Can You Really Make $500 a Day With [Review]

Can You Really Make $500 a Day With [Review]

For the last few months, is being marketed throughout the web as the best way to earn $500 a day by referring your social media friends and followers to the platform.

But is it?

The answer would be a resounding NO!

Truth is that you will never earn even a single dime with MoneyChaser.

The platform is part of a huge network of scams which have been plaguing the internet for many months now and have already scammed tens of thousands of clueless, unsuspecting people.

In this review, I will go over exactly what MoneyChaser really is, how it works (or to be more accurate, doesn’t work), and why it might be of your best interest to steer clear of it… This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether this platform is worth your time and attention or not.

Spoiler alert: It’s NOT!

Keep reading to find out why… Overview

Name of Product: MoneyChaser

Owners: Unknown

Price: Free to join. Additional charges apply within the platform

Official Website:

Suggested? Absolutely NO!

Counter-Suggestion(s): Wealthy Affiliate – Project 24


Earnings Potential

ZERO earnings potential. MoneyChaser is a scam.



Referral link, promotional banners, FAQ center, submission guidelines.


Value for Money

Free to join. Additional charges may apply after you join. The platform is worse than useless.



Provides two fake email addresses and a fake Skype address of an “account manager” for support.


Success Stories

Fake payment proofs and positive testimonials on its website.

Overall Rating

  • Has just one pro
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Additional charges to complete tasks
  • Fake contact information
  • Fake payment proofs and testimonials
  • Unable to cashout
  • Potential hacking danger

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Is MoneyChaser Suggested?

Absolutely NOT!

If you are serious about earning money online the real way, you MUST ditch this review right NOW and check out Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 instead!

What is About?

How Does MoneyChaser Work claims itself to be a 100% legit platform which will pay you a lot of money for getting your social media friends and followers to join the platform through your unique MoneyChaser referral link as well as for completing a variety of other very simple tasks which require no previous experience whatsoever.

MoneyChaser Referral Link

More specifically, with MoneyChaser you’ll supposedly earn

  • $25 just for signing up
  • $2 for each person who clicks on your unique MoneyChaser referral link
  • an additional $10 for each person who joins MoneyChaser after clicking on your referral link
  • $30 for filling in surveys and entering contests
  • $10 for installing applications on your mobile phone
  • $50 for creating YouTube videos promoting MoneyChaser
  • $10 for publishing MoneyChaser promotional posts on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter (only once every 48 hours)

Okay, everything sounds pretty simple and straightforward up until this point right?

Almost too good to be true someone could say…

Well, you couldn’t be more right!

MoneyChaser is actually a big fat scam which never intends to let you get your hands on the money you’ve earned fair and square through it in the first place…

This solves the puzzling question “Why the heck would MoneyChaser pay me so much money for doing so little work?”

Well, they really won’t!

Let me explain further…

How Does MoneyChaser Work?

First of all, MoneyChaser lures you in with the promise of a $25 sign up bonus…

MoneyChaser $25 Signup Bonus

Many people join MoneyChaser thinking that they can get their hands on that $25 bonus right after creating their account.

This is exactly how I ended up joining Viral Pay, one of MoneyChaser’s sister scams, for the first time a few months ago.

However, in order to be able to cash out that $25 bonus or any subsequent MoneyChaser earnings, you need to 

  • refer at least 5 people to the platform
  • complete at least 4 tasks on the $30 TaskWall
  • have at least 20 clicks on your unique referral link
  • have earned at least $100 with MoneyChaser

MoneyChaser Minimum Cashout

MoneyChaser Cashout Requirements

Some people will quit MoneyChaser once they realize that they have to actually work a little bit more to get the $25 signup bonus they were promised. What’s pretty funny is that those are actually the lucky ones.

However, there are others who will say “What the hell, the tasks I have to complete to qualify for payment are not so hard to complete. Plus, I can earn even more money by completing them. Let’s give it a try!” … Those are the ones who end up being scammed.

