Should I Quit A Job I Hate? & How To Actually Do It Gracefully!

Should I Quit A Job I Hate? & How To Actually Do It Gracefully!

“To quit or not to quit?”

Most of those who hate their job keep replaying this question for years until they realize that they will remain miserable until they actually do it.

Working a job you hate can easily be one of the most excruciating and deteriorating experiences of one’s life. At least this was the case for me.

“Should I quit a job I hate?” you ask?

For me, the answer is simple and profound. “Yes, you should must!”

The sheer fact that you are here reading this shows that deep down you already know that you have to do it.

So, the real question is “Why haven’t you done it yet?”


Why Haven’t You Quit Yet?

Maybe you need the money or maybe you are afraid that it will take too long to find another job or that you will not be able to find one at all… You might believe that nobody will pay you as much as your current job or things will eventually get better (believe me, they will not).

The excuses to keep working a job you hate might be numerous.

However, let me give you a piece of advice that I wish someone had given me back when I first started working a job I hated.


Should I Quit A Job I Hate? My Advice With Love

If your paycheck is just a means for gathering material possessions and having short-lived fun (such as going for drinks on Saturday night), and if you still have no bills to pay and no other family obligations, then quitting a job you hate working should be the first thing that you do tomorrow morning.

Let me assure you that no material possession, no weekend out with your friends, no trip or vacation, etc can alleviate the misery of wasting 1/3 of every single one of your days working a job you totally despise.

I had to learn that the hard way.

Despite working my job enabled me to get everything that I have ever wanted such as my apartment, my car, my girlfriend, etc, the fact that I hated its guts didn’t allow me to enjoy any of that. I was constantly overly exhausted, stressed, overthinking, irritable, and frustrated to enjoy anything.

For me, whatever costs my mental and physical health is way too pricey.

If I knew that as soon as I got hired, I wouldn’t have moved out of my parent’s house shortly after, which actually burdened me with tons of bills as well as rent to pay, and I would have definitely quit my job just a couple of months later.

Sure, I could resign gracefully from my job, move back to my parent’s house and start anew. But I don’t want to do that unless I don’t have any other choice. So, I had to find another way, which I did, and about which I am going to let you know shortly.

Before moving on, I want to strongly point out once again that if you are working a job you hate and you still have no bills to pay and no other family obligations, don’t be as stupid as me… Go ahead and quit first thing tomorrow morning.

There are tons of better jobs out there. You just have to start looking.

And believe it or not, people who managed to quit the job they hated only wished they’d done it sooner.


But What If I Have Bills to Pay? Should I Still Quit a Job I Hate?

Well, yeah! Definitely!

But you might want to approach the whole thing in another way.

If you have bills to pay and a family to support, quitting your job without having another job or source of income already lined up is most probably not the way to go… The decision to do so should not be taken lightly or made while emotionally charged but rather considered carefully and calmly.

I know that some days you might have urges to take that resignation letter and shove it down your bosses throat but come on, we both know that you will most likely grow to regret that 😉

So, what should I do if I am not in that small percentage of people who can jump right off the job they hate?

First of all, don’t worry because, despite not being able to see them, there are many ways out such as

  • Replacing your job
  • Trying to unhate your job
  • Save up
  • Asking for a transfer or even a demotion
  • Create a promising side-hustle

Just take your pick and make sure that you act on it ASAP.


Option #1 – Replace Your Job

Most people will suggest finding another job to replace your old one before quitting. This option actually seems the safest right?

Well, it kind of is, only before realizing that no one can guarantee that you won’t end up hating your new job as much…

What if you end up hating it even more?

Imagine having spent months looking for a new job, finding one, and having to start again from square one because your new job is worse than the old one…



Option #2 – Unhate Your Job

Well, this might have nothing to do with quitting your job per se, but since your problem is hating your job, then managing to unhate your job solves your problem right?

Too bad it won’t work.

So why am I mentioning it?

