11 Bad Reasons To Keep Working A Job You Hate & How To Counter Them

11 Bad Reasons To Keep Working A Job You Hate & How To Counter Them

There will always be at least one reason for you to keep working a job you hate.

And most of the time, this reason will seem legit… At least in your own mind.

But what if I told you that 99.9% of the reasons that keep you stuck in a job you hate are nothing but bad excuses that you keep repeating inside your head in order to justify not taking action towards improving your situation.

“Why would I do that?”

Well, maybe you are afraid of change… It’s okay, most of us are!

Or maybe, you don’t want to stretch your comfort zone and start looking for better alternatives. After all, you are already pretty tired after working a job you hate that all you want is to get back home, wear your PJs and binge watch all episodes of the latest season of Big Bang Theory. Who has the energy for job hunting or creating a side hustle right?

I absolutely understand.

However, staying in a job you hate for any of those reasons that I am about to list right below, then you are shitting yourself hard and the longer you don’t do something to change your situation, the more the chances of you sticking with this job you hate until you retire…

Or until you die…

Whichever comes first.

And for me, THIS is fucking scary!


11 Bad Reasons To Keep Working A Job You Hate


1 • You Are Making Good Money

It doesn’t matter how well your job pays… If it’s making you miserable, it’s not worth the trouble.

If you are unhappy about your job, then not only the money you earn (and everything you buy with it) won’t change your unhappiness but chances are that the more you stay there the unhappier you’ll become.

I know that you’ve been made to believe otherwise…

Just like I have been.

Two years ago, I decided to take a job that I knew I’d hate because I wanted to be earning more money to move out of my parents’ house and become independent.

Despite ending up renting a very nice, renovated apartment with an amazing view, I had a very hard time enjoying it because to maintain it I had to be miserable for at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. Even during my time off work, I was unable to unwind because I couldn’t stop thinking that sooner or later I would have to return back.

On one hand, I was getting more worried, stressed, and miserable by the day. On the other hand, I didn’t want to leave my job because I would also have to leave my apartment and return living with my parents.

According to Inc.com, one of the greatest double-edged swords of high paying corporations is what’s called “living with golden handcuffs”. Your salary is so good that you’re willing to sit in a cubicle hating your life for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, simply because, on paper, you’re “living the life”. Then, before you know it you got a car payment, high rent, and an expensive lifestyle from which you can’t escape. You want to do something else, but by now you’ve accumulated too much overhead. And a shift in lifestyle is had become unthinkable to you.

In our current world, we are constantly bombarded by messages telling us that money equals happiness. Television, billboards, newspapers, social media, the internet, other people are all screaming at us to get more money.

If you have the money and everything that comes with it, the car, the house, the glorious Friday and Saturday night exits, the latest gadgets, and clothes, etc, you’re supposed to be happy.

But this isn’t the case…

Happiness is a feeling and feelings can never be bought.

On top of that, sacrificing AT LEAST HALF of your waking hours working a job you absolutely despise to get your hands on all those luxuries that supposedly make you happy makes things even worse, especially if your health starts being negatively affected.


“So, what should I do instead?”

You could consider downgrading and simplifying your lifestyle. Cut back as many expenses and financial obligations as you possibly can.

This way you will most likely open yourself up to new opportunities which may pay a lower salary but make you happier (or at least not to want to kill yourself).

If you are living in a house or an apartment with 1 or more rooms that you have never used, move to a smaller, cheaper one. Replace your car with one which is cheaper to maintain and burns less gas per mile. Stop going out for drinks every single day or even every single week. Start cooking at home. And above all, STOP BUYING CRAP THAT YOU DON’T REALLY NEED. And no, you DON’T REALLY NEED the latest iPhone with the new, upgraded, 1 million MP camera which you’ll never use.