They start making an effort to refer more people to the platform as well as complete tasks, thinking that the next time they hit that “Request Payment” button, they’ll get hundreds of dollars deposited in their bank account.

However, what they don’t know is that MoneyChaser will ban their account the moment they request a payment using as an excuse that they faked their clicks and referrals.

Viral Points Warning for Fake Referrals

This way, the only winner out of this pathetic charade is MoneyChaser.

  • First, it lures you in with a $25 signup bonus
  • Then it tells you that in order to get your signup bonus you need to meet certain criteria (20 clicks on your referral link, 5 referrals, complete 5 tasks, earn $100)
  • It also tells you that for every click, referral, and task completed you’ll earn even more money
  • So, you start trying to meet those criteria in order to qualify for a payment as well as increase your earnings
  • When you finally meet every single one of those criteria and you request for the money you’ve earned fair and square, they kick you out leaving you high and dry

This way, MoneyChaser got you to complete several tasks which bring money to its owners as well as drive more people to the platform which will, in turn, complete even more tasks which will, in turn, bring even more money to MoneyChaser’s owners and all that, without having to pay anyone a single dime for their work.

Pretty appalling right?

Well, this is it… This is how MoneyChaser works or to be more accurate, doesn’t work.

Get this very well in your head, MoneyChaser will NEVER pay you a single dime! You will NEVER earn any money with it! Trying to make MoneyChaser work is just a waste of your precious time and energy.

Who is MoneyChaser for?

MoneyChaser is for no one… The platform is more useless than a car without wheels…

Seriously, the chances of earning money online by lying on your couch staring at the ceiling all day long are so much more than the chances of earning money with MoneyChaser.

In fact, I am so confident that you won’t be able to earn even a single penny with MoneyChaser that if you do, you can contact me with proof and I will deposit $100 more right in your account just for being wrong…

Who is MoneyChaser NOT for?

MoneyChaser is definitely NOT for people who want to earn money online.

If you

  • want to build a full-time income online to quit your job
  • are in need of some extra money to provide for your family
  • are working a part-time job and need a supplementary income to cover your expenses
  • want to gain the freedom to work whenever you want and from wherever you want in order to be able to travel around the world
  • have tried other MMO and GPT platforms and systems but failed to meet your financial goals and you are still looking for the real deal
  • aren’t working at all and you are looking for a way to build a source of income online

then I suggest ditching this MoneyChaser review and instead, check out Wealthy Affiliate or Project 24 because MoneyChaser is never going to help you fulfill your financial goals.

MoneyChaser Success Stories & Testimonials

Throughout MoneyChaser’s website, you’ll be able to find a number of screenshots of payments made to MoneyChaser’s members as well as a few positive testimonials about the platform.

Just a heads up, every single one of them is fake…

Let me explain starting with the testimonials.

MoneyChaser Fake Positive Testimonials

The video right below is one of the testimonials that have been published on MoneyChaser’s website and more specifically on

According to MoneyChaser, this guy is one of their top performing partners who has been generating over 10k$+ a month with the platform! 

The only problem is that he is not.

That guy has never even joined the platform. He is just a paid actor who is offering his spokesperson services as a freelancer on Fiverr (see image below).

Viral Pay Paid Actor

This means that MoneyChaser has paid that guy to record a video saying whatever they want.

The video doesn’t reflect his own opinion about the platform in any way.

MoneyChaser Fake Payment Proofs

Unlike its sister scams (KashTree, Referral Pay, Tap2Earn) MoneyChaser did a good job covering its tracks as far as its payment proofs are concerned.

Almost all of them seem authentic and real…

BUT, I managed to locate one payment proof which is definitely fake (see image below).

Money Chaser Payment Proof 4

Okay, a payment of $1804.95 on the 15th of July 2019… 

Why is that so weird and how does that prove that this payment screenshot is fake?

Well, as you can see in the image below, the domain name was registered on the 14th of July 2019.

