Is a SCAM That Will NEVER Pay You [Review]

CashCrates Is a SCAM That Doesn't Pay Its Members [Review]
Yeap, you heard that right… If you’re still waiting for to pay you then don’t hold your breath because the platform doesn’t really pay anyone. The reason I created this review is twofold…
  1. To help you understand that CashCrates is a big waste of time
  2. To point you in the right direction by revealing to you a couple of alternative much more legit opportunities for earning money online
If you’d like to learn more, keep on reading… Overview

Name: CashCrates


  • Unknown


  • Free to join
  • Additional expenses to complete most tasks

Official Website:

Suggested? Absolutely NOT!


What is CashCrates About?
Is Legit? poses as a GPT (Get Paid To) platform…

GPT platforms are basically websites that pay you for completing simple tasks, such as

  • filling in surveys
  • installing apps
  • watching ads
  • making referrals
  • etc

There are dozens of legit GPT platforms out there (see Survey JunkieInboxDollars) but unfortunately, CashCrates is NOT one of them

You see, contrary to legit GPT platforms that actually pay their members for their efforts, CashCrates will lie to you, scam you, and never pay you a single dime.

If you’ve already signed up and used the platform, then I am sorry but you have completely wasted your time… If not, do yourself a favor and start running towards the opposite direction.

Enough with the unfounded accusations though…

I think that the time has come to reveal to you exactly how and why scams people.

How Scams People?

So, first of all, lures you in by promising to pay you a lot of money for doing very little work…

More specifically, CashCrates promises to pay you

  • $2 for each click you get on your unique referral link
  • an additional $10 for each person you refer to CashCrates
  • $50 for each task you complete on the platform’s $50 TaskWall
  • $15-$30 for publishing promotional posts & videos on Youtube/TikTok/Instagram/Facebook

Sounds like easy money, right?

Well, as it seems, that’s not the case at all…

Once you’re inside CashCrates, the platform will tell you that in order to qualify for your first cashout you’d first need to

  • Refer at least 5 people to the platform
  • Complete at least 6 of the tasks on its $50 TaskWall
  • Have at least 20 clicks on your unique referral link
  • Publish at least 10 promotional posts on social media Cashout Requirements

When you meet all the requirements right above and hit the “Request Payment” button, CashCrates will give you a payment number and a payment due date…

Up until that point, everything sounds quite peachy, right?

The problem is that CashCrates will NEVER actually pay you…

And not only that, but it will also ban your account using as an excuse that you committed fraud and that your clicks and referrals were fake (message right below):

While attempting to submit your payments, our system has deemed some or all of your stats to be unauthentic, Due to that, your payment has been canceled, and your account is pending termination.

Your account will be terminated within 7 days. If you would like to start over the AUTHENTIC way, then you are welcome to do that.

If you think, that was a mistake, you can contact our Fraud Department.

Now, if you try to contact CashCrates’ Fraud Department as suggested, you’ll hit yet another dead-end because all the contact information CashCrates provides is fake (more on that later on).

You’ve officially been scammed and there’s literally nothing you can do about it and no one to talk to regarding your banned account and not receiving the money you were promised…

Now that you know how CashCrates scams people, it’s time to let you know why it actually does that.

Why Scams People

There is one main reason that CashCrates’ owners have put together this scam – they need people to complete tasks on the platform’s $50 TaskWall.

You see, all the tasks on CashCrates’s $50 TaskWall are actually CPA (Cost Per Action) offers.

CPA offers pay publishers (e.g. commissions for getting other people (e.g. you & me) to perform certain actions, such as

  • Submitting an email or telephone number
  • Filling out a form
  • Installing an application
  • Signing up for a trial
  • Completing a survey
  • etc

This means that every single time somebody completes a task on CashCrates’ $50 TaskWall, a CPA network pays CashCrates’ owners money.

This also means that the more people CashCrates gets to complete its tasks, the more money its owners will pocket…

That’s why CashCrates promises to pay you so much money just for getting clicks on your unique affiliate link, and making referrals, and publishing promotional posts & videos on several social media channels…

To incentivize you to promote it all around the web and thus attract even more people into the scam who will, in turn, complete more of its tasks and attract even more people, who will, in turn, complete even more of its tasks and so on, and so forth…

And the reason CashCrates doesn’t pay anyone a single dime is pure greed…

Its owners simply want to keep all the money to themselves while YOU generate money for them as well as promote their platform completely for free.

Pretty evil, right?

Well, this is it… This is how and why scams people! 

Get this very well in your head, CashCrates will NEVER pay you a single dime. You will NEVER earn any money with it.

If you value your time, energy, and money, stay as far away from as possible!

Who Is For?