Small sacrifices for a short period of time could eventually make a big difference in your quality of life. – MoneyCrashers

Once I downgraded my lifestyle, I realized that I would be able to maintain my apartment and live by myself working part-time at the same job. And so I asked to be demoted. A few months later it happened and now I am wasting only 4 hours per day at a job I hate which frankly makes the whole situation much more tolerable, plus, I now have way more free time and energy to invest in developing my online business and eventually leave my job forever.

However, I have to keep being extremely conscious about where I spend my money on. I am going out about once or twice a month, I rarely eat take-out food, I started using my feet and bicycle much more so I won’t use my car, and above all, I never buy something that I don’t absolutely need. To tell you the truth, I don’t even buy new clothes anymore… I have 7-8 outfits and 2 pairs of shoes which I rotate weekly. That’s all I need. If you think about it, the only difference between having 7 outfits and having 100 is that you have more stuff to wash.

Working a job you loathe and perpetually chasing the dollar will make you far unhappier than wearing secondhand clothes and driving a hooptie. – WiseBread.com

If you want to maintain your lifestyle, this is okay too. You could just start looking for another job, with a similar or even a better salary than your current one. I am 100% sure that your current job isn’t the only job that pays well.

You could also start working on a side hustle such as freelancing or an online business which had the potential to eventually completely replace your current salary.

The possibilities are endless.

Until you come up with a course of action, start saving up as much money as you possibly can from your current job. You never know when you might need it and you’ll most probably will at some point. You’ll also feel safer, more comfortable, and more confident in your decisions if you have a cushion, especially if those decisions include some kind of risk-taking.

As you can see, from any standpoint that could possibly look at it, staying in a job you hate because you are making good money makes no sense whatsoever.


2 • You Don’t Know What Else to Do

This is not a reason to keep working a job you hate. It isn’t even an excuse…

This is pure unwillingness to look beyond what you see right in front of your face.

We are not living in medieval times anymore…

The internet is a huge brain packed with information on every subject that you could possibly imagine. And all this information is literally sitting right on the tips of your fingers.

Take advantage of it an find out what else you could do.

Some of the options that you have right off the top of my head are:

  • Building a business, online or offline
  • Freelancing
  • Looking for another job that you hate less
  • Finding other ways to make money online
  • Going back to school for another degree, certification, etc
  • Growing your own food
  • Traveling the world while working temp, cheap jobs here and there
  • Becoming a monk

Do your research and determine what you really want out of your life in order to avoid drifting towards destinations where you don’t want to be over and over again.

It’s going to take some time to reach a conclusion but the whole process is absolutely worth the whole trouble if there’s even the slightest possibility to free yourself from a job you hate and live a better life.

Here are 5 questions that could help you determine what you really want to do:

  1. If money wasn’t an issue and you had to be out of your house for 8 hours 5 days a week, what would you do during those hours?
  2. If you could do any job in the world for one day, which job would that be?
  3. Have you ever worked a job that you enjoyed? If yes, what did it look like and why did you enjoy it?
  4. If all jobs paid the same amount of money, what job would you go for?
  5. If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret?

Write those questions down and reflect on them daily until you answer all of them. You HAVE to be absolutely honest with yourself.


3 • You Feel Safe and Secure

Most people won’t stick to a job they hate due to their high salary, but rather due to the safety and security they feel knowing that no matter what, every 15 or 30 days, they will have a certain amount of money deposited right into their bank account.

People love feeling safe and secure. They love it so much that they prefer being miserable and secure than being happy and uncertain.

However, let me tell you something that you’ll be hearing a lot within this blog.


I know that you believe that you’ll never get fired. This would never happen to you, right?

This is exactly what two highly-skilled supervisors at my company used to believe. And guess what! They both got fired after 15+ years of service for no reason at all!

In fact, more than 1% of US employees are being laid off each month.

And just so you know, studies have proven that hating your job could lead to lack of motivation and decreased performance both of which dramatically increase your chances of getting fired.

There goes your security down the drain.

And getting fired is just one of the very many reasons that you could find yourself jobless.

