Is Bonvera a Scam? All You Need to Know About This MLM! [Review]

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A few days ago, a friend or family member who is working as a Bonvera Entrepreneur approached you and told you about how she makes her living by selling Bonvera’s products to other people.

She might have mentioned stuff like “Become your own boss”, “Gain time freedom”, or maybe “Make money while you play”.

You grew curious but at the same time, you can’t stop wondering if everything she told you was real or if she was trying to suck you into a huge MLM scam.

Since there’s no such thing as being too cautious, you had to do your research before joining.

Well, you definitely landed just in the right place!

In this review, I am going to cover every single aspect of Bonvera, such as

  • What is Bonvera about?
  • Is Bonvera a scam? A pyramid scheme maybe? Or a legit MLM company?
  • How to join Bonvera as an Entrepreneur?
  • How much does it cost to join Bonvera as an Entrepreneur?
  • Pros and cons of joining Bonvera
  • Bonvera’s compensation plan
  • Can you really make money with Bonvera?
  • How much money can you earn with Bonvera?
  • and much more

In addition, I am going to let you know about a couple of alternative money-making opportunities.

This way, you’ll have every piece of information you might possibly need to make an informed decision about whether Bonvera is worth your time and attention or if you’d better invest in a more legit and promising program.

Let’s get cracking!

Bonvera MLM Overview

Company Name: Bonvera

Owners: “A group of successful business owners” + Robert Dickie

Price to join:

  • $149.95 for Registration Kit (one-time payment)
  • Up to 100PBV worth of products to maintain active and qualified status

Official Website:

Suggested? So and so…

Wanna Succeed in MLM?

Increase your chances of reaching success in multi-level marketing by following a dedicated MLM course.


  • Free Replicated E-shop
  • Free Shipping (Conditional)
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Jump to the Pros Section

  • MLM Business Model
  • Pay to Receive Training
  • Too Much Hype
  • Scam Claims on FTC

Jump to the Cons Section

Before I move on to the actual Bonvera MLM review, I want to reveal to you some general MLM statistics that will probably SHOCK you to your very core.

The Network Marketing Game
DON'T bother joining an MLM...

…until you’ve taken a good look at these shocking MLM statistics.

What is Bonvera About?

Bonvera (meaning”Good Faith”), is an MLM company that manufactures and distributes products that range from weight loss and nutritional supplements to skincare products and coffee.

According to Bonvera’s website, the idea of this company was conceived by a group of business owners in 2004.

However, this idea took a lot of years to materialize and the company was launched very recently in 2016.

Although there’s no information on who this group of business owners that conceived the idea of Bonvera consists of, what we know for sure is that one of the company’s co-founders, as well as its current CEO, is a former United States Air Force Captain, Robert Dickie.

Since leaving the US Airforce in 2004, Robert Dickie has served as CEO and President of 3 other companies including:

  • Signature Management Team
  • Crown Financial Ministries
  • KVC

Despite the fact that Robert Dickie didn’t have any experience in the MLM field prior to Bonvera, it is said that after he became the company’s CEO, he relocated Bonvera to Knoxville, Tennessee and has already helped more than 20.000 people begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

Bonvera’s mission is to empower people to become successful in every dimension of their lives through a proven system of leadership, education, and coaching combined with exceptional products and services.

The company operates around the values of integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all they do.

You can find a lot more about Bonvera, its history, leadership team, mission, products, vision, policies, etc on the company’s official website.

Bonvera Products & Prices

Bonvera distributes quite a variety of products that fall under the following 4 main categories:

  • Skincare
  • Nutritional & Wellness Supplements
  • Weightloss Supplements
  • Coffee

The company’s flagship series of products is called Luebella which means “Beautiful Light” and it consists of paraben-free, dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, gluten-free, vegan skincare creams, scrubs, serums, and more (I don’t know what any of this really means but I suppose that it must signify high-quality).

Bonvera is also pretty well-known for its Phyzix line of products which is a series of nutritional, wellness, and weight loss supplements formulated by Bonvera’s Medical Director Dr. Jeff Davis which are supposed to boost the body’s optimal wellness, immune system, and metabolism.

Bonvera sells hundreds of more products but for obvious reasons, I am not going to list every single one of them.

