12 Awesome Tips to Writing Killer Website Content as a Beginner

Awesome Tips to Writing Killer Website Content as a Beginner

They say that “Content is King”! And they are right!

Your content is the sole reason why people will be visiting your website… Since this is the case, you have to make your content as amazing as you possibly can.

Taking the time to learn how to write awesome content is one of the most important things you can do towards improving your online business and in this article, I will do my best to help you out.

I have been where you are and I can understand that you might have some doubts about your writing skills, especially if you are just beginning.

Well, let me put your mind at ease…


You Don’t Have to be a Writer to Produce Awesome Website Content

You Don't Have to be a Writer to Produce Awesome Website Content

Regardless of how awful of a writer you think you are, believe it or not, you are not that far from creating amazing content for your website.

I used to suck at writing… That’s true!

If 3 years ago, somebody told me that I would be composing entire articles from scratch, I would be all like “pfff! give me a break” while laughing out loud right in front of their face.

To this day, I don’t have the slightest clue about the basics of writing, I haven’t taken any writing lessons, and I still suck at it(hopefully less than when I first started).

However, that does not stop me from creating quality content for my website.

So, how do I do it?

The thing is that writing awesome content has nothing to do with being an awesome writer but rather with understanding some basic things about your audience such as:

  1. Who is going to read your content(your target audience)
  2. Why do they need to read your content(what problem are they trying to solve?)
  3. How to give them exactly the information they are looking for(solutions to their problem)

Of course, there is much more to get your content to be truly attractive and capturing.

Let’s find everything out!


Ways to Improve Your Website Content


1/ Target the Right Audience

The content of your website should always be targeted at the audience you are able to help.

For example, in dearboss-iquit.com, I am mostly targeting people who want to build or have just built their online affiliate marketing business.

Depending on the article, the target audience might vary a little… For example, in this article, I am targeting beginners who have most likely already created their online business and are looking for ways to write better content.

I am not an experienced affiliate marketer or an expert article writer but I sure have some knowledge to share with a person who is just beginning.

If you always keep your target audience in mind you will be able to:

  • Understand their needs and how to serve them
  • Write better content for them way faster
  • Come up easily with more content ideas
  • Become an expert in their eyes

Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Know who you are and what you are able to bring on the table.


2/ Keep it Simple and To The Point

Try to make your content as simple as possible.

Your readers don’t really care about fancy words nor do they pay much attention to them; They won’t judge you because you used the word “wood” instead of the word “log”.

Trying to sound smart and wordy is a waste of time and effort.

Instead, redirect your energy towards helping them as much as possible.

Address their problems and offer solutions.

Show them that you really understand them.

As long as your point is clear, your audience will both comprehend and enjoy your content and that will make them appreciate and trust you more.


3/ Don’t Try to Sell

Instead, aim to help!

Your content is basically a way towards earning the trust of your readers so they purchase your products(or the products you are recommending).

People can sense it when you are being too salesy and this turns them off and drives them away.

Awesome content is the content which your reader will consider valuable and this is content which focuses on giving solutions to their problems without asking for anything in return.

I am currently using two techniques to increase the value of my content.

1- Writing About a Subject the Same Way I Would Talk About it to a Person I Love.

Every time, before I start writing an article on any given subject, I ask myself the two following questions:

  • “How would I help my mother with this specific subject?”
  • “What exactly would I say to her to help her in the best possible way?”

And then I start writing…

The result is that most of what I write down is similar to what I would tell my mother if she had asked me for my help.

2- Writing About a Subject the Same Way I Would be Talking About it to a Friend

For example, right now I am thinking that I am face to face with my best friend, very casually talking about writing awesome content for my website.

I am very excited, I feel no pressure and I am not afraid of being judged by him… After all, we are best friends.

I am not trying to sell him anything… I am just chatting with him about a subject that interests me, having no ulterior motive than to just keep chatting.


Those two ways just described will make your visitors feel that you are their best friend and that you are genuinely trying to help them.

In other words, they will feel secure and that will make them trust you more, keep visiting your website more, follow you, and buy from you.