Other reasons include

  • Company going bankrupt
  • A robot taking over your position (over the next few years many jobs such as long-haul truck drivers, call center agents, and waiters are going to be taken over by robots)
  • Company relocation
  • Staff cutbacks
  • Company shutting down due to unethical behavior (you never know what is happening behind the scenes)
  • Alien invasion (okay this is highly unlikely but it’s still a possibility :P)

So, since no job is secure, why not go and not be secure at a job that you don’t hate to the very depths of your being?


4 • You Don’t Have the Time to Start Looking for a Way Out

That’s bullshit!

Do you have time to watch TV, check your social media, go out for drinks, play video games, stream Netflix, or sleep more than 8 hours a day?

Well, there’s your time!

Instead of wasting it on meaningless activities invest every single available second during your day in improving your situation.

Use your downtime wisely. Whether at home or at work, use downtime to your advantage. My last “corporate” job left me with a lot of free time, which allowed me to start my first blog. This, in turn, allowed me to quit my job and become a freelance writer full-time. Downtime can be a time to relax, but it also might be the only time you have to set up your future plans. Use it wisely. – MoneyCrashers

It’s not about doing more. It’s about making changes to things you’re already doing. – Eugene K. Choi

To change any bad situation for the better you HAVE to keep stepping out of your comfort zone daily.

You’ll never change your life until you start changing your daily routine. – John C. Maxwell


5 • Worrying About What Other People Might Think of You

This could easily be one of the stupidest reasons to keep working a job you hate.

Lao Tzu said that as long as you worry about what other people think of you, you’ll be their prisoner and if caring about other people’s opinions is the reason that you keep staying in a job you hate, well he is absolutely right!

Letting other people’s opinions dictate how you navigate your life leads to failure and unhappiness right off the bat, period.

If your decision-making takes place according to what you believe other people might think of you, you are fucked. And not just when it comes to your job, but in every aspect of your life.

So, you just have to find a way to stop worrying about what other people might think of you.

Here are some tips:

The opinions of others can only affect you if you allow them.

Stop, putting up with being miserable in order to maintain the status quo. Fuck the status quo and go after YOUR happiness.

Nobody is wasting their life working a job they hate but you. You are calling the odds…

Nott John, not Sally, not your parents, not your friends, and not the lady working at the cash register of the supermarket who you will most likely never see again…


You are the one at the sail… You are the master of your sea.

Some of the most talented people end up working jobs they despise simply because they don’t want to disappoint their parents. Or their family. Or their friends. Or anyone else. Who are you living your life for? Them or YOU? – Inc.com

Furthermore, those who judge you negatively probably don’t have the guts to step out of their comfort zone and make their living doing something they enjoy better and they want you by their side… After all, they say that misery loves company.

Once you grow and evolve some of those people will go away making room for other people who click with the new happy you. Some of them will beg you to help them do what you did. Others might cheer for you, and others will most likely not give a single fuck about you quitting your old job or not.

Most of the time, what you think other people think of you, is not what they actually think of you but rather what YOU think of you.

Lastly, famous entrepreneur and influencer Gary Vee says that most people keep working jobs they hate to be able to purchase stuff they don’t need to gain the approval of people they don’t even like.

If you are one of those people just so you know, making less money doing something you don’t hate and having no one’s approval is way better than making good money and having everyone’s approval while being miserable working a job you hate.


6 • Things Will Get Better

No, they won’t…

At least not by themselves.

According to TCMillenial, that’s what people in abusive relationships tell themselves.

It’s one thing to be optimistic and a whole other to be downright delusional.

WiseBread goes on to state that staying in a bad job is akin to staying in a toxic relationship. If your best friend were in a relationship where they were being taken advantage of, mistreated, and unappreciated, you wouldn’t advise them to stay until things get better right? You’d probably encourage them to value themselves and leave ASAP. Well, the same advice is applicable to you remaining in a terrible job, too.

Always know that a bad situation is very unlikely to improve by itself. On the contrary, it might even start getting worse.