The prices of Bonvera’s products range from $0.99 to $350+

You can find more info about Bonveras’s products and their respective prices on the company’s official e-shop.

Bonvera Entrepreneur
Compensation Plan

The majority of MLM companies have so overly complicated compensation plans that it feels like you need to have a rocket scientist doctorate to understand just their first paragraph.

Bonvera’s compensation plan is no exception…

Nonetheless, I’ll try my best to get you up to speed.

Please be aware that at the time of this review, Bonvera’s latest compensation plan isn’t available anywhere online so I had to contact the company’s customer service department to get my hands on it.

The sent me a PDF overview of the compensation plan but it truly seems very incomplete.

I sent them another email asking about a detailed version of Bonvera’s compensation plan but they haven’t replied back to me in 2 days.

So, I’ll have to move forward with what I’ve got!

Bonvera compensates its Entrepreneurs in 7 different ways.

  1. Retail Commissions
  2. PBV Bonus
  3. Registered Customer Bonus
  4. Differential Bonus
  5. Partner Bonuses
  6. BVr1 to Car Bonus
  7. National Bonus Pools

1 • Retail Commissions

Receive 20% commissions on all the retail sales of Bonvera’s private label products, both online, offline, and Smart Shopper.

2 • PBV Bonus

This bonus is calculated by multiplying your Personal Bonus Volume (PBV) with something that’s called Bracket %.

Your Bracket % is determined by your Total Group Bonus Volume (TGBV).

  • 10000 TGBV = 28%
  • 7500 TGBV = 24%
  • 5000 TGBV = 20%
  • 2500 TGBV = 16%
  • 1500 TGBV = 12%
  • 750 TGBV = 8%
  • 75 TGBV = 4%

TGBV = The total BV generated by all your downline Entrepreneurs through unlimited depth

3 • Registered Customer Bonus

Earn a bonus equal to 50% of your Personal Customer Bonus Volume (PCBV).

The full PCBV amount is added to your Personal Bonus Volume (PBV).

4 • Differential Bonus

Pays you a bonus that is calculated based upon the difference between your Bracket % and the Bracket % of each of the Entrepreneurs in your downline.

5 • Partner Bonuses

Partner Bonus:

Earn a bonus of $1000 per month for as long as the following qualifications are met:

  • Build one team to at least 10.000 BV
  • Have at least 2500BV outside of that team
  • Achieve the rank of Partner

Sr. Partner Bonus:

Earn $250 on top of the $1000 Partner Bonus for as long as the following qualifications are met:

  • Build one team to at least 10.000 BV
  • Have at least 5000BV outside of that team
  • Achieve the rank of Sr.Partner

6 • BVr1 to Car Bonus

Receive a car bonus of $400 per month for as long as the following qualifications are met:

  • Have an active BVr1 (auto-ship order)
  • Build one team with at least 25 successfully processed BVr1
  • Have 25+ BVr1 orders between your other teams for three consecutive BVr1 cycles (no idea what that means)

The bonus can be applied to a blue or white Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac, BMW, or half-ton pickup truck.

7 • National Bonus Pools

Bonvera allocates all its remaining commissionable dollars to 16 pools.

Pool amounts are divided evenly among those who have qualified for any given pool.

In order to qualify for the National Pool Bonus, you have to have at least 2 teams that generate 10.000BV each and have reached the rank of Professional or higher.

Right below, you can see a table with all the pool qualification requirements, allocations, and shares.

Bonvera National Bonus Pools Qualification Requirements

You can study the overview of Bonvera’s latest compensation plan (2019) right here.

Please note that Bonvera’s compensation plan might undergo changes from time to time so by the time you read this review, some of the info, the commission rates, the rank qualifications, etc that are displayed in the video and PDF file I shared with you right above might not be that accurate.

If you still have questions about Bonvera’s compensation plan, you can contact the company’s support team at

Or you could email me at and I will do my best to help you out.

Bonvera Entrepreneur
Ranks & Qualifications

Unfortunately, the overview of Bonvera’s compensation plan the company’s support team sent me doesn’t contain much info about the ranks a Bonvera Entrepreneur can reach and their respective qualifications.