I don’t know who CashCrates could be for but I know for a fact that if your goal is to earn money online, CashCrates is NOT for you…

Seriously, you have way more chances of earning $1.000.000 by lying down on your couch staring at the ceiling all day long than earning just $1 with CashCrates.

In fact, I am so confident that you won’t be able to earn even a single penny with that if you do, you can contact me with proof and I will deposit $1,000 more right in your account just for being wrong…

How Much Does Cost? is free to join.

However, be aware that the platform might very sneakily try to steal quite a lot of money from you right under your nose without you even realizing it.

For instance, there are some tasks on CashCrates’ $50 TaskWall that will ask you to submit your mobile phone number… Tasks That Require Mobile Phone Number

If you do that, you’ll automatically subscribe to various very pricey text message services that will keep forwarding you dozens of promotional text messages per month at your own cost. 

And those text messages aren’t cheap at all.

Just one text message could cost up to $5 and sometimes even more.

Furthermore, other tasks might require you to fill in your credit card or bank account information. 

Many of those who have done so claim that they started being randomly charged for things they never bought…

If you consider that CashCrates will never actually pay you, there’s really no point whatsoever in even bothering to complete its tasks in the first place. Pros

1 • Free to Join

If I just had to choose something that I like about CashCrates, I would say that I like that it’s free to join.

Believe it or not, I have come across dozens of online scams that require you to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get in only to realize in the hindsight that you got scammed. doesn’t have any admission fees so if you don’t submit your mobile phone number or credit card info anywhere within the platform you won’t lose any money to it…

That’s something, I guess… Cons

1 • Unable to Cashout

As mentioned dozens of times throughout this review, will never pay anyone a single dime for their work.

It doesn’t really matter if you refer 2000 people to the platform or complete 1 million of its tasks, the amount of money that you’ll earn with CashCrates will always remain exactly the same -> ZERO DOLLARS!

This con alone should be enough to make you wanna stay away from for good.

If not, then keep reading…

2 • Fake CashCrates Payment Proofs

In an attempt to trick people into thinking that it’s legit, has published a number of fake payment proofs on its website…

The reason that CashCrates’ payment proofs are fake is that the exact same ones have also been used by some of its sister scams, such as CashForShare & ShareToEarn (see images below). Fake Payment Proof Fake Payment Proof Fake Payment Proof 1

I’m assuming that all of CashCrates’ payment proofs must be photoshopped…

3 • Fake Founding Date

In an attempt to appear more credible, trustworthy, and long-standing on its “About Us” page, CashCrates claims that it has been founded in 2015 (image below). Fake Founding Date

Too bad that this lie blows up, right on their face…

As you can see in the image right below, the domain name, was first registered on the 11th of April 2020, something that proves that the platform didn’t exist before that date… Domain Name Registration Date

4 • Fake Contact Information

If you’ve been trying to come in contact with for a while now, well, it’s time to stop wasting your time because you won’t be hearing back from them anytime soon… 

First of all, as you can see in the image below, the platform’s email address ( doesn’t even exist… Fake Email Address

CashCrates also provides a physical address (Koningin Beatrixstraat 46, De Lier, Zuid-Holland 2678 EE, Netherlands) in case you want to drop by and give them a piece of your mind…

However, well, you guessed it… CashCrates isn’t really housed at that address…

If you head over to Google and search for that address, you’ll find out that the exact same address is being used by several of CashCrates’ sister scams, such as EarnAndGo, OGDollars, and

The “live” community chat within your personal dashboard has been “under maintenance” since CashCrates was first launched. The conversations you see in it have been planted there by CashCrates and the exact same chat is also being used by several CashCrates’ sister scams (images below). Fake Chat Chat Fake Chat Chat

Basically, all the contact information on CashCrates’ website is 100% fake.

Lies, lies, and more lies…

5 • Unknown Owners

Another pretty obvious sign that is a scam​ is that it provides no information about its owners.

Scammers never reveal their identity in order to avoid being identified with their fraudulent activities and getting caught.

A legit website/company ALWAYS provides information about its owners.

6 • You Might Actually Lose Money

Not only you’ll never earn any money with, but there is a very high possibility that you’ll actually end up losing money to it…

As mentioned earlier, in order to complete some of CashCrates’ tasks, you’ll be required to submit your phone number.

If you do that, you basically automatically agree to subscribe to various very pricey text message services that will start sending you dozens of promotional text messages per month at your own cost. 

Furthermore, other tasks might ask you to fill in your credit card or bank account info and then start charging you for random products and digital services you never actually bought.

I can’t stress enough that you should never, ever, EVER, submit any personal information within, especially sensitive ones such as passwords, emails, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, etc.