This recommendation is all around the internet as well as something that most people suggested when I told them that I wanted to quit my job because I hated it (maybe they were all bored of giving any real advice).

-“Just be happy and grateful!” they said…

Oh jee! Just be happy? I didn’t know that! Thanks for the advice!

-“There are people out there who can’t even find a job,” they said…

Sorry… I am not the kind of person who will use the fact that other people can’t find a job as an excuse to stay stagnant. I will instead take a look at those who are doing what they love and try to follow their example if this is okay with you.

Meanwhile, you can keep wasting your time and energy trying to unhate your job which I can tell you first hand that is nearly impossible. I have tried it myself and failed miserably.

Even if you do manage to unhate your job, how long do you believe it will last?

No thanks!


Option #3 – Save Up

Another option is to start saving up some money in order to quit your job before finding another one and still be able to support yourself and your family for a while.

The most common recommendation is having at least 6 months’ worth of expenses in the bank before quitting. I’d actually prefer having enough for a year or even more in order to give myself time to find a new source of regular income and not be too much stressed while searching for it.

Also, make sure that you become mindful of your expenses and that you don’t spend money here and there without any reason.

A good way to do that is asking yourself “Do I really need to buy that?”

This question alone helped me reduce my monthly expenses by at least 1/3.

You’ll be surprised how many things you thought you needed but you really don’t.


Option #4 – Ask For a Transfer or Maybe a Demotion

If the company that you work for is decent and the only thing that makes you hate it is your current position, then asking for a transfer might solve your problem.

Who knows? They might actually help you out.

Just make sure that you don’t mention that the reason you are asking for a transfer is that you hate your current position.

On the other hand, if you are unwavering about quitting your job you can request to be demoted to a part-time employee.

This way, you open up a huge chunk of free time which you can spend towards looking for a new source of revenue while still earning a lower but still steady monthly income.


Option #5 – Create a Promising Side-Hustle

The third option is to do the exact same thing that I did…

Start a promising side-hustle until making enough revenue that your job becomes an unnecessary burden leaving you no choice but to banish it in the depths of hell, right where it belongs.

Option #6 – Mixing Things Up

A while after realizing that I hated my job, I started looking for another one. This was the “normal” thing to do after all right?

However, I soon became aware that I didn’t really want to find another job. Not only I hated going to job interviews but I also knew deep down that if I got another job, I would eventually hate it as well.

I didn’t want to go from my boss to another boss.

I needed to do something bigger, something that I actually liked and mattered to me which would at the same time give me the freedom to determine how I spend my days when to work when to rest when to eat and enough money to make my living.

I just couldn’t accept working 9-5 jobs until I die. This was my enough-is-enough point.

So, I asked for a demotion to a part-time employee and decided to create an online affiliate marketing business, this very website, to work my way towards becoming my own boss.

Blog4Cash is my ticket to quitting all jobs forever!!!


Wait… What is Online Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model whereas I am able to earn commissions by recommending on my website various products which my readers might find useful.

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I don’t make any money for those who sign-up for free.

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Wealthy Affiliate can definitely help you create a successful affiliate marketing business. The numerous success stories of its members speak for themselves.

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Parting Thoughts

Before I close this, I want to quote Jim Rohn, one of my favorite entrepreneurs, authors and motivational speakers.

Those who are too cautious will never have much. If you think that trying is risky, wait till the hand you the bill for no trying. It’s all risky! I’ll tell you how risky life is… You are not going to get out alive.

Staying at a job you hate is risky… Quitting a job you hate is risky… Replacing your current job with another one is risky. Starting a business of your own is risky.

Since all is risky, make sure to take the risk which is going to make you the happiest. In the end, we only regret the risks we didn’t take 😉


Why haven’t you quit a job you hate yet? What exactly is holding you back? Let us know in the comments below!


If you have any questions or need any further help or guidance from me, you could email me at or drop me a PM on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

Whatever the case, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My best regards to you,


Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

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