MoneyChaser Domain Name Registration Date

This means that the platform started operating 14/07/2019. The payment seems to have taken place on 15/07/2019, just one day later.

Are we supposed to believe not only that someone made $1804.95 with MoneyChaser the first day the platform started operating, but also that MoneyChaser paid that money in less than a day? This just doesn’t happen.

This payment proof is obviously fake.

And in my eyes, if one payment proof is fake, then all the rest are fake as well.

How Much Does MoneyChaser Cost?

MoneyChaser is free to join.

However, it’s not 100% free to use.

You see, in order to complete some of the tasks on its $30 TaskWall, you’ll be asked to submit your mobile phone number and subscribe to various very pricey text message services which will keep forwarding you dozens of promotional text messages per month at your own cost. And those text messages aren’t cheap at all. Just one text message could cost up to $5 and sometimes even more.

Notion Cash Enter Your Mobile Number

Despite the fact that there are probably ways to unsubscribe from such services, I would never trust a scammy platform such as MoneyChaser with my mobile phone number.

Furthermore, other tasks might ask you to fill in your credit card or bank account information.

MoneyChaser Credit Card 2 MoneyChaser Credit Card 1

If you don’t want to end up having money sucked out of your accounts by people you don’t know, don’t even think about it.

Plus, if you consider that MoneyChaser will ban your account the moment you request a cashout, there’s really no point whatsoever in trying to complete those tasks in the first place.

MoneyChaser Pros

  • Free to join

1 • Free to Join

The only thing I like about MoneyChaser is that it’s free to join.

This way, if someone decides to give MoneyChaser a try they will just waste some of their time until they realize that the platform is a scam which never intended to pay them in the first place but not any of their money assuming of course that they don’t submit their mobile phone number or credit card info anywhere within it.

MoneyChaser Cons

  • Has just one pro
  • Unrealistic claims
  • Additional charges to complete tasks
  • Fake contact information
  • Fake payment proofs and testimonials
  • Unable to cashout
  • Potential hacking danger

1 • Has Just One Pro

The fact that MoneyChaser’s sole pro is that it’s free to join is just sad…

2 • Unrealistic Claims

Just like the majority of completely useless MMO platforms do, MoneyChaser uses a lot of unrealistic earning claims in order to bait people in.

The first thing that you’ll see when you land on MoneyChaser’s website is a huge banner saying “Make $500 Today”…

MoneyChaser Make $500 Today

First of all, if earning $500 a day with social media were that easy, everyone in the world having a smartphone would be rich now…

Also, earning $500 online in one day could be possible only for established digital marketers with a ton of experience. It’s impossible for a beginner with no previous experience and no targeted audience to make that kind of money online in just a day, or even a month to be truthful.

Nonetheless, since MoneyChaser will never actually pay you a single dime, the level of your experience with digital marketing doesn’t really matter.

No person can ever make money with MoneyChaser, neither beginners nor advanced digital marketers.

Furthermore, MoneyChaser claims to have paid $14 million to 300k of its members.

MoneyChaser Unrealistic Claim 1

First of all, at the time of this review (22/9/2019), MoneyChaser is just 2 months old… 

It seems impossible to me that a 2-month-old platform has paid so much money to so many people in such a short amount of time…

And even if it had, if you do the math, $14 million to 300k member equal to $47 per member. That’s not that much money.

MoneyChaser being featured in Forbes and Fox News is also a lie and you can confirm that with a simple Google search for the terms “MoneyChaser Forbes” and “Moneychaser Fox News”.

The only way Forbes and Fox News would feature MoneyChaser would be if they were talking about the most useless platform on the face of the Earth.

3 • Additional Charges

As I’ve mentioned earlier, in order to qualify for a cashout of your MoneyChaser earnings you need to complete at least 4 tasks on its $30 TaskWall.

In order to complete some of those tasks, you’ll be required to submit your phone number and agree to subscribe to paid text-message services which will probably cost you a ton of money.