4/ Answer Your Visitors’ Questions Proactively

Answer Your Visitor's Questions Proactively

Answering as many of your visitors’ questions as possible before they even ask them, will convince them that you

  • Have been in their shoes and understand what they are going through
  • Know exactly what they are looking for and how to help them get it
  • Are experienced regarding the subject

When a person feels understood by someone else, it is only natural that they will trust their word more.


5/ Use Phrases and Words Your Potential Visitors are Looking for

Use Phrases and Words Your Potential Visitors are Looking for

Keyword research is an integral part of your success online.

Determining the right keywords and key phrases to create your content around gives you absolute control of your online business as it allows you to narrow down your audience and target exactly the people that you want to target.

This way you get to predetermine who visits any given article of yours which makes it easier for you to isolate their problems and offer them effective solutions.

For example, the key phrase I used for this article is “Awesome Tips to Writing Killer Website Content as a Beginner.

My keywords here are:

  • Tips
  • Writing Killer Website Content
  • Beginner

This means that whoever clicks to read this article

  • Already has a website or blog
  • Is a beginner
  • Has trouble writing effective content
  • Is not happy with the number of their visitors
  • Has trouble converting their visitors to customers

If I used a slightly different key term such as “Awesome Tips to Writing Content, my article would have to be completely different.

In addition, this kind of title is ineffective as we haven’t determined clearly the kind of content, the level of the audience, and the transformation.

  • Is it website, book, comics, newspaper content?
  • Is it meant for beginners, intermediate, advanced?
  • Is it good content? Bad content? Longer content? Faster content? Unique content?

Nevertheless, we will talk about determining the right keywords as well as crafting effective headlines using them in future articles.


6/ Link to Relevant, Equally Valuable Content

As stated numerous times throughout this article as well as many others, people will be reading your content because they need your help.

Why are you reading this article right now? Aren’t you in need of my help?

Pointing your visitors to other articles that might help them shows that you really care about them and their problems and that you are trying to do everything in your hand to help them.

This will make them appreciate you and trust you even more.

You could either link internally(to other articles on your website) or externally(to articles of other websites).

I know what you are thinking right now…

“Why send my visitors to my competition’s website?”

First of all, remember that you1 #1 priority is to help your visitors solve a problem so you can’t be selfish… It’s not about you but about them.

Secondly, search engines tend to rank better articles who have at least one outbound link in their articles.

Lastly, at some point, your competition might even link back to an article of yours, sending to your website part of their traffic.

Linking internally is equally important as it

  • Increases the value of each piece of content to the reader because they can easily find additional resources that you’ve created elsewhere on your site
  • Provides more stuff to read = more information to gain = more trust in you
  • Carries people to a target destination which might be an important, extensive article of yours, a product review, a study, etc.
  • Helps your visitors navigate your website easier.
  • Makes readers remain on your site for longer periods of time(Session Duration), going through more posts(Bounce Rate). Both of those metrics will help your website rank in higher positions in the search engines


7/ Discuss One Topic per Post

Make sure that each one of your articles is focused on solving only one of your visitors’ problems at a time.

Decide on a topic and just talk about this.

If you mix up too many topics you will confuse your readers and that will result in leaving your website with a bad impression, without buying or converting in any way, unlikely to come back.

People have come to read your post and find out more about a specific subject…

Give them what they want.


8/ Structure it Neatly

A well-structured article will definitely seem more attractive to your readers.

When your content is structured poorly your readers will be facing difficulties focusing on it and finding what they came for and you don’t want that… You are supposed to be here to make their life easier, not harder.

Moreover, the structure of your articles is going to be mirroring the quality of your entire website and you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your readers.

If you don’t want your visitors to be leaving because they can’t stand that your entire 2000-word article is just one huge, endless, paragraph, here are some tips to improve your content’s structure:

  • Keep your sentences as small as you can(15-30 words maximum)
  • Make your paragraphs small as well(1-4 sentences maximum)
  • Add white space between your paragraphs(1-2 lines maximum)
  • Separate your content with headlines when appropriate
  • Write less than 350 words per headline
  • Use bullet points and/or numbered lists


9/ Size Matters

The truth is that regarding your articles, size matters.