Some of the ranks that I am aware of are:

  • Partner
  • Sr.Partner
  • Professional
  • Sr.Professional
  • Executive
  • Sr.Executive
  • Ambassador
  • Presidential Ambassador

I am pretty sure that there exist more ranks.

How to Join Bonvera as an Entrepreneur?

In order to join Bonvera as an Entrepreneur, you have to head over to the company’s official website and click the “Contact a Bonvera Entrepreneur” button that is located on the top right of the website.

Fill in the information that is requested by the form and then click the “Contact Us” button.

After you do so, an Entrepreneur of Bonvera who is operating near you will either call or text you to let you know about the rest of the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Bonvera as an Entrepreneur?

In order to join Bonvera as an Entrepreneur, you have to purchase one of the three enrollment kits below:

  • Bonvera Sampler: $149.95 (one-time payment) – Contains a bottle of Kutano Memory & Focus, one box of Phyzix Vanilla Wafers, Phyzix Zero, and 12oz Thrive True North Ground Coffee
  • Phyzix MD Pack: $149.95 (one-time payment) – Contains a bottle of Phyzix MD MultiVitamin, a bottle of Phyzix MD Omega Max, a bottle of Phyzix MD Calm & Clear – Mixed Berry, and a bottle of Phyzix MD Immun-D
  • Luebella Skin Care Pack: $149.95 (one-time payment) – Contains a Luebella Anti-Aging Serum, Revitalizing Facial Cleanser, Night Cream, and Day Care

Be aware that in order to qualify for commissions during any given month, you’ll have to maintain at least 100PBV (Personal Bonus Volume).

Personal Bonus Volume = Volume of all products purchased by you, your directly enrolled Smart Shoppers, and your retail customers combined.

This means that if during a month you don’t reach that 100PBV through your Smart Shoppers and retail customers, in order to get your hands on your monthly commissions, you’ll have to personally purchase products yourself until you reach that 100PBV.

Is Bonvera a Pyramid Scheme?

Most of the time it’s very hard to distinguish between a legit MLM company and a pyramid scheme.

The video below will help you understand how to spot and avoid pyramid schemes in general.

The main difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme is that MLMs give you the opportunity to earn commissions by selling actual products or services to retail customers while with a pyramid scheme the only way to earn money is by recruiting other people into the scheme.

Not all MLMs are legitimate. If the money you make through an MLM is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate one. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not legit. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of their participants lose money. – Federal Trade Commission

Since Bonvera offers you the option to earn commissions by selling its products in retail, the company cannot be considered a pyramid scheme.

Bonvera Pros

  • Free Replicated E-shop
  • Free Shipping (Conditional)
  • Money-Back Guarantee

1 • Free Replicated E-shop

Once you become a Bonvera Entrepreneur, the company provides you with a free replicated e-shop.

When people purchase Bonvera’s products through your replicated e-shop, 20% of the total amount of money those people pay land right into your pocket.

If marketed the right way, this replicated e-shop could help you maximize your retail customers and Smart Shopper subscriptions and thus your income.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business – Bill Gates

Please note that Bonvera doesn’t offer online Entrepreneur enrollment up until now, so you won’t be able to personally recruit other Entrepreneurs through your replicated e-shop.

2 • Free Shipping (Conditional)

Bonvera offers free shipping to you and your customers when the following conditions are met:

  • Have a BVr1 with a BV of at least 135 and ALL the products you are about to purchase are CSQ
  • Have an order of at least 200 BV and ALL the products you are about to purchase are CSQ

If your order meets the BV requirements for free shipping, but one or more of the products you are about to order is not CSQ, you will be charged shipping only on the products that are not CSQ while the CSQ products will be shipped for free. 

CSQ = Complimentary Shipping Qualified – Can be found next to the product in your replicated e-shop

BVr1 (Bonvera Replenishment on the 1st) = A monthly replenishment order of at least 75BV that is processed in the first sixteen (16) days of a calendar month

3 • Money-Back Guarantee

Bonvera offers a money-back guarantee on products returned within 90 days of the day they got purchased.

Products with money-back guarantees are much easier to sell than those who have none.

People just seem to feel more comfortable spending money on something for which they are able to get a refund anytime they want if they needed to.