Other tasks might ask you to fill in your credit card or bank account info and then start charging you for random products and digital services you never actually bought.

This way you could end up losing a ton of money while attempting to complete tasks in order to qualify for your first MoneyChaser cashout which is never going to actually take place because MoneyChaser will ban your account once you request it.

Stay away, people!

4 • Fake Contact Information

MoneyChaser provides two email addresses ( & and a Skype address ( to contact in case you need answers or support regarding the platform.

First of all, I checked both of those email addresses against an email checker software and as it turns out they are not valid (see images below).

MoneyChaser Fake Email 1

MoneyChaser Fake Email 2

Unfortunately, the Skype address is also non-existent so don’t expect that you’ll get the slightest support from MoneyChaser.

I would expect nothing less from such a shitty platform.

5 • Fake Payment Proofs and Testimonials

Platforms such as MoneyChaser which employ fake success stories, fake testimonials, and fake payment screenshots in order to make themselves appear more credible and trustworthy, just suck hard, period!

First of all, the fake payment screenshots that MoneyChaser uses, prove that it indeed doesn’t pay its members… If it did, they wouldn’t publish fake payment proofs and risk their credibility and trustworthiness. They would just publish some real ones!

Secondly, the fact that Moneychaser’s creators have published fake positive testimonials shows that they know their platform sucks so bad that it would never get authentic positive testimonials from people who have actually tried it.

Lastly, just so you know, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), using fake positive testimonials/success stories is considered illegal and subject to huge penalties as it encourages customers to invest in a product or service they otherwise wouldn’t if those fake testimonials/success stories didn’t exist, thereby defrauding them.

6 • Unable to Cashout

The biggest con of MoneyChaser is that it will never let you get your hands on the money you’ve earned with it.

Even if it didn’t have any other cons and like a thousand more pros, this con alone beats the whole purpose of joining and using the platform in the first place.

Trying to make money with MoneyChaser would be like trying to hammer a nail to the wall with a sponge – it’s just pointless and will never truly work…

7 • Potential Hacking Danger

So, the other day, I tried to complete one of MoneyChaser’s TaskWall tasks which didn’t require me to submit any personal info, mobile phone, or credit card number.

It was actually a survey.

However, before I even got to access it, my antivirus went off giving me the alert below…

Referral Pay Task Antivirus Block

Apparently, MoneyChaser’s tasks lead to 3rd party websites which contain viruses which could enable hackers to get their hands on personal data and sensitive information of yours such as the login credentials to your social media, email, credit cards, or even your bank accounts.

If you don’t have an internet security or antivirus program installed make sure to stay clear of MoneyChaser at all costs…

If you’ve already accessed the platform without having any protection in place, you must immediately purchase an antivirus and scan your entire system in order to ensure that your computer hasn’t caught a virus and that your personal data and sensitive information are safe.

So, What Now?

Okay, so you read this MoneyChaser review in its entirety…

Now what?

Well, as I see it, right now you have 4 options…

  1. You either waste your time and effort trying to make money online with MoneyChaser (awful choice)
  2. You check out my top suggestions Project 24 or Wealthy Affiliate, which are proven to have helped hundreds of people earn their living online (optimal choice)
  3. You take a look at the dozens of others reviews I’ve put together hoping you’ll find something which suits you better there
  4. Or you walk out of here completely empty-handed

If I were where you are (which I’ve been), I would join Wealthy Affiliate (which is what I actually did).

Here’s why…

  • Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best MMO platforms that currently exist
  • I’ve actually been a premium Wealthy Affiliate member for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it
  • Wealthy Affiliate has the most success stories I’ve ever seen in an MMO course. Dozens more are being published daily within its forum-like community
  • It is completely FREE to join (no credit card required and no catches whatsoever)

Make sure to go ahead and find out more about Wealthy Affiliate by taking a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

So, what are you going to do?

This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. grea8J

    I would also say NO, you can’t make $500 a day with MoneyChaser.

