to entice you.

    I checked out your #1 suggestion and it seems legit. I will do further research and I might end up joining. Have you found success with it?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey I’m Jannatu.

    I am looking for training to make money online a few months now but I can’t find anything good. ICC seems as bad as any program I have found so far.

    Can you really make money online after all or is there no way? I don’t have anyone in my close circle that is earning money online and I think it might be a fairytale. 

    1. Dear Jannatu,

      You CAN make money online. In fact, there are as many ways to earn money online as there are to earn offline. But it takes time, effort, and if you haven’t done it before you most probably need good training to show you the way.

      I have been following Wealthy Affiliate’s training and a few months ago I made my first online sale and I earned $100. This month I made a second sale and I am on the way to a third one right now.

      It’s absolutely possible.

      Trust me, go ahead and join Wealthy Affiliate (it’s FREE and you’ll see how a fairytale might come true.


  6. Wow! Amazing website. Full of useful information. 

    That review shows that you can’t really trust just any company because they have testimonials. I am actually new to Wealthy Affiliate and I do see that this is a legit platform with a very high success rate. 

    I just started my training and I have also created my first website very easily. Let’s see where this will go.

    1. Hi Ginder, 

      Indeed, you really can’t trust anyone online. People will say anything to make a quick back off you.

      I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 3 years. It’s training is very high-quality and people succeed daily with it.

      In fact, I recently experienced my own mini success and I definitely couldn’t have done it without WA.

      Keep following the training, asking questions, experimenting with new practices, and above all, be patient and it will definitely happen for you as well.

      My best to you and your business,


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