In addition, research shows that money-back guarantees increase customers’ feelings of satisfaction with their purchases, making them more likely to make another purchase from the same seller.

All this translates to easier sales which in turn translates to more sales, which in turn translates to more money for you!

However, be aware that Bonvera refunds only 85% of the purchased price of any product as they charge a 15% restocking fee.

Also, shipping and handling charges paid upon order are not refunded. Return shipping charges will also have to be handled by the customer or the Entrepreneur that made the return.

In addition, in order for the refund to take place, the product returned must meet the following 2 conditions:

  1. Be accompanied by a Bonvera’s Return Authorization Form and receipt showing proof of purchase
  2. Be in the original case quantity, condition, season, and not expired or discontinued

Bonvera Cons

  • MLM Business Model
  • Pay to Receive Training
  • Too Much Hype
  • Scam Claims on FTC

1 • MLM Business Model

As mentioned earlier, I am not at all fond of the MLM business model in general for many reasons…

First of all, the percentage of MLM participants who never actually make a profit is awfully high (74% – 99%).

In addition, the majority of those who do manage to make a profit, don’t earn more than $5000 per year.

Secondly, I hate selling…

And thirdly, I’ve heard so many stories of people losing all their friends, family, and money due to the pushy and sleazy practices they were being taught by their “mentors” that I have become repulsed by the MLM business model in general.

Being involved in an MLM is just not worth the trouble in my mind.

Especially when there exist other much more legit ways of earning a lot more money without having to go through all that struggle of becoming a sleazy salesperson and jeopardizing your relationships with those around you because you can’t stop perceiving them as walking bags of cash.

2 • Pay to Receive Training

What shocked me while conducting my research about Bonvera is that you have to actually pay to attend their training events…

Bonvera Pay for Training Events

I am not really sure if as a Bonvera Entrepreneur you’ll receive some standard training upon joining (doubtful) and what kind of training that would be, but having to pay to get trained is a whole new level of awful even for MLMs.

3 • Too Much Hype

Bonvera creates too much hype about how if you become its Entrepreneur you’ll be able to escape your stagnant and boring job and have more freedom in your life.

The company even claims that success isn’t that hard and that by joining it you will become happier and find your purpose in life.

Those are classic lines that the majority of MLM companies use in an attempt to convince more people to join them.

They are trying to sell the mainstream dream of being an independent business owner who will work less than you would if you still had a job while traveling and getting to spend more time with your family and friends.

Quoting Bonvera:

Like many stressed out and overworked Americans, we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. We wanted more out of life. We were frustrated with stagnant careers that offered limited freedom to control our own lives, time and money. So, we founded Bonvera — a premium health, wellness, and lifestyle company you can trust that also offers independent entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own Bonvera businesses.

Please don’t fall for any of that shit.

Truth is, that only an extremely small percentage of people will be able to achieve such a lifestyle as MLM reps and it will probably take 10-15 years of working their ass off in order to get there.

4 • Scam Claims on FTC

While conducting my research about Bonvera, I came across this FTC post.

Now, this is just an article about spotting illegal pyramid schemes and has nothing to do with the FTC investigating Bonvera.​

However, what I found in the comments of that post was a bit disturbing.

A person asked if anyone had heard about Bonvera and quite a few people replied back to her that Bonvera is a huge scam.

Take a look at the images below to see for yourself.

While those claims don’t prove that Bonvera is a scam, be aware that they have been left by people who seem to have partnered with Bonvera for a while.

So, take them into consideration before make your decision to join.

Bonvera MLM Review Summary



No Income Disclosure Statement Available. 74% – 99% of MLM reps fail to make a profit.



Replicated e-shop, personalized dashboard, samples, etc.



One-time fee of $149.95 for a Registration Kit. Up to 100PBV worth of products per month to keep yourself active and qualified.



Bonvera is NOT a pyramid scheme. Complaints about the company being a scam on FTC’s website.

Overall Rating


Is Bonvera Suggested?

If you are already using Bonvera’s products and you are really satisfied with them, joining Bonvera as an Entrepreneur might be a good opportunity for you to get some decent discounts on products you would purchase anyway as well as maybe make some extra money by selling some of those products to your friends.