Your job is not going to get better just like you cannot get a fit body by sitting on your couch eating crap all day long.

Miracles happen yes! But do you risk waiting for one which will most likely never even happen?

So, you either sit around and pray for that next good thing to come your way or go out and make it come your way. I would go for the latter.

Life is too short to wait around for things to fall into place by themselves.


But come on…

We both know that you don’t really believe things will get better. Even the stones across the street have detected your bullshit.

You are saying that things will get better because you are unwilling to do what’s necessary to change your situation for the better yourself.

So cut the crap, and start doing what’s necessary to better your life or you might find yourself retiring from your job before any change for the better even starts taking place.


7 • You Are Afraid That You Won’t Be Able To Find Another Job

If you are living in a third-world country this could be considered a rational fear.

But still, even if this is the case for you, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out looking for something better.

You don’t have to quit your job right away.

Find a way to replace your income, start acting on it on the side while on your current job, and when you feel ready, go ahead and jump ship.

It’s always better to start building your new ship, while on your current ship, before jumping ship than jumping shit and have to build your new ship while struggling to stay afloat in the water.

Doing nothing to improve your situation because you are afraid of some made-up scenario doesn’t make sense…

Completely wasting your life working a job you hate for 5 more years…

That’s what you should be afraid of.

Also, just so you know, people have a natural tendency to let the fears of a worst-case scenario prevent them from taking action towards the transition they are so desperate for but this worst-case scenario is very unlikely to ever actually happen.


8 • You Have Mouths To Feed

I get it…

If you are your household’s main earner or only earner it must be even harder to leave a job which provides you with a steady paycheck month after month because your family’s survival depends on this very paycheck.

Before I go any further, consider what we talked about earlier on…

No job is secure.

The fact that you have a steady paycheck right now doesn’t mean that this will be the case one week, one month, or one year from now. The job market is an ever-changing beast and you could find yourself jobless in the blink of an eye.

I am not saying that to scare you. It’s the objective truth. I know and I’ve talked with a lot of people who thought their job was secure before they ended up being fired out of nowhere.

Secondly, your family might indeed need your paycheck to survive but it also needs you not to be miserable all around the clock. Your spouse and children would prefer if you had a job that you enjoyed better, so you didn’t come home from work every day drained, stressed, and frustrated, even if that job paid less and you had to downgrade your lifestyle a little.

Also, consider that your children probably perceive you as a role model… What kind of an example do you think you are setting for them if you keep being miserable in a job you hate just for the sake of earning money, using them as an excuse to not do what’s necessary to improve your situation?

A good one?


Your kids may at first balk at canceling cable television. But if little sacrifices like this mean you get your dream job, imagine what they’ll learn from your example and how they might choose to live their own lives. – MoneyCrashers

Stop using your family as an excuse to keep yourself stagnant. It might be hard to improve your bad work situation while thinking that you have a family to support but it’s not impossible.

And just so you know, to be able to take better care of those around you, you have to first take care of your own self.

That’s why during airplane safety instructions they say that if the oxygen masks drop, you should place your own mask on first before assisting your child to place on theirs because if you go the other way, and you pass out, the possibilities of both of you getting hurt increase dramatically.

Your family may need your money but they need you to be happy and healthy way more.

And at the end of the day, nobody told you to go and quit your job right away and leave yourself incomeless.

Start planning your way out during your free time, however little free time you have. And then start acting on your plan ASAP.

Earning your living doing something you don’t hate will absolutely improve the overall health of your household, even if your paycheck gets cut in half.


9 • You Are Working Near Your House

Let me tell you that I’d prefer commuting for 2 hours working a job I like (or don’t hate) than working next door my house doing something I hate.

And I am not just saying that… I have actually experienced both situations, so yeah…

In your face.

And BTW, I didn’t commute those 2 hours by car but rather by a bus which was full most of the time.

Still better than going to a job I hate 5 minutes away from my home by car.


10 • Other Jobs Are Just as Bad

No, they are not…

There are tons of better jobs and companies out there.