Not only search engines tend to rank longer content in higher positions, but as you can understand yourself, a 2000-word article will naturally provide more information on any given subject than a 300-word one.

Try to make your articles as long, informative, and helpful as you possibly can.

Be careful though not to stuff useless information in them just to make them long…

There is no point in writing a 5000-word article if 2/3 of its content is just noise and offers nothing to your visitors.

Never exchange quality for size.

Long and high-quality articles that solve your reader’s problems effectively is what you should be aiming for.


10/ One Image, 1000 Words

One image= 1000 words

Using images in your articles offers many advantages such as

  • Better search engine rankings(search engines prefer articles with images in them)
  • Less tiring text(when a reader comes across one of your images, their eyes and mind get rested even if it is for just one second)
  • Helping you to tell your story better and make your points stronger
  • Making your content less boring(human beings like visual representations)
  • Content seems longer and more informative
  • Readers are more likely to remember your website and your article due to an image in it which impressed them

Make sure to use at least 2 images per article but not more than 1 image per headline.

11/ Install Grammarly

Grammarly is a spelling and grammar correction tool which I have been using since day one of my blogging career.

I really don’t know what I would have done without it.

If you are not a native English speaker, you HAVE to install it right now. If you are a native speaker, go ahead and install it anyway.

It’s better to have and not need than need and not have.

You can find the tool right here.


12/ Let Go of Perfection

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

I am kind of a perfectionist myself and I have realized that being a perfectionist might actually hold you back from improving your business.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried for hours to make a sentence perfect before moving on to the next one.

There is no such thing as perfect content.

Trying to make your content perfect, won’t make it perfect.

Instead of going after the most perfect content start going after the most helpful one.

This is how your content becomes perfect.


Why Creating Awesome Content Promotes Your Online Business


  • It will naturally attract more visitors(more visitors = more potential customers)
  • Your visitors will trust your word more(it is easier to sell something to a person who trusts you)
  • Easier conversion from just a visitor to a permanent customer(You want them to keep coming back to your website, subscribing to your email list, following you, sharing your content, and eventually purchasing the products that you are recommending to them)
  • Makes your customers want more of you and anticipate your forthcoming content
  • Maintaining your current customers(did you know that it costs 4-6 more to bring a new customer to your business than retaining an existing one? Keeping existing customers pleased is way more profitable and a lot less time-consuming than trying to attract new ones.)

Why Creating Awesome Content Promotes Your Online Business

Concluding Thoughts

No person was born good at what they currently do best.

Pro football players aren’t born pro… They become pro.

The same goes for musicians, actors, business owners, entrepreneurs, etc.

All it takes for someone to become good enough or even the best at something is finding out the best practices and keep employing them.

You don’t have to be a rockstar writer to end up having a successful online business.

Most successful online entrepreneurs are ordinary people just like you and me… They started from a place similar to ours, clueless and uncertain.

But they did it, and we can do it too.

I know that this article must have been overwhelming for you but don’t stress out… You don’t have to implement all the practices right away.

Just pick one and keep going with it until you master it.

Then move to the next one and slowly you will see your content transform for the better alongside with your business.

I would suggest starting with targeting the right audience.


If you have any questions or need any further help or guidance from me, I encourage you to leave a comment below or email me at harry@dearboss-iquit.com.

You could also send me a PM at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Whatever the case, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My best regards to you,


Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

12 Responses

  1. Greeting friend,
    Thanks for this post, I found this content very helpful to me and also gave me some Ideas to add to my blog. I definitely have some room for improvement, but going from your wisdom. It sounds like I’m headed the right direction. Thanks for the knowledge. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Harry
    Phew, an article full of tips, short sentences and no padding. the comments on key words certainly had me thinking. I must give more consideration to the subject the reader will have been looking for. You are right with content length for a blog, 1,000 plus words has to be the minimum standard, even though it may take days of preparation and research.

    1. Dear Colin,

      Your readers are the source of your income so always make sure that you cover as many of their needs as you possibly can.

      I have read repeatedly that the most shared content on Facebook is 2000-2500 words.