If not, then joining Bonvera isn’t suggested for many reasons…

First of all, your income potential with the company is directly correlated with the size of your downline and the Bonus Volume the generate.

Also, the “pay to get trained” model just sucks hard.

The scam claims on FTC are kinda alarming.

Frankly, Bonvera’s private label products are way too expensive. Similar products can be bought from other retailers at half prices.

Lastly, to tell you the truth, I am not at all fond of the MLM business model in general…

  • The success rate and profitability of MLM reps are awfully low
  • MLM companies are extremely volatile and unstable
  • You need to invest a ton of money, time, and energy until you manage to make a profit (if you ever actually make a profit)
  • Most MLM companies focus on recruiting people instead of selling valuable and beneficial products or services

Plus, in order to make money with the MLM business model, you’ll probably have to turn into a sleazy salesperson and I really hate selling as much as I hate being sold to.

Written by:

Harry is the founder and creative director of Dear Boss I Quit. His mission is to inspire and help as many people as possible escape the 9-5 grind forever by building a passive income online just like he accomplished a few years back.

You can read more about Harry’s story right here.

16 Responses

  1. You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about! You can’t judge a book by its cover. Didn’t your mama teach you anything?? What exactly gives you the right to review something you’ve never even tried? Did you JOIN Bonvera? Did you even TRY to make money?? Did you LEARN ANYTHING useful to become the best you can be?? NO

    Just because you read some other BS by some other morons who “have an opinion” about something just because they “don’t like selling” & all your friends are broke losers, too.

    EVERYTHING is selling!! You have to sell yourself to your spouse in order for them to agree to be your spouse. You have to sell yourself to your boss to get him to hire you. I repeat. EVERYTHING is selling. You’re just LAZY!! There’s NO other way to make MORE MONEY than in sales. The only limit to your income is yourself.

    Which is where the training comes in. And on what planet, in a REAL profession- {not sitting in your underwear typing your OPINION into a laptop!} do you not have to pay for training?? YouTube?? LMAO

    And BTW EVERYTHING is going to the subscription model in case you haven’t noticed you can get cat treats sent to you monthly. If you’re NOT an ENTREPRENEUR in the 21st Century, you’re just trading time for dollars. You want more money go trade your time away from your family for your $5/hr!! And STOP SPREADING YOUR IGNORANCE ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!! Stupid stuff like this might keep someone from realizing their dream. HOW DARE YOU!!

    1. Wow, just WOW!

      All you just did right now was to become a testimony of the enormous brainwashing and fanaticism of the MLM business model and Bonvera itself – ready to attack anyone who slightly rocks your boat using insults such as loser, moron, and talking about my mother, my profession, etc, etc…

      And the funny thing is that I didn’t even say anything bad about the company… I just created a very sincere, and objective review about it based on solid facts.

      At the very end of the review, I even encourage people to join Bonvera:

      If you are already using Bonvera’s products and you are really satisfied with them, joining Bonvera as an Entrepreneur might be a good opportunity for you to get some decent discounts on products you would purchase anyway as well as maybe make some extra money by selling some of those products to your friends.

      Imagine if I had badmouthed the company… You’d have hired an assassin to kill me LOL.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your input and precious life lessons.

      Since you’re a Bonvera rep (I’m sorry I omitted the link you had included to promote yourself), I should give you a heads up that I just reported you to your company.

      If Bonvera is truly a serious MLM company that actually respects their name as well as their clients, they should shut down your account because your awful language and attitude is a direct reflection on them.

      If not, well, their loss…

      Good job selling the company mate!

      Best wishes and stay safe!


      1. Hi Harry.

        Best.Response.Ever. I was approached by someone about becoming a Bonvera rep and I came across your article while I was researching the company.

        Thank you for presenting the pros and cons. It has allowed me to dig deeper into areas that are concerning to me.

        1. Hey Ellyn, I’m glad that you found my Bonvera review helpful!

          If you decide to join the company, make your approach with caution or you might end up with a rotten attitude like the guy’s right above…

          Personally, I’d rather stay broke xD

          I’m here if you need any additional help or clarifications 🙂

          All the best,


  2. Hello Harry.

    I have heard a lot about Bonvera as a company that makes products that help people lose weight, but I didn’t know that I could make money selling its products until very recently.