But you have to start looking for them. You have to start applying and going to interviews. Chances are that you are going to have to pass dozens of interviews before you find your “perfect” new job.

You are not going to land a better job by sitting on your couch assuming that every single other job is just as bad.

An at the end of the day,  if you actually believe this, then you can always do what I am doing… Start developing a business of your own and become your own boss. This way you’ll be able to create your very own “perfect” working conditions yourself.

Finding a new job is not the only option in the world. It’s not “I either work a job I hate” or “I find another job”. There are a lot of other options out there.


11 • Nobody is Chasing You

Well, sure.

You got all the time in the world. Nobody is rushing you. You will just stay at your current job a little bit longer. Maybe a few months… Or maybe a year…


In exactly one year from now, you’ll start planning your way out!

However, that’s exactly what you said last year. And chances are that this is exactly what you’ll say next year as well.

In the meantime, the longer you stay in a job you hate, the more it slowly grinds you down, robs you of the energy, optimism, self-confidence, and motivation you need to find something better.

So, there’s no point in waiting. Make sure that you move on while you still can.

Stop procrastinating because you don’t want to take action.

I’ve talked to no people who finally managed to quit crappy jobs only to wish they’d stayed on longer. Most of them wished they’d quit sooner.



At the end of the day, there’s no good reason to keep working a job you hate.

I am not saying that if you hate your job you should quit it right away but you definitely need at least to start looking for alternatives.

Don’t wait for a miracle to happen because it will most likely not.

Let go of all excuses that hold you back because life is to short to spend it doing things you hate.


So, are you working a job you hate? Why do you hate it? What keeps you from leaving?

Please share your experience with us in the comments below.


If you have any questions or need any further help or guidance from me, please email me at harry@dearboss-iquit.com or drop me a PM on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

I will be thrilled to help you out.



Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

18 Responses

  1. Hello Harry

    I have to say when I first started reading the first page of your website I was a little surprised at some of the language you chose to use BUT as I continued navigating through all your posts and pages I have honestly come to slightly idolize you in a sense. I started WA at the end of 2018 because I feel the profession I chose is starting to wear me down and I am itching to just leave and travel the world. I’m still in the training process and was becoming a little discouraged with the concepts of ‘site content’, ‘keyword rich content’ SEO and ‘low hanging fruit’ and such as I have absolutely no IT knowledge except for the very basics.

    Unfortunately, I have been a victim of those get rich quick scams but I’ve learned that lesson and it’s taught me that ‘if it is too good to be true’ than it is. But I wanted to say that this website of yours has opened my eyes and given me a whole new perspective on affiliate marketing as I haven’t been back to the training sessions in about a week now because I WAS getting a little discouraged. I knew that it was going to take hard work and dedication and months before I see any $$ but I guess I didn’t realize HOW much work was involved AND the maintenance. BUT you’re right about how Rome was not built in a day and I have to keep reminding myself that  EVERYDAY. You’ve given me the motivation and I thank you for that. Luckily my first ‘niche’ website is a good idea and one that I am passionate about and I think encompasses most of your recommendations so I think I’m off to a good start.

    Ok now for my criticisms. The only thing I really have is that annoying sidebar you have that follows you as you scroll through your posts. Like I said I’m no IT expert but when you’re scrolling through, that sidebar which advertises the social media links covers the first few letters if not a word of your content and so I have to scroll back up to get that sidebar out of the way so I can read it. Maybe just make it smaller?

     It’s probably just me because the only time I swear is when I stub my toe and that isn’t even that bad. Call me a prune but some people might find that offensive and therefore exit your website fairly quickly so maybe consider revising. But honestly, once I read through it, I really enjoyed it, swearing and all. I’m actually really glad I came across your site because now I’m motivated to get back to my site and create more content. 

    Basically…..AWESOME website and I’ve learned a great deal about the concept of affiliate marketing and ready to take on the challenges to come, even if it means sacrificing many things in my life to scratch that itch I’ve been having of traveling the globe.