      Don’t worry, with practice you are going to get better and be able to pull 1000+ words in a few hours just like me.
      P.S. As a beginner writing more than 50 words made me anxious and sweaty 😛

      My best regards,


  3. Well you might not think you are a great writer but you managed to get me to the bottom of the page.

    You have given me an awful lot of help with my own writing, which I worry about a lot. I like the way you have paragraphs that are only one sentence. It really helped me to read your post easily.

    I will definitely be trying to incorporate that in my writing and check out grammarly too.

    Thank you, Karen

    1. Dear Karen,

      Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that you found help in my article.

      My best to you,


  4. Hello!

    Wow, this was very fascinating. I currently am working on my own affiliate marketing website geared toward car and its every helpful hearing how you write content.

    I work a full time job where I write for a living and now I’m writing even more for my website. I never would have thought that I would essentially be writing for a livening and I think most people here wouldn’t!

    How much do you think is too much when it comes to affiliate links.

    I saw you had a few and I’ve hear too many isn’t a good thing.

    I would love to hear your advice.

    One last thing, how long did it take you to effectively monetize your site, like in months – and how much content were you producing?

    Thanks again,


    1. Sounds like a dream right? Writing for a living 😛

      I actually have only one affiliate link at the end of my article which points to my WA profile. All the other links are internal.

      However, to answer your question, I believe that maybe one link every 500 words is enough. Some people, are using just one affiliate link per article. The decision is basically yours too make according to what feels right and what works for your website.

      I haven’t made money yet from blog4cash as it is almost brand new. I have made a little money from my first website but I was not working that much on it, I wasn’t following the training as I was supposed to, I paid no attention to keywords, etc, so I basically ditched it and decided to start a new with this one.

      I will be monitoring its progress and post articles about it so you might want to stay tuned.

      I am trying to create more than 4 quality articles per month in order to maximize my results but the fact that I am working another full-time job is kind of holding me back right now.

      Until now I have basically created 12 articles in 2 months which is way above my expectations and I find that I am getting better and better with every article that I am posting.

      I hope my answer clears everything up for you.

      My best regards,


  5. Great tips and article! I have recently started my own blog and the focus to not be a perfect writer but to have solutions to HELP people is the key. To get them to trust you and that you are there for them not to sell. Your tip is spot on to write like you are talking to a friend! I need to work a bit of letting go of perfection that one can be hard sometimes!

    1. Dear Noell,

      I am glad that you enjoyed my article!

      I know that letting go of perfection is hard(I am a perfectionist myself), but unfortunately, trying to create perfect content holds you back.

      Just make it your priority to help out people and your content will become perfect by itself.


  6. hi there
    Thanks for sharing your tips on how to write great content.I`m new to blogging and still struggling to write content, it does not help much that English is not my first language so I struggle with the correct grammar and at the same time trying to write good content and always failing badly.
    As said, I`m still new to blogging and most terms are still new to me.Now you mention finding my target audience, how will I know my target audience if I mostly want to write about my country?
    I`m looking forward to your future post about keywords, I have read about keywords but it still does not make sense.Funny you should mention content quality, I do try to go for quality but really struggle to bring 500 words together for a post, any tips?

    1. Dear Roamy,

      First of all, my native language is not English either but with practice, you become better. As suggested, try installing Grammarly as it helps a lot with correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes.

      Every product available on the face of the Earth is made to meet some people’s needs. What products are you promoting on your website? Who needs those products and why do they need them? What problem are they trying to solve?

      Find out the answers to those questions and start writing content with those people in mind.

      I will be creating an article on how to find and target the right audience so stay tuned.

      Keyword research is a very complicated subject which turns very simple when you learn its secrets. Wealthy Affiliate is among the best places offering a lot of amazingly insightful resources on the subject.

      I will be creating an article on keyword research myself also.

      Lastly, my sole tip for your last question is to keep writing no matter what. I used to struggle as well to put together not 500 but just 100 as a beginner. After persistence and practice I am now able to create a 2000 word article in less than 4 days.

      I really hope that this helps you for now. If you need anything else, I would be very happy to further assist you.

      My best regards to you,


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