    I was initially interested in this business opportunity as I think that I am a good salesperson, but this being an MLM company made me think twice.

    Thanks for this remarkable review.

    1. Dear Bella, 

      If you have experience in sales and you are indeed a good salesperson, and if you really like Bonvera and think that its weightloss products would be easy for you to market, maybe you should give it a try.

      The fact that MLM companies have such low success rates doesn’t mean that you are going to fail too.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to encourage you to join an MLM but I don’t want to avert you from joining a company that could turn out to be a good money-making opportunity for you either.

      I would suggest that you speak with a Bonvera Entrepreneur before you make your decision.

      My regards,


  3. I have some peeps that are into the MLM business model.

    The vast majority of them are not doing well but there are few who are crushing it at the top. The problem with MLM is that the members are not aware of what they will face, they feel it’s all bed of roses and of course, this is as a result of the overhyping just as Bonvera overhyped their Entrepreneurship program.

    For me, the registration price is too high and again, one has to maintain his membership monthly and pay for training which results in even more expenses.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Yeah, it’s not that nobody at all will ever make money with an MLM. It is said that those who join an MLM when it’s still fresh have much more chances of actually earning big with them as the market hasn’t been saturated yet and they are able to recruit people much easier and climb up the ranks much faster.

      Which MLM companies are those friends of yours who are crushing it work for?

      Just asking out of curiosity 😛

      My regards,


  4. Hello Harry!

    Thanks for sharing this Bonvera MLM review with us!

    The sign-up price of Bonvera is relatively high, in my opinion. Especially when the chances of earning money are as little as you said.

    Bonvera’s current CEO, the ex-captain, seems credible. Bonvera’s products (skincare, coffee, nutrition & weight loss), have a quite large audience.

    Not being clear enough about the compensation plan is surely a red flag. And to tell you the truth, I didn’t understand half of it.

    I personally would not go for Bonvera, even if it is not as scammy as other platforms on the internet. 

    Those MLM statistics are pretty discouraging.

    The scam claims on FTC make matters even worse.

    I am thinking about starting my own online business as you said. 

    Thanks for sharing this information with us!


    1. I just realized that a few months ago that I attended a presentation of Herbalife, their main speaker also said that he used to be a Captain Helicopter Pilot but that he quit after he found Herbalife.

      I believe that this might be a recruiting tactic because in the eyes of people men that used to serve in the military might seem more credible and trustworthy.

      Just saying…

      Let me know if you have any questions or need any help regarding starting your online business.

      I have extensive experience in the field so I’ll probably be able to guide you through the whole process with ease.

      My regards,


  5. Hello Harry, thank you for making the necessary research and for sharing your unbiased review of Bonvera so that anyone that is interested can make a well informed decision.

    I love the motive they say is behind Bonvera; I even love the meaning but at the sight of MLM, I flee. I don’t like this business model.

    1. I feel the exact same way Shifts!

      Truth is that I’ve come across a lot of MLM companies that seem very legit but the fact that they are employing the MLM business model is just a huge turnoff for me!

      My regards,


  6. Thanks for the extra effort put into this Bonvera review to provide us with some information about MLM programs generally.

    After seeing these statistics I started realizing that I should stay away from MLM businesses in general. 

    Bonvera may seem like a legit company from afar, but with a closer look, there is so much that you should be aware of before joining it.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. I am so glad that my Bonvera review was helpful to you!

      If you are still looking for a way to make some extra money or even build a full-time income that has nothing to do with the MLM business model, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


  7. Thank you so much for your review of Bonvera. Those MLM statistics are crazy!

    I knew that many people lose money after joining an MLM business (I know I did) but I did not know that the percentage was so high (99%). 

    Thank you for the warning.

    Bonvera is quite expensive to join for me and what is up with the fact that I have to pay for training?

    1. Yeah the percentage of people that lose money in an MLM can be as high as 99% according to FTC.

      I really don’t know why Bonvera would ask its Entrepreneurs to pay for training… Sponsoring Entrepreneurs don’t earn commissions if Entrepreneurs in their downline pay for those training events so as it seems everything is going in the company’s pockets.

      It’s the first time that I am seeing something like that and frankly, it feels a tad suspicious.


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