    Best of luck you with your affiliate marketing journey!

    1. Wow, this is so long so I guess that I’ll take it from the top 😛

      First of all, everybody gets discouraged especially when they enter a field which is unknown to them. I have been an affiliate marketer for about 2 years now and I am still getting discouraged like every half an hour or maybe less.

      BTW, when I got started I had no clue about affiliate marketing, just like you! 2 years later, I feel that I still have no clue.

      I don’t know if this will never change so you just have to get past that and just keep acting and creating. Once you stop, you lose…

      I have never been a victim of a scam, neither online nor offline (besides of course buying a crappy t-shirt from eBay like 10 years ago. I was so angry :P)

      The main reason that people get scammed with those “get rich quick” schemes, is because they are desperate of making money fast without putting in the hard work or time that’s necessary to achieve so. Those scams are just lessons that making money fast and easy is not an option.

      When you say “this annoying sidebar which advertises social links” I guess you mean the floating social share buttons. I was skeptical about them as well so I removed them.

      When it comes to swearing, this is just me… I am not going to present something different from what I am because this is going to make my job here much harder, and also this website will lose its whole point. Whoever can’t handle my language could fuck off at once ;). 

      Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a useful comment and thank you so much for your feedback as well.

      My best wishes to you as well and I really hope that you have the power and the patience to achieve all you want.


  2. Just the post I wanted to read, thank you.

    I can’t say I hate my job because I actually like it. I’m in healthcare and I love helping people. However, it’s the work environment that I dislike and the people I work with.You know, there are jerks everywhere.

    I certainly agree that job security is a lie! When we are under somebody else’s paycheck, we’ll never know when we’ll get fired. Here in the Middle East where I am currently based, many companies are laying off employees, some even closed down. This is how bad the economy is. This is the reason why I am starting to look for other possible sources of income.

    Like most people who have mouths to feed, I can’t afford to just drop my job so the plan is that I will start my online business while keeping my regular day job. It’s hard because I often come home from work exhausted that all I just want to relax.

    By the way, do you have any advice in regards to transitioning from being an employee to being your own boss? At what point should one quit their job to go full time on their business?

    1. Yeah, people can ruin even the most perfect jobs…

      When you like your job but hate your work environment and the people you work with, then you can just start looking for a similar job in another company.

      However, in your case, if the job market is as unstable as you are describing, considering other sources of income is a very wise choice.

      You are doing well keeping your job for the time being while working on your online business… But if you want to succeed, you’ll have to forget about relaxing. You’ll have to spend as much of your free time as possible towards developing your business, including weekends, holidays, etc. There’s no other way around… At least not if you want to reach your goals anytime soon. Because you could work on your business for 1 hour a week if you are okay with it taking 20 years to reach success. But the longer it takes, the more your chances of quitting halfway there.

      Anyway, I am going to answer your last question based on how I’ve planned my exit because there is no fixed answer which fits every situation.

      Once the profit of my business allows me to cover just my basic needs (rent, food/water), I am out of there. But mind you, that I really hate my job and I really can’t wait to leave it.

      Since you don’t hate your job, maybe you should stick with it a little bit longer and invest as much money as you can on your business until you reach a point where you are earning more from your business than from your job.

      If someone else finds that working a job they hate is much more stressful than having no income at all for a while, they could quit their job right away and then start building their business.

      Just like I said, there’s no fixed answer to your question. 

      Hope this helps…


  3. You are correct, many individuals trick themselves that they can ride it out in a Job they hate for one more year or more. At that point one day they begin awakening with seething cerebral pains, or they get into a shouting battle with their supervisor. Their repressed disappointment at last turns out. This topic is dicey, It’s great to search for an alternative but I will encourage someone not to quit when you have not seen yet an option.

    1. You are absolutely right!

      As said within the post, it’s always better to find a new source of income, while on your current job, before quitting it, than quitting it and have to find a new source of income while your money, if you have any saved, will be slowly running out.