    I believe that when everyone understands their tricks and people stop joining their websites, the owners will start losing money, and then maybe they’ll learn their lessons and stop making more and more scam websites. Do you think so too? 

    Thanks for the informative review.

    1. Xaric

      I don’t think so 😛

      Unfortunately, there are always people who are desperate, gullible, and unsuspecting enough to fall for scams such as MoneyChaser.

      Sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Some people have to fall to one or more scams to wake up so if you think about it, such platforms kinds serve a purpose as well.

      I am glad that you liked it 🙂


  2. Christine

    Oh my God, I’ve read about several online scams and I have come across a few as well, but I have never read about such a bad one. They are really terrible …! It’s like their name suggest: MoneyChaser –> go and chase the money because they’re not going to pay you a single dime.

    Everything is so fake, email addresses, Skype id, testimonials, videos testimonials … I mean, that’s pretty bad … You did some amazing research here, finding out that their email addresses and Skype id are fake. It can make anyone wary about joining online platforms. 

    How did you learn about MoneyChaser? How soon did you realize that they were a scam? And what has your experience with Wealthy Affiliate been? 

    Thanks in advance for your answers and for this great review!

    1. Xaric

      “MoneyChaser –> go and chase the money”… That’s an awesome comment, Christine!

      I learned about MoneyChaser through one of its sister scams, Viral Pay. I joined Viral Pay a few months back myself. I knew that it was a scam since the first moment but I tried it anyway. 

      Needless to say, it didn’t work. A week later, Viral Pay closed down and reopened as Referral Pay. I was kind of surprised seeing that happen and after doing some research I found out that there are dozens of other platforms exactly like Viral Pay and Referral Pay out there who are trying to scam people and MoneyChaser was one of them.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the reason exists. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 3 years now. A few months ago I made my first commissions and now I am working my way up to earning a full-time income through my website.

      Without Wealthy Affiliate, I would probably have quit a long time ago. Project 24 has also helped me a lot to expedite results and scale my organic traffic.

      I believe that a year from now, I will be earning a full-time income online.

      I’d be happy to answer more of your questions if you have any 🙂


  3. Pentrental

    $500 per day sounds nice but most of the time it’s also too good to be true. I hadn’t heard a whole lot about MoneyChaser until now and I am always on the lookout for new ways to make money online, so this post came at the right time. 

    I’m glad to see straight away that my suspicions of MoneyChaser being a scam are true after all. The fake contact info and fake payment proofs are enough for me to steer clear of it. Your alternative, Wealthy Affiliate seems spot-on with no upsells or phony claims. I am going to give it a try!

    Thank you very much!

    1. Xaric

      The article didn’t come to you at the right time… You came to the article at the right time 😉

      Going for Wealthy Affiliate is a good choice and I believe you won’t regret it.

      See you inside 🙂


  4. Bonnie

    Wow, what a great article! I can’t believe these people can pull off such an elaborate scam. Thankfully there are people like you warning us.

    My question is how did you even find all this information out? I couldn’t believe that you found out about the domain name and how it was opened just one day before the payment. Great investigation!

    Thank you so much for putting this information out there. There is so much bad info, it’s nice to find someone like you who is open and honest.

    1. Xaric

      I’ve just written a lot of reviews and I have a keen eye for detail 😛

      You couldn’t be more right… The internet is just a huge dump of useless information that it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish the legit ones.

      I am glad that you found some value in my review.


  5. Chloe

    I have heard a lot about MoneyChaser lately and by doing my research about it I arrived here.

    So far there I have come across lots of scam websites online which promise a lot and do not deliver anything. 

    Reading through this post has made me understand that MoneyChaser is one of them.

    I’ll probably give that Wealthy Affiliate a try to see what it’s about.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Xaric

      There are infinite scams online. It’s amazing how people have come up with so many systems just to scam others.

      I promise you that Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them.

      You’ll see that for yourself 😉


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