7 • Potential Hacking Danger

In addition to CashCrates trying to steal your money, it might also attempt to get your devices infected with viruses which will enable hackers to get their hands on personal data and sensitive information of yours, such as

  • social media accounts
  • emails
  • credit cards
  • bank accounts
  • etc

Every single time I attempt to access, my antivirus goes off giving me the alert right below: Antivirus Alert

If you don’t have an internet security or antivirus program installed, make sure to steer clear of CashCrates at all costs…

If you’ve already accessed the platform without having any protection in place, I’d suggest that you immediately purchase an antivirus and scan your entire system in order to ensure that it hasn’t been compromised and that your personal data and sensitive information are safe.

8 • Part of a Huge Scam Network is part of an enormous network of dozens of almost identical scams that have scammed millions of people during the last few years using the exact same scamming techniques.

Some of those scams that you might have heard of are

just to name a few.

9 • BBB Consumer Alert

In March 2019, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) issued consumer alerts for Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash.

Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash are both CashCrates’ sister scams.

According to BBB, between January 4 and March 13, 2019, BBB Metro New York received several complaints, negative reviews, and scam reports regarding Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash.

After conducting an investigation, BBB concluded that the unrealistic earning claims both those platforms make are in violation of BBB’s Code of Advertising.

BBB tried to locate someone in charge of those platforms through email, telephone number, and/or physical address to sort things out but without any luck. 

At that point, BBB rated both of those platforms with an “F” suggesting to the public that they should stay as far away as possible from them.

According to BBB, people sign up to Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash thinking that they are online marketing agencies, where they will earn money by completing “tasks”. The money appears to increase on the platform’s dashboard after completing those tasks, but when the consumer tries to cash out their earnings, often when they reach some set requirements, they report that they are unable to retrieve the promised payment or contact the company for assistance.

BBB goes on to state that one possible purpose of such scams may be data harvesting, for the likely intent of selling the gathered information to spammers. There is also the possibility of identity theft.

Right below you can take a look at a few complaints left under the BBB profiles of Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash from people who have actually been scammed by the platforms.

Kids Earn Money BBB Scam Complaint 2
Kids Earn Money BBB Scam Complaint 3
Kids Earn Money BBB Scam Complaint 4
Notion Cash BBB Scam Complaint 1
Notion Cash BBB Scam Complaint 2

You can take a look at all the complaints under the BBB profiles of Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash by following the links right below:

While the fact that BBB has issued consumer alerts for Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash doesn’t quite prove that CashCrates is a scam as well, would you trust that a platform that is operating exactly like Kids Earn Money and Notion Cash and created by the exact same people would actually pay you any money?

Because I definitely wouldn’t… Review Summary



The chances of earning even $1 with CashCrates are practically ZERO…



Referral link, promotional banners, FAQ center, submission guidelines.

Value for


Free to join. You might end up losing money to it. Just a waste of time…



Fake email address. Fake physical address. Fake chat. NO support whatsoever.



Fake payment proofs. Fake testimonials. No one has earned money with CashCrates

Overall Rating


Is Suggested?

If your goal is wasting your time, energy, and possibly money in a scam that’ll never pay you even if your life depended on it, CashCrates is probably exactly what you are looking for.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

8 Responses

    1. Hi Kyla!

      It’s not either you earn $50 per minute doing nothing or you’re poor for life.

      If you’re willing to make an effort and invest time and energy you can eventually build a better financial future for you and your family.

      Earning money fast and easy is not an actual thing. Those who claim that it is, are trying to scam you, plain and simple.


  1. CASH CRATES IS ALL SCAM!! I never got paid! It was supposed to be released today but the pending date just changed to 10th Oct. I reach out to the account manager on Skype, there’s no response. I find the skype id to be something very shady. Now there’s no other way to reach out to the support team. If I actually will get paid. I will update the review but I doubt that will happen.

    1. Hi Shru,

      I’m so sorry that you fell for the scam… The platform will never actually pay you so you might as well stop wasting mental energy hoping that it will…

      Just move on and next time, make sure that you do your due diligence before you invest time, energy, and/or money in something that sounds way too good to be true.

      My best wishes to you,


  2. Hello. I just read your article and my heart fell to the floor. Today is my scheduled payment day and I haven’t received a dime. I feel so stupid for believing this crap.

    Wow….thanks for the insight.

    1. Hey Allen, I’m so sorry to hear that you fell for the scam…

      You’re not stupid, everyone makes mistakes, and truth be told, those scammers know how to make people believe that they are legit…

      Nonetheless, consider this a lesson and next time do your due diligence before investing time, energy, and/or money in anything 🙂

      Best regards,


  3. I have been using for 2 months.

    I cashed out and was waiting for my paypal which never arrived. I skyped them and they gave me some speech about the payments being late due to covid19.

    Then they blocked my access to their site.

    SCAMMERS!! You’ll never get paid.

    1. Hi Sarah.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with with us!

      Truthfully, I’d expect nothing different from them…

      I’m sorry that you got scammed.

      Stay safe,


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