      On the other hand, I’ve spoken with people who have quit their jobs cold-turkey and most of them wish they’d done it sooner. 

      What we imagine as a worst-case scenario (not having money to buy food, or becoming homeless) will almost never take place.

      I guess that you can never know how things are going to transpire until you actually experience them.


  4. This is such a great blog as so many people are living as you have written and it saddens me everyday hearing the same old story from folk who need to make a positive change.

    I have been looking to get some free time and extra money in my life which would change my daily situation so thank you for helping me today.
    I hope 1000’s of people visit here and do the same

    Why be unhappy when you can live life on your terms?

    1. Thank you for your kind words Vicky!

      I am thrilled that you found this of value 🙂

      Please update us with your progress if possible.


  5. I’m glad I came across this article because this article is referring to me. I have been doing this my current job which I hate for the past two years and these excuses are my excuse till this moment but you said something in your conclusion that this life is too short to do things you hate and it’s better to find alternative, I will work on that. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. I am glad that I could be of help!

      If you come back at some point, please let us know about your progress 🙂

      My best wishes.


  6. This is really good advice. Living with a job that you hate isn’t living at all. You can either quit and start over or find a way to not hate it. I used to tell people that worked for me, “Find a way to improve your workplace, and you’ll find more satisfaction with what you do.” Do you feel that attitude has a lot to do with hating your job also?

    1. Dear Eric, 

      There are 4 Ways To Deal With A Job You Hate Like A Pro.

      You can quit it, try to actively improve the situation, stop giving a fuck and do the barely minimum work, or grind your teeth and just stick with the situation without doing anything.

      If people worked for you, and you knew that they hated their job, then, as the employer, you should be responsible for finding a way to improve their overall work experience instead of passing them the parcel and telling them that they should figure something out themselves.

      At least that’s what I would do.

      Just so you know, hiring new employees (because your old ones leave), costs way more in terms of time, energy, and money than just doing what’s necessary to maintain your old ones.

      For more information on that last one, you could take a look at Employee Retention – The Real Cost of Losing an Employee.

      Hope this helps.


  7. Great article.I think that #1 making good money would definetly be the number one reason that people don’t quit their job. We are raised to belive that we need to work and make the most money that we possibly can so if you are doing that in your job then you think that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing even if it is making you absolutely miserable. I am sure that there are people in lesser paying jobs that are much happier because they are doing something that is important to them in thier job whether it is something they love or something that is helping a lot of other people that can be much more satisfying then making tons of money. The question to ask yourself is what do you want to do with the money you are making because if you are too busy making money then you are not busy living, and enjoying that money that you are making, if that is the case then what is the point?Do you just want to die rich? Or really live your life?

    1. Dear Andy,

      Thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us.

      Indeed, when someone is driven by some kind of purpose they are naturally much happier even if they are making way less money than others.

      However, if you hate your job, you don’t have to take a journey across the country and find your purpose to be happy. Just find a way to make your living that you don’t absolutely hate. You’ll still be happier.

      Most people are aware that money doesn’t fulfill them after all but when they do realize it, it’s already too late. 

      They’ve fallen into a trap of staying in a job they hate because they need the money to buy things to make themselves happier. But the more things they buy, the less happy they become. The longer they stay at a job they hate the less happy they become.

      And the less happy they become, the more they have to keep buying things in an attempt to become happier.

      It’s a vicious cycle…


  8. I think that this article is very well written, and made a few solid points. It is my personal view that there is more to life than having money, cars, ect. Its better to work at something you love to do and make little than make alot doing something you hate. Again great article!

  9. Hi Harry – great post, loved the topic.  So many people can relate to this.  Especially the first reason being that you are making good money.  So many people feel trapped because they have the security of a well paying job.  But in reality they are miserable.  As the say, money can’t buy happiness.

    Thank for the good read,


    1. Hey Michele,

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am glad that you liked it 🙂

      I hope to see you around again